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Nick Jacobs ’15, Nikki Jacobs, Lauryn Jacobs ’17, and Freddie Jacobs celebrate Lauryn’s graduation.

A Welcoming and Supportive Parent Community “As a parent you can never be certain of anything when it comes to your children, but we are certain about one thing: their time spent at BB&N was not only good for them, but good for us as well. We are certain that not only did they receive an excellent education, but they were able to make friendships that will last over time, and to compete against some of the best athletes in New England. They were immediately welcomed into the community by their peers, and we are convinced that their peer group contributed to healthy competition that pushed them academically. As a result they not only decided to go to better colleges, but selected more challenging majors. BB&N catapulted them to a level of education that they would have never thought of previously. “Our experience as parents was different, but just as wonderful. We were surrounded by parents who were welcoming and supportive of every child in the BB&N community. The parents provided a support network that was unlike anything we have ever

“BB&N has helped shape me into the

seen, and with that we were able to fully

person that I am today. Not only did

participate in the community. Words cannot

the School prepare me for the rigors that

describe our appreciation for the staff at BB&N and BB&N’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The support provided to our children was critical to their success and building confidence in them that will increase their chances of success.” — Freddie and Nikki Jacobs P’15,’17

would follow in college, it also taught me what it meant to be a responsible and productive member of society. I owe much to the School; without it, I would not have the friendships and opportunities that I have today. ”


— Fan Wu ’98,Trustee

BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17  
BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17