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Reflections from a Buckingham Alumna “At Buckingham in 1956 we were expected to excel. Buckingham was the best preparatory school for ‘young ladies’ in the country. It had the reputation for producing more serious graduates. I was not serious but the name, ‘Buckingham School,’ opened many doors to me thereafter. “My Buckingham education will always be remembered as the most challenging time of my life. I never worked harder than I did at Buckingham. Education after that was relatively easy. The skills, stamina, patience, and endurance all came from Buckingham. I am grateful. “I am proud to have been a part of a school that promoted strong women. It is perhaps the best thing I learned at Buckingham. At age 79, I can tell you that I am the happiest I’ve been in my

life. Of course it’s all subject to change and there will be more challenges, but Buckingham trained me to meet these head on. That preparation has served me well.” — Eleanor Littlefield Hunter ’56

“When I became a classroom teacher, I always knew that I wanted to return to BB&N because this is the place where I became a learner. It has sparked such joy working with these students, and working together [with my classmate] is great. Being able to share the experience

Maia McPherson ’04 and Maya Stiles-Royall ’04 in their Kindergarten classroom.

of watching these children grow and team with another grown-up makes it

“Our attitude was, ‘What can we add to

that much more rewarding.”

this place?’There is such opportunity here

— Maya Stiles-Royall ’04

to create interesting avenues for learning and growth, field trips, and projects.We want the kids to fall in love with learning like we did.”


— Maia McPherson ’04

BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17  
BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17