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October 1, 2014 Volume I

From the Start... I have enjoyed learning with and about your children tremendously. Thank you for allowing me to partner with you on your child’s educational journey. We are off to a great start! This month, the children have received many lessons on classroom procedures. Lessons included how to carry, unroll and roll a work rug, how to carry a chair and how to carry a work tray. The act of defining one’s work space and figuring out where one works most comfortably is an important life skill. Understanding that we all work differently and therefore must be respectful of how the others around us choose to work encourages a sense of community and empowers the children to seek the right fit for themselves.

Our Science and Nature area of the classroom has generated much interest. We gather specimen on our walks and keep them on a nature tray in the classroom to observe changes. The children can use a magnifying glass for a closer look. We sing our apple tree song naming all the parts of the tree. Throughout September the children read non-fiction books about trees, seeds and fruit.

We note the passage of time with the classroom calendar. Every day we sing the months of the year and days of the week songs. We also count the days of the month to encourage linear counting. The passage of time is also noted in nature. In our first few weeks, we have noticed flowers bloom and wither, leaves changing color, squirrels gathering nuts for winter and that the geese seem to have left the pond already! Those are only a few of the many observations made by the children.

The Pink Tower develops visual and muscular perceptions of size. The children can see and feel the increasing size as the cubes become larger and heavier to carry to his or her work space. This awareness of size leads the children to make observations of their environment. The activity required of this work refines the children’s gross motor movements as they figure out how to maneuver with each piece through the classroom. The concept of smaller to larger prepares the children’s mind for math.

Coming up in October we will start our first author study with Rosemary Wells. She is an author and illustrator most well-known for Max & Ruby. We will be working with pumpkins and gourds this month. We will also be studying invertebrates with a focus on spiders. Montessori Corner


September at BBM looked like this...


BBM Newsletter 01  

Some of our September activities and topics coming up in October. Also included Pink Tower explanation.

BBM Newsletter 01  

Some of our September activities and topics coming up in October. Also included Pink Tower explanation.