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Need some tips for valentines Seal the deal with BridgeClimb on Valentines Day day? We checked out a few Whether you’ve been in Sydney five minutes or a romantic restaurants around lifestime, you haven’t truly experienced the city Australia until you’ve conquered the great structure that If there’s one ingredient of a romantic date you don’t need to worry about in Australia, it’s the restaurant. With an abundance of fine eateries, brasseries and seductive establishments, whether it’s your first or fiftieth date, these romantic restaurants in Australia guarantee a great result!

dominates this epic landscape. With valentines day on horizon, what better reason do you need to finally get yourself up there. What better way to show off to your date? Or could it be time to seal the deal with the love of your life?

Portello Rosso, Melbourne

Quite an obvious reason, but you really haven’t seen Sydney until you’ve looked down on it from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With panoramic views of the harbour, the city, the beaches and beyond towards the national parks, you can see so much more than you ever thought possible. Can you think of a more romantic place to serinade your loved one?

Take your date for a night of traditional Spanish dining and drinking. Walk inside the red brick walls of Portello Rosso and take your seat upstairs overlooking the bar. Share some tapas of $8.50 olives, $7.50 lamb skewers and $7 pork belly, and sip on a fine red wine from Rioja, Valdepenas or Murcia. When it’s time for something sweet, indulge your naughty side with the Five Layer Raspberry Trifle for $16.50. 15 Warburton Lane, Melbourne

Opus Restaurant, Perth This New York-style restaurant boasts shelf-upon-shelf of bottles of wine, the red carpet adds a touch of romance and the table-for-twos just beg an intimate evening. If you’ve got three days wages to blow on the weekend, treat your other half to a degustation menu complete with barramundi, quail, venison and a raspberry and white chocolate soufflé for $135 each, plus $85 each for matching wines. 32 Richardson Street, West Perth, Perth, Western Australia

Cuvee Lounge Bar, Brisbane If you just fancy a few drinks to see where the evening takes you, this sophisticated bar specialises in champagne – 20 of the world’s finest in fact – and offers impeccable service with mood lighting. Cuvee Lounge Bar also happens to reside in Sofitel Brisbane, if you just so happen to need a room for the night. 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane

Eau De Vie, Sydney and Melbourne A cocktail bar big on quality and atmosphere, let the background jazz set the scene for your next date night. Sample the range of cocktails, from 1950s-inspired to contemporary experiments, or get some Dutch courage with whiskies from the Highlands of Scotland and distilleries of Japan. 229 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne

BridgeClimb provides the most spectacular views of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Here’s 5 reasons why you have to make this valentines day one you will never forget.

The View

Face Your Fear Of Heights Scaling to this great height will tell vertigo where to go. By climbing the bridge you can face your fear head-on and you’ll be rewarded with an enormous sense of achievement. And just think how much will you impress your partner?

Memories Will Last A Lifetime Not only will you never forget conquering such an epic climb, you’ll be able to brag about it. This is a real bucket list activity, and the views will stay emblazoned in your mind’s eye forever.

Insta-famous Your climb includes a photo-opp taken by the BridgeClimb team once you reach the summit, meaning you can share the madness of what you’ve just done once you’re back on terra firma with your family and friends to look extra tough/insane/cool.

A Different Perspective BridgeClimb Sydney offer climbs at dawn, during the day at twilight and at night time meaning you can choose which time of day to marvel at the spectacular city below, either taking in the sun bouncing off the sea or the twinkling lights of the Sydney skyline.

WIN a double pass to climb the Harbour Bridge this Valentine’s Day Treat your valentine to the most romantic Climb of the year! WIN a double pass to our special event Climb on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge this Valentine’s Day. Climb your way to the summit at dawn to watch the sun peak above the horizon, and sing a romantic duet on our karaoke machine with your loved one. Enter at 5


Ross Noble

Dane Baptise (UK)

Who is El Hablador? It’s Ross Noble.

After selling out his debut at the 2017 Sydney Comedy Festival, the original, provocative and exceptionally prolific Dane Baptise returns to the Sydney Comedy Festival for a very special oneoff encore performance of his critically acclaimed show about our worldwide pursuit of wealth, power and pleasure.

No, but who is the one they call El Hablador? I just said, it is Ross Noble. You know? Long hair, does stand up where he dances about the stage, spinning out all the nonsense in his head into a show. But what is the legend of El Hablador? I don’t think it’s a thing. It’s clearly Ross coming up with a name for his show, so he can make out like he is some sort of mysterious shadowy figure. Ok I get it. Ross Noble returns to dance around the stage spinning out all the nonsense in his head into a hilarious stand up show. At some point, he may wander into a shadowy part of the stage and look a bit shadowy. Enmore Theatre Thu 19th Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm Fri 20th Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm The Concourse Sat 21st Apr 2018 - 8:00 pm

Baptiste made comedy history in 2014 as the first Black British act to be nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award. As seen on Live at the Apollo, Tonight at the London Palladium, Mock the Week, Live from the BBC, 8 out of 10 Cats, and his own BBC sitcom, Sunny D. Factory Theatre Wed 2nd May 2018 - 7:30 pm

David O’Doherty (IRE) Unhook your mindbras. David O’Doherty is coming back to Australia with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on a crappy keyboard from 1986. That is, if the demo tune

doesn’t go off on the keyboard as his suitcase is being unloaded from the plane like last time, and the Australian border police almost carry out a controlled explosion on it.

he attempts to host a night of serious discussions on current affairs whilst simultaneously attempting to smash the system from within. This is political satire at its finest.

A true Festival legend and fanfavourite, David O’Doherty has continued to gather award wins and nominations in Australia, Edinburgh and beyond. Don’t miss the high-flying king of the low-fi as he returns to Sydney!

Jonathan Pie is the global comedy sensation who satirises the world of politics and the media. A frustrated news reporter known for venting his spleen in unguarded “off-camera” rants, his online videos have been viewed by millions worldwide.

Enmore Theatre Wed 25th Apr 2018 - 7:15 pm

Jamali Maddix (UK) Jamali Maddix, host of hit show Hate Thy Neighbour (Viceland), heads to Australia for the very first time for a strictly limited run of intimate work in progress shows as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. As seen on Live at the Apollo, The John Bishop Show, and 8 out of 10 Cats. Enmore Theatre Thu 26th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Sat 28th Apr 2018 - 8:15 pm / Sun 29th Apr 2018 - 7:15 pm

Jonathan Pie (UK) Following a completely sold out UK tour in 2017, the frustrated news reporter Jonathan Pie is making his Australian debut – and he’s angrier than ever! Join Pie for a night of political comedy that soon descends into chaos. In Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio

Enmore Theatre Sat 19th May 2018 - 7:30 pm

Jason Byrne The Man With Three Brains is a brand new show from the highly acclaimed and extremely funny, Jason Byrne. Jason has three brains which kick into action when he hits the stage. His left brain scans the audience, looking for improv moments. His right brain collates stand-up material and stunts, poised to dish out the funnies at speed. His centre brain is Jason’s coach, pushing him to the limit. The fastest thinking comic around will not only trip himself up, but probably you too! Enmore Theatre Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 7:30 pm

John Kearns (UK) The only performer to win back to back Edinburgh Comedy Awards, John Kearns is a unique and


Don’t be disappointed when you wake up alone after a trip to the pub this week. That girl didn’t leave you completely alone. You’ve got a lot of tiny new friends. You might want to get to the doctor STAT, because Crystal is pretty sure she left you with a present. People with at work are going to start to talk about you excessively rubbing your groin against the corner of your desk if you don’t get that pubic lice taken care of.

Yes, you are an idiot, but that argument is not going to hold up in an argument with your Mrs. For some reason she’s going to have to probe for a deeper meaning and you’re going to have to stand there and take it. That is unless you cut the situation off at the pass. As soon as she walks in the room to bitch at you for leaving your wet towels on the bathroom floor again, you throw her on the nearest soft surface and proceed to eat the red snapper. She’ll find it a bit harder for her to yell at you with your head between her legs.

Sagittarius Like the song says: Girls just want to have fun. So don’t be so devastated this week when you’re out with that girl you’ve been pathetically pining over for the past year and she goes home with some other douche bag. You should’ve gotten the hint 8 months ago that she wasn’t interested in being anymore than friends and taken the offer off the table. Take heart, somebody will be able stand you one day, just not this one.

Aries Maybe the foundations of capitalism are cracking, but things really aren’t that bad, you whiny spoiled bastard. Perhaps a new world wide depression would be a good thing. It’s time for our soft cookie doe asses to start to toughening up. Take a break from facebooking and your cell phone and go talk to your grandparents about what their hard times were like. Society is progressing so much that now we’re taking the simplest of pleasures for granted. Go ask grandpa what it was like taking a shit in an out-house and see if your cellphone not always having service seems like such a tragedy.

Taurus Don’t do it. You shouldn’t slit your wrists just because you can’t stand to look at yourself naked in the bathroom mirror anymore. Try switching to light-beer and not being a lazy bastard who wastes his weekend sitting in front of the TV all day Saturday. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, try appetite suppressants like cigarettes and cocaine.

Gemini Hurry up and go right now and delete the browsing history on your computer. Your girlfriends little niece is going to be coming by and want to get on you’re the internet to look up Dora The Explorer clips on Youtube and she doesn’t need to see you that you shoot your man juice into dirty socks when watching girls take it up the ass then suck the bloke off.

Cancer The key word for the week is patience. When you’re on the bus this week and some little kid is being a brat, you’re going to have to show some restraint from punching the kid in the face. Remember you’re a grown person and

John Kearns is a true comedy original, praised by crowds and contemporaries the world over. Fresh off the back of hit Edinburgh Fringe and London seasons, he delivers a delightfully absurd monologue about the idiosyncrasies of everyday life. But don’t be fooled by his purposely peculiar character - there’s far deeper humour to be uncovered. It won’t be an hour of conventional comedy, but definitely an hour you won’t regret, or forget! Giant Dwarf Tue 24th Apr 2018 - 7:00 pm

Larry Dean Amused Moose Comedy Award winner (EdFringe 2016) and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2015, Larry Dean returns to Australia with a brand new hour of “Hysterical” (Herald Sun, 2017) comedy following his debut world stand-up tour and appearances on The Melbourne Comedy Allstars Galas 2016 & 2017. As seen on BBC 2’s Live at The Apollo, Comedy Central At The Comedy Store, The Comedy Channel, Melbourne Allstar Gala, ABC Comedy Up Late. The Comedy Store Thu 3rd May 2018 - 7:00 pm / Fri 4th May 2018 - 7:00 pm / Sat 5th May 2018 - 7:00 pm


Our resident psychic, Crystal, tells you your misfortune for this week Aquarius

unmissable performer. He takes stand-up to places few dare to tread as he balances simplicity and silliness with sublime comic timing.

if you punch a kid you might devastate their face, plus they might start to cry even more. And oh yeah, there’s that whole thing about child abuse.


You get bombarded with words all day, every day, but this week you’re going to have to pay attention. Most of it is just stupid shit coming out of the holes in people’s faces, but you better listen for a change. There are going to be key phrases you’re going to need to give a second thought to. Phrases like, “Sir, you have insufficient funds” and “I’m leaving you” or “The kid is yours.”


You know how you lost all that money on the Douglas vs O’Sullivan fight. Don’t worry, the world is going to reward you for not throwing him under the bus like everyone else has. Go to the track and lay it all on the dog you think. That way at least one bitch will pay out this week. By the great Gods of Gannamush thy name is thrice cursed! If you value your life mortal, then you would do well to change your name by deed poll to that of the one predicted to save all mankind with his wonder and beauty. And lo, that name is Chris Kamara – King of All Bradford. You always used to laugh at the actors in those Just for Men adverts. Well the jokes on you, you grey-haired freak because there’s definitely a few white-looking strands appearing in those locks of yours. Don’t panic. Help is at hand. Actually, we lied. You’re screwed… oops, there’s another peeking through.

Dear Crystal,

Three people check into a hotel. They pay £30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager suddenly remembers that the room rate is £25 and gives £5 to the bellboy to return to the people. On the way to the room, the bellboy reasons that £5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets £2 and gives £1 to each person. Now each person paid £10 and got back £1. So they paid £9 each, totalling £27. The bellboy has £2, totalling £29. Where is the missing £1?

and boat people. At first, I hated their mildly racist drivel but, as the months went on, they started to grow on me little by little. I even went to after-work drinks with them one night. Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs then. Instead I ignored them, and before I knew it I was watching Aussie rules football, wearing a vest top and spreading vegemite on my kangaroo steak. But it wasn’t until I found myself laughing at an episode of Packed to the Rafters that I realised I had hit rock bottom. Please help.

Yours, Brian

Yours, Sheila

Dear Brian,

Dear Sheila,

It’s not that sort of problem page you cock.

Dear Crystal,

I’m from Bournemouth but moved to Sydney about four years ago when the British economy started going down the tubes. Much as I love the lifestyle over here, I really can’t stand Aussies and have done my best to avoid talking to them whenever possible. At the end of last year, however, I started a new job and the whole place is pretty much staffed by locals. I tried to talk to as few of them as possible to begin with but, inevitably, I started getting dragged into their conversations about cricket

Oh dear. Sounds like a pretty serious case of Aussieitis to me Sheila. Do you even remember your real name? The only cure is to go cold turkey and boost your pommy blood-cell count. Just lock yourself in a room with the Coronation Street omnibus, several ‘pints’ of warm beer and stick your feet in the fridge. That should remind you what it’s like to be British.

Dear Crystal, Can you name four days which start with the letter “T”? Yours, Brian

Dear Brian, Seriously, piss off. 7

MELBOURNE “the culture hotspot of Australia” There has never been a better time to visit Melbourne than right now. Known as the culture hotspot of Australia, the locals embrace having a good night out, and it might just be one of the only Oz cities which truly can call itself a 24-hour city for entertainment. The city is divided into various areas with each precinct acting as a self-contained hub of bars, clubs and food. Traveler’s are advised to traverse every nook and cranny of the Melbourne CDB as it is filled with many gems. There are way to many CBD watering holes to mention here so we will focus on a couple to get you started. if you are looking for dance music the best place to start would be New Guernica. With it’s very quirky interior design, it features two rooms with the side room modelled on a kitchen. Open every night from Thursday to Saturday, you can reliably find international DJs and locals playing anything from disco to techno. And if you are hungry they also have a dedicated downstairs area called Chuckle Park. In King Street you can find all sorts of adult entertainment alongside musical pleasures. The main player here is Brown Alley, a 3-level behemoth which can hold over a 1000 punters when it’s cranking. You can find anything from Indie nights to drum n bass to techno nights to live bands. Check their site for listings. Just one block down is Inflation Bar, home of Cloud Nine. Responsible for the creation of the Melbourne Bounce sound, they have been packing out the club every Saturday night since their inception. The music might not be up your alley, but this is well worth checking out if you are looking for… um… a different experience. For a couple of quiet drinks check out Madame Brussels on Bourke Street, a rooftop bar which fashions itself on the 1920’s bourgeoisie and features fake grass and waiters dressed in skimpy tennis outfits. We recommend the jug of Pimms or a jug (yup) of expresso martini. Finding The Croft Institute is half the challenge but definitely worth it. Tucked away through a maze of alley ways, the Croft retained the feel and aesthetics of it’s old science facility roots - with a drinks menu that could have been made by scientist (drinks in syringes anyone? Section 8 is an open-air bar made out of shipping containers and wooden pallets for seating. A musical selection of funk, soul, hip-hop, house and everything else, you are advised to head in early as the queues can be long. If you like rock music then you have to go to Cherry Bar. Located in AC/DC Lane (no, really), the intimate bar plays live music and is usually the venue of choice for touring musicians looking to party on after their show. The Chapel Street precinct in Prahran is a bit more glitz and glamour than the CBD, with numerous bars and clubs lining it’s street. The most infamous would be Revolver. It only closed for 3 hours from Friday night to Monday morning making this is a place to get lost in. The infamous ‘cage’ has hosted everyone from Dixon to Nina Kraviz and is also the spot international DJ’s go play if they still feel the urge to play after their show. Oneisxone in High Street is more ritzy than Revolver, but nonetheless fun. It’s also the home of Melbourne’s only Monday to Tuesday morning party, ‘The Breakfast Club’. It’s the home of those who can’t go home just yet. The Fitzroy area is home of the hipsters and can be split into two sections: Brunswick Street and Smith Street. Brunswick street has become way more gentrified over the years and feature a large selection of bars. Glamorama with it’s crisp Funktion-One sound system is the street’s only dedicated dance music club, while Tramp Bar with it’s airplane cockpit DJ booth features a younger and up-for-it crowd. Naked for Satan’s walls are adorned with old-school pornography pictures and also sells 2 dollar finger food. Head upstairs to their rooftop for some great city views. Smith Street are only a couple of blocks down and is on it’s way to becoming more trendy, but currently it still holds some of it’s urban, grungy appeal. Lining Smith Street is a multitude of restaurants and themed pop-up bars which is all worth exploring. Yay-Yah’s with its anything goes music policy is great for a night out, while a couple of shops next to it is Grumpy’s, a smaller bar which feature a dance floor and a outside beer garden. Expect more beats-based DJs and the odd Reggae night. Happy exploring!


Britain’s rocking roots trio Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are bringing their infectious energy and nostalgia-soaked fusion of rockabilly, vintage country and firstgeneration rhythm and blues to Sydney and Melbourne in February 2018. Delivering their 4th studio album Superscope to Australian audiences for the very first time, featuring Black Van & Down on My Knees, the siblings from North London have been inspiring audiences and gathering an impressive fan base since conception, including Eagles Of Death Metal, the late Amy Winehouse and David Lynch. Having sold over a quarter million albums, playing to sold out crowds worldwide, including support slots alongside Coldplay, Mark Ronson plus performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals (British Summer Time Festival, Bestival, Fuji Rock and Splendour in the Grass) their live set highlights their extraordinary musicianship, a tightly packed multi-instrumental jam session with each sibling playing any instrument they lay their hands on. Described as a “gift to those of us who still believe in magic,” Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are sibling revelry on stage, captivating audiences worldwide and delivering a set so dynamic they will have you up and dancing by the first beat of the drum.

back of our hands. All the songs were written and pretty much arranged before he got involved, but it was nice to have an extra pair of ears around, and he was good fun to hang out with too. He encouraged us not to get bogged down if we were doing multiple takes or something wasn’t working. You are coming to Australia in February, what can the Australian crowds look forward to from your shows? Well we’ll be doing stuff from the new album as well as old stuff too, so a good mix really. Expect a lot of high energy and rocking out, as well as a couple of soulful ballads thrown into the mix. Joining us on stage will be legendary Jamaican trumpeter Eddie Thornton or “Tan Tan” as he’s known. He’s a joy to watch and takes the show to another level. We always like to hang out after the show and have a few drinks or head to a bar with the locals, so it’s usually a bloody good time! We know your mum and dad also play on stage with you, will they be joining you down under, and are they excited for the trip? Yes! They play every gig with us! My Dad says, “February is a great time to go as London is cold and it’ll be nice to get some Aussie sunshine. Also the people seem jolly!” Have you guys got anything planned as a family while you’re in Australia? Assuming you have any time for leisure. On tour we don’t usually have a lot of time to explore unless there’s a day off, but I think it’s pretty tight. We’ve been several times before so have a few friends out there who I’m looking forward to catching up with! Other than that I’m looking forward to playing the gigs and seeing how the new stuff goes down. I also can’t wait to get some sunshine; it’s cold at home (and freezing here in Japan!)

Hello Kitty, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. How is everything going?

Do you guys have a favorite city in the world to play your music in?

Hello! Everything’s good, we’re just on tour in Japan and having a blast!

I love playing in Berlin, Germany is our biggest market and Berlin is a great City. I also have lots of friends there and we always have a good piss-up after the gigs!

You guys are now on your fourth studio album ‘Superscope’, would you say the process of making an album gets easier or harder the more you write? It really depends on what you want to do and how you want to make it. For us we usually write separately and then develop and arrange the songs together, so we never really know how it’ll turn out until it all starts to come together at the end. We record everything in our own studio, which is useful, but we’re always changing things around and experimenting with new bits of gear to try and get different sounds. For our last album “The Third” there were six of us in the studio all making decisions and each person with their own ideas and opinions, which can be a good thing but at times it was difficult to get work done and a lot of compromises were made. For our new album “Superscope” it was mainly just me and Lewis after Daisy got heavily pregnant, which made it a lot easier to get on with work as we were on the same page for most things. You used the former Clash guitarist Mick Jones on your last record, what prompted the decision to take over the production on chores for this one? We’ve always worked on our own so we thought about getting a producer in for the third record, just to see if they could bring anything interesting to the table. We thought of Mick as we’d known him from around and knew he was a fan of our music already. While we were still building the studio he would come round and play along while we rehearsed the songs a few times a week for about 5 months. So by the time we went into record we knew them like the

Is there one venue in the world you haven’t played but wish you could? Being a North Londoner, like myself, surely Alexandra Palace must be in your sights one day. Yeah would be cool to play Ally Pally! We grew up right near the Forum in Kentish town but have never played there either. I like playing small venues as well though, like little sweaty clubs where the crowd is right in your face. If you could travel anywhere in the world for a holiday where would it be? I’ve never been to South America so maybe Brazil or Argentina as I love some of the music from there. Also Jamaica or Trinidad would be great. Do you listen to any Australian artist at the moment? C.W Stoneking is a good mate of ours, and a good guitar player. Name of your favourite pub? The Southampton Arms, Kentish Town. Secret Sounds Present: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Headline Tour February 2018 Weds 14th Februay, The Factory, Sydney / Thurs 15th Februay, Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Australia’s most “out there” music and arts festival is happening again in early May 2018! The multi-day festival is held at Ross River Resort, nestled in the East MacDonnell Ranges under an hour's drive from Alice Springs. The festival celebrates desert culture and the incredible landscape through its incredibly diverse creative program of music, art, workshops and performance. Expect headliner artists from around Australia and some big-name Internationals. “We attract people who are seeking adventure and experience. The very active arts community in the Centre mobilises for the event every year and builds an incredible space which attracts lots of interstate visitors” says Artistic Director, Scott Large. “We’re really proud of what we have achieved and look forward to hosting our biggest event to date in 2018!” Tickets and volunteer applications are now open via the website: Dates for your diary: Weather: Location:

4-6 May 2018 Warm days, cool nights – perfect festival weather. Ross River, Resort- Oasis in the desert 70 kms out of Alice

Photo Credit Gullick


Treats from home Friday 23rd February 2018

The island LIVE

The Island  LIVE  returns  on  Friday  23rd  February  for  the  penultimate  party  of  the  summer  and  an  absolutely stacked line-­‐up featuring 3 of Australia’s hottest electronic artists in Paces, Just A Gent, MUTO plus Purple Sneakers DJs. Fresh from two epic sold out parties with the likes of Hayden James, Set  Mo,  Young  Franco  and  Hot  Dub  Time  Machine  in  December  and  January,  we  return  to  Sydney  Harbour’s favourite venue to present two very special live performances. We caught up with The Island Live’s booking agent Will Stevens to find out about the artists and what makes this event so unqique. First up, we have Paces playing live; what should people be most looking forward to about the act? Paces has been playing some huge shows in the last few years so to see him play live in this intimate setting is going to be something pretty special. Up close and personal! What was his stand out track of 2017? He released Savage at the start of 2017 which has now amassed over 7 million Spotify streams. He’s also recently remixed Set Mo’s latest hit I Belong Here so let’s hope we get to hear that on The Island! Paces works with some amazing vocalists and his music has a great summer sound. For those who haven’t seen a Paces live set before, what can we expect? Will there be any special guests? Paces’ sound is made for Sydney Harbour! His bouncy melodies and feel-good energy are the perfect fit for a night-out on the water. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who he brings along ;) What does 2018 have planned for Paces? Will there be any festival shows or international tours? Paces is already set for a big year with a fresh single coming out on January 25th. He’ll also be heading north to play at Mountain Sounds Festival in February. Purple Sneakers DJs, for people who aren’t aware of Purple Sneakers who/what are they and why are they so popular with Sydney-siders? Purple Sneakers DJs are dance-floor filler professionals. They bring the vibe that makes you want to move. The PS DJs have the ability to chop and change smoothly between so many different genres and moods and they’ll be kicking things off perfectly! MUTO [live] has been working on great music over the year and much like Paces, has been collaborating with some great vocalists, what can we expect from the live show? 2017 was definitely a giant year for MUTO with 3 songs reaching triple j high rotation and countless tour supports alongside acts like Odesza, Crooked Colours, Cosmo’s Midnight and more. He’s also on the cusp of dropping new music so I have a feeling we’ll be hearing some unreleased gold when he takes to the stage for us! The line up sounds like we can expect a party full of summer vibes, other than the music what else can people expect from the Island Live? The location of the event is honestly incredible. We’re on a boat, in the middle of Sydney Harbour, with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background. Truly a breath-taking view! Anything else you want to add? Our last two events for The Island LIVE have sold out in record time so it’s safe to say that tickets for this one won’t hang around either. 3 of Australia’s hottest electronic artists taking over Sydney Harbour for a night? It’s going to be amazing! Tickets:

EDITORS PICK: GIG OF THE MONTH of New Zealand and are a festival favourite across the ditch. In 2015 the band released their debut album ‘This Place Here’ which showcased a sound that had been rarely heard in New Zealand. The band then backed it up by releasing their ‘Luminols’ EP in 2016 which featured some of New Zealand’s best musicians.

Loop & Niche Talent Agency Present

YOKO-ZUNA Australian Tour

These shows will see them showcase tracks from the upcoming album, plus recent single ‘Voltron’ and brand new single ‘Day Job’. The Auckland-based four piece will be bringing their combination of unique electronic/hip-hop compositions to Sydney and Melbourne audiences for the first time, for two shows not to miss. Yoko-Zuna will be supported at both shows by Sydney artist Godriguez who has just released his debut album ‘Godtet’ as well as boasting production on Sampa The Great’s mixtape, ‘The Great Mixtape’.

Yoko-Zuna are set to play their first headline Australian shows this March. After massive slots at New Zealand festivals, Rhythm & Vines and Rhythm & Alps, Yoko-Zuna are gearing up for a big 2018 including the release of their second album.

Thu 22nd March

Formed from the ashes of one of Auckland’s most musically creative hubs, Yoko-Zuna have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting bands to come out

**Tickets On Sale NOW**

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Fri 23rd March - Howler, Melbourne

There is absolutely no doubt that Australia as a whole makes up for anything us British folks may be missing from back home. However, this does not mean that our craving for our delicious treats from back home will not persist. This is why so many are ordering from Treats From Home to stock up on the British treats we relish the most! So let’s have a food stare off between Aussie Treats and British Treats

Penguins vs TimTam TimTam’s actually do ok as a second best, but with the option to have Penguins in your cupboard or if you are like me, in the fridge, there is no way, no how, that I will be sipping on a cup of tea with TimTam’s in front of me.

Marmite vs Vegemite Do not tell me that sometimes Marmite, in all of its simplicity, spread on toast with butter is not one of the most glorious things known to man. And for some reason, the Aussie didn’t fancy it, perhaps they needed their own thing to claim but unfortunately for them, they messed it up big time.

Dairy Milk vs Dairy Milk What an earth happened. As stories go, an extremely intelligent man forgot about the invention of fridges and thus, decided to add an element to the Australian chocolates to prevent them from melting. I can only imagine that his joy was short lived when he discovered that it didn’t work and that it tastes rather funky. Naturally, this is a completely bias approach, however, I feel extremely confident that my fellow brits would agree with me. This is why so many travellers have been jumping online and ordering their favourite snack from Treats From Home which is delivered straight to their door step.

For More Information About Treats From Home, Head To

clubbing Goodbar 11a Oxford St, Paddington House, Techno Best Nights: Friday, Saturday

Chinese Laundry 111 Sussex St; Sydney House, Electro, Techno, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass Best Nights: Friday, Saturday

SASH Sundays - Home Night Club Darling Harbour, 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney House, Techno, Tech house Best Nights: Sunday

Greenwood Hotel 36 Blue St, North Sydney Dance, House, Techno Best Nights: Friday, Saturday

Taylors Rooftop 69 - 73 Pitt street, Sydney Disco, House, Techno Best Nights: Friday, Saturday


THE GUM BALL 2018 The Dashville team has announced the first round of artists to perform at The Gum Ball on Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, 2018. The annual Hunter Valley based three-day camping event returns for its 13th instalment in April, continuing its legacy of a supreme family friendly escape with thoughtfully chosen acts, both new and legendary, in a mix of genres.

THE LINE UP REMI / The Aints (Play the Saints, ’73 to ’78) / Butterfingers / Dave Graney ’n’ the Coral Snakes / The Creepshow (CA) / Hat Fitz and Cara / Screamfeeder / Wanderers / Terra Lightfoot (CA) /New Venusians / Coda Chroma / Lachlan X. Morris / Plus many more to be announced. Leading this first announcement is one of Australia’s finest hip hop acts, REMI. Alongside his musical collaborator Sensible J, in 2017 REMI has taken his impressive, high energy performances to sold out venues all around the country. No stranger to the international circuit, around the world he has shared the stage aside acts like Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, De La Soul and Danny Brown to name a few. Excitedly, REMI will perform at The Gum Ball with his six-piece band. This is a chance to see a future superstar in a serene bushland setting. “Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands—the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints.” (Bob Geldof). On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints’ classic album ‘(I’m) Stranded’, founding member, guitarist and songwriter Ed Kuepper will revisit the material performed by that seminal band from an era when a suburban Brisbane band took their sound to the world.

The Aints, the powerhouse vehicle of founding member and songwriter for The Saints Ed Kuepper, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larsen (The Celibate Rifles), keyboardist Alister Spence (Laughing Clowns), complete with a 3 piece horn section, will performing the material from the holy trilogy of Aussie Punk Rock: The Saints era defining albums ‘(I’m) Stranded’ (1977), the hugely influential ‘Eternally Yours’ (1978), and the genre-defying ‘Prehistoric Sounds’ (1978) Alongside these two diverse top liners is Australia’s favourite musical misfits, Brisbane based larrikins Butterfingers, who after a few years in hiatus, are back in a big way with new vigour and a swag of fresh material. They dropped new single ‘Big Night Out’ in 2017 and have lost no time in reclaiming their status as one of Australia’s most fun live acts. Rounding out the first round of acts are legendary ARIA award-winning band Dave Graney ’n’ The Coral Snakes, Canadian psychobilly punk rockers The Creepshow (CA), the beauty and the beast blues of Hat Fitz and Cara, seminal ’90s fuzz-pop gurus Screamfeeder,, captivating soul trio Wanderers, Canadian blues/rock powerhouse Terra Lightfoot (CA), Sydney sevenpiece indie soul maestros New Venusians, the gorgeous space-folk alt-pop of Coda Chroma and local rising star and purveyor of dad-rock, Lachlan X. Morris. The Gum Ball is a BYO all age camping festival featuring an array of amazing gourmet food and markets, licensed bar precinct, popular late night silent disco, a night-time kids crèche, various workshops and activities, morning yoga, pro skater demos and live artworks. The Gum Ball 2018 is on Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29, 2018. Early Bird tickets sold out in record time for 2018. Standard tickets and discount bundles are now selling and available via the website.

Photo Credit Renae Saxby


Photo credit LeilaJoy

Days Like This Festival returns for its second year at an amazing new location. The boutique one day festival will showcase a carefully curated selection of the world’s best in house, techno and electronica at the picturesque setting of Victoria Park. Situated in the heart of Sydney’s cultural hub of the Inner West, Victoria Park conveys the perfect summer festival vibe with large, open, grassy dance floors, flanked by luscious tree lines, a plethora of shade and boasting a city skyline view. Days Like This will feature a lineup of twenty international acts across three main stages. We caught up with British expat promoter Scott Robertson to find out more about the festival and agency that has helped put Sydney’s underground music scene back on the global music map. Hi Scott, thanks for taking a minute to chat with us today! You’re about to head into your second year of Days Like This Festival, how has the lead up to round two been? Running festivals is not without its challenges or stresses, however the lead up to year two has been a really positive experience. The feedback to first year was overwhelmingly positive and once we secured the lineup for year two we knew we had the chance to produce another incredible event. Across the board the response to the lineup and new venue announcement this year has been fantastic and it is keeping everyone in our team very motivated and excited. For 2018 you’ve moved to a new location (in Victoria Park), what made you decide to make the change? Our original venue was Royal Randwick Racecourse which we love however it is primarily a racecourse and unfortunately our festival date clashed with a scheduled race day and we had no choice but to find a new venue. That being said, everything happens for a reason and Victoria Park works as the perfect location so close to everything and situated in the heart of the cultural hub of the Inner West. It’s an extremely beautiful park with large grassy dance floors and shaded tree lines, which is allowing us to create something really special for festival goers. We are close to finalising the site plans and I think everyone is going to be very happy with the new location.

SYDNEY 10.3.2018 Aside from the new venue, what else can punters expect this time round? We are spending a lot of time thinking about the overall festival experience from the minute you walk in the gates of the festival. We want it to be more than just stages and music. We want to engage people visually as well as aurally and our team are currently working on bespoke stages and plans for an event precinct with a diverse range of bars, premium food options, activations, chill out areas and an array of market stalls all combining to create a unique festival experience. Give us a quick flashback to last year, what were a couple of your favourite moments? There were so many highlights but having guys like Dixon, Ame and Ben Klock play on our main stage in year one was a proud achievement and they all rose to the occasion on the day. Fatima Yamaha and Octave One both playing live towards the end of the night on different stages were also clear stand outs for me personally. Your touring and events company Division Agency is the driving force behind DLTF. Give us a little background on what DA is all about and what your plans for the future are? I started Division Agency just over 3 years ago after leaving Future Music Festival as I wanted to focus primarily on underground music again. Since then it has grown at an impressive rate especially in the past 18 months having launched two of Sydney’s most exciting new venues (Goodbar and Seadeck) and in the event space we have enjoyed a sold-out run of shows at the Greenwood Hotel and launched Days Like This Festival at Royal Randwick last March. More recently we announced a strategic partnership with TEG and in December we launched The Warehouse Collective. Once this year’s edition of the festival is over we will focus on more large-scale tours in partnership with TEG as well as dates at The Warehouse Collective and Greenwood. ‘The Warehouse Collective’ launched late last year with The Presets as headliners, how was the inaugural event and what do you have planned for 2018? The first event was really special. A project of that magnitude took months of hard work and planning to get all the approvals and to see it all come to life was one of my career highlights. The venue itself is truly spectacular and until you see it yourself first hand it’s hard to grasp the scale of it. The Presets show was awe-inspiring and we are now working on more events for that project in the year ahead. Finally, some departing words to Days Like This 2018 attendees? First and foremost, we are extremely thankful for everyone’s support. If someone told me Sydney could support a lineup of this calibre and a festival of this scale a few years ago I would never have believed them but here we are and on the 10th of March we get to show our thanks by delivering an incredible experience for you all to enjoy. Days Like This Festival feat. acts like Maceo Plex, Sven Vath, Black Madonna, Booka Shade and more will happen at Victoria Park in Sydney on Saturday 10th March from 12PM – 10PM. Get tickets now from 11


Sydney City Limits JUSTICE · BECK · FUTURE · VANCE JOY · PHOENIX · TASH SULTANA · YOUNG THUG · GRACE JONES · GANG OF YOUTHS · THE AVALANCHES · DUNE RATS · THE LIBERTINES · ALLDAY · THUNDERCAT · L D R U · OH WONDER · CAR SEAT HEADREST · BAD//DREEMS · THE HEAD AND THE HEART · OCEAN ALLEY · WINSTON SURFSHIRT · THE STAVES · ALEX LAHEY · MALLRAT ·SIGRID · STELLA DONNELLY · ZIGGY RAMO. Sydney City Limits is the sister event to the legendary Austin City Limits Festival. Sydney City Limits is an ALL AGES event (under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 25 years) via All the music. All the food. One day only. | Sat 24 Feb. Centennial Parklands |

With just a month to go, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have added even more heavyweights to their ultimate festival food lineup at Sydney City Limits festival on February 24. Joining an already stacked bill are Newtown’s P&V Wine and Liquor who will bring the first ever local, natural wine pop up to a music festival, Sydney dining institution Longrain serving up their highly sought after South East Asian influenced curries and noodle dishes, Angie Hong bringing her inimitable Vietnamese cuisine, and the Lansdowne Hotel dishing up mouth-watering Detroit style pizzas. Longrain, established in 1999 continues to provide Sydney siders with a mouth-watering menu that is a blend of Thai, Chinese and other South East Asian influences. The team are excited to bring Longrain to Sydney City Limits Musical Festival, and will be serving up a selection of tasty curries and noodle dishes. Longrain owner Sam Christie, is just as passionate about music as he is about Thai food, producing three Longrain CDs and regularly making live DJs an integral element of the Longrain mix. Being a part of Sydney City Limits Musical Festival brings together Sam’s two passions - food and music. P&V Wine and Liquor’s Lou Dowling and Mike Bennie will be bringing their amazing range of local, natural wine producers to Sydney City Limits - a first-ever for an Australian music festival. Wines will be available on tap and have been freshly blended by iconic natural wine producers just for the festival. There will be a range of other natural wines to complement this offering and Mike Bennie will be leading small masterclasses on natural wine in a series of one-off sessions through the day. Angie Hong is a Sydney restaurant scene stalwart and Vietnamese restaurant doyenne. Founder of the legendary Thanh Binh in Cabramatta almost 20 years ago, Angie continues to shape the scene with her delicious traditional Vietnamese food, bringing fun and flavoursome classics to Sydney City Limits. To get your mouth watering, the fiends behind the Sydney City Limits food line up have also released a tantalising first look at the menus on offer from their food and booze coconspirators.

The Lansdowne Hotel The Lansdowne Hotel was opened in 1932, and was quickly filled with ratbags, miscreants, tear-aways, hoods, scum-bags, thieves, bent cops and others of similar persuasion. Its place in the history of Sydney music was destined to be a wrapped up in 2015 with its closure. However, two idiot friends – Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham - with a passion for music and taking risks thought the old girl had a few tricks to pull yet. The Lansdowne Hotel will be slinging their new mouthwatering Detroit-style pizzas at Sydney City Limits.

Rising Sun Workshop Nick and the Rising Sun Workshop team will be serving up “The Darkness Ramen”, a shoyu bone broth with kurabuta pork belly, kikurage, black onions and noodles and “The Fiery

Monk Ramen” - spiked miso broth with pickled shiitake, bamboo, corn and noodles.

O Tama Carey’s Lankan Filling Station O Tama Carey will be dishing up savoury Sri Lankan dishes including Eggplant Hoppers with kefir mascarpone and pickled green chillies, and saucy Lamb Hoppers topped with pol sambol and kefir mascarpone. Accompany with Tamarind cordial (a slightly sour and refreshing drink to keep you hydrated) and Love cake - a moist semolina based cake made with cashews, sweet spices, rose and almond.

Fratelli Paradiso From Potts Point to Tokyo, this sought-after Italian dining institution will be dishing up hand rolled pasta - Busiate with a smashed meatball in a rich tomato base – and with an eggplant variation for the vegetarians.

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta Bondi’s Da Orazio will be packing its spicy ‘Buffalina’ chicken wings with celery and gorgonzola sauce, spit-roasted Porchetta rolls with crackling and aioli, and a tomato, mozzarella, basil and crumbed eggplant salad.

Hartsyard Newtown locals Hartsyard bring Fried Chicken and Poutine to the Sydney City Limits line up. The chicken is a brined, breaded and fried feast with Hartsyard’s famous hot sauce. Poutine - with beef gravy, celery salt and cheese sauce will also be served.

Chinese Dumpling Master Peng Sun and the place with the grape vines on the ceiling will transport its moreish steamed dumpling selections on site - think Pork & Chives, Chicken Onion & Coriander and Eggplant, Prawn Dumplings with Pork Dim Sim, Spring Rolls and Salt & Pepper Calamari with cooling Cucumber Salads.

Artificer Coffee Dan Yee’s Artificier Coffee will be slinging all your caffeine needs behind the coffee machine plus bucket loads of COLD BREW coffee.

Saga Andy Bowdy and the team from Saga will be cooking up Sausage Roll on a Roll – a housemade pork and veal sausage roll wrapped in a white sesame bun with double tomato sauce. There will also be a Vego Roll on a Roll option. The Saga Sundae will make an appearance in a flavour combination yet to be revealed – fingers crossed it’s their Peanut Butter and Banana variety.

Sydney Kiddie Limits – brought to you by The Unicorn Hotel Not just for the grownups, Smyth and Graham have also reimagined The Unicorn to cater for the pint-sized party people at Sydney KiddIe Limits – a rug rat wonderland within the Festival jam packed with activities, workshops and of course some seriously tasty meals. And of course, the all-star menu lineup wouldn’t be complete without Porteno’s full wood fired grill, vegan Mexican from Bad Hombres, Fat Fish fish and chips, Paper Bird Korean bowls, and of course Mary’s burgers. 13



DJ Marky with support Roller DJ’s, Yattaman, Samantics Sat 17 March Drum n Bass crew – this one’s for you: the legendary DJ MARKY brings that Brazilian vibe to Villa!

DJ EZ (UK) Fri 9 March We’re thrilled to announce the return of the legendary DJ EZ Villa nightclub Perth on Friday 9 March. DJ EZ is a charming musical phenomenon, saluted for being one of the most creative mixers. A multi-award winning garage DJ recognised in the music industry and public alike as ‘The Best’ garage DJ to ever grace a set of decks. He has instinct and prowess and the quickest fingers in the trade. DJ EZ is the man behind the Pure Garage CD series, a ‘Holy Grail of Garage’ Compilation which received platinum record sales and peaked at number two in the UK national compilation chart. Hailing from Tottenham, North London, he has gone from setting up a pirate station for family and friends who lived nearby when he was a kid, to playing on Dance FM, Dimension FM (his own station) to Freek FM; from 3 Hour Boiler Room sets and a 24 Hour worldwide live-streamed set for charity. This lord has come a long way and now spreads his love for new and old school Garage beats around the world while running his own Kiss FM radio show (Fridays 10pm - 2am). Where: Villa Nightclub

Marky kicked off his killer career in drum n bass in Brazil in the early nineties, but by ‘97 he went to London, met Hype and Goldie and quickly got voted ‘Best New DJ’ in ‘99. A magician on the decks and responsible for true certified d’n’b classics (callin’ out ‘it’s the way’ from ‘LK’ collab with XRS) he douses clubbers with funk-laced tunes in the most iconic clubs in the world. His sets, his collabs, his compilations, albums - all enviable and on high rotation. In 2015 he released the album ‘My Heroes’ and now, he’s our hero. Again. How many DJs who have done a Boiler Room did it in their own home? Marky did. ‘cos he’s giving like that - it’s proper PLUR. Where: Villa Nightclub, 187 Stirling Street, Perth, WA 6000 Tickets:

Deborah De Luca & Ejeca Fri 23 February Habitat presents a MASSIVE double header with two of techno’s hottest stars in one little room. The debut Australian of Italian techno queen Deborah De Luca and the return of Irish don Ejeca. #Fierce Deborah was born under the shade of the sails of Scampia Italy, a difficult neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Her style fuses minimal sounds with dense basslines but without ever being common.

She has a deep and worldly flavour to her tracks, as well as the stereotypical Italian passion and strength. Debroah doesn’t belong to any musical trend, but conciliates always different tastes. Firmly established as a reputable purveyor of high quality house and techno, EJECA has recently had releases on BPitch Control, Poker Flat and Last Night On Earth, varying from from the melodic to driving sides of techno. It’s safe to say Ejeca has got his hands full as he maintains a worldwide DJ tour schedule, record label and plans for and album and live tour 2017 will be his most hands on and forward thinking year to date. We will be switching the home of house into ‘techno mode’ for one very special night. Supported by Jaydream, Nuphoria & Tachee. Where: Geisha Bar, 135a James St, Northbridge, WA, 6003 Tickets: On the door only

GARAGE NATION AUSTRALIA TOUR April 2018, the BIGGEST UK GARAGE brand in the world is set to hit AUSTRALIA for the first time for 3 MASSIVE SHOWS in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Manning Bar, Sydney, Saturday, April 7 at 9 PM - 3 AM Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, Friday, April 6 at 9 PM - 3 AM The Court, Garden Party, Perth, Sunday, April 8 at 2 PM - 10 PM 21 years after GARAGE NATION was established in 1997, the brand is STILL the most iconic movement for UK GARAGE fans

across the world and we can’t wait to bring you our electric UK GARAGE vibe DOWN UNDER. With a SOLID LINEUP for this first tour, straight out of the UK.

DJ PIED PIPER / MC CREED / MAJESTIC / SWEET FEMALE ATTITUDE / KILL BILL Legendary DJ Pied Piper has been involved in the music industry since the 1990s. Piper really rocketed to fame in 2001 with his number one smash hit “Do You Really Like It” A true all time UK Garage classic and Ayia Napa dance floor filler even to today.

MAJESTIC DJ, producer, MC… Kiss FM’s Majestic does it all. Majestic scored a top 5 album in the UK with PURE House & Garage mixed by Majestic in Spring 2016 featuring a bunch of exclusively Majestic produced anthems.

MC CREED - THE GODFATHER MC Creed has been firmly established in the house & garage industry since 1989/ 90’. He is part of the collective of founders of the UK garage industry and helped the progression of the ‘UKG’ scene become a commercially recognised genre, achieving no 1 chart success.

SWEET FEMALE ATTITUDE FLOWERS Alongside ‘Do you really like it’, Sweet Female Attitude’s ‘FLOWERS’ is arguably one of the most popular UK GARAGE songs of the 2000’s GARAGE GIRLS WHERE YOU AT? The live PA of ‘FLOWERS’ goes OFF! 15

It’s that time of year when the 6 Nations come together for nearly 2 months of hard core testosterone clashing. If you’re looking for a sports bar to watch the 6 Nations Rugby Live in Australia then look no further. As usual BBM Live comes to the rescue with a complete list of sports bars that will be going the extra mile to show all the 6 Nations Rugby games live in Australia’s major cities on BIG screens with full sound. Melbourne Turf Bar Turf Bar is a sophisticated, traditional pub that has become one of the best places in Melbourne to watch live sport! Turf offers a bustling and warm atmosphere, excellent food and beverage menus, boasting six plasma screens, three big screens, three private screening booths, advanced surround sound systems, and pool tables. What’s On: Superbowl, AFL, 6 Nations, English Premier League Address: 131 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Website:

The Imperial on Bourke One of the best sports pubs in Melbourne just got a little bit better… Understatement! It’s got a rooftop and mega screen! As well as the being the best places to watch live sport in Melbourne CBD, The Imperial Hotel boasts an incredible rooftop bar, overlooking the city and with spectacular views of Melbourne Parliament House. The Imperial on Bourke hosts regular English Premier League fixtures live and is home to the official Liverpool FC supporters club. What’s On: English Premier League, AFL, 6

Nations Rugby, UFC, NFL Address: Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Website:

Sydney The Palace Hotel, Sydney The Palace Hotel Sydney is by far one of Sydney’s best city pubs with a great selection of draft beers on tap, cocktail promotions, a fantastic wine list and they show the best live sports fixtures, in the heart of Sydney CBD. Plus, to top it all off, you can watch late night live sports on one of 14 High Definition TVs or their giant screen (sound for premium games shown at management’s discretion, check with the venue to see if your team’s playing live to avoid disappointment). The Palace Hotel is also home to the official All Blacks, supporters club making it hands down Sydney’s best pub to watch live Rugby. What’s on: English Premier League, Scottish Premier League, Rugby Championship, Bledisloe Cup, NRL, AFL Address: 730-742 George St, Haymarket, Sydney, NSW Website:

Bat and Ball Hotel, Surry Hills The Bat and Ball is a proper pub, a regular

bar, a local and a great place to watch live local and international sports. This Surry Hills/Redfern local is a great a place to relax, meet up, have a laugh, watch a game, grab some food, shoot the breeze, unwind. What’s On: A League, International football and Rugby fixtures, NRL, AFL Address: Redfern – Cnr Cleveland + Sth Dowling Website:

Churchills Sports Bar Churchill’s Sports Bar in Sydney is a great location dedicated to showing live sports with sound. Every sporting event taking place is shown here on our vast amount of BIG Screens – from the late night international soccer including the English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, Champions League, Scottish Premier Leagu until mid-afternoon UFC and boxing. It’s also a great place to meet friends for a drink or a bet. Join the excitement and mingle with your mates while you enjoy a drink from the bar. Don’t forget to check out the Wall of Fame with all the colourful sporting personalities of past and present. What’s On: All international fixtures, EPL, AFL, NRL, NFL, 6 Nations, UFC, A League and more Address: 532 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney, 2032 Website:

Perth Rosie O’Grady’s Located in Northbridge, the heart of Perth’s entertainment district, Rosie O’Grady’s is a very popular pub with locals, backpackers and the thousands of tourists that pass through each year. Wellknown for its lively atmosphere, friendly staff and cracking Sunday carvery, Rosie’s is Perth’s number one Irish venue to catch all your sport. Once the whistle’s blown, stick around for hilarious comedy gigs featuring the likes of Reginald D Hunter and Gordon Southern, and the rather unique

experience of Bogan Bingo, incorporating comedy, music and bingo. So drop in for a pint and a bite, and enjoy the craic. What’s on: GAA, Pre-season friendlies, Scottish Premier League, EPL, 6 Nations Address: Corner James & Milligan Sts, Northbridge, Perth, WA Website:

The Mustang bar, Northbridge The Mustang Bar is an American themed venue that is home to Perth’s best student, backpacker and general fun nights out and is well known as the best sports bars in Northbridge. What’s On: NBA, 6 Nations, Super Bowl, EPL, SPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Cricket and more Address: 6 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003 Website:

Brisbane Pig ‘N’ Whistle While there are three Pig ‘N’ Whistles in Brisbane, the Riverside is one of the most popular pubs in the city and is the premier venue for live sport. Whether you fancy catching a late night EPL game or Local A-League, Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside has rights to them all. They won’t let you go hungry either, serving food of outstanding quality, including Black Angus beef from their own herd of cows, and old classics such as sausages & mash and steak & Guinness pie. Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside is THE place to eat, drink and enjoy matches live and in HD. What’s on: NRL, AFL, English Premier League, A-League, UEFA Champions League, GAA Address: Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD Website:


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Everything You Need To Know About Superannuation Lodged within the Australian Superannuation system is a savings account that you would not have had otherwise. From your very first pay check, the Australian Government have been collecting Super payments and slowly, but surely, you have unknowingly been saving your pennies on the side. The professionals from has told us everything we need to know, which is likely why so many travellers turn to their services to get back all the dollar bills they have been saving. Everything you need to know Ok. Declaring itself as super is a tad outlandish as superannuation is basically a pension arrangement. Yup. That’s not even barely stirring is it, let alone super. However, in Australia this is governmentsupported which also means that minimum provisions are enforced for employees, which is kinda nice. From July 1st 2013 employers were required by law to contribute a minimum of 9.25% of an employee’s ordinary time earning into a superannuation fund, which is called a ‘Superannuation Guarantee’. The detail that is really super is that this is an additional payment borne by your employer; it is not deducted from your gross pay. There are also plans to increase the proportion to 12% by 2019, which is nice.

The payment is based on your pre-tax earnings so if you earned $500 before tax for the month you should be entitled to an additional $46.25. However, do not be alarmed if your superannuation balance looks a little skinny as 15% is taxed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and funds constantly charge administration and insurance fees which can amount to $5-10 per week. To be eligible the employee must be over 18, working over 30 hours a week and earning over $450 per month from one employer, so it would be beneficial to hold a single job instead of several. As far as assurances go the Australian Government have that covered too as from 1st January 2014 employers were obligated to pay default contributions to an authorised MySuper product, with the most well known

being AustralianSuper and AustSafe Super. This means that losing your payment due to a suspect provider is now far less a risk. That all sounds grand and all for Australian citizens yet for short-term visitors such as those on Working Holiday Visas the reality is a little different. Of course, if you meet the criteria then you can expect the contribution. Remember, as long as you earn over $450 a month from one employer you will be entitled. The arrangement is for any worker; whether permanent or casual, resident or non-resident for tax purposes (that would be you by the way). Arranging your superannuation is relatively straightforward. You can set up your own super account, which is the simpler choice if you intend of taking on temporary work or travelling while in Australia. You could also ask the bank to set up your super when you open an account with them or you can join the super account set up by the employer. If you do opt for the company’s super account and lose the paperwork do not fret, simply contact the ATO and they can help locate your super. For anyone being paid in cash it may seem great to have your wages in your hands to hold and then spend but you will be missing out on superannuation. You read that correctly. For all those lovely, crisp banknotes in your pocket you will be losing out on FREE MONEY. Working holiday makers are allowed to withdraw their superannuation either when their visa expires or whenever they leave permanently. This is known as the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment or DASP. A point to note is that you must have left Australia before this can be paid; the application includes checking that any

temporary visa has been cancelled by the Department of Immigration. Indeed, The Australian government must get really irked with these departures as they then take out a further 35% when you apply for the withdrawal. Bit harsh. Another point to note is that you are much better off claiming it sooner rather than later. In fact, if you do not claim your super within six months of leaving Australia, or within six months of the cancellation or expiry of your visa, the ATO will claim the money and it could be a while to organise its release from their tight grasp, especially from abroad. Still, the money is yours but if you are having trouble working out how to claim it then do not worry. If you have already claimed your taxback then the same company, and even the very same tax professional, should be able to assist you in claiming your superannuation. All you need to do is provide your membership details, fill in some forms and the tax professionals will do the hard work while you wait for the payment to arrive. Most charge a flat fee of around 15% for the service and you should receive your super within 28 days of the Australian Tax Office receiving your application. Superannuation may not exactly be super but it is free money that you should be entitled to when working in Australia. Setting up your account is simple and claiming it back once your visa has expired is not that hard either. Just do not forget about it, it is free money after all. For the Fastest Track To Receive Your Super, Visit


Top Tips For Moving Within Australia

The International MoveCube If you’re moving overseas, you’ll probably have quite a lot to take with you. To remove (or at least lessen) the headache of moving half your home across the world, let us introduce you to the International MoveCube.

If you’re moving from one place to another within Australia, just because you’re not leaving the country doesn’t mean your move will be any less stressful. So let us take you through what to expect as you transfer your belongings from A to B.

• Don’t rely on a man with a van. Seek out a professional service. We are sure there are some great independent removal men and women out there but you need a company who has a proven track record and a strong online presence. These are your treasured possessions we’re talking about.

roll, Australia Post and any healthcare organisations. Perhaps take advantage of Australia Post’s redirection service. In addition, remember to let people know you’re leaving your old address such as insurance companies, telephone companies, and internet service and energy providers.

This nifty box is in fact a shipping container available in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Exclusive to Seven Seas Worldwide, the MoveCube is brought to you in a trailer and parked outside your home, you fill it with the stuff you need moving with the additional help of a trolley for large items, and they’ll come and collect it to be shipped to your chosen destination.

• As soon as you know when you’ll be moving, start packing! It’s much better to pack over a period of time rather than rushing towards the end. It will only lead to confusion and possible damage if you’re not paying enough attention. If your boxes are making a considerable journey, state-to-state for instance, every fragile item and electronic piece of equipment needs to be wrapped, doublewrapped and taped up securely – as well as being inserted into a space where it cannot move around. Oh and make sure the boxes are robust – don’t reuse old boxes; they may not withstand the journey.

• Different states in Australia have different laws, so make sure you’re aware of any changes. For instance, if you’re taking your car across states, make sure it’s registered to your new address.

The night before your delivery date, you’ll receive a text message advising the hour that your MoveCube will arrive, and you’ll receive another message in the morning, so no excuses for forgetting.

• Any important documentation or valuable items should probably be boxed up and brought across Oz by you personally. Nothing’s going to happen, of course not, but it’s just for peace of mind.

At the moment, you can only use the MoveCube if you’re moving to the UK, Australia, New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington), South Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu), and Ireland (door-to-depot, depot-to-door).

• Remember to let everyone know where you’re going – not just friends and family. Alert the tax office, the electoral

For the best removal company in Australia, check out Seven Seas Worldwide. They’ve got a range of services on offer including the revolutionary MoveCube®, a shipping container that’s brought directly to your door for loading! Visit

Making moving abroad that much easier and ever so convenient, that’s pretty much all you need to know about the MoveCube. To get your quote and start your move, visit 19

jobs. visas. shipping. mortgages. fx. health insurance. Questions To Ask When Starting a New Teaching Role January brings the start of a new school year for Australian students and you’ve taken the leap and decided to teach down under… great choice! The amazing weather, people and lifestyle makes Oz a highly attractive relocation destination. However, going into a new school in another country can be daunting, regardless of whether you’re an experienced teacher with several years under their belt or just starting out. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions to ask when you enter a new school, ensuring you you feel less out of your comfort zone and more able to do your job with ease. What is the behavioural system? This will differ between schools, but is important to know so you are aware of how to respond if a student misbehaves. Whilst some schools favour a traffic lights system, which aims to reinforce positive ‘green light’ behaviour, others may use ‘bronze, silver and gold’ rankings – learn which one your school uses to help maintain good behaviour in the classroom.

What is the marking policy? Like the behavioural system, this will vary between schools. Some will use colour coding, some stickers, and some may require you to outline the positives and potential areas for improvement for a piece of work. Find out how this system works early on so you can master giving helpful feedback. Also find out how the school likes to track students progress, and whether this will be part of your role or another member of staff.

What are the daytime routines? Ask when break and lunchtime are so you’re not left with an empty classroom halfway through

a lesson. Also check the end of school routines, as this is important for safety – do the children stay in the classroom to be picked up, or should you take them to the playground?

What is the assessment structure for teachers? Ofsted doesn’t operate in Australia, nor is there an equivalent, but there are still procedures in place to ensure teachers are doing their jobs. There are non-government bodies, some of which are nonprofit, which assess the quality of schools based on different factors.

Are there afterschool clubs and groups for teachers to run? Extra-curricular activities are a great way to get involved in school life, particularly when first starting out and wanting to make a good impression. If you have any particular skills, ask if you can offer your services to teach or help out in an after-school club – you may see the rewards in the classroom too. Need advice or help finding a teaching job in Australia? Check out for helpful information and loads of excellent opportunities

CARPENTERS. ELECTRICIANS. CHEFS RECRUITERS. NURSES. SKILLED JOBS. BBMLIVE.COM/JOBS Our clients are seeking professionals from overseas to fill a range of jobs across Australia. If you’re serious about staying in Australia and are seeking permanent employment or looking at skilled visas options, we want to hear from you. If you’re coming to the end of your first or second year working holiday visa, or if you’re already in employment and are looking for a new sponsor please get in touch with our team asap. Our clients are looking for top talent and willing to sponsor for the right candidates. Call 02 8005 8162 or email your CV to


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We’re Hiring… Labour Hire Success For 457 Visas and Temporary Skills Shortage Visas (TSS) Pendragon Management is pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated our new Labour On-Hire Agreement with the Department of Home Affairs. We have worked with the Department over the past few months to incorporate the new requirements being introduced in March. As a result Pendragon will now be able to sponsor individuals under existing 457 Visas and Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visas.

March 2018 Visa Changes As you may be aware, the 457 Visa will be officially abolished and replaced by the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa as of March 2018.

If you are an IT professional, here are 3 reasons why you should move to Australia!

Career development Because of such high demand, this also creates room for growth within companies. Ultimately, individuals have the opportunity to climb the ladder faster which of course, will create many other perks within an individual’s life. Such vast room for growth is resulting in many IT professionals also taking the leap to receive the endless benefits.

Some of the changes include: •

• •

 ew, more targeted occupation N lists which better align with skill requirements in the Australian labour market A requirement for visa applicants to have at least two years’ work experience in their skilled occupation Employers must pay the Australian market salary rate and meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) which ensures that overseas workers cannot be engaged to undercut Australian workers. The new TSMIT is due to be set at $65,000 as of March 2018 Mandatory labour market testing, proof that the company advertised to local workers but were unable to find a local Australian to fill the role, unless an international trade obligation applies Under the Short-Term stream, there is capacity for only one on-shore visa renewal under the Short-Term stream, as well as no option to gain PR. Under the Medium-Term stream, there is capacity for visa renewal on-shore and permanent residence eligibility after three years. A non-discriminatory workforce test

IT Professionals, Australia Wants You! There is absolutely no doubt; IT professionals are in extremely high demand in Australia. Australia does not have the supply to keep up with the tide of IT vacancies, which has left a window for IT pros like you, to skip across the pond and enjoy the Australian dream. This is why so many IT professionals have utilised the expertise of recruitment companies like Aurec, so that they can land the perfect job as quick as possible!

Lifestyle There is likely not much of an argument when regarding a choice over the British Climate or the Australian climate. Australians generally live more of an outdoors life because of the endless sun that beams upon their Australian shores. Such pristine coastlines and astonishingly beautiful cities offer a lifetime of activities, which again is likely a big aspect to why people are seeking to call Australia home.

Because it is easier than you think There is no doubt that when any individuals begin to investigate the possibility of moving to Australia they are bombarded with an endless stream of confusing information. This is of course, not very easy. But what is easy, is turning to recruitment agencies like Aurec to do the hard part for you. Such a transition can and should be stress free, which will leave you with more time to think about BBQ’s on the beach! If you are a qualified IT professional there is every chance that you can be starting a new working adventure in Australia. This amazing possibility is why so many turn to Aurec to ensure that it happens. For More IT Recruitment Information, Visit Today!

to ensure employers are not actively discriminating against Australian workers A requirement to pay a contribution to the Skilling Australians Fund The Department of Home Affairs will collect Tax File Numbers and data will be matched with the Australian Tax Office’s records, and Mandatory penal clearance certificates to be provided.

Skilled Occupation Lists – STSOL and MLTSSL Occupations fall into two lists, the Shortterm Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). •

 hort-Term stream – this is for employers S to source genuine temporary overseas skilled workers in occupations included on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for a maximum of two years (or up to four years if an international trade obligation applies). You are not eligible to apply for permanent residency under this list. Medium and Long-Term stream – this is for employers to source highly skilled overseas workers to fill medium-term critical skills in occupations included on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) for up to four years, with eligibility to apply for permanent residence after three years

You are able to view the Skilled Occupation Lists here.

What is an On-Hire Labour Agreement? An on-hire labour agreement allows your on-hire business to sponsor temporary skilled overseas workers in occupations on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations for subclasses 457, where you can demonstrate that there is no appropriately qualified Australian worker readily available. A business which enters into an on-hire labour agreement becomes an approved sponsor and is able to nominate and sponsor overseas workers in the approved occupations. As an approved sponsor with an on-hire business your overseas workers can be assigned to work for a third party. The on-hire business has to comply with the mandatory conditions as required by law (Fair Work Act 2009) and the Department of Home Affairs Regulations. If you want to learn more about how Pendragon Management can assist you with visa sponsorship… talk to us… web: email: phone: +61 2 9407 8700 21

Living and Working in Sydney Best Saving Sydney is one of the most famous cities on the entire planet, so it’s not surprising that so many people want to live and work in here. When it comes to beauty – Sydney has it by the bucket load. From the sandy shores of Bondi Beach, to the lush tropical plants of the Botanical Gardens, Sydney is a nature lover’s ideal when it comes to choosing a city to live in. But the mark doesn’t stop at natural beauty. Sydney is also home to two of the most famous architectural landmarks in the world, namely, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that dominate the Sydney horizon. An urban metropolis pulses through the skyscrapers of Sydney with a cool and unique lifeblood that keeps Sydney interesting and active at all times. If you’re a registered nurse or healthcare worker looking to strike the perfect balance between healthy urban living alongside work then Sydney is a great port of call. As you may have heard there is a shortage of healthcare workers in Australia meaning you could land yourself in stunning Sydney doing the job you care most about. Upon arriving in Sydney you’ll probably be stunned by the healthy habits of its residents. The Southern Hemisphere’s

answer to LA, from 5am each morning you’ll see the many parks filled with joggers and yogis, as well as people doing tai chi and if you’re anywhere near the beach – you’ll see plenty of surfers and swimmers starting their day off in a healthy way. The healthy living is also echoed in the many cafes and restaurants serving up all versions of avocado and eggs for breakfast alongside smoothies and some worldclass coffee. Taking advantage of the fantastic weather most of the year-round, nursing in Sydney can mean you can spend your days off lazing on the beach, or exploring the city. What’s more, if you take work as an agency nurse, you can maximise your time exploring Sydney and New South Wales whilst funding your travels through nursing. Nursing in Sydney and Regional NSW presents the perfect opportunity to explore areas such as the stunning Northern Beaches as well as the Blue Mountains, and by taking agency nurse jobs in Sydney you’ll be able to work and play when it suits you most. It doesn’t all have to be about exploring the surrounds however, as there’s so much to do and see in Sydney that you’ll be wanting to take advantage of its great nightlife. With world class artists regularly touring, a-list festivals and city wide events such as Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Festival, you can guarantee there’s something to do every single night of the week. So what are you waiting for? Visit to find out more information on working with a specialist nursing recruitment agency and see details on our current vacancies.

Tips for Your Working Holiday in Australia

A working holiday in Australia presents a fantastic opportunity for nurses to see the world, but saving the money for such a trip can be hard, even for those without debt. Here’s a few ideas on how to save up for your working holiday in Australia, as once you’re there you can take advantage of all the nursing job opportunities in Australia. Extra Shifts It’s a no-brainer, but picking up extra shifts will result in more money. Maybe offer to cover a colleague for a few nights, or plumb for those unsociable hours for the higher rates. Don’t run yourself ragged, but understand that you might have to sacrifice a few hours from your social calendar to get where you’re going. Overpaid Tax Double-check your payslips to ensure you’ve not overpaid in taxes for the year. This is most likely to occur if the wrong tax code has been used by payroll, or if you’ve been out of work for a few months of the year and come in under your personal allowance while being taxed under the usual tax code. It might involve doing some sums, but tax adds up fast, and you can get some healthy cash injections from backdated payments. Find out if you’re entitled to a tax refund. Don’t Spend Coins Make all of your purchases in notes only, and then start a piggy bank for the coins left over. You won’t notice at first, but soon you’ll have saved a healthy amount of spending money

just from the remains of other purchases. Since the money won’t be in your bank account, it’s also completely protected from your spending habits until you crack open the savings jar. Money you can’t reach, is money you can’t spend, after all. eBay As you’re going abroad, now is the perfect time to dig through your wardrobe and decide what you truly need. You can sell old clothes, old unwanted gifts, perhaps the nursing textbooks you no longer need. Make sure you cover all your costs for shipping, and you’ll be surprised how much extra you can make from things that would otherwise only slow you down when it comes to moving time. Transportation Again, you’re going abroad for some time, so now might be the time to think about whether you really need your car. With a car comes the many hidden fees: MOT, tax, petrol, parking, and repairs, to

name a few. Why not see if you can carpool with a colleague, or take public transport? Most forms of public transport offer fixed-period tickets that will save you money in the long run. Avoid Bargains It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you walk into a supermarket with no shopping list and an eye for bargains, you can easily come away having spent more than you intended. Go shopping with a fixed list, and only go near the extras if there’s truly a saving to be made. 2-for-1 on toilet roll might be worthwhile (you’ll use it all eventually), but a cheap jar of Nutella sat in the back of the cupboard is still more expensive than one you never bought at all. Reframing As you can tell, saving money is about looking at your finances in a different way. Keep an eye out for these little opportunities as they come up, and you’ll find the old saying is true: look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves. Considering nursing on your working holiday in Australia? Get registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to make sure your nursing qualifications are recognised in Australia and apply for your visa!

To enquire further about nursing jobs in Melbourne speak to one of our team at or visit Nursing Under-Grads (Assistants in Nursing)

Registered Nurse Dementia Specific Care Home (North Sydney)

Bower Healthcare is selectively seeking experienced nursing students (year 2 +) for work as Assistants in Nursing in acute general and specialty areas in hospitals around Sydney’ north. As a preferred supplier to NSW Health Local Health Districts, we are recruiting in preparation for an expected upturn in requests.

Set in its own grounds in a leafy northern Sydney suburb, this brand new unit opens next month and Bower Healthcare has been provided the opportunity to assist with staffing shortfalls. The 57 bed residence provides care for residents with low to high range dementia, living in shared units serviced by a regular team of support staff.

Essential Requirements: Must have a current work visa, or work rights in Australia, 100% compliance with the NSW Health Department’s immunisation policy, Must be nursing undergraduates, 2nd year onwards (no Cert III applicants will be considered), NSW Working with Children Check (paid employee version) and National Police Check. Need to live within easy travelling distance of the hospitals (to fulfil last minute booking requests).

Got a question?

The Registered Nurse oversees the support and care provided to residents, assisting with clinical needs where needed but mainly coaching and encouraging the staff to utilise their skills to the best of their abilities.

The Unit manager is on site during office hours between Monday to Friday. Shifts range across mornings, PM’s and night duties. Because of the specialist nature of the work and the autonomy afforded to the RN in charge, only those that have regular availability and can attend an on-site induction can be considered.

Hospital Orderlies Salary: $24 to $40 Hourly Rate We are seeking a number of experienced staff to work as orderlies in various general (surgical, medical, aged care) and specialty (mental health, OT, ED, ICU, etc) areas in public hospitals in Sydney’s east and southwest. We can offer an immediate start with shifts booked 2-3 weeks in advance, as well as on an ad hoc basis. Essential Requirements: Regular, on-going work for reliable performers Many shifts available, including weekends Advanced roster, in addition to day-to-day bookings Essential requirements: Must have current work rights in Australia Preference given to those with full-time equivalent availability 100% compliance with the NSW Health Department’s immunisation policy Must posses more than 6 months relevant experience from here or overseas (as an orderly, AIN or PCA) Recent, professional local references Current criminal record and working with children checks Please note that if you do not satisfy all of the above requirements but still apply, you will not receive a return response.

Do you qualify for our Australian Working Holiday Visa Package? To qualify for a Bower Healthcare working holiday package you must either be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa and meet the following employment requirements: • You must qualify for an Australian Working Holiday Visa or other relevant work visa for Australia. • You must either be a registered nurse and possess a minimum 12 months postgraduate clinical experience • Or be an experienced healthcare worker, eligible for work as an Assistant in Nursing or Community Support Worker Registered Nurses must possess provisional approval for registration with AHPRA • Click here for full details on our candidate requirements and working for us Our Working Holiday Packages combine everything you need to get started in Australia including accommodation and your all-important Tax File Number as well as some great tours to get you in the mood for your working holiday in Australia.


Meet Andrea Cameron from Yorkshure - CoFounder of Kuranda Tours, Outback Tasting and Cairns Food and Wine Tours

Meet Andrea Cameron, originally from Yorkshire, England. At just 21 she adventured to travel Australia, which led to her starting new life down under. A few years on Andrea tells BBMLive Readers of her adventures and how they have led her to running Kuranda Tours, Outback Tasting and Cairns Food and Wine Tours alongside partner Brett. When did you first arrive in Australia and what was the reason for the trip? I arrived in Sydney on November 11th 1988 so I can’t believe it’s 30 years this year. I had just watched Crocodile Dundee at the movies in Harrogate where I grew up

and decided I wanted to backpack around Australia on a years working holiday. What was the initial appeal? Adventure and the easy way it sounded that you could work and travel and see where the movie was made too –I stupidly thought that all of Australia was red dirt and was quite shocked to see trees and gardens –how naive but we didn’t really see much about Australia back then. What was your first job? My first job was at the Occidental Hotel in Martin Square Sydney during the day and Claudine’s Seafood Restaurant (5 star) in the Strand Arcade on George Street Sydney at night. And what do you do now? Now I am the Owner and Operator along with my Australian husband of an Adventure day tour company in Port Douglas Tropical North Queensland. How long have you been living in Australia? 30 years in November

What do you most love about where you live? I love the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, Tropical Rainforest and Food bowl of the Atherton Tablelands (which has some areas that look just like the Yorkshire Dales) the Temperature is hot all year round we live in shorts and t shirt all year swim in the pool or ocean every day and I love the wonderful community spirit of Port Douglas –my 3 children grew up wearing no shoes –not even to school they have had such an innocent childhood which you would find hard anywhere else. What do you think you would be doing if you were back in the UK? I really couldn’t say I was only 21 when I left and I was still finding myself –I doubt I would be running a tour company of my own though........? Why do you think the move was worthwhile? I think there are great opportunities in Australia you get a fair go and if you work hard you can do really well – as in my case.

The life style I have is what most people spend all year saving up for.... to go on holiday but for me I can go and sit on the beach with a cocktail every night, or sit in my swimming pool – every day can feel like a holiday that’s what I really love. What’s your top tip for other expats? Never look back!! Do you have many expats on your tours? We get many expats coming to our beautiful area on our tours and many from England, it’s always lovely to have a catch up and the conversation is always the same – we are soooo glad we moved to Australia!! Anything else you want to add? nope BrettsHalfDayKurandaTour/

A Traveller’s Perspective with Ocean Rafting

Meet Ocean Safari The Whitsundays is on every travellers bucket list, with the eye bursting beauty in every direction you look and the kind of activities which will give you memories for a lifetime, it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t. Many turn to tour companies like Ocean Rafting to ensure they get the best out of their Whitsundays experience. We asked them a few question on why this is so. Q. What do you believe are the highlights of experiences when travellers come to you guys? The tours are built so that travellers get to see one attraction after the other, what really strikes those who join us on our tours is the way in which they see these attractions. Nothing can prepare you for the stunning scenery whilst sun gazing on our charter boats, it all adds to an unbelievable effect. Q. Why do travellers recommend others to do this tour? Travellers usually recommend our tours because of the overall experience; they get to see attraction such as Whitehaven Beach and a few hours later will get to snorkel in secret locations. Meals and accommodation

is provided which means travellers can focus on having the time of their lives rather than worrying about necessities. Q. Is there anything travellers should pack? You should always come prepared for the sun, sunblock, a peaked hat, glasses and also a water container. We have many water based activities so travellers should bring their swimwear and definitely bring a camera! Q. What is the difference between the Northern Exposure tour and the Southern Lights tour? The main difference between the two tours is that the Northern Exposure tour has more snorkelling time and the Southern Lights tour offers more beach time. We also offer a Double Deal for both cruises allowing you to experience more adventure for less! Both offer the ultimate in Hill Inlet tours Q. Are there amazing friendships that are formed on your tours? Friendships are always made on our tours, with so many individuals from so many different places in the world, there is plenty to talk about and learn from one another. On top of this everyone comes to have the time of their life and whilst doing so they are sharing this time with those around them. For More Information on Ocean Rafting Tours, Visit Today!

Ocean Safari offers an exhilarating ride to snorkel the pristine untouched Great Barrier Reef off the Daintree Coast at Cape Tribulation. Travellers and backpackers have been jumping on these tours to no end and for good reason, Ocean Safari have been delivering these incredible tours for many a year and have mastered the craft of offering a once in a lifetime experience. The Ocean Safari experience Ocean Safari tours bring you into a realm of tropical bliss and offer you direct access to the cacophony of colours and wildlife within The Great Barrier Reef. Located further north on the Queensland Coast, residing in Cape Tribulation you will be surrounded by the Daintree Rainforest which peers over the land and directly into the pristine waters of Cape Trib. This place is where land and see gather with explosive and eye popping scenery.

Ocean Safari Tours These tours are designed to give you the best of both worlds, you’ll have the

unbelievable sight of The Great Barrier Reef whilst snorkelling at secret locations and time to reflect on your endeavours deep within the Daintree Rainforest where your cosy eco ledges await. Safari Lodge offers affordable eco huts known as Safari Huts – quad share, twin, single or dorm – as well as camp sites in the tropical rainforest close to the beach, restaurants and water holes. Onsite facilities include a swimming pool, camp kitchen, toilets and showers and a laundry. This place you the opportunity to connect with nature, far-far away from the stresses of city living!

What should travellers bring in preparation? Because Ocean Safari tours are so diverse, travellers should come prepared for everything from land based activities as well as water based activities. Although many necessities will be covered for you, the tropical climate should be taken into consideration. Hats with peaks and sun block will be needed to protect you from the sun and as you really will be deep inside the jungle, you will need appropriate shoes. DO NOT FORGET YOUR INSECT REPELANT! If you are even slightly Instafamous, you will most certainly want to bring your phones to take the kind of pictures you could never imagine. For More Information On Your Ocean Safari Tour, Visit Today 23


10 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW ABOUT K’GARI (AKA FRASER ISLAND) K’gari is just one of Australia’s natural wonders that makes it a must-visit travel destination. Beckoning travellers from all over the world to its sandy shore, this popular island holds one or two secrets as well as the odd world record breaker…

1. 135km long and 30km wide, K’gari is the world’s largest sand island. This means that everything quite literally grows out of the sand – including the towering rainforest found at Central Station. 2. Lake Boomanjin is one of Fraser Island’s many perched lakes, but at 200 hectares, it’s the largest in the world. 3. Dingoes are not only found in Australia, but Fraser Island’s dingoes are such a pure breed that domestic dogs aren’t allowed on the island.

4. The name Fraser Island originates from Eliza Fraser, the wife of the captain of Stirling Castle that crashed on the island back in 1836.. 5. The indigenous name for Fraser Island is K’gari, meaning paradise. 6. During World War II Australia’s Special Operations Commando used K’gari for secret training. With the rainforest and beach, it was considered the ideal location for a gruelling regime. 7. You can cruise down 75 Mile Beach in a

Explore The Rainforest Canopy Planning a trip to TNQ? You can immerse yourself in the lush tropical rainforests near Cairns. A great way to explore the rainforests is via the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. This attraction provides a unique experience as you travel 7.5km in a gondola just metres above the canopy for spectacular views as far as the Coral Sea and Cairns Highlands. Not only do you glide over rivers and rainforest, you also make two stops at midstations to stretch your legs and explore. Along your journey, a Skyrail Ranger meets you at Red Peak Station for a guided boardwalk tour of the ancient tropical rainforest, where they share their knowledge of the giant buttress roots, towering Kauri Pines, climbing wait-a-while palms and other flora and fauna that surround you in this fascinating eco-system. After your tour, make sure you take the time to absorb the beauty and atmosphere of the rainforest before re-boarding Skyrail Rainforest Cableway to Barron Falls Station. A Djabugay Aboriginal Guided Tour takes place at Barron Falls Station. Departing from the Rainforest Interpretation Centre

that was created by Skyrail alongside CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), you are invited to learn about the Aboriginal history, language, culture, stories and traditions of the indigenous rainforest people in a small group tour on a natural rainforest trail. From Barron Falls Station, there are also walkways to three separate lookouts for further breath-taking views of Barron Gorge and Falls, at their most spectacular during the wet season from December to March. Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is located just 15 minutes from Cairns city centre and 50 minutes from Port Douglas, and is open every day except Christmas Day and during scheduled maintenance. It is award winning for its excellence in sustainable tourism, and accessible for all ages and abilities, making it the best and most beautiful rainforest experience in the world. For tour packages and prices, visit

4WD, but this enormous stretch is not only Fraser Island’s main highway, it’s also the landing strip and airport. 8. There are more than 230 species of bird on Fraser Island including pelicans, white-breasted sea eagles, kingfishers, ospreys, peregrine falcons and the ground parrot. 9. You can watch the migration of humpback whales during the winter months from several lookouts on Fraser Island, with Platypus Bay on the

western side sees them relax in the sheltered waters. 10. There are over 2000KMs of 4wd tracks on K’gari. Close to the return journey distance to Sydney and back! Discover more about K’gari with Team Drop Bear and discover their epic adventure tours including four-wheel-driving, camping, swimming and trekking. From just $395pp, book now at 25

5 Aussie Creatures on Kangaroo Island

What makes many of the attractions in Australia so special is the wildlife that inhabits them. This is what has tempted countless of tourists and backpackers to head to South Australia and take a short Ferry ride to Kangaroo Island and stand in awe from the diverse array of animals making this place home. Here are 5 Aussie Creatures on Kangaroo Island You won’t Want to Miss! 1. Kangaroos (obviously) Kangaroo Island has its own subspecies of kangaroo roaming its lush land. They’re shorter and broader than their relatives on the main land and are browner in coulure. These Kangaroos have been protected from human interaction with the exception of travellers visiting with tour companies.

2. New Zealand Fur Seals Although the name would suggest otherwise, the New Zealand Fur Seals are in fact a native species to South Australia. They gather in the hundreds at the stunning rock formations located in the Flinders Chase National Park.

3. Australian Sea Lions Australian Sea Lions are only found in the South of Australia and in Western Australia. The Australian Sea Lion species are still recovering from threatened status. Females can

spend up to three days swimming out to sea hunting and feeding before returning to the beach where their pups await feeding time.

4. Black Swans By far one of the most elegant and graceful creatures to walk the Earth, the Black Swans live across the southern regions of Australia. They journey between salt and freshwater wetlands to find abundance in materials for nesting.

5. Koalas An uncommon adversity which Koalas have faced since being introduced to Kangaroo Island was overpopulation. It was once an all too familiar sight to see Koalas suffering from starvation as the competition for food was too high for fair feeding on gum leaves. In recent years, sterilization programs have helped repress population levels, making Kangaroo Island a place where you can now see well fed Koala Bears in all their glory. With the wildlife thriving so tremendously on Kangaroo Island, this really is the place to see some of the most wonderful and beautiful animals in Australia. Grab Your Tour Information and Visit Today!


Perth to Melbourne The land, culture and people between Perth and Melbourne are truly awesome. We talk with Hassie, the founder of Nullarbor Traveller about one of Australia’s most epic road trips. I can remember the first time I crossed the Nullarbor. It was in 1973 with my father when I was 13 years old. We were in our Valiant Station Wagon and the road was all dirt at that time. There were huge pot holes and my dad thought the best way to get over them was to not go in them, so he would go as fast as he could to pretty much fly over them. I remember pulling up at Eucla where we were going to sleep the night but Dad said “you’ve snored most of the way across son, let’s just keep driving”. That’s my first recollection of the Nullarbor. My first tour across the Nullarbor was back in 2004 when we first purchased Nullarbor Traveller. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been back and forward those 4000km each way between Adelaide and Perth, but I can tell you I haven’t done it near as many times as my guides or wife. One guide might do up to 80,000km back and forward in one season alone! It is one of the longest haul tours in Australia but they keep coming back every year because they love it. That says something does it? Every time I cross the Nullarbor, whether it’s taking a tour, camping with my wife or transferring a vehicle, it always holds something special for us and it’s just a really unique destination. It combines the outback, world class coastlines and wildlife. It covers two thirds of Australia and its ticks all the boxes of what people come to Australia for. It’s the wildlife, the outback, the nature, the landscape, the coastline, all of those things the Nullarbor holds. The Nullarbor is one part of a very comprehensive journey of seeing an amazing part of Australia as you travel east to west across Southern Australia. Traditionally people come to Australia for those iconic things, the rock, the reef, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and they spend most of their time there. But those places are very commercial and there’s lots of people there fighting for space, for time and experiences. To really get a feel for Australia I think it’s important to do all that, but then move on from there and see other parts of Australia. For example, the journey from Melbourne to Perth is an iconic journey, whether you come along the Great Ocean Road through to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Ranges, the Eyre Peninsula, The Nullarbor then over into the South West of Western Australia. That’s what Australia is really about. Australia is a very north south country in my thoughts but it when you come across from east to west when you see the differences and diversity in landscapes. A classic is coming out of Sydney. You’ve got Sydney Harbour, the Blue Mountains, the hay plains, the Flinders Ranges the Great Australian Bight and Nullarbor, the beaches of Esperance and the old growth Karri forests of the Margaret River region. So it’s a very different experience when you are travelling ‘across’ Australia and people that do this get to see so much more, they are always blown away. If you can take the time, slow down and see it all, you’ve seem something really special in Australia.

Elephant Rock, South Australia, Photo courtesy of Nullarbor Traveller

Join Hassie and his team on his Nullarbor Traveller Tours

MARGARET RIVER Words by Viki Photo Adobe Stock

They say reaching nirvana is near impossible, especially since Kurt Cobain’s swallowed his gun, but you can come pretty damn close to it when you visit the south west of WA. Just a few hours south of Perth, you will find yourself jumping up and down in delight in a manner that would make even America’s campest big-haired aerobics instructor Richard Simmons seem glum when you see what the region has to offer. The south west is home to world-famous surf, premium wines and gourmet foods, stunning scenery and wildlife, and tons of cultural stuff that will ease the guilt after all your hedonistic activities. Margaret River is perhaps the best-known area in the region that lies between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin along the coast. Here you can sample wine at some (or all, if you’re Keith Floyd or have a very understanding driver) of the 40-plus wineries churning out the nectar of the gods. To ensure you’re not going to make a complete show of yourself and end up on your back bellowing out Sinatra’s greatest hits, however, you’d be well-advised to make a few pit stops along the way to try a few of the home-grown delicacies. From outrageously orgasmic chocolate and the creamiest cheeses to lip-smackin’ preserves and berry wines, the factories dotted along the route will help you ward off the karaoke craving and give your taste-buds something they haven’t had for a long time: the taste of real food without a load of chemicals bunged in. They all offer free tastings, so you can sneakily eat your fill under the pretext of buying and then bugger off. I myself couldn’t resist filling up the rental car with goodies, but leaving empty-handed has been known to happen. Next on your list should be a trip to one of the pristine beaches to burn off a few of those extra calories you’ve just wolfed down and try the surf. The waves here can hit 20ft several times a year, so if you are feeling brave and Patrick Swayze in Point Break-esque, head to Yallingup and the world-famous Smith’s Beach. Home to a special Malibu contest each year, this spot has been attracting the universe’s top surfers (and its duff but fool-hardy ones) since the 60s. As you travel to surf heaven along the Caves Road coastal drive, be sure to stop off along the way and check out the stunning caves, art galleries, and the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, which offers a spectacular view of where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. The nearby Aboriginal Centre gives you an informative tour of life in the bush, and then shows you how to throw boomerangs and spears without looking like a spazz. If you look up occasionally, you will also notice the giant karri trees, the tallest found in WA, and perhaps even be moved into visiting the Valley of the Giants near Walpole during your trip. A few hours’ drive south east from Margaret River, this excellent attraction allows you to walk amongst the trunks of the oldest and tallest trees in the state and amble through the treetops at 40m on the famous Treetop Walk. Heading up north again, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a brief stop at Busselton, where you can walk along the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere and do some scubadiving, or taking a whale-watching tour at Dunsborough. Pick of the pops, boys and girls, is however watching the wild dolphins that come in and play in Bunbury. Kicking Monkey Mia’s bottom, you can go and swim or snorkel with the cuties in Koombana Bay, or just stand ankle-deep on the shore and watch them come in to you. Whatever you choose to do in the region, you will leave feeling happier than your teachers did when you left school. 27

10 Epic Days of Road Tripping Across Western Australia

Western Australia is inconceivably huge, taking up an entire third of Australia! This expansive continent is home to some of the world’s oldest cultures. Also housed within this astonishingly beautiful landscape is the world’s most diverse wildlife, as well as a booming list of attractions, each one equally as mind blowing as the other. This begs the question, where does one even begin such a journey!? Well, here you have it; the ultimate Western Australia itinerary to ensure not a single stone of exploration is left unturned. Begin your journey in Western Australia’s sunny capital, Perth – you may want to spend a couple of days exploring before embarking on the road trip of a lifetime. From spending an afternoon admiring the view in riverside Kings Park to immersing yourself in the cities ballet or opera scene at The Perth Cultural Centre you’re sure to find something brilliant to do. First stop after Perth: The Pinnacles. Marvel at the unique landscape of towering limestone

the shore several times a day. After this, its time view the fascinating stromatolites of Hamelin Pool, before travelling up to Coral Bay, home of the spectacular underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef. Spend the day exploring the picturesque Coral Bay, home to 250 species of coral and over 500 species of fish. Snorkel in the world heritage site of the Ningaloo reef or cruise the crystal clear waters in a glassbottom boat, the choice is yours. The evening drive takes you on to Exmouth for snorkelling in Turquoise Bay, swimming with whale sharks (depending on the time of year) and to spot hopping kangaroos.

formations, before you taking on the sand dunes of Jurien Bay. The final stretch of the day will take you to the quiet beach town of Kalbarri, where you’ll be bedding down for the night.

Next, you’ll be heading inland through the Pilbara region to Karijini. With amazing gorges, waterfalls and natural pools, you’ll want to spend a couple of days here to fully explore Western Australia’s outback oasis. Formed more than 2.5 million years ago, it features some of the most unusual landforms on Earth, perfect for photo opportunities.

You spend the start of your second day in Kalbarri National Park, admiring the dramatic scenery of the Murchison Gorge, Natures Window and Z-Bend Gorge, where you can go swimming or abseiling. After a lunch on the beautiful Shell Beach it’s time to hit the road and drive on to Shark Bay.

On the penultimate day continue onwards to the Pilbara region, where you’ll get to learn about the iron ore industry, before spending the night in an outback station. Spend your final day enjoying the white sands of the breath-taking Eighty Mile Beach, followed by your arrival into the Kimberley region and Broome.

The third day is for all the animal lovers as you’ll get the chance to meet the famous Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphins; they are fed by park rangers and swim up to

Don’t miss out! Grab a place on Adventure Tour Australia’s 10 day Perth to Broome Overland Tour. For More Information, Visit Today!


An Introduction into the Aboriginal and Australian History With Aussie Wanderer

Something unique to other countries that Australia treasures very much is the native history and culture of the Aboriginal people. Many tourists and travellers turn to tour companies like Aussie Wanderer because they incorporate teachings around the Aboriginal natives and their way of living, which really offers a mesmerizing insight into the history of Australia. Western Australia is a vast prehistoric landscape covered with one grand attraction after the other, with such a colourful history and culture there is more to the majestic scenery than meets the eye. Here are some interesting facts to get you started before your travels. Before the Europeans had arrived and settled, Western Australia was a native home to an array of Indigenous communities. There were roughly 66 Indigenous language groups within Western Australia alone. The Nyoongar (also spelt Noongar) people are the original native owners of the South West Australia region. The Nyoongar tribe hunted kangaroos, possums and wallabies; they also fished, and gathered edible seeds and roots of plants. In the mildly cooler and wetter Perth winters, the Aboriginal people would clothe

themselves in Kangaroo skin cloaks and build huts for tribes men and women to live in. There are stone tools that are estimated to be 35,000 years old which were found at the Djadjiling rock shelter inside of Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Many other artefacts and tools have been discovered throughout Western Australia such as ancient charcoal from campfires, jewellery such as necklaces, stone and bone tools, middens, as well as fish traps and quarries. With such an incredible history surrounding the aboriginal people, it is clear to see why tourists and backpacking travellers turn to Aussie Wanderer to find the best of both worlds; adventure and exploration entwined in culture. For More Information On Your Aussie Wanderer Tour, Visit Today!

Top 3 Travel Hacks with Kimberley Wild

A travel hack by definition is an act or purchase which makes life just that little bit easier when travelling. Here are 3 you should consider when joining the ranks of outback explorers with Kimberley Wild, you will not regret it! Light clothes that cover the skin The Australian sun is famously potent; many do not react to this known fact until they wake up looking as pink as a lobster and

feeling as rough as a hangover. Light and long clothes combat the effect of the sun but also with many water holes to cool off in, trousers that unzip to shorts are perfect to travel light and travel

comfortably, and ready for a quick dip whenever there aren’t any crocs! If you are seriously not messing around, grab yourself an Aussie Bush Hat which comes with dangling corks attached to the

peak, this hat protects you from the sun and also from the 2 most annoying creatures in the world; Fly’s and Mosquitoes.

Talcum Powder Do not wait to find out for yourself why Talcum Powder is a priceless travel hack in this region of Australia. No amount of showering in the world will stop you from sweating; you may be clean for a few moments, only to start sweating as soon as you are dry again. Talcum Powder is the greatest weapon to combat chafing. There are not any words to describe the night mare of chafing, so grab your Talc and apply it you know where and as often as possible.

Solar Powered Phone Chargers Although Connection will

undoubtedly be scares, the opportunities to take photos will come with unbelievable abundance. If there was ever a place to utilise the technology of Solar Powered Phone Chargers, Australia is most certainly it. Instagram will not know what’s hit it as the Kimberley is perhaps the most awe astonishing attraction in the world; true!

Water (a quick mention) Drink plenty! Making the most of your travels come with fending off ways which can stop that from happing, make the most of your time with the guys at Kimberley Wild and if anything else, please get your Talcum Powder. To See Your Next Australian Tour Visit Today! 29

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Must See Stops Between Perth & Exmouth Australia’s West Coast has just as much to offer as the more frequented East Coast including reefs, rocks, and endless beaches. If you’ve come to Australia’s west coast to explore, make sure to take a trip from Perth to Exmouth – you’ll come across some truly spectacular scenery along the way. The best thing about travelling along this coastal region of WA is that every month there’s another amazing natural wonder happening. From the Whale Shark season, to turtle hatchings or perhaps you want to experience Skeleton Beach when thousands of baby reef sharks congregate in the natural shark nursery? Whatever time of year you make the trip, be prepared to be amazed. Although there’s an endless list of destinations to visit, we’ve singled out 5 of our highlight destinations that we think you have to check while hopping up this awesome coast line. Happy Travels! Lancelin Famous for its epic sand dunes, Lancelin is a great place to hop off whilst making your way up the West Coast. With stunning beaches, you’ll get your first taste of WA’s unspoilt coastline, and you can also get in

on some action by sand boarding down the dunes.

Kalbarri The scenery very much changes as you approach Kalbarri National Park. Gone

are the sensible sands of Lancelin and in their place great rock faces loom in front of you. Kalbarri is where you’ll find ancient gorges and waterways where you can enjoy kayaking down the Z-bend or take a famous tourist snap at ‘Nature’s Window’ - a naturally formed rock that frames the landscape beyond.

Monkey Mia Monkey Mia is a must on your journey up the coast. A tropical resort awaits you with plenty of accommodation and activities on offer - one you can’t miss is meeting the world famous Monkey Mia dolphins. These dolphins have been swimming into the shallows for years, so if you’re a fan of these playful marine mammals then join in the fun and get right up close to these wild dolphins.

Shark Bay For a real taste of WA’s beach bum lifestyle, Shark Bay is the perfect hop off on your journey to Exmouth and is a great place to enjoy a spot of sea kayaking. If activities

really are your thing then you can also get in on the action with windsurfing and kiteboarding. Shark Bay is also where you’ll find rusty-red sand dunes juxtaposed with pristine white sands on the beaches, perfect for a photo opportunity.

Ningaloo Reef As you reach the northern end of your journey up the WA Coast you’ll be in the perfect territory to encounter the West’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef the Ningaloo Reef. Snorkelling and scuba diving are a must here and Coral Bay and Exmouth offer the perfect launchpad to explore the Reef. Visit from late March to early September and you’ll also have the chance to see the Whale shark’s as they migrate past the West Coast of Australia. Get 10% off hop on and hop off coach services from Perth to Exmouth with Integrity Coachlines promo code BBMLIVE5 when you book online. Visit


The Best of The Outback Seasons; With Mulgas Adventures

Australia may very much seem like a repeated track of Sun, blistering heat and more sun. Although for the most part this is true, the seasons actually create amazing changes to the landscape and the wildlife. We asked Mulgas Adventures, what are the seasonal best bits when exploring the Outback? Here is what they said! Summer “In the summer months you should pack your swimwear, there are pools available to swim at our camp sites to make the most of. It is important to bring a big water container; we suggest 3 litres, sunscreen and some hydrolyte tablets (electrolyte drinks are great to). The summer is great for thunderstorm activity; it is truly astonishing to see. The clouds in the outback are incredible when building up and developing. Summer can bring the summer rain which means the possibility to see waterfalls over Uluru! We do not typically

have a wet and dry season in central Australia; however, rain is more common over the summer, dry waterholes spring to life with at least 9 types of central Australian Fish. These waterfalls seem to occur from nothing, it is amazing to witness.”

Spring “Spring is when the reptiles usually start to come out in search of a mate. Warmer mornings and evenings mean they will become more active during the day. Be sure to wear hiking boots which will not only help you across rocky terrains but also protect you from snakes!”

Winter “Winter months provide clear skies and so the Milky Way shines bright, this is great for the keen photographers. The ability to have a fire keeps you warm at night, which is especially nice for toasting marshmallows. In winter our express tour visits waterfalls and thermal pools which is a perfect alternative to summer months. In the centre of Australia it can get quite cool at night, pack warm clothes for the evening, the days are usually a mild 2030 degrees; perfect for exploring!” Australia is so diverse in every possible way and each season has something unique to offer, which is why so many return from their Mulgas Adventures Tours blissed out by the completely unexpected! Perhaps Summer Has Your Name Written All Over It? Visit Today!

3 Reasons Why Tours Have Greater Benefits for Travellers; With Kakadu Wild Travelling Australia is not always as simple as the Instagram photos would suggest, it takes a fair amount of planning, plotting and then ultimately, seeing what comes out of it. One sure way to maximise your enjoyment is to be guided by the people who do it for a living, people like the tour guides from Kakadu Wild. What are 3 key reasons why people should consider taking tours rather than opting to do it themselves?

Experience and Knowledge After countless years of sharing adventures with travellers and guiding them on exciting tours, Kakadu Wild have had every kind of explorer with them and know exactly what it is people wish to see, as well as what it is they wish to do.

Everything is Looked After For You Some of the most agonising tasks whilst planning your adventures are booking hostels, budgeting for food and even orientating yourself around a gigantic country you know absolutely nothing about. It is a heavy load off of ones shoulders when all of these aspects are taken care of, which is why Kakadu Wild take that weight from you, providing you

with the freedom to simply make the most of every moment; care free!

Having a Travel Team There is an amazing kind of magic which happens when a group of individuals are gathered together with the desire to explore, there is so much they find they have in common and so many memories made with other travellers from all over the world. After all, the best experiences are those which are shared. There are many benefits that come with choosing guided tours and ultimately, you’ll be in the hands of those who know how to do it best. For More Information, Visit Today! 31

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Athens, Greece by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

Canguu, Bali by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Stegastein, Aurland, Norway by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Sri Lanka by Maxwell Gifted on Unsplash

Black Rock Desert, USA by Gerome Viavant

Fraser Island, Australia by Erynn Peperkamp

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32 Photos by Felix Hohagen

Sonus Festival set for legendary 6th edition with Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Jackmaster, Nicolas Lutz, Peggy Gou, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Ryan Elliott, Seth Troxler, Solomun, Sven Väth and 34 more! Following a mammoth fifth birthday last year, Sonus is back for its sixth outing in 2018. 5 days and nights of unrivalled partying between 19th – 23rd August set in the hedonistic paradise of Zrce Beach, Sonus boasts its most thrilling lineup to date. Underground music lovers from around the globe will descend once again on the idyllic Zrce Beach, Croatia for a one of a kind adventure combining impeccable beaches, world-class calibre of artists and unbeatable programming under the sun. From global kingpins Adam Beyer, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex, Marco Carola, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Solomun, Sven Väth to techno ladies Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Nastia plus club takeovers, boat parties and more, Sonus Festival is THE go to event for any house and techno fan. Standard tickets are available to buy from, from €159. With an incredible bill of international heavyweights, Sonus Festival have pulled out all the stops for their most impressive lineup to date. Drumcode boss Adam Beyer, DIYNAMIC founder Solomun, and techno veteran, Chris Liebing, return with open arms. Expect epic blends and mesmerising sets from festival mainstays Maceo Plex, Marco Carola and Loco Dice. Key members of the Cosmopop familia, the masters Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin are set to cast their spell over Sonus Festival goers once more. Of course, Sonus favourite, Ricardo Villalobos will take dancers on a genre-defying sonic journey. Welcomed back to Sonus Festival’s stages with open arms are techno craftsman Luigi Madonna as well as the almighty Joseph Capriati. Hot Creations veteran, Jamie Jones, returns, along with non-stop vibes from Seth Troxler’s infectious grooves, jazz-tinged house from MEAT and the mighty Tale Of Us. While party purveyours Jackmaster and Peggy Gou bring the best in house, disco, techno and everything in between. Panorama Bar resident Ryan Elliott and Giegling co-founder Konstantin make their debuts, bringing a taste of Berlin. Amping up the sunshine vibes with chunky beats and dancefloor heat are Eats Everything, Butch and Frankfurt’s Dorian Paic. InFine founder, Agoria is set to spin dance inducing disco influenced techno, while Valentino Kanzyani and Ian F. rep for the Slovenian scene. Spellbinding selections from revered spinners Adriatique, plus Innervision’s key players Âme DJ return with Dixon, while Enzo Siragusa reps for the FUSE camp. Uplifting house and melodic blends come from Nicolas Lutz, Kölsch and D’Julz. Pushing deeper sounds, expect magic moments from minimal gurus, Raresh and Praslea, returning as Praslesh, with Rhadoo, Dana Ruh, Sonja Moonear and Perlon wizard, Binh in tow. Harder hitting sounds come from the inimitable Rødhåd, an annual highlight, plus Techno titans Pan-Pot and Len Faki. Leading ladies of the European techno and house, Charlotte De Witte, Nastia and Jennifer Cardini flex dense, deep and dark techno, with Amelie Lens bringing her storming rave ready sets to Sonus for the first time. Seasoned selector Recondite, will also grace Zrce Beach once more, with an expertly executed live performance. Year on Year, Sonus Festival partners up with the hottest clubbing institutes the world round, for infamous showcases. After joining forces with Junction 2 and Movement in 2017, both brands are back for Sonus 2018. Newcomers to the network are French electronic festival virtuosos, The Peacock Society, Belgium’s finest, Fuse, and the Swiss Techno-Mecca Nordstern. Media partners Resident Advisor and XLR8R will again be the hosts for two parties – expect massive sets by the finest artist. Cosmopop party promoters have established Sonus Festival as the go-to party for any house and techno aficionado, combining a jaw-dropping all star bill, unrivalled production, and infamous after parties, set along the glittering Adriatic coast. As the team behind Time Warp, “one of the most preeminent techno festivals”, there’s a strong close knit feel. Together with the We Love Sound crew, the gang are known for bringing along the Cosmopop familia from their two decade journey for their perfect summer rave adventure. Rest assured you’re in safe hands with this one! From Hawtin closing (and crowdsurfing) in 2015 to Seth Troxler and Martinez Brother’s epic B2B in 2017, expect more special Sonus memories to be made at this years’ momentous event. World renowned as the best place in the universe to experience a sun-soaked festival, Croatia is the perfect spot to combine a holiday and festival, from just €294. The sunkissed Zrce Beach is a dreamy combination of golden beaches, on-site clubs and beautiful waves fit for Sonus Festival’s prolific boat parties. Pag Island is easily accessible from Zadar / Split / Zagreb, with flights from London and other European destinations at under €200 at present. With an abundance of travel and accommodation options, whatever your budget, Sonus Festival has you covered. Head to for information, with official packages for hotels and tickets available via official travel partners Collegium, Festicket & Papaya Travel. Early bird tickets have already SOLD OUT, but first release tickets are now on sale at €159, via With further artists, boat parties and more to be announced it’s set to be a vintage year. Do not sleep on your chance to dance with Sonus Festival as the hedonistic Zrce Beach reaches new levels of techno majesty.

TIME WARP Presents: Sonus Festival | 19th – 23rd August 2018 | Pag Island, Croatia | Early birds: SOLD OUT | Tickets:



ACCOMMODATION New South Wales Sydney The Globe Backpackers 40 Darlingurst Road Kings Cross, Sydney NSW 2011 Free: 1800 806 384 Ph: (02) 9326 9675 West End Backpackers 12 Pitt St Sydney NSW, 2000 Ph: 02 9211 4588 Free Phone: 1800 013 186 Porterhouse Hotel 233 Riley St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9211 4454 Big Hostel Single and double & Dorm rooms available Max 4 bed dorms. 212 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 92816030 Free: 1800 212 244 O’Malley’s Hotel 228 William Street, Kings Cross Sydney, NSW 2011 Ph: 02 9357 2211 Sydney Central Hostel 428 Pitt Street Sydney 2000 Ph: (02) 9211 7323 Kanga House backpackers 141 Victoria Street, Kings Cross, Sydney Ph: (02) 9357 7897 Sydney Northern Beaches Sydney Beachouse - YHA 4 Collaroy St, Collaroy, 2097 Ph: +61 2 9981 1177 Guaranteed jobs/work all year. Cheap weekly rates by the beach with free Surfboard, Bodyboard & Bike hire

Port Stephens

Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers 2 Koala Place, One Mile Beach, NSW 2316 Ph: (02) 4981 9422 Mobile: 0427 200 950

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CEDAR CREEK LODGES THUNDERBIRD PARK Cnr of Cedar Creek Falls Rd & Tamborine Mountain Rd, Tamborine, QLD 4272

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Backpackers in Paradise 40 Peninsular Drive Central Surfers Paradise Queensland, 4217 Ph: (07) 5538 4344 Free: 1800 268 621

Byron Bay Accom Ph: 02 66 808 666 Email: bookings@byronbayaccom. net Aquarius Backpackers 16 Lawson Street Byron Bay NSW 2481 Ph: (02) 6685-7663 Free: 1800 028 909


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JJ’s Backpackers 11-13 Charles Street Cairns QLD 4870 Ph - (07) 4051 7642 Free- 1800 666 336 Heron Island Ph: 02 9538 0751

Arts Factory Lodge 1 Skinners Shoot Road, Byron Bay, NSW Ph: 02 6685 7709 An essential part of your journey Maca’s Camping Ground Ph: 02 6684 5211 1156 Main Arm Rd, Upper Main Arm NSW 2482, Australia LAKE TABOURIE TOURIST PARK Princes Hwy, Lake Tabourie, NSW 2539 Ph: (02) 4406-3101

Queensland The Deck 117 Harcourt St, New Farm Brisbane QLD 4005 Ph: 0433 777 061 Designed with the working Traveler in Mind. Minimum 2 week stay Brisbane City YHA 392 Upper Roma St, Brisbane QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3236 1004 Aquarius Backpackers 44 Queen Street Gold Coast, Queensland Ph: 07 5527 1300 Free:1800 229 955

Katoomba Mountain Backpackers Lodge 31 Lurline st Katoomba, NSW Ph: 04782 3933

Cairns Share House 17 Scott Street, Cairns, QLD 4870 Ph: (+617) 4041 1875

Western Australia Perth

western beach lodge 6 Westborough Street COOLIBAH LODGE 194 Brisbane Street Northbridge Perth WA Ph: (08) 9328 9958

Scarborough, Western Australia, 6019 Ph. (08) 9245 1624 OCEAN BEACH BACKPACKERS

1 Eric St Cottesloe Beach Ph: 08 9384 5111 BILLABONG RESORT 381 Beaufort Street, Perth WA Ph: 08 9328 7720 Britannia On William 3 William Street, Northbridge, WA Ph: 08 9227 6000

Ph: (08) 9221 9991 Beatty Lodge 235 Vincent Street West Perth WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9227 1521

Boranup Boranup Forest Retreat 422 Sebbes Road, Forest Grove Ph: +61 404 895 901 monkey mia Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Monkey Mia Road, Shark Bay 3537 Ph: +61 8 9948 1320

Kununurra Kununurra Backpackers Adventure Centre 24 Nutwood Crescent, Kununurra WA 6743 Ph: (08) 9169 1998 or 1800 641 998 broome


Alice Springs

Discovery Melbourne 167 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 300 Ph: 03 9329 7525. Freecall 1800 645 200

Annie’s Place 4 Traeger Avenue, Alice Springs , NT, 0871 Ph: 1800 359 089

Independent & Budget Traveler Accommodation Provider Victoria Hall Accommodation 380 Russell Street, Melbourne 3000 Ph: 03 9662 3888

Northern Territory Darwin Youth Shack 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 1300 793 302

Haven Backpacker Resort 3 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs Ph: 1800 79 4663 / 08 8952 4663

South Australia Adelaide Adelaide Travellers Inn Backpackers 220 Hutt St Adelaide 5000 Free call 1800633747 Ph: +61 08 82240753 bookings@adelaidebackpackers.

Melaleuca on Mitchell 52 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 09 8941 7800 Chillis Backpackers 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 1800 351 313

Beaches of Broome 4 Sanctuary Road, Cable Beach, Broome, WA, 6725 Ph : 1300 881 031 au

Victoria redcliffs hotel 25 Jacaranda St, Red Cliffs VIC 3496 (03) 5024 1704 Johanna Beach Cottages 225 Blue Johanna Road Johanna Heights Victoria 3238 (03) 5237 4224 Brambuk Backpackers Hostel 330 Grampians Road, Halls Gap, VictoriaPh: 03 5356 4250 backpackers.htm Brambuk Backpackers offers travellers an affordable and comfortable range of accommodation, ideally situated within the stunning Grampians National Park.

EXCLUSIVE BACKPACKERS 158 Adelaide Tce, Perth 6000

THINGS TO DO Skydiving iFly Downunder

123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith, Sydney Ph: 1300 366 364

Sydney Skydivers

745 Picton Road, Wilton, New South Wales, Australia 2571 Ph: 1800 805 997

Southern Skydivers

2 hours South from Perth Busselton Ph: 1300 449 669

Scuba Diving NINGLAOO WHALE SHARK & DIVE CENTRE Located inside reception at the Exmouth Cape Holiday Park: 3 Truscott Street, Exmouth, WA Ph: 1800 224 060 www.ningaloowhalesharkndive.

The Dive Shed Busselton

21 Queen Street, Busselton, WA Ph: 08 9754 1615

Adventure Tours Awesome Whitsundays

Ph: 1800 293 7663

Australian Kayaking Adventures

PO Box 1055, Ashmore City, QLD Ph: 04 1294 0135 www.australiankayakingadventures.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway Cnr Captain Cook Highway and Cairns Western Arterial Road Smithfield, QLD Ph: 07 4038 5555 Contiki Ph: 1300 188 635

aussie wanderer

Ph: 0894382070

Crocosaurus Cove

58 Mitchell Street, Darwin Ph: 08 8981 7522

Wild Expeditions

Shop 20, Johnny Chi Lane, Broome Ph: 1300 73 88 70

Margaret River Vintage Wine Tours

Ph: 0417 948 933

The Peel Region Tourism

75 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah Ph: 08 9550 3999

Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours Vivonne Bay, Kingscote, SA Ph: 08 8202 8678


Four days, two famous Aussie icons, one awesome tour Ph: 1800 009 858


Ph: 02 4730 4333

Drop Bear Adventures

Ph: 1800 061 156

Territory Expeditions

Ph: 1300 115 922

Mulgas Adventures

Ph: 08 8952 1545

Kakadu Wild Expeditions

Ph: 1300 73 88 70

Kakadu 4WD Safaris

Ph: 1300 525 238

Adventure Tours australia Ph: 1300 654 604

Sydney Outback Tours

Ph: 1300 307 634

Real Sydney Tours

Ph: 0402 049426

The Travel Yoga Company

Ph: 0411301820

Kimberley Wild Expeditions Ph: 1300 73 88 70

The Official Home And Away Tour To Summer Bay

Ph: 02 9977 7890


10-18 Jacka Blvd. St.Kilda Sea Baths Complex, St.Kilda, 3182, Melbourne, VIC Ph: 03 95370644


55B Surf Coast Highway, Torquay, Victoria, 3228 Ph: 03 5261 3730


9 Chapman Terrace, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA Ph: 0427 315 286


7 Hastings Street, Glenelg South, SA Ph: 08 8295 8812


Jetty ‘C’ Mariners Cove Marina, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach Qld 4217 Ph: 1300 JET BOAT (1300 538 262)


Nationwide Ph: 1800 670 232


Nationwide Ph: 1800 703 357

Integrity Coach Lines

PO BOX 1131, Midland, 6936 WA Ph: 08 927 47464

Go Camper

90 Parkin Street, Rockingham, WA Ph: 1300 667 363 35

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