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Argent et d’Or 9b


Argent et d’Or 9b

The Storming of the Bastille Yesterday at half past three, a huge ferocious riot marched upon the Bastille, the fortress prison in Paris. They where in search of gun powder and fellow people that could help them with there bloodthirsty quest, even though the soldiers where prepared for over a week they still managed to overthrow the fortress. One of the reasons for this was that three hundred of the fortress guards, left there posts earlier, rumour says that they where sacred and that they knew about the assault. As I was walking through the crowd I managed to ask some people some questions and one person really surprised me The Bastilles defensive leader; de Launey said that he would give the mob what they

demanded if they could let him and his men go. But the mob refused his offer, the mob leader Hulin even said that he wouldn’t rest until he had de Launey’s head on a noose or in a basket The crowd stared to get restless and commanded de Launey to lower the bridges of the magnificent fortress, when de Launey finally lowered the bridge, he and all soldiers where captured and where lost in the crowed, the mob was so happy that they started to march around the mucky streets of Paris. They also started to decapitate more and more of the soldiers. For a few moments there seemed that we might have had hope the National Guard arrived, but they were useless as well.

By Bram Haak Could this be the beginning of a revolution?

Women’s rights! Now a day’s us women aren’t the same as men, especially now the Declaration of the Rights of MEN has been made! Even though the women marched on Versailles, they still got no credit for it and who does the most


Argent et d’Or 9b

work around here we do! We are discriminated against, we are being used, and men think they can use us just because we’ll have sex with them, this is madness. So that is why we asked our sister: Olympe de Gouges to publish Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen. We chose Olympe de Gouges because she has been so active in the right of women these days! Just the other day I met her for an interview and she said this “I will

not rest until us women have the same rights as men and we aren’t pushed around anymore!” she also stated: “Women have the right to mount the scaffold; they must also have the right to mount the speaker’s rostrum”. She also gave me a taste of what was going to be in her declaration “Woman is born free and remains equal to man in rights. Social distinctions may only be based on common utility”.

By Bramberly Haak

The Woman’s March on Versailles Early this morning a terrible thing happened a group of hundreds of women gathered in the market place in Paris. It was crazy their numbers just kept on growing and growing! As I entered the crowed I asked started a few women why they where gathering, and most of them said, “We don’t have enough bread, and we want bread to be cheaper again!” Once the group of women started to grow and grow, the men started screaming at the women to perform a march, and that’s how it all began, the group women started marching towards the paradise of Versailles. By this time there numbers had grown to about six thousand, but as they

were marching though the streets there numbers just carried on increasing, as more and more women walk out of their houses, to join the group. The women were armed with pitchforks, muskets, pikes, swords, bludgeons, crowbars, and scythes as they marched through the rain.

When the women reached Versailles, they rushed through the gates and demanded BREAD! Our poor king was so surprised when he saw the group in front of is palace, demanding bread that he had no other choice than to give them all the bread he could. He even got so intimidated that he decided to move our court back to Paris as well.


Argent et d’Or 9b


Argent et d’Or 9b

Reign of Terror The death toll now reaches 117 thousand as the reign of terror continues to bring chaos, destruction, and death to France. The recent ridiculous uprising of the peasants and working class citizens is changing the face of France forever, and it’s not going the way we want. These savages have taken the guillotine and turned it into a toy. Over 15 thousand French citizens have already been massacred, including our king, queen, and thousands of other nobles and high class peoples. Mad Mobs and the fish-ladies have beaten hundreds of others to death.

We were able to catch Maximilion Robespierre ---- the men behind the band hear what he had to say for himself. He didn’t say much, but he got his point across. All he said was, “This revolution has been a long time coming. You people are getting what you deserve, and the king got just what was coming to him. This is what happens when you treat people the way the majority of the French have been treated.” The reporter who interviewed him was later executed for treason. By Jaron Wills in memory of Jean-Jacque Lyon

Reorganizing of the Catholic Church Nowadays we are very lucky to have our beloved church run so well, it owns 10% of our beautiful kingdom, it takes care of all our problems and our money. I have one big concern though; I fear that Catholicism will the Huguenots seem to be revolting against us, and this has caused a big problem for us, so please just help us, or we will be forced to increase taxes and you will be the ones that suffer! Just the other day I interviewed, one of the Huguenots, and he said these words “We want change; we want to be able to have freedom of religion so we can believe what we want to believe!” by Bram Haak

Monarchy Falls! Tragedy and despair has struck the hearts of many today as our great king has been killed. After all that has happened to our great country, and the ungratefulness of the peasants and


Argent et d’Or 9b

lower class. Maybe there was a rough patch about the lack of a son for about 5 years. And maybe he’s a bit shy, but he was beloved by us all. First, they strip him of his power because they didn’t think they were being treated fairly. But they are just ungrateful. We were fine with King Louis XVI. He treated us very well. But now those crazy murderers are in charge, and they decided that striping Louis of his title wasn’t enough, so they killed him. And now Queen Marie Antoinette is about to be executed. We got an interview with the man who has been appointed to execute our Queen. How do you feel about killing your queen? “Well, our queen has been wasting money on hats and hairdos that should be spent feeding the people. So I am honored to do my country a favor.” Will you feel better or safer after the king and queen have been killed? “Well, now that the country is rid of the monarchy that put our country into huge debt, and dismay, our country can grow and evolve under the organization of democracy.”

Riots and the Great Fear This summer has been a disaster for our kingdom. Since June and the beginning of August, there have been countless reports of rioting, mass killing and devastation in the countryside of France. Harvest has been significantly poor; storms and floods have destroyed much of this summer’s. And now our kingdom’s population suffers as the supply of grain reaches crisis levels. At this time, the price of bread is about half of the average peasant’s income. Peasants are outraged by this momentous increase of cost, and forced to struggle dearly with their feudal obligations, tax payments, and starving families. Fortunately for us however, needless to say, we, the Nobility, are wealthy, well accommodated and excluded from taxation; therefore, hardly affected by the increased price of bread. Local militias now guard the grain supplies ever since rumors spread about bands of armed men roaming the countryside. In response to this, vast numbers of fearful peasants have quickly taken arms in self-defense and, in some areas, attacked manor houses. Early at the start of this year, the king’s financial minister, Jacques Necker, was warned of possible uprisings in the countryside. Since April, peasant uprisings have been increasingly organized and anti-seigniorial. Peasants have been constantly demanding that harvest payments be cancelled and rights restored. But after no response to their demands, peasants had begun to bear arms. Since then, they have been attacking symbols of the seigniorial regime, and reclaiming tithes and grain. In addition, peasants have been burning our chateaux, monasteries and buildings that contain public records. They’ve been particularly targeting documents that contain records of their feudal obligations. What is to stop this mayhem? By Fred


Argent et d’Or 9b

Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety The Convention has decided created a guide for the republican government, calling it the Committee of Public Safety. The committee, consisting of 12 men, has Maximillion Robespierre as the spokesman. Now that this committee is in operation, it has been claiming more and more power. What we are witnessing today is the establishment of a dictatorship in France that is terrorizing the population. No one is safe anymore, including the nobility. Shortly before her execution, I interviewed Marie Antoinette. “What has become of my dear, beloved France,” she said. We are quickly descending into chaos. No one is safe.”

Apart from the terror, the economic situation in France continues to decline. There are high prices and shortages of many different food products. Even when food is available, it is very expensive thanks to a law known as the “Law of the Maximum.” We also have internal strife and there is a civil war raging. This has meant that our young men are being mobilized and many are dying on the battlefields. Some elements of our society have called for even more radical measures – including executions against so-called enemies of the revolution. Even those who are hoarding food for their basic survival are regarded as enemies.

Yet another sign of our deteriorating situation is the recently enacted “Law of Suspects” which limits judicial protections to those accused of crimes – including so-called political crimes. We nobles are increasingly afraid as we see our fellow nobles arrested and tried if they have not demonstrated their loyalty sufficiently. I live in fear even writing this article. Just in July, about 16,000 of our people were tried and sentenced to death and many more have been sent to prison. The terror is quickly spreading beyond Paris and I warn all nobles to exercise extreme caution in all aspects of their lives. By Fred

The Financial Crisis! It appears our government’s lack of discipline with taxes and borrowing money proves that financial dismantlement is likely for France. As a result of participation in the Seven Years war and American Revolution, France has accumulated an enormous debt, beyond our government’s ability to pay back. In addition, the decision made by the king’s finance minister, now officially resigned, in eliminating government control over grain prices while hoping new reforms would be introduced,


Argent et d’Or 9b resulted in violent protests by outraged lower classes many of whom could no longer afford their daily diet of bread and were forced to live off the streets; this has contributed to the worsening financial situation. Fighting the British was in our government’s interest to gain wealth and power and keep other countries in line, but we have paid an enormous price. We are now in a very precarious financial situation. The king is desperately trying to raise revenues but financial institutions are no longer willing to lend to France. So what does this mean for us? It means that the king will need to get revenues from the people. He believes that it is us the nobility who are in the best situation to pay this enormous debt. But is this fair? Why should the nobility pay for France’s errors? We were not responsible for these wars nor have we directly benefited. As the Comptroller General himself has said, “It is impossible to tax further, ruinous to be always borrowing and not enough to confine ourselves to economic reforms.” It is clear that these reform ideas will not fly. Even the parliament is saying no to the king. In my view, the financial advisors to the king have failed to come up with a solution that is politically acceptable. The king better find some advisors who have some creative ideas so save France from this mess. Otherwise, the future of our country is doomed.

The Three Estates Our kingdom is facing its own financial catastrophe. Why is that now? Sadly enough, our government’s careless reliance on financiers and new taxation has been the primary source of France’s budget for decades -- until now. It seems as though our government’s financiers have rejected lending any more money and parliament has rejected new taxation. As a result, our king has been forced into a momentous situation met with difficult challenges that will determine France’s financial future. So, unless appropriate action is taken soon, France will undoubtedly become bankrupt. The newly appointed Minister of Finance, Charles Alexander de Calonne, suggests, among other things, that both the clergy and nobility be taxed and stripped of their privileges. They fear that our government is turning to despotism. It was the irresponsible mistakes made by our government that led to this dire financial strait. Why should they now begin to tax the clergy and nobility in order to solve their own mess? Since the death of King Louis XIV and his successor King Louis XVI, our government has been careless and undisciplined when dealing with its own political and financial affairs. Our budget has relied on financiers who eventually refused providing any more financial support. Having fought for many years against Britain in a series of wars, our government was forced to seek out financial aid and bring new taxation into effect. At the end of the Seven Years war after suffering defeat by Britain, the king and his ministers had eager interests in regaining their personal and France’s national pride. Soon an opportunity arose to get revenge on Britain, by providing military and financial support to the American Revolution, which the king had hoped


Argent et d’Or 9b

would weaken the British. Unfortunately, the expected benefits were not met, and this weakened France even further financially. As Adrien-Cyprien Duquesnoy so eloquently says, “The king is carried along endlessly from one policy to another, changing them, adopting them, rejecting them with an inconceivable capriciousness; exercising force, then weakly retreating. He has entirely lost his authority.” Thus far, despite all attempts, the king’s plans at financial reform have been rejected by parliament. In an act of desperation, the king has now assembled the Estates General. In addition, he has reappointed Jacques Necker as Minister of Finance. This assembly, having not met in the last 175 years, consists of three groups representing different parts of the French population. The First Estate is the clergy, the Second Estate is the nobility, and the Third Estate is everyone else. The purpose of this assembly is intended to fulfill the interests of the French population. Thus, without having to rely on new taxation and financiers, the Estates General will need to decide and agree on a possible solution for France’s financial mess. Each of the Estates will meet separately and be given one vote. We, the nobility, see this as an opportunity to work together with the First Estate with which we share some common interests. But the Third Estate had worries that our votes may outnumber them 2-1, and demanded twice as much representation, which they now have. As of now, we believe the Estates General is unlikely to solve France’s financial troubles. The assembly appears to have made little or no progress; this has brought our king much frustration. Much time has been wasted on deciding if the Estates should meet separately and vote by order or meet jointly and vote by head. Most of the First and Second Estate opposed the idea of one vote per head, which they feared would assure a majority of votes for the Third Estate, since they now have twice as many members. In addition, the debates have often been chaotic. And now deputies of the Third Estate defiantly proclaim themselves as the National Assembly; inviting the other Estates to join them, but so far we and the clergy have resisted, except for a few or our members.

Written Constitution With cities forming new governments and with the increasing support for the National Constituent Assembly, their deputies have decided to end many of the privileges of the nobility. This is outrageous! We cannot allow our most sacred privileges, which have been the tradition of the nobility for centuries, taken from us. By doing this, the deputies had hoped to calm the restless peasants, but some also hope to reduce the nobility’s power or even ban the nobility. In addition, they wish to end slavery in France’s colonies and give full religious freedom to Protestants. We believe that the outright banning of the nobility will destroy the fabric of France. It seems what is driving these actions is a fear of the peasants. Why should the nobility suffer because of unruly peasants? It appears that the developments in the United States of America have


Argent et d’Or 9b influenced these radical ideas. Even worse, some of our nobility are participating in this irresponsible exercise. However, the situation with United States is not to be compared. The United States has no tradition of nobility, and these ideas, which may work in the United States, do not belong in our country. In France, we have had a long and rich tradition of nobility that has led to the glory of our great nation. We can’t have a group of misguided deputies jeopardize our traditions and future. Apart from this, the declaration passed by the assembly leaves much in question. What will the future role of the king be? Who is a citizen? Who will be able to vote? It appears that this amateur group of ideologues has not thought through their unrealistic proposals. With such confusion, we will only have greater instability and our economic problems will surely continue. Furthermore, this process is taking way too long. It has been going on for months. In the meantime, who is governing France? We will descend into chaos if these people have their way. As Jean-Francois Campmas, a member of the Constituent Assembly, himself has said: I am far from sharing the optimism of our colleagues.


Argent et d’Or 9b



ARGENT et d'OR - Jaron, Bram and Fred  

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ARGENT et d'OR - Jaron, Bram and Fred  

frnch revolution magazine