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The Volunteer Home Tutor Program The Volunteer Home Tutor Scheme is one of the Northern AMEP services offered through the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and funded by the Australian Government. Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre is a member of the Northern AMEP consortium and conducts training for the northern region, in conjunction with Northern AMEP and NMIT. We have been running the Volunteer Home Tutor Program for the Hume and Moreland region since March 2006. Volunteers are enrolled in an interesting and free training course for 7 weeks before being matched with a student. The course is run every school term on Tuesdays from 6.00pm to 8.30 pm. The volunteer tutors help eligible adult migrants and refugees to learn English. The Volunteer Home Tutor Scheme is important because it gives people the flexibility to learn English at home, and to learn about life in Australia, with someone who knows the local community. The training helps tutors understand their student’s culture and learning needs, and it provides skills to help their students. During the training tutors are also shown how to create a folder of resources that are made up from real life reading e.g. local newspapers, ‘junk mail’, magazines, etc. Following training tutors are matched with a newly arrived migrant who is unable to attend regular English classes. Then they visit their students for one hour per week over a period of six months or more. The tutors are constantly supported by home tutor staff.


Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre is looking for more home tutor volunteers to attend training courses. These courses run every term. If you are interested please contact Manjit Bhamral on 9304 3910 for an interview as soon as possible.


The Volunteer Home Tutor Program  

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