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UAV Drones Are Of Help In Many Situations Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are rapidly developing into a tool for business and civilian use. Because of its reputation as a military asset, at this time there is still some hesitance to embrace the technology behind these pilot-less planes, but the fact of the matter is, there are many applications of them far from the battlefield. Some are dangerous, some are just clever, but they all share the benefit of being major time and money-savers. A UAV drone can be quite a life-saver in civilian life also. Here's a look at some of the unexpected applications for drones in regular life. Drones for Search and Rescue It can be a lengthy and expensive process to conduct SAR missions, or search and rescue for short, due to their unpredictable nature. No matter how treacherous or far-flung the terrain, authorities are duty-bound to put their best efforts into finding lost people, in spite of the dangers these missions present to the would-be rescuers themselves. For SAR circumstances, drones are fantastic and therefore their use in coming years should grow quickly. Take, for instance, a situation in which a hiker has been wounded and is wandering, disoriented. If a piloted helicopter search is planned, the weather may not cooperate or you may encounter an impassable muddy mountain road. Time is important as temperatures may dip below freezing or below zero come nightfall. A UAV drone outfitted with heat-sensing and image-capturing technology can be implemented and find the missing hiker with no risk to other people or equipment. There are departments currently making use of drones to resolve these situations with amazing success because believe it or not, this very situation can and does happen all the time. Drones for Real Estate Marketing A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. When giving a sales pitch, it might be said that nowhere is the value of words greater, particularly if the pitch is successful. With regards to selling high end estates, you can imagine the premium placed upon aerial photography. UAVs are currently being used by real estate marketing developers to get breathtaking views from above choice properties. Wide angles that capture stunning views can go a long way in closing a sale and when a property is situated near a golf course, coastline, or mountains, the view is one of the best selling points. Without spending a lot of money on a small piloted aircraft that would also bother neighbors, there is really no practical way to get such images. Spending a few thousand in a drone offers quite the potential return but when you consider how much money there is to be made, this is nothing. Storm Monitoring Drones Sending a plane piloted by humans into the heart of a storm only for research purposes is something you cannot do. This might possibly be unconscionable. To gather data without any danger to life or limb, a UAV drone, however, can plunge right into the eye of hurricane. This is why NASA has teamed up with the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and other research bodies to do just that.

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UAV Drones Are Of Help In Many Situations Tens of millions of dollars are being spent by these scientific research giants to perform studies involving info-collecting drones that gather data on the evolution of killer storms. With a better understanding of hurricanes and tropical storms, the hope is that meteorologists could be better able to anticipate them, spread the news, and save lives and livelihoods. There are a myriad of dangerous situations that would otherwise inconvenience people or put them in danger; drones may very well be secret to navigating these situations. These unmanned aircraft may be the solution that changes everything from search and rescue missions to real estate or storm-tracking endeavors. Consider purchasing a RC UAV drone that can be used time and again instead of renting a helicopter for thousands of dollars each hour. Check out UAV Direct by looking at their web site which is

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UAV Drones Are Of Help In Many Situations