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Contents 2 About T-Opto 3 Flex Module — 11W 120V Flex Module

— Flex Module Down Light Reference Design

4 Commercial Lighting

— Linear Modules

— Circular LED Array

— LED Circular Recessed Fixture Reference Design

— LED Troffer Reference Design

6 High Output Lighting — High Output Module Overview — Sololux™ Light Engine

— Novolux™ Light Engine

— Cobolux™ Light Engine

— High Output Module Reference Designs

8 Decorative Lighting

— 12V Pendant Retrofit Module

— Pendant Bulb

10 Retrofit Bulbs

— A19

— R30

— T8

— PAR20

— PAR30

— PAR38

12 LEDs and Power Supplies B


About T-Opto Advanced technology LED modules from T-Opto, a Toyota Tsusho brand, are a tested, validated solution for commercial, roadway and residential lighting applications.


fter years of product research and development, T-Opto is actively marketing a broad line of LED products and solutions headlined by innovative LED modules. These advanced designs include LED modules for decorative and architectural lighting, LED modules for high bay fixtures used in factories and warehouses, and LED modules used for area and street lighting. Thoroughly tested and validated, T-Opto’s competitively priced modules are unique in the market because they are designed for specific lighting applications, such as the company’s award-winning Pendant Module for new and existing fixture designs. An assortment of lighting designs, plus custom solutions, make T-Opto a complete resource for OEMs making the transition to solid state lighting. T-Opto is a division of Toyota Tsusho America, a multibillion dollar company with headquarters in Kentucky. T-Opto, based in New York, was established in 2008. The company designs, manufactures and markets LED packages and modules for a wide range of lighting applications. LED retrofit bulbs and LED

power supplies are other key product lines. In addition to its catalog items, T-Opto offers OEM lighting manufacturers custom solutions that respond to customer needs in a variety of ways. Drawing upon the company’s global network of business partners that includes Toyoda Gosei, one of the world’s largest LED chip makers, T-Opto is uniquely positioned to help OEM lighting manufacturers with their in-house LED product development. T-Opto leverages all of Toyota’s IP, technical development and knowledge to develop the industry’s most advanced and cost-effective LED solutions. An innovator in high-performance, energyefficient LED applications for the general lighting market, T-Opto has assembled an expert team of engineers and designers with extensive backgrounds in semiconductors, electronics and lighting. With their years of combined experience in lighting design, the T-Opto team is able to fully optimize today’s most advanced optical, thermal and electrical design to deliver state-of-the-art LED products.

Flex Module 11W 120V Flex Module

Replaces 65W incandescent or 26W fluorescent lamps • Thoroughly tested and validated thermally, optically and electrically, the 11W Flex-Module is T-Opto’s cost-effective LED solution for recessed can lighting fixtures. The module has been designed and tested to meet all Energy Star requirements for 6” recessed can lights • Emits over 600 lumens at color temperatures ranging from warm white to cool white with color rendering over 80. • The 120V module consists of an integrated LED light source and power supply. The module’s die cast aluminum housing functions as a heat sink for cool operation. Rated for interior and damp location use, modules are dimmable with a TRIAC dimmer. • Designed for fast, trouble-free installation, the module attaches with one of several standard fixture mounting options. Modules may be ordered prewired or supplied with an accessible wiring compartment. Also available with medium screw base and GU24 base. • Optionally available with Intematix® Remote Phosphor lighting technology which can provide unparalleled efficacy and color performance.

Flex Module Down Light Reference Design

• Sized for most standard 5- and 6-inch-diameter recessed incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, T-Opto’s Flex-Module Kit with reflector trim is designed for fast, easy field installation. • Available in a range of color temperatures, the module’s highly efficient dimmable light source exceeds a 65W R30 incandescent reflector lamp. Can be used in IC rated recessed fixtures 60W (or greater). • Designed for bright, well-diffused illumination, the lens supplied with the kit provides wide, even light distribution. 2


Circular LED Array

Replaces up to 90W incandescent or 26W fluorescent lamps • Advanced LED solution provides even, diffuse illumination with very minimal heat sinking requirement. Most sheet metal surfaces will provide the required heat dissipation. • Designed to be easily field replaceable, each LED array comes with a metal core PC board and pre-cut self adhering silicone thermal transfer pad. Attaches with No. 6 sheet metal screws. Built-in micro connectors make for easy connection to the driver. • The array is available in a variety of sizes and outputs.

LED Circular Recessed Fixture Reference Design

Commercial Lighting Linear Modules

Replaces 32W T8 fluorescent lamps. Designed for equivalent light output as a 32W T8, T-Opto Linear LED arrays are an ideal module for troffer fixture designs. Thermally and optically optimized, the module is well-suited for fixtures in home, office and factory. Designed to be used across multiple platforms, T-Opto’s Linear LED Module delivers market-leading efficiency and cost. • Standard designs use 64 or 96 LEDs per board. Many other configurations available • All designs use aluminum metal core boards and have a built-in micro disconnect socket. • Each module is field replaceable. Attaches with #6 mounting screws. • Comes with matching silicone heat transfer pad. Mating power supply available. • Available color temperatures 2700K/ 3000K/ 3500K/ 4000K with CRI>80


T-Opto’s innovative 6.5-inch-diameter Circular LED array is the centerpiece of our Recessed Fixture Kit for 12-inch recessed fixtures. Designed for easy installation, the fixture comes with a white acrylic lens for diffuse, even light distribution. May be used with TRIAC dimmer (sold separately). • Soft tooled with design ready for manufacturing

LED Troffer Reference Design

Easily installed in the field, T-Opto’s LED Troffer Kit fits standard 2 x 2 troffer applications and exceeds all Design Lights Consortium requirements • The basic module kit consists of T-Opto Linear LED arrays, T-Opto LED driver, along with metal housings and diffusers available from Bill Brown Sales. • All components are UL recognized and the entire system is UL listed • Dimming 0-10V along with an auxiliary power channel (24V, 50mA) to power lighting controls. • Emits over 3,300 lumens at 45 watts and can exceed 4,000 lumens at high drive conditions • 4,000K standard color temperature with other CCTs available • Completely uniform output with no hot spots or glare


SololuxTM Light Engine Equivalent to a 100-150W HID fixture • Can emit over 6,000 lumens • Consumes a maximum of 80 watts compared to nearly 200 watts for a 150W HID fixture with ballast • 4500K and 5700K color temperatures available • High Bay comes with a highly efficient 60 degree reflector optic and the Area Light uses a Type 5 Fresnel lens. • Instant on/off and fully dimmable with 0-10V dimmers

NovoluxTM Light Engine Equivalent to a 250W HID fixture • Can emit over 15,000 lumens • Consumes a maximum of 160 watts compared to nearly 300 watts for 250W HID fixture with ballast • 4500K and 5700K color temperatures available • High Bay comes standard with a 60 degree reflector optic (other optics available) and the Area Light uses a Type 5 Fresnel lens. • Instant on/off and fully dimmable with 0-10V dimmers

High Output Lighting High Output Module Overview (patent pending) Replaces 100 watt to 400 watt HID lamps

The T-Opto Sololux, Novolux, and Cobolux High Output LED modules (patent pending) use some of the newest and highest-power LED technology available. Each field replaceable LED module is specifically designed to replace a higher consumption HID illuminated fixture. A number of value propositions set T-Opto High Output Modules apart from the rest • A typical high output fixture has an installation lifetime of over 10 years. Even with a long 50,000 hour useful lifetime a LED light may need to be replaced or upgraded before the end of life of the fixture. Each High Output Module is easily field replaceable allowing the base fixture housing to be used for years and years. • All high output modules are compatible with a large range of drive conditions. The modules can be reliably under-driven or over-driven to reach ultra high efficiencies or unmatched light output. • T-Opto High Output Modules all use identical mechanical sizes. A single fixture can accept all current and future modules allowing for inventory versatility and future-proof designs. 6

CoboluxTM Light Engine Equivalent to a 400W HID fixture • Can emit up to 30,000 lumens • Consumes 330 watts compared to about 450 watts for 400W HID fixture with ballast • 4500K and 5700K color temperatures available • Instant on/off and fully dimmable with 0-10V dimmers

High Output Module Reference Designs Shoebox Area Light

This simple pole-mounted, die-cast aluminum housing is actually quite sophisticated, designed with external thermal radiation fins that provide excellent thermal management to prolong LED life. • A tool-less entry door swings down to allow the High Output Module assembly to twist and lock into place. The replaceable optical module, available with a symmetrical square Type V lighting distribution, is sealed with a weatherproof gasket. A precision-molded acrylic lens controls lighting distribution and limits glare.

High Bay Fixture Designed for years of demanding, heavy-duty industrial service, this lowprofile high bay fixture is ideally suited to medium to high mounting heights in areas requiring good horizontal uniformity. Easily integrated with building automation circuitry, the fixture is compatible with T-Opto High Output Modules. Various optics are available for the Sololux and Novolux Modules targeting spot to flood applications • Designs available to replace 100W, 150W, 250W, and 400W HID fixtures • Various TIR and reflecting optics available to accommodate several installation mounting heights 7

Pendant Bulb

• Designed to emit light both down and uniformly outward to create decorative and practical illumination • Low power consumption. Less than 6W of power drives the entire lamp and provides over 330 lumens • Integrated thermal solution to ensure long lifetime • Designed to meet Energy Star requirements for non-standard form factor decorative bulbs • Available in GU24 and E26 base

Decorative Lighting 12V Pendant Retrofit Module

Replaces 20W halogen or 9W fluorescent lamps Gold Award Winner, Architectural SSL magazine’s 2011 Product Innovation Awards. Ideal for fixture retrofits and new designs, the T-Opto 12V Pendant Retrofit LED module with decorative interchangeable heat sink body is compatible with most glass shades on the market. The Retrofit Pendant Module provides illumination equal to a 20W halogen lamp with an output of 270 lumens. • Designed with a decorative heat sink body, integrated light source and driver, the module is designed for use inside pendant and track light fixtures. An external driver for multiple track head applications is also available. • Fits 7/8-inch-diameter openings; an optional 1.8-inch threaded collar accommodates larger openings. Finish options are Nickel Silver or Pewter. • T-Opto advanced technology LED module offers high efficiency and low power consumption.


• T-Opto 60W no-load transformer (for use with integrated driver). Powers one to nine pendants. • T-Opto external power supply allows the pendant to run directly off 120 volts. 8


T8 - Cost Optimized Version

This LED T8 is efficient, convenient, and reliable. Emitting 2,000 lumens, it is true replacement for 32 watt fluorescent T8’s and 40W fluorescent T12 while consuming 25 watts. It is compatible with any 24VDC driver and multiple bulbs can be driven off of a single driver. • Input: 24 Volts DC (many CV drivers available) • Output: 2,000 lumens • Efficacy: 80 lumens per watt • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K • Length: 4 feet

T8 - Design Lights Consortium Version This LED T8 is optimized for efficiency and meets the strict DLC requirements. Emitting over 2,200 lumens at over 96 lumens per watt with various CCTs from 3000K to 5000K • Input: 120-277V (Constant Current Driver) • Output: 2,200 lumens • Efficacy: >96 lumens per watt

Retrofit Bulbs

• CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K • Length: 4 feet


Direct retrofit for PAR20 lighting fixtures • Input: 110-240V • 9 watts of power consumption has equivalent light output to a 50 watt halogen bulb • Multiple beam angles available including spot, medium, and flood distributions • Warm, natural, and cool white colors available


Direct retrofit for PAR30 lighting fixtures • Input: 120-240V • 15 watts of power consumption has equivalent light output to a 60 watt halogen bulb


This LED A19 bulb is a true replacement for a 60W incandescent bulb. Beyond emitting over 800 lumens of 3000K warm white light the beam pattern is omni-directional and the bulb is fully dimmable. Energy Star pending. • Input: 220-240 Volts • Output: >800 lumens • CCT: 3000K • Dimming: Triac



This 8.5 watt LED R30 bulb is a true replacement for a 45W incandescent bulbs. Emitting over 450 lumens of 2700K warm white light, this bulb is fully dimmable with conventional TRIAC dimmers. Energy Star listed. • Input: 110-120 Volts • Output: >450 lumens • CCT: 2700K • Dimming: TRIAC

• Multiple beam angles available including spot, medium, and flood distributions • Warm, natural, and cool white colors available


Direct retrofit for PAR38 lighting fixtures • Input: 110-240V • 21 watts of power consumption has equivalent light output to a 75 watt halogen bulb • Multiple beam angles available including spot, medium, and flood distributions • Warm, natural, and cool white colors available


LEDs and Power Supplies T-Opto offers many power supply solutions for LED lighting designs. We have a full line-up of UL listed constant current drivers ranging from 5 watts to 45 watts. In addition we have many constant voltage power supplies and no-load LED transformers. We specialize in custom form factors and drive currents to support many applications. T-Opto is at the forefront with LED packaging technology. We have hundreds of “off-the-shelf� LED packages ranging from high efficacy ANSI binned white LEDs to asymmetrical through-hole oval lamps. Leveraging the nearly 30 years of LED packaging and design experience held by Toyota Family Companies we are able to produce top-of-theline packages. Please see our website for a list of specifications or contact an applications engineer for custom requirements or designs.



805 Third Avenue, 17th Floor New York City, NY 10022 212-355-3600


T-Opto LED Brochure 2012  

This is the newest release of the T-Opto, a division of Toyota Tsusho America, LED lighting brochure released at Light Fair in 2012.

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