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Welcome to the world of Super Mario! About the author: Ben Newman has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. Mario has been a favourite, character since the beginning. He has owned pretty much every single Nintendo console since his first SNES. Games have remained his passion well into his twenties and his appreciation of well-crafted work has deepened as his sophistication has grown. With all the advanced technology, 3D graphics and online multi-play. etc Ben still finds charm and engagement in even the oldest Mario games and like many of his generation is very open to the appeal of retro gaming.

For long time fans and newcomers alike this is the guide to all things Mario. The Mario character has remained ever popular since he first set out on his adventures over 25 years ago having been adopted by many generations. His appeal is right across the spectrum of game players from the hardcore to the most casual. And without a doubt players of all ages will surely be playing his games for many years to come. This book sets out some of the iconic graphic images associated with Mario, placing them within the history and development of the games and the consoles on which they have been and continue to be played.

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