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APRIL 2013

BODYTALK End to end repair‌ the green way

aLSo iN tHiS iSSUe: Nexa Autocolor Waterborne Clearcoat Revamp The Headlamp Win Goodwood Festival Of Speed Tickets

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1889 - 2013: Experience Makes A Difference


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End to end repair... the green way


£97.41 WATerBorne CLeArCoAT P910-5510 Nexa Autocolor is committed to developing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions that are used to maintain, repair and protect cars. Nexa Autocolor is proud to introduce a new Waterborne Clearcoat to offer customers an end to end green repair system. The launch of this new Waterborne Clearcoat builds on the heritage of the world’s first waterborne basecoat technology introduced in 1992, the ground-breaking ‘next generation’ Aquabase Plus basecoats introduced in 2006 and the Eco+ PET primer technology launched in 2012. Developed using the most advanced waterborne clearcoat technology available, the new Waterborne Clearcoat dramatically reduces solvent emissions by 74% when compared to a typical solventborne clearcoat, improving air quality, and allowing Bodyshops to dramatically reduce their emissions without compromising on quality. It is simple to mix and easy to use, benefitting from a ‘one-visit’ application process. The superb gloss levels with continued gloss holdout achieved ensure a quality reproduction of the OE finish.With its one visit application, there is no need for additional bake cycles offering an optimal process to ensure that the bodyshop remains productive and profitable whilst delivering a high quality repair. The addition benefit of the low odour technology used in P910-5510 gives a more pleasant mixing room environment

Part no:


yOU WILL ALSO NEED… P210-8861 HArdener Dedicated hardener to be used with P910-5510


£40.20 P980-2252 THInner




Dedicated thinner to be used with P910-5510

Part No: ICIP21088610050

Part No: ICIP98025520100

PLAsTIC mIxIng CUPs A premium cup specifically designed for paint mixing. Featuring accurate calibrations that can be read from the inside. The flat, wide, base ensures all products are fully mixed and the cup is stable. It is available in a large range of sizes complemented by a similar range of tight fitting lids. • Versatile • Easy to use, easy to store Part No: Size Qty • Less risk of spillages, secure for transportation BDPBPMC350 350ml Pack of 50 • Suitable for both solvent and water based paint BDPBPMC700 700ml Pack of 50 • Flat bottoms aid stirring • Protection from dust and contaminants BDPBPMC1400 1400ml Pack of 50 • Space efficient BDPBPMC2300 2300ml Pack of 50 • Compatible with ‘Colad PCLS System’

1889 - 2013: Experience Makes A Difference


£5.99 Offer £5.99 £8.99 £12.99 £18.99


Buy any 3 rolls for £52.99 OFFER

£11.99 OFFER

£3.49 seAm seALer TAPe 9mm x 10m

WHeeL mAsKs

A flat seam replacement tape designed to replace door skin seams. • Overpaintable immediately • Transparent • Flexible • Excellent resistance to solvent, chemical, UV and heat, making the tape bond securely to a very wide range of substrates

An elasticated wheel cover made from polypropylene. • Reduces cleaning time, versatile, easy to store • Quickly mask wheels and tyres from overspray • Fits over most common sizes wheels • Lightweight • Supplied in packs of 4 • Also available in Tyvek for greater durability

LIgHTnIng mAsK

Part No: BdPBWm

Part No: BdPBssT

Anti-static paint absorbent film. • Suitable for waterborne and 2K paint systems • Supplied in a sturdy dispenser box Part no:



120m x 5m


150m x 4m



£14.99 emBLem AdHesIve TAPe • For professional re-application of vehicle badges and emblems • Saves time as there is no need to cut around double sided tape • It is also ideal for positioning parts before final fixing or for fixing decorative and promotional items • 10 sheets 50mm x 300mm


door sKIn foAm fILm 600mm x 10m • Replaces inner door skin membrane - An easy way to replace the inner door skin membrane • Easy fit - This comes in a single length which can be cut to size. The release liner grid printed on to the paper to allow difficult shapes to be cut from it easily • Sound deadening - Once fitted this also has sound deadening properties to reduce road noise • Dispensing roll - It is easily dispensed from the box


mAsK fILm dIsPenser


• Sturdy, portable, polythene masking dispenser • Simple construction • Can be used vertical or horizontal • Fast roll change • Fits the majority of masking film rolls • Position dispenser next to vehicle, pull film over the vehicle and cut to size Part no:


Part No: BdPBdsff

Part No: BdPBeAT



BodY rePAIr TAPe • A 30 micron aluminium foil based tape • Allows punctured or pierced bodywork to be repaired with minimum effort • Provides a reliable substrate to fill over • Good UV resistance • 50mm x 3m Part No: BdPBrT



Specifically designed to aid the masking of swage lines, sunken screens, roof rails and other difficult masking areas. • Unique flat and wide design gives increased rigidity making masking swage lines quick and easy - no more sags • Open cell foam easily absorbs overspray • Rounded edges allow for a seamless transition of the newly applied paint into the existing • Two adhesive tracks ensure secure attachment to any panel • Custom adhesive formula allows for easy adjustment or repositioning • Easy to remove - no ghosting or adhesive transfer • Suitable for use in low bake ovens • Supplied in a convenient 40 meter dispenser box (5 tracks of 8 meters) Part No: BdPBfsT



Buy a pack of 10 for £5.90

sAfeTY BLAde CUTTer • Allows the safe cutting of masking materials without the risk of damaging the vehicle’s paintwork • Dual edged blade • Reduces risk of tearing poly/paper or marking a vehicle • Safer for user Part no:


RE VAMP THE Product of the month







odyline gripspeed 80mm 3 Hole discs are superior performance discs designed for smart repairs, smaller areas & wheel repairs. By using the smaller discs this makes it possible to keep the repair localised.

Specifically formulated UV resistant coating, to enable the repair of cosmetic scuffs and scratches to the headlamp lens. By following the Bodyshop Headlamp Refinish Process, a bodyshop can now repair a cosmetically damaged headlamp where previously a costly new unit would be required. 1 kit contains enough product to coat 2 headlamps. • Simple 2:1 mixing ratio • 1 kit can be invoiced to one vehicle repair • Increased UV resistance • Full adhesion to plastics • Excellent abrasion resistance Part no:

Available in a full grit range, Bodylines gripspeed 80mm 3 Hole discs meet every step of the repair process making them the ideal choice for any Bodyshop.

1889 - 2013: Experience Makes A Difference

The ultimate wipe for use while solvent wiping, resistant to solvents, and is hard-wearing, making it the perfect solution for pre-paint solvent wiping jobs. • Silicone-free - safe to use • Solvent-resistant - allows the usage of different solvents • Low solvent extractables - preserves clean surfaces • Very low linting - minimizes fibre shedding Part No: BdPBPCC





The small diameter of the discs allows for awkward areas to be accessed easily ensuring a consistent repair is attained. By using a 2.5mm orbital sander with the gripspeed 80mm discs this produces a finer scratch pattern on the finer graders which will ultimately help to reduce polishing time and overall process time of the repair. greater user control over sanding is also gained by using the smaller sander unit as the orbit can be controlled and confined. With the incorporated ceramic grain properties of the discs, improved cutting and maximized stock removal is achieved allowing for a consistent finish. The ingenious stearate coating significantly reduces clogging of the abrasive. The noticeable net result is an increased service lifetime.

Pre CLeAnIng CLoTH 28 x 37Cm - 400 sHeeTs

ULTrA fIne HAnd PAds PACK of 10 • • • • •

Long product life, consistent surface finish Non metallic, 3D construction of nylon fibres Water & solvent resistant, resists clogging & smearing Uniform finish, conformable No work place contamination, no break through on coating • Highly adaptable to contours, excellent for keying surfaces • Can be used wet or dry, usable on both sides Part no:




grIPsPeed 80mm dIsCs • • • •

A superior performance abrasive disc Paper Discs P80 to P500 grit Incorporating Ceramic Grain for improved cutting, stock removal and longer service life Ingenious stearate coating for reduced clogging and longer service life Part no:




3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



3 Hole gripspeed Paper 80mm disc



HEADLAMP Top Tips - Headlamp Repair Headlamp repair is one way to make all repair models more profitable or affordable. With the increasing prices on new headlamp units (e.g. over ÂŁ700 for the new BmW 5 series xenon) there is a huge demand to be able to repair cosmetic damage to headlamp lenses. now you can repair a headlamp with cosmetic damage rather than have to replace it with Bodylines latest range of products. To begin the repair, use a Bodyline 80mm P80 gripspeed disc to sand the damaged area. follow this by sanding the complete headlamp with a Bodyline 80mm P180 gripspeed disc to remove the 80 grade scratches and original Uv coating. mirror this process with the P320, P500 & P1000 80mm gripspeed discs -

this will give the required surface to complete the repair. now all the damage has been removed, the headlamp needs preparing for the topcoat (re-application of the Uv coating). firstly, prepare the edges of the headlamp using the Bodyline Ultra-fine Weave Pad to give a mechanical key. Clean the repaired area using a solvent degreaser and Waterbased Pre-Cleaner in combination with the Bodyline Pre-Cleaning Cloth to remove any dust or contaminates. mask the surrounding areas of the headlamp to protect the undamaged areas. Again, clean the headlamp with the Bodyline eC degreaser & Bodyline Pre-Cleaning cloth to ensure the surface is completely

clean and ready for application of topcoat. Using the pre measured product, mix the contents of the Headlamp repair Kit together by simply pouring the Bodyline Headlamp repair Activator (small pot) into the Bodyline Headlamp Coating and stir thoroughly . (1 kit contains enough material to repair and protect 2 headlamps) spray the first coat of headlamp protection and allow to flash off for 5 minutes before applying the second coat. Allow the coats to dry for 30 minutes at 60°C. The special chemical capabilities of the coatings are designed to withstand the double Uv attack from sunlight. If the Uv Light is able to penetrate through the lens it will bounce back off the reflector which

We find the 80mm discs are ideal for small area repair techniques and hard to reach areas that need a high standard of preparation. They come in a wide range of grits, which make them suited to a wide range of applications in our bodyshop. not only are they a great performing disc they represent great value for money compared to others brands on the market. The 80mm Bodyline discs are an invaluable product to any bodyshops production. Alan Bowdley - Lead Painter sovereign Horseboxes, Wolverhampton

could also damage the inside of the lens - this can be very harmful to plastic finishes. The innovative coating also has the capability to allow it to withstand abrasion from carwashes and stone chipping. once the headlamp has been allowed to dry, the repair is complete and is ready to be reassembled on the car. from start to finish the whole repair process can be completed within 2 hours, enabling an easy repair that offers additional labour charges (rather than potentially very expensive replacement unit cost!)


WALK THIs WAY To WArrIngTon We are pleased to announce the relocation of our manchester branch to Warrington as part of ongoing developments to improve the branch network. The relocation to the 7418 sq. ft. branch provides Warrington with the much needed storage to ensure maximum stock holding of core lines, a fully equipped dedicated mixing room & improved road links to customers.

2 WeeKend enTrY TICKeTs To goodWood fesTIvAL of sPeed






(11th-14th July 2013)

CLeArCoAT AerosoL

CLAY BAr 200gm • • • • • • • •

A high performance 1K lacquer which gives a crystal clear finish that can be applied over all water and solvent based basecoats and is ideal for smart repairs. • Two nozzles - 1 variable (producing a changeable fan) & 1 standard round nozzle • Ultra glossy • UV and petrol resistant • Crystal clear • Fast drying • Can be machine polished

Easy to use, no training required Safe but effective Reduces contaminant removal time Contains no hazardous elements Can be used over and over again Silicone free Removes overspray and minor imperfections Use prior to polishing Part no:


Part no:


A – 6.45

B – 5.81

C – 6.28

d – 5.64

PLeAse send YoUr AnsWers ALong WITH YoUr nAme And ConTACT nUmBer To enqUIrIes@BroWnBroTHers.Com CLosIng dATe for enTrIes Is 31sT mAY 2013. WInner WILL Be AnnoUnCed WITHIn 30 dAYs of THe ComPeTITIon CLosIng dATe.


Terms And CondITIons AvAILABLe on reqUesT from YoUr LoCAL BroWn BroTHers rePresenTATIve



HoW mUCH 150 meTre x 4 meTre mAsKIng sHeeT fILm Is Used Per JoB As An AverAge BAsed on PUrCHAses for 200,000 rePAIrs

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TrAffIC fILm remover sTAndArd ConCenTrATe A concentrated traffic film remover. • Silicone free • Cost effective, economical in use • Free rinsing • Pre-dilute 1 part concentrate with 7 parts water • Machine dilution, 2% • Manual dilution, 1:4

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1889 - 2013: Experience Makes A Difference




5 Litres



25 Litres


Part no:




CLeAn & sHIne sHAmPoo 5 LITres A unique cationic shampoo developed for the washing of vehicles. It facilitates thorough cleaning without excessive foam and de-waters the vehicle completely on rinsing, leaving the windows spotlessly bright and the paintwork glossy and free from unsightly limescale deposits. • High wax finish • Easy to use • Fast streak free drying • Manual dilution 0.2%-0.5% Part no:



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