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LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES, with MARIA FELIX VAS (Saturdays, 12 -2 pm) Sat 15th Oct For Lunchtime favourites on Saturday 15th October , Maria was at the home of Emma Bailie, a professional wine Taster, from Preston. Emma has been working as a wine taster for almost 2 years, and her love of wines goes hand in hand with her love of France. Her wine tasting duties include corporate parties, hen dos and birthday parties. For more information about Emma, go to:http://www.thewinetaster.c

“Lunchtime favourites” recipe… “Emma’s Pan Bagnat” (which translates as “wet bread” in the local Nice dialect…and in English, and Lancashire dialect, translates as a big stuffed buttie!) Ingredients: (to taste, add what you want, leave out what you don’t) 1. A big French stick/crusty cob 2. olive oil 3. tin tuna 4. lettauce (shreaded) 5. boiled egg(chopped) 6. red onion(sliced) 7. anchovies 8. olives

Method: 1.Scoop out the middle of the cob, 2. Wet the inside with olive oil 3. Add ingredients 4. Enjoy, with a recommended glass of French white wine (Macon)

Emma Bailie on BBC Radio Lancashire