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LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES with Maria Felix Vas. BBC Radio Lancashire (Saturdays 12 -2) Steve Middlesbrough, from Morecambe, was a recent guest on Lunchtime Favourites. The events coordinator and DJ went on a journey of his life as told by his favourite tunes. With events that have taken him all over the world, he still loves his home town of Morecambe, and always returns to his roots. Recent events coming up to keep him and the rest of Morecambe busy are: the Morecambe Jazz festival and the Tutti Frutti weekend to name a few….for more about Morecambe and Steve, go to:

(Steve, in his kitchen at home, cooking….something he admits to not doing a lot of! His lunchtime meal was influenced by his Chinese wife…see recipe below!) Maria’s verdict….Tasted delicious!

LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES RECIPE Steve’s dish, named “FRED” (also known as chinese style sausages, cabbage and potato wedges!)

Ingredients: 8 cumberland sausages Soy sauce Red wine Cooked cabbage (shread) Potato wedges Method *Cut potatos into wedges (wash, but don’t peel) Sprinkle with olive oil and seasoning, and bake on a baking tray for 30 -45 mins on Gas mark 4/ 190d *Shread Cabbage, and put in a pan and simmer gently till soft *Gently fry sausages in olive ooil, and soy sauce… when cooked through, pour on a glass (or so) of red wine and simmer. Enjoy!

steve middlesborough on BBC radio Lancashire  

Steve middlesborough, a DJ and Events coordinator from Morecambe was a recent Lunchtime Favourite's guest for Maria Felix Vas, on her Saturd...