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LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES with Maria Felix Vas (Saturday’s on BBC Radio Lancashire 11am-1pm)

(pic ….Rick Guard, in his studio)

Musician and singer Song writer, Rick Guard from Ribchester, was Maria’s guest last Saturday. Always wanting to perform, Rick’s career kicked off professionally 12 years ago, after getting himself an agent and manager. His writing partner is Phil Rice, and between them they have published many songs, including “Missing Person”, and “Stop it , I like it”, both which were featured on Saturday’s programme. They also have recently begun a customised wedding song service…..for more info go to:

For more information about Rick, go to:

LUNCHTIME FAVOURITE RECIPE Method: Rick’s chicken salad easy recipe *Pre heat the oven to gas mark 4/ about 180dC * Place the Chicken pieces onto a baking tray. * Make the sauce**, and pour over the top * Cover with loose tin foil and cook on middle shelf for 35 – 40 mins *Meanwhile, make salad Take tinfoil off chicken for last five mins, so that the chicken browns nicely on top. **For Sauce: INGREDIENTS: 8 Chicken pieces, honey, mustard, lemon, olive oil. Fresh salad leaves(including spinach) Grapes, tomatoes, and whatever you fancy!

*Mix a table spoon of mustard with a tablespoon of honey and a drizzle of olive oil to required smoothness, squeeze lemon juice of fresh lemon in to taste. Mix up and pour over chicken. Keep rest for salad for that extra kick! DELICIOUS!

Rick Guard on BBC Radio Lancashire  

Singer/songwriter, Rick Guard was choosing the tunes for Lunchtime favourites last Saturday on BBC Radio Lancashire. He also cooked up a sto...

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