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LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES (Sat 21st Jan) For Lunchtime Favourites last Saturday, Maria Felix Vas visited the home of Collin Ballard, a toast master and St.Anne’s town crier. Before getting into Public speaking, Collin spent many a year teaching, and is also a former scout, with links to the Baden–Powell family! A great Lunchtime Favourites programme was had by all, with a vast array of food, chat and favourite songs at hand. One word of advice from wife Jane,…the kitchen is definitely HIS domain! (pic of Collin and wife Jane)

LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES RECIPE (Sat 21st Jan) INGREDIENTS: (for four people) “Collin’s honeyed chicken”

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4 chicken breasts (sliced) Clear honey Salt/pepper/fresh thyme Olive oil Salad

METHOD: 1. Marinate the chicken slices in a little olive oil, honey, and season with the salt, pepper and chopped fresh thyme for half an hour or longer. 2. Cook/fry in a frying pan or wok, stirring regularly (being careful not to burn) 3. Serve and eat immediately with salad! Can also be cooked on the BBQ in summer. Delicious!

Collin Ballard on BBC Radio Lancashire  

Collin Ballard was the guest on Lunchtime Favourites, on Saturday 21st Jan. He spoke to Maria Felix Vas about his life, becoming a toast mas...

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