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LUNCHTIME FAVOURITES (sat 03rd Dec) For Lunchtime Favourites, Maria visited the home of Anika Gibbons , a dairy farmer from Catteralls Farm in St. Micheals on Wyre. Anika and her Husband, Andy moved to the village from a dairy farm in Preesall, 7 years ago. With early starts, and more than 100 cows to milk twice a day, it’s surprising Anika finds the time to also be a full time Mum of three, maintains her gardens for the NGS days, and also cooks (see this weeks recipe)



“Anika’s Chocolate Roulade”

1. Separate egg yolks . 2. Melt chocolate over a pan of boiling water. 3. Whisk the whites till stiff. Whisk egg yokes in separate bowl . 4. Add the melted chocolate and sugar to egg yolks and mix. 5. Fold in the egg whites. 6. Grease and Line a swiss roll tin with grease proof paper. 7. Spread mixture evenly on to it. 8. Place in oven at 180c for 15 mins, should be firm to touch when ready . 9. When removed from oven, place a damp clean tea towel over roulade until cool. 10. Whisk cream . 11.Turn roulade over on to sugared grease proof paper and carefully remove cooked baking parchment. 12.Spread cream evenly over the surface .Then roll up as you would a swiss roll.

INGREDIENTS: 1. 5 eggs 2. 140g caster sugar 3. 200g dark chocolate 4. 300ml Whipping cream

Absolutely mouth watering! Shouldn’t take too long to finish!

Anika Gibbons  

Anika Gibbons, a Dairy farmer from Catterals farm in St.Micheals was Maria felix Vas' guest on Lunchtime Favourites...have a look at her chr...