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Spring Issue • March 2012

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-----------------------------------------------------------------2012 NATIONAL OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS---------------------------------------------------------Vice President Treasurer ABA National Office Secretary President/Chairman of the Board George E Hudson 17210 133rd Ave. #13G Jamaica, NY 11434 (718) 712-6446

Mary Mason Young 918 Medina Street Durham, NC 27707 (919) 682-1848

Willetta Phipps 340 Birchmere Close Atlanta, GA 30331-8499 (404) 346-1607

2828 Lakewood Ave. SW Atlanta, GA 30315 (404) 768-5517 Phone (404) 767-1871 Fax

Harriett Motley 101 N. 7th Street Unit 149 Phoenix, AZ 85034 (602) 253-1330

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION VICE PRESIDENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eastern Section VP Edna Boothe 150 Madison Avnue Freeport, NY 11520-4104 (516) 377-2759

Mid-Atlantic Section VP Carrolena M. Key 1311 Delaward Ave. SW #749 Washington, DC 20024 (202) 488-8759

Northwestern Section VP Brenda Polk 3645 NE Liberty Portland, OR 97211 (503) 284-8662

Southwestern Section VP Evelyn Adkins 4935 Clear Creek Dallas, TX 75232 (214) 371-3255

Great Lakes Section VP Barbara J. Hutson 20290 St. Marys Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 835-5543

Mid-Western Section VP Dr. Lazell Harris 2772 E. 75th St., #4C-N Chicago, IL 60649 (773) 978-4900

Southern Section VP Gloria Christler 5090 Erin Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 344-9772

Western Section VP James Lee 9095 Cedeno Street Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 897-6990

Parliamentarian Iris Williams West 31310 42nd Pl. SW Federal Way, WA 98023 (253) 344-1983

Secretary Willetta Phipps 340 Birchmere Close Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 346-1607

NTA Chairman Robert Wallace 4325 Hidden Orchard Lane Indianapolis, IN 46228 (317) 297-3484

Convention Manager Jewel Chapman 6906 Sourwood lane Ft. Washington, MD 20744 (301) 686-1498

Asst. Convention Manager Larry Cooke 3434 W. 62nd Place Indianapolis, IN 46228 (317) 328-4677

Natl. Tournament Chair Worth Christler 5090 Erin Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 344-9772

Chief Scorer Andrew Echols 3536 Chestley Drive Macon, GA 31217 (478) 746-5013

Supervising Director Mary Duncan 2329 Radiance Drive Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 584-5244

Staff Developer Henry (Hank) Irwin 6305 Walebridge Lane Austin, TX 78739 (512) 394-9449

Awards Coordinator Edith Morgan 8408 Running Deer Ave. #101 Las Vegas, NV 89145 (702) 360-2260

Appeals/Ethics Col. Robert Friend 14661 Fir Avenue Irvine, CA 92606 949-551-2749

Supplies/Logistics Maxine Grant 3225 W. 62nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46254 (317) 347-0128

Caddy Coordinator Marjorie Allen 2208 Lakeview Ave. Dayton, OH 45417 (937) 268-4528

Bulletin Editor/Photo Barbara J. Vinzant 4059 Brenton Drive Dayton, OH 45416 (937) 278-6795

Flash Editor Vernice Whitfield 7632 Jana Lane, South Jacksonville, FL 32210 (904) 779-9047

--------------------------------------------------------------------------NATIONAL TOURNAMENT AUTHORITY --------------------------------------------------------------------------


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT -----------------------------------------------------------------------Public Relations Allen Morton 60 East 96th Street #3B New York, NY 10128 (212) 348-2095

ABA/ACBL Liaison George Hudson 17210 133rd Ave. #13G Jamaica, NY 11434 (718) 712-6446

History/Archives Vernice Whitfield 7632 Jana Lane, South Jacksonville, FL 32210 (904) 779-9047

Web Page Administrator Bill Turner 11839 McLain Blvd. Houston, TX 77071 (713) 721-2881

---------------------------------------------------------------------------NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS --------------------------------------------------------------------Bridge Education Sam Graham 7993 Stonewych Road Germantown, TN 38138 (901) 755-3156

Teacher Certification Regena Edwards 7203 Exbury Dr. Laurel, MD 20707 (301) 776-8511

ABA Youth Program Alverna Lewis 612 Dwyers Place Westbury, NY 11590 (516) 997-6529

Budget/Finance Shirley Williams 3736 Landau Ln, SW Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 344-6893

Recommendations Mary Mason Young 918 Medina St. Durham, NC 27707 (919) 682-1848

New Players Bettie Harden 1659 Laurens Dr. SW Atlanta, GA 30311 (404) 344-4589

Scholarship Mary Sirmons 209 Dorothy Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15235-1829 (412) 244-3998

Mentor/Mentee Eric Shelton 1215 Heard Place SW Atlanta, GA 30319 (404) 344-6893

Constitution/By-Laws James Hunter 16309 Delray Ave. Cleveland, OH 44128 (216) 751-1802

Life Membership/Merit Award Jane Harris 2910 Beach Channel Drive Far Rockaway, NY 11691 (718) 471-4087

--------------------------------------------------------------------ABA EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE FOUNDATION -------------------------------------------------------------President Cheryll Jones 1720 133rd Ave. #13G Jamaica, NY 11434 (718) 712-6446

Vice President Vacant

Secretary Janet Kincannon 1301 Nicolet Place Detroit, MI 48207 (313) 393-9540

Financial Secretary Fred Broussard P.O. Box 270844 Houston, TX 77277 (713) 522-8405

Treasurer Worth Christler 5090 Erin Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 344-9772


Volume 75

March 2012

No. 1

Editorially Speaking - Barbara Vinzant.............................................................2 From the Desk of the National President George Hudson...............................4 Message From the Vice President Mary Mason Young....................................5 From the Desk of the National Secretary Willetta Phipps.................................6



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Grand Life Master: Worth Christler............................................................IBC William Friend/Overall Winner: Chester G. Johnson..... .......................16 Platinum Diamond/Joyce Williams Derby: Marian C. Womack............16 Gold Diamond: Edward P. Lumpkin, Sr.........................................................16 Silver Diamond: William P. Foster. ...............................................................16 Diamond: Angela Hester................................................................................17 Ruby: Johnny Gills.....................................................................................17 Senior Life Master: Stephanie Young.........................................................18 Life Master: Eric Shelton...........................................................................18 Master: Elizabeth Moseley..............................................................................19 Asterisk: Joe Anne & Robert Williams .....................................................19

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Super time in Indianapolis, Indiana

79th Summer National July 26 - August 2, 2012 Sheraton Hotel Keystone at the Crossing Toll Free: 1-888-627-7814 Rate: $90.00 Deluxe King or Double Deadline for July Bulletin May 31, 2012


Final Grand Slammers ....................................................................................2 Black History: Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” ............................................3 ABA Mentor/Mentee Committee ................................................................4 2012 Tournament Trail ................................................................................6 2012 Spring National - Tampa, FL .............................................................7 Thank You from Scholarship Recipients ....................................................11 Two Sessions in Chicago - Part I ...............................................................12 Two Sessions in Chicago - Part II ..............................................................14 2011 William Friend Races .......................................................................20 New Level Report ......................................................................................21 ABA Top 200 Players ................................................................................22 Bridge Base Online - ABA Let’s Get Ready ..............................................24 Nationwide Open Pairs Winners ................................................................26 Are You Here? ............................................................................................26 2012 ABA Summer National .....................................................................36 SECTION NEWS

Eastern .......................................................................................................31 Great Lakes .................................................................................................32 Midwestern .....................................................................................................33 Mid-Atlantic ...............................................................................................33 Northwestern ..............................................................................................34 Southwestern ..............................................................................................35 Southern ......................................................................................................9 Western .....................................................................................................IBC


Editorially Speaking... Just Give Us a Chance

We are familiar with the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” well the members of the Tuskegee Airmen Barbara Vinzant Squadrons knew that it took all the members of the squadron, not just the pilots, to make the air missions a success. All members of this support team were needed to successfully land the knockout punches that made their group one eventually admired, recognized and appreciated. As with team training in readiness for the ABA nationals, the squadron endured many early morning and late night team training sessions to understand the importance of their mission. Just like in the film “Red Tails,” when the pilot shared with his flight leader that he had figured out how the German pilot disappeared and ended up behind him — is the same strategic planning and thinking that bridge players engage in to figure out how to circumvent and/or confront the many defensive bidding gadgets that players have made apart of their game. They said “Men of color did not possess the courage, skill, mental retention, and ability to be fighter pilots,” but like in all other endeavorsJust Give Us a Chance — stand back and view a “Show & Tell” demonstration and you will see that Negroes possessed then, and now, the ability to be the best! Whether it is scientist, astronaut, politician, lawyer, mathematician, teacher, professor, engineer, talk show host, actor, actress, singer, music producer, musician, dancer, comedian, architect, basketball, football, track,


tennis, golf and the list goes on — we can do it and the Tuskegee Airmen did it! Defeat did not win in this match for there was an added crew member in the planes and in the planning — our Lord and Saviour rode shotgun and whispered words of encouragement that “if I am for you — then who can prevail against you.” And so, the chance was given, the mission was accomplished and the Tuskegee Airmen and all Negroes/Blacks, of the past and present, who have contributed to the making of history are to be commended for standing tall, standing firm, and exhibiting that “Yes I Can” spirit. I wish to share that I, too, was recognized and honored on February 25, 2012 at the Interdenominational Women’s Ministerial Alliance Black History Prayer Breakfast for possessing that “Yes, I

Can” spirit as a Dayton, Ohio newspaper reporter along with sixteen other television, radio and newspaper personalities. Thanks to the ABA for providing the training ground as your Editor and to God for my one talent!

Staff Development... I am honored to have been asked to serve the ABA as the chairman of the Staff Development & Certification Committee. I accept the duties and responsibilities of this position and pledge my support to all active directors in the ABA. A Director’s Workshop will be held April 12-13, in Tampa, for any member desiring certification or director interested in upgrading their certification. Go to the ABA website for further information and details. Preregistration required. Hank Irwin

Final Grand Slammers. . . The Clock of Life The clock of life is wound but once And no man has the power to tell just when the clock may stop, So live your life in a timely manner sharing the tick tocks of faith, hope, love, family, charity, trust and friendship. There upon the waking of an alarm calling you to heaven. Zenar Baker Claudia Cogene Rose Ann W. Elliott Robert V. Hawkins Beverly Hurst Joan Maxwell Barbara Neal Esther Plummer Willa Royster-Moore Dr. Frances I. Powell Joseph Williams

New York, NY San Diego, CA Wahington, DC Marietta, GA Kensington, MD Las Vegas, NV Cincinnati, OH Jacksonville, FL Richmond, CA Silver Springs, MD Los Angeles, CA


Tuskegee Airmen — “Red Tails” Several weeks ago Italy — a signal while watching the that something evening news on CNN, a serious was about to familiar face appeared on happen. And so it the screen for an interview did — World War II about his experiences as a — a fight against Tuskegee Airman at axis powers in Tuskegee Institute, AL, Europe and North and as portrayed in the Africa. movie “Red Tails.” That 3. Before 1940, familiar face was Colonel African Americans Robert Friend who had were barred from been flown from Califorflying for the U.S. nia by CNN for this Military. They were interview! After recoverdenied military ing from the shocking leadership roles and news revealed by Colonel skilled training beBob Friend’s fighter pilot class. Second from left top is Lloyd Hathcock of Dayton, OH. Friend about his expericause the Army and Bob is second from left, middle row. ences, my research began others believed they lacked qualifica— starting with seeing “Red Tails.” If (DDBC). Although you may tions for combat duty. Mrs. Eleanor know other Tuskegee Airmen you have not seen this movie, do who were involved in the soyourself a favor — go to see it. You leave with a sense of pride and joy — called “Tuskegee Experiment,” especially if you personally know any this is a tribute to ABA bridge players that we were able to of the Tuskegee Airmen. contact. Following are historical Research for this article includes personal telephone conversations with facts of interest: 1. Colonel Friend is one of Tuskegee Airmen Robert Friend, the Tuskegee Airmen pilots of California, and Audley Coulthurst, the 301st and Group HeadquarNew York; written information reters Squadron. ceived from Mrs. Arlenia Heyward, 2. The U.S. Military was Dayton, OH — spouse of Tuskegee motivated to start training pilots Airman William Heyward (deceased); The Dayton Weekly News; and history after they learned that pilots 1st Lt. William “Bill” Heyward and his group. were being trained in Germany/ of the Dayton Duplicate Bridge Club Roosevelt, civil rights organizations and the black press exerted pressure that resulted in the training of nonwhites as pilots and the formation of a pursuit squadron based at an army George Lucas, air base located in Tuskegee, AL in producer of 1941. They later became known as “Red Tails” film with the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN. Colonel Tuskegee Friend was a member of this group. airmen 4. The primary factors considered honored at USC game by the U.S. Military in choosing in Tuskegee as the site for training Washington. (See Tuskegee Airman, pg. 25)


From the Desk of the National President... Greetings, As we move further into this new year and a new administration, we should pause to thank GEORGE HUDSON those who came before us and helped to make the American Bridge Association the grand organization it is today. Our task now is to continue the legacy; improving those areas that need change and eliminating things that are no longer pertinent to our success and growth. We are one membership and must put aside our private agendas to improve the ABA in the coming years. Our membership is shrinking, so we must develop strategies and programs to gain new members and recoup those that have dropped out. Four thousand members is obtainable and is my goal for the next two years. Our tournament participation is down. The challenge is to make the games more enjoyable and equitable so the players will attend. By taking tournaments to easily accessible locations we can’t help but to increase attendance at our nationals. We’ve got our work cut out for us and by standing united in these goals we can get them accomplished. Over the next few weeks we will reveal a strategy for increasing membership and tournament participation. We believe that offering beginning and intermediate classes and Mentor/Mentee programs will help to increase membership and improve the skills of existing players. Many middle level point holders aren’t traveling and playing as much because they don’t want to play “up.”


They want their own section in which to compete. That’s being addressed as the new playing category of over 5,000 has been introduced at the nationals and could be installed at sectional games if attendance warrants. The American Bridge Association has a wealth of people who have made significant contributions, not only in the bridge world but to the growth and well being of the United States of America. We as citizens that have benefited must not forget their sacrifices and contributions and as such, our Bulletin occasionally highlight some of these brave, courageous, and brilliant members that we may have taken for granted. Members like Dr. Walter Talbot, mathematics professor at Lincoln University

in Jefferson City, MO, who collaborated with scientists on the Manhattan Project in developing the atomic bomb during World War II. Dr. George Mann, an attorney turned educator in St. Louis, MO, who was part of the legal team that argued Brown vs. the Board of Education before the U.S. Supreme Court that ended segregation in public schools. The first group being highlighted are the Tuskegee Airmen, who had a number of ABA members who served to defeat our enemies during WWII. Please read their article in this Bulletin on page 3. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. Together we can make the ABA 4000 strong! George Hudson

ABA Mentor/Mentee Committee Greetings ABA Members: I would like to introduce myself, my committee, and expound on what the new “Mentor/Mentee Committee” does and how it ties back to the vision George Hudson has for the organization. I am Eric Shelton (#19402) from Atlanta, GA, joining the ABA on Feb. 3, 2010. Yes, I am a fairly new player who has already become an addict of the game and shares George’s enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference. Let me expound on the “Why, What, Who, and How” of the new Mentor/Mentee Committee.


Why? George Hudson has a list of areas he wants to address as President of the ABA which includes increasing the skill level of new players, increasing the ABA membership and increasing the number of newer players attending tournaments. These are the main objectives of this new committee. Everyone playing bridge was introduced to the game by someone and most people had a “mentor” who showed them the ropes and how to play. When four novices play together, incorrect bids, contracts, leads, defense, and play of the hand takes place and most of it is never acknowledged, discussed or corrected. Someone wins the hand and game and amasses a good amount of master points. Novices keep doing this in the lower flights until they have collected a lot of points and then have to play against the “Big Dogs.” There they realize why a 1st place in flight B is only 12th score place in flight A. When an AM plays with a PRO, the AM learns something from each hand (See Mentor/Mentee, page 5)

Message from the Vice President... "The people who make a difference in the American Bridge Association, are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or the most awards..."

As I look back over my years of service and the recommendations that I have received while serving as Vice President, I am HAPPY with some of the positive ideas that have come from you and that have come to fruition. You asked for some changes and you have received many of them. But because of the “powers that be,” some of our ideas for change are still in the making! Why? Because we are slow to change. We have new technology in Bridgebase on line and bridgemates and you have recommended other ideas for change. Many of us are afraid to venture out and try these newest ideas and technology (this of course requires, strategic planning and effective training of all parties involved). Anyone ready for Bridgebase online for points? Are we afraid to play on line because it might hurt attendance at our tournaments, or

is it because of a lack of knowledge of the processes involved? In my opinion, it’s because of a lack of knowledge. Do we need to inform our players of the procedures at the local level or on our ABA website? We can easily play on line and improve our skills. What is our destiny? We are all aging. Do we have a program in place to ensure the survival of this organization, i.e., training more directors, teaching bridge in the middle schools, high schools and or our community colleges? We have enough qualified members in our organization who are professionals, that we can accomplish everything needed to keep us viable for the next 100 years. Are we tapping in on these resources? Or do we allow cronyism; nepotism and diverse

Mentor/Mentee... (Continued from page 4) that is played. The PRO can provide polite tips and comments that “teach” as you play and these “tips” are remembered by the AM player for life. The mistake is not usually made twice. A Mentor/Mentee relationship augments the new players study and practice with experience during play from someone who can recognize the areas for improvement the new player can best benefit from. What? The main deliverables of the Mentor/Mentee Committee in 2012 will be the education, scheduling, and promotion of the new “PRO/AM/HAM” game at all levels of ABA Club, Unit and tournament play. Many of you are already familiar with the PRO/AM/HAM game as it started in Chicago and also played in Houston. The game is similar to the Mentor/Mentee and PRO/AM games of the past. The HAM (600 -1999 master points = HAM) component of the game allows players between a PRO and AM to play in the same game on an equal basis with 2 HAMS playing together. The PRO/AM/HAM game will be played at both the Spring and Summer Nationals this year and you will start to see them scheduled on the local, Grade B, Grade A and Sectional Tournament levels in the future. Who? The committee is still under construction and I am working with the Section VPs to complete the team. So far I have the pleasure to work with Nelda Gray and Bill

personalities sway our decisions so that we don’t always do MARY MASON YOUNG what’s best for our organization? The people who make a difference in our organization are the ones who care the MOST about our organization and its destiny. Do you care? Stand up and be counted as one who supports change to enhance the longevity of the American Bridge Association. Send your recommendations to me at: or you may mail them. My committee awaits your suggestions! Be Blessed. Mary Mason Young

Turner from the Southwestern Section, Daisy Smith and Clarice Reid from the Mid-Atlantic Section, Errol Grant from the Eastern Region, and Evelyn Lewis from the Southern Section. I have made sure the committee represents the entire ABA spectrum with Evelyn Lewis (and her 40 master points) to Grand Masters Bill Turner and Clarice Reid. I want to make sure that recommendations from this committee represent all the levels of players in the organization from the bottom to the top. How? The committee members will work with club presidents and tournament chairpersons to schedule and promote the “PRO/AM/HAM” games locally and in their sections at the Club, Unit and Tournament levels. Committee members will also assist new players, who really want to learn, and find mentors to work with them. Additionally, the committee is working on and will publish “Guidelines for the Mentor” and “Guidelines for the Mentee” documents to assist the Mentor/Mentee relationship and direction. I have run out of time and space with this first article so I better close with a thank you for reading all of this. I do look forward to meeting you and playing with you soon and please sign up to play in the PRO/AM/HAM games coming to your town soon. Eric


From the Desk of the National Secretary ... Secretary... Greetings ABA,

Hope things are going well with you in your Clubs, Units, and Sections. I travelled to several Sectionals, Grade A's and B's last year and had such a great time meeting and greeting many of you. I plan to do the same this year and hope to see many more of you on the tournament trail. Willetta Phipps The National Tournaments this year are scheduled for Tampa and Indianapolis, two really great sites. The host groups are working tirelessly to make these two of the best. Don’t wait to make your reservations. It is always a shame when the “Sold Out” sign comes out! We want you and we need you. We are working hard in the National Office to update your Handbook. We have completed Chapters I, II and III and they should be on the website by the time you get this Bulletin. We hope to complete the final chapters by the Spring National and should have the Handbook ready for distribution before the Summer National. We appreciate your patience. Many changes have been made since the Handbook was last updated in 2007. Now, to some good news from the National Office and those responsible for the Website. We are updating the site, and you should have the new look soon. New functionality will be phased in, which will include: • A members only section where you will be able to check your individual points as soon as we are able to put them in the system. • Ability to make changes to your personal information on line. • Ability to view the point races for your Section as well as the National races as soon as points are posted. • Ability of Clubs/Units/Sections to make payments on line. • Ability of Clubs/Units to submit membership rosters on line. • Members will be able to fill out forms on line and submit them to the designated person (i.e., application for Teacher Certification, application for Life Member, etc.). • At-Large members will be able to pay dues on line. However, membership will not be processed until we have confirmation that Sectional dues have been paid. • Many other functions will be available as we continue to develop the site. We welcome any and all suggestions from you as we continue to update our services. The minutes from the 2011 Summer National membership meeting will be presented for adoption at the 2012 Spring National in Tampa. Please review the minutes as found in your Fall, 2011 Bulletin. Memberships are coming in at a rapid pace, and I will have an update for you at the Tampa membership meeting. If you did not remit your Club Charter Fee, please do so immedi-


ately. Let’s continue to work to bring in new members to our wonderful organization. We hope to do more to promote our organization this year. As such, we need a slogan for the ABA. Please send suggested slogans to me. Once we have several suggested slogans, we will let you select the winner! As always, thanks to Madeline Miller and Gertrude Guffie, your efficient and effective National Office staff. Let’s continue to support our Clubs, Units and Sections. See you in Tampa, If not before. Willetta Phipps, National Secretary

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ABA 2012 SPRING NATIONAL TOURNAMENT CROWNE PLAZA - EAST 10221 Princess Palm Avenue • Tampa, FL, 33610 • 813-623-6363 Saturday, April 14

EARLY BIRD OPEN PAIRS G-2 10:00AM OPEN PAIRS - (Only Session) G-1 3:00 PM SCHOLARSHIP OPEN PAIRS - (Only Session) G-1 8:00 PM Sunday, April 15 MIXED PAIRS Championship 2 Sessions G-1CR 1:30 - 8:00 PM (Field IV-Qualifying; All others play through) WOMEN’S PAIRS (Single Session) G-1 (O/U 2000) 1:30 PM Side Game Series Afternoon (l of 5) 1:30 PM Side Game Series Evening (I of 5) 8:00 PM MIXED PAIRS Consolation (Closed even) G-2 8:00 PM Monday, April 16 AM - KO TEAMS 1st Round (Registration by midnight, Sunday) 9:00 AM Side Game Series Morning (1 of 4) 9:00 AM CG FREDD KO 16 TEAMS (Pre-register by midnight, Sunday) 1:30 - 8:00 PM (ABA Membership Required) Side Game Series Afternoon (2 of 5) 1:30 PM SECOND CHANCE KO (Closed Event) 8:00 PM Side Game Series Evening (2 of 5) 8:00 PM Tuesday, April 17 AM - KO TEAMS 2nd Round 9:00 AM AM II KO TEAMS 1st Round 9:00 AM Side Game Series Morning (2 of 4) 9:00 AM Crowne Plaza East, Tampa CG FREDD KO TEAMS - Semi-finals and Finals 1:30 & 8:00 PM SECOND CHANCE KO TEAMS - Semi-finals and Finals 1:30 & 8:00 PM OPEN PAIRS G-2 (Only Session) 1:30PM Side Game Series Afternoon (3 of 5) 1:30PM OPEN PAIRS G-2 (Only session) 8:00 PM Side Game Series Evening (3 of 5) 8:00 PM Wednesday, April 18 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING 9:30-11:30AM DAN SCRIVENS OPEN PAIRS 2 Sessions G-1C 1:00& 8:00 PM (ABA Membership Required) Side Game Series Afternoon (4 of 5) 1:00 PM AWARDS PRESENTATION RECEPTION 5:00 -7:30PM Side Game Series Evening (4 of 5) 8:00 PM Thursday, April 19 PRO - AM/HAM OPEN PAIRS (Pre-register, Wed. Optional) G-2 9:00 AM (AM’s Must be under 600 Master Points) AM KO TEAMS Semi-Finals 9:00 AM AM II - KO TEAMS Semi-Finals 9:00 AM Side Game Series Morning (3 of 4) 9:00 AM NATIONAL SWISS TEAMS - CHAMPIONSHIP 1:30 PM & 8:00 PM 2 SESSIONS - FLIGHTED - STRATIFIED - GIC (ABA Membership Required) O/2000-IMP’s, 20 pt scale, all others Wins/Losses Side Game Series Afternoon (5 of 5) 1:30 PM Side Game Series Evening (5 of 5) 8:00 PM Friday, April 20 AM KO TEAMS Finals 9:00 AM AM KO II TEAMS Finals 9:00 AM PRESIDENT'S PAIRS (Divided Fields) Only Session G-1 9:00 AM Side Series Morning (4 of 5) 9:00 AM


2012 SPRING NATIONAL PRE-REGISTRATION NAME ______________________________ABA# ________SECTION _________________ ARRIVAL DATE: ________________________DEPARTURE DATE: _____________________

With Pre-registration you will receive the following: 2012 Spring National Souvenir Journal Name tag with Section Ribbon identified by color Ticket to “Oldies But Goodies” party on Tuesday ONLY $15 -Complete form and mail with check to the ABA to: Vernice Whitfield 7632 Jana Lane S Jacksonville, FL 32210-8701

SOUTHERN SECTION The Southern Section is anxiously awaiting your arrival in Tampa. You’re going to love Tampa. Tampa is acclaimed for its diverse attractions, warm weather and equally warm hospitality, Tampa Bay offers a unique blend of urban excitement, world-class attractions, cultural centers and pristine natural settings, making it the most vibrant waterfront region on Florida's west coast. A perfect setting for a wonderful week of bridge. We are planning lots of hospitality and activities for you. Saturday night hospitality after 8:00 PM game. GLORIA CHRISTLER Sunday Morning Church Service. Section Vice President Monday night hospitality after 8:00 PM game. Tuesday - Oldies But Goodies Party 11:30 PM (Tickets included in preregistration $15). Wednesday evening Awards Banquet 5:30 PM (limited seating get your ticket early). Thursday night hospitality after 8:00 PM game. Night out at the Hard Rock Casino after 8:00 PM game (Evenings to be announced). In additional to evening hospitality, stop by the hospitality room for morning coffee. If you preregistered for the tournament, the ticket for the Oldies but Goodies Party is included with your other goodies. If not, tickets will be on sale for $15.00. Invitations for the Awards Banquet can be purchased from your Section Vice President or from Johnnie Saunders $30 advance sales, or $35 on site. Send your check to Johnnie Saunders, made payable to 2012 Spring National, 9009 Pinebreeze, Dr., Riverview, FL 33578. The hotel has free shuttle transportation to and from the airport and offers free shuttle services to the many restaurants, stores, shopping centers, the Hard Rock Casino any place within a five mile radius of the hotel. If you would like to check out some of the restaurants in the area the hotel shuttles are available to drop you off and bring you back to the hotel. The shuttles are available from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, so feel free to ask for a ride. If you decide to arrive a couple of days early or stay late, there are lots of popular attractions for you and your family and friends to see and visit — so come on down and have fun in the sun!


2012 ABA Spring National New Players Schedule APRIL 14 - 20, 2012 — TAMPA, FL Saturday, April 14, 2012 Open Pairs 3:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Sunday, April 15, 2012 Open Pairs 1:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Monday, April 16, 2012 Open Pairs 1:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. COMMITTEE MEETING - 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Open Pairs 1:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 19., 2012 General Membership Meeting — 9:00 a.m. Awards Reception 5:00 p.m. Open PPairs airs 1:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. Thursday, April 19, 2012 Pro-Am Open Pairs 9:00 a.m. Open Pairs 1:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. New Players Reception — 5:30 p.m. — Concord Room, Lobby Level Friday, April 20, 2012 Open Pairs 9:00 a.m. (Open pairs or team games daily 1:30 and 8:00 p.m. IF APPLICABLE) TIPS WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE EACH GAME.

To those who are planning to attend the Spring National in Tampa, you are in for some exciting eating treats! Within a five mile radius of the hotel are over 30 restaurants for your dining pleasure. They are not in walking distance, but they are in the range of the hotel shuttle which will be happy to take you to any of these places, and Tampa, Florida bring you back. All you have to do is get on the shuttle and when you are ready to return, call the shuttle back. Here is the list of the eating places in the area, in alphabetical order. There is a place for every taste. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Bennigan’s Bob Evans, Bonefish Grill, Buca di Beppo, California Pizza Kitchen, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Cheddars, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Cody’s Roadhouse, Dunkin Donuts, Giordano’s Hooter’s, Jasmine Thai, Jessie, Steak and Seafood, Kabuki, Ker’s Winghouse, Mellow Mushroom, Mimi’s Cafe, Olive Garden, Outback Steak House, Panera Bread, Ploy Thai, Red Lobster, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Ruby Tuesday's Shells, The Cheesecake Factory, Tokai, and Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi.

There is a microwave on every floor in the vendor and ice section.


Thank You From Scholarship Recipients Dear American Bridge Association, Inc. Thank you so much for awarding us the Americn Bridge Association’s F. Alberta Peterson National Scholarship. Each of us greatly appreciates this award, since the costs of higher education are steadily increasing each year. Because of the support of your fine organization, Candace and I are one semester closer to graduating from Cal State Fullerton University in May 2014, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. In October 2011, we were inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. It is a great honor to be a part of this prestigious society, and we are very excited to become more active in our participation in the events and activities of the organization. This past semester, we began course work in our area of emphasis. Business is definitely like a different language, and we really felt the need to step-up our effort and push even harder to maintain a good academic record. We studied together, took advantage of group study sessions and Mrs. Mary L. Sirmons F. Alberta Peterson Foundation 209 Dorothy Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15235 Dear Mrs. Sirmons, I am writing to thank you for your generous $1000.00 F. Alberta Peterson Foundation Scholarship for the past three years. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship. I am a Media major and a French minor with an emphasis in radio and television. I plan to pursue a career in

attended teachers’ office hours to get the extra help we needed. Perseverance, dedication and long hours in the library were surely the keys to our success! What great relief and accomplishment we felt when finals were over. In spite of the challenging school work, Lauren and I remain dedicated to our commitment to the Praise Dance Ministry at our church, as well as to our involvement in the Youth Choir, Youth Usher Board, and Sunday School ministries. We plan to become more involved in other dance activities and hope to expand our experience in musical theater this year, as well. We expect exciting things to happen, and look forward to all the blessings that God has in store for us! Thank you again so much for assisting us in our journey through college. We are greatly appreciative and will continue to strive to do well in the semesters to come. Sincerely, Lauren and Candace Robinson media upon graduating from Clark Atlanta University. I am currently a senior carrying 18 units, and plan to graduate, May 21, 2012. After graduation, I will seek a job in radio or television. Thanks to the F. Alberta Peterson Foundation, I am one step closer to my goal. By awarding me the, F. Alberta Peterson Foundation Scholarship you have lightened my financial burden which allows me time to focus more on the most important aspect of school — learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help

ABA Scholarship Information... There are currently 21 awardees receiving ABA scholarships. Now is the time to contact your section scholarship chairperson to find out about up-coming openings in your section. Mary Sirmon, Natl. Scholarship Chair American Bridge Association Education and Charitable Foundation, Inc. wishes members of the American Bridge Association a healthy, happy, and harmonious 2012. The foundation is grateful for your continued support of its mission and goals. Please consider a tax deductible donation or recurring pledge in celebration of our decade of dedication to promoting bridge awareness. Mail To: The ABA Foundation P.O. Box 270844 Houston, TX.77277 Cheryll Jones, President others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as the F. Alberta Peterson Foundation has helped me. Sincerely, Miss Kenitria Reed 3063 Brookwood Valley Circle NE Atlanta, GA 30309


Two Sessions in Chicago - Part I 2C and After

By Buzz Graham

Question-1: What are the requirements to open 2C? Someone answered 22+ HCP. I responded: that is correct when you have one of the three notrump shapes: 4432, 4333 or 5332. What does it take if you have something other than a notrump shape? Say you have 5431 «xxxxx xxxx xxx x or 6331 «xxxxxx xxx xxx x Say you have 6322 «xxxxxx xxx xx xx or 7321 «xxxxxxx xxxx x x For hands like these, you need no more than 4 losers plus you need at least 4 Quick Tricks. For this, go back to your fundamentals for counting Quick Tricks: AK=2; A=1; KQ=l; AQ=1-1/2; Kx=1/2; etc. For counting losers, you need a fundamental understanding of Losing Trick Count. You'll find that in Ron Klinger’s book on that subject or in the December 2011 and January 2012 issues of the ACBL Bulletin in two articles by Jennifer Jones. Question-2: What is the best approach for responding to 2C? The possibilities are: (a) 2D Waiting in which responder’s 2D is waiting and responder must bid 3C at her next turn after bidding 2D to show a bad hand. Responder’s first bid of 2H, 2S, 3C or 3D shows a KQxxx suit or better. Responder’s 2NT shows game-going, notrumpy values. (b) Controls (A=2 controls and K=1 control) in which responder’s 2D shows 0-1 control; 2H shows 2 controls; 2S shows 3 controls and 2NT shows 4 controls. Different partnerships may have other agreements for showing controls. (c) 2 Hearts Double Negative, in which responder’s 2D is game forcing, showing at least 1 Ace or 1 King or 2 Queens and responder’s 2 Hearts shows less than gamegoing values. Responder’s first bid of 2S, 2NT, 3C or 3D shows a KQxxx suit or better. Responder’s 2NT shows a KQxxx or better Heart suit. Most at Chicago’s 87th St. Club use 2 Hearts Double Negative and I also use it, so we agreed to discuss that approach. I asked the class to come up with examples of hands that were not notrumpy, but also met the requirements of having no more than 4 losers and at least 4 defensive “Quick” tricks. Here are a five examples of shapely hands which might open 2C: S-J7 H-AKQ875 D-3 C-AK32(4L+4QT) S-AKJT72 H-AKJT D-3 C-87(4L+4QT)

S-AQT H-K87 D-3 C-AKQ732(4L+4QT)

S-KQJ2 H-AK8765 D-3 C-AK(3L+5QT)

S-AK2 H-K6 D-AKQT743 C-2(3L+4-1/2 QT)

Someone mentioned that they’d heard that you shouldn’t open 2C with a 2-suiter like: (a) S-AKJT72 H-AKJT8 D-3 C-7(4L+4QT) (b) S-AKQJT2 H-AKQJT8 D-3 C--(1 L+4QT) I mentioned that in the case of (a), with only 16 HCP and such extreme shape, you can trust that the auction is not likely to pass out. If you open 1S, and 2nd seat jumps to 5C or 5D, you are still prepared to show your 2nd suit, Hearts. If you open this hand 2C and 2nd hand preempts 5C or 5D, you won’t be able to show both suits. In the case of (b), We are afraid that with 20 HCP, partner might pass if we open just 1S, so we open 2C to be safer. I asked what should we do when the opponents interfere after our 2C opener. Again no response! So we discussed these auctions: You(2C) LHO(2H) Pard(Pass!) Pard’s pass is game forcing. But in: You(2C) LHO(2H) Pard(Double!) Pard’s double is weak, showing not enough for game. This double allows opener to occasionally penalize the opponents when they are out of line. (Continued on page 13)


Chicago Part I (continued from page 12) Next I asked what the difference is between the following two auctions: 2C=2D!=2S=4S «2D showed an A or K or 2Qs (basically one cover card or one trick). The jump to game shows nothing extra. 2C=2D!=2S=3S «2D showed an A or K or 2Qs (basically one cover card or one trick). The simple raise to 3S shows extras (at least 2 cover cards) and leaves space for cue-bidding below game. If opener needs more than 2 cover cards for slam, she quits here in 4S. Responder can bid again after opener quits in game to show 3+ cover cards. I asked what the following auction meant: 2C=2D!=3S?? No answer! I shared with the group that declarer has something like: S-AKQT743 H-K6 D-AK2 C-2(3L+4Y2 QT) or better and that the jump to 3S sets the trump suit (even if responder has a void) and demands that responder next cuebid her lowest ranking Ace. Responder now bids 4C (Club Ace); 4D (Diam Ace); 4H (Heart Ace); 4S (2 Queens See below). Failing an Ace, responder rebids 3NT to show 1 or more Kings. Opener then bids 4C to ask for the cheapest King. Responder now bids 4D (Diam King); 4H (Heart King); 4S (Club King). Failing an Ace or King, responder bids 4S over 3S, showing 2 Queens only. We then bid the following hands and there was a surprise! North: S-A72 H-J8765 D-3 C-8732 (Responder) South: S-KQJT942 H-AQ D-AQ83 C----- (Opener) The auction: N


2D! P 4NT!!! P P P

SYou 2C 3S!! ??


2D! is game forcing. 3S!! demands cuebid of an Ace 4NT!! hadn’t been discussed. So what did South do with that call? South calmly reviewed the responses she had been taught about the responses to opener’s 3S demand bid. She thought: 3NT says I have 1 or more Kings. 4C says I have the CLUB Ace 4D says I have the DIAMOND Ace 4H says I have the HEART Ace 4S says I have just 2 QUEENS (remember this one?) Then she thought again — “my partner must have the Ace of spades!” So her last bid was 6S. Making 6 or 7, depending on the lead.

Timeliness!! Games will start on time IF... • You register early • You are seated early • You’re ready to make boards & play!

It’s all up to you!

Photos of Stratified Winners Photos will be taken of winners of two session Stratified Championship events in each Flight and Team game winners. ***** Daily photos of New Player Winners. See the ABA Photographer Barbara Vinzant


Two Sessions in Chicago - Part 2 INTERMEDIATE Topics in Opening Leads By Buzz Graham Question-l: What should you NEVER lead? There was no answer! I responded: that we should never under-lead a side suit Ace at a trump contract. Question-2: Why should we NEVER under lead a side suit Ace at trumps? Because, at trumps, we typically get just 1 or 2 tricks from a side suit before declarer is able to ruff the suit. Rarely, we may get 3 tricks when declarer and dummy both have at least three pieces in the suit, but we never know just when that will happen. If we underlead an Ace, we may lose the I trick we have coming in the suit or we may allow declarer to win the first trick and maybe pitch a second loser on an outside winner, with the defense getting no trick in the suit! We agreed that most in Chicago lead A from AK. (This is a reminder that A from AK is a trick one convention only. It does not apply after trick one). Question-3: Anything else you should tend not to ever lead? No response. I responded: that below the 5-level, we should tend not to lead an unsupported sidesuit Ace at a trump contract (not even when you and partner have bid and raised a suit). The bidding has gone:

N E S W 1H 1S 2H 3H Limit Raise 4S P P P What do you lead with these hands? a) xx Axx QJxx xxxx b) xx 872 QJxx KTxx c) xx Q82 QJxx KTxx

a) Does partner’s Heart opener promise the Heart King? (NO). There are two big hands at the table. If partner doesn’t have the HK, who most likely has it? (Your RHO). If you lead in this manner, partner will know you have the Ace of her suit when you fail to lead her suit. b) Your Heart raise announced at least 3 Hearts. Leading the H8 says you have no Heart honor and places all cards in the suit for partner. c) The Heart 2 places you with an honor in the suit. With no honor you'd lead the H8. All this is based on your prior raise of partner's Hearts. The bidding has gone:

N E S W 1H P 1S P 2D P 2H P P P What do you lead with these hands? 1) xx 975 KJ9x QTxx 2) xx Q72 KJ9x KTxx 1) Opener has bid two suits. Responder preferred Hearts over Diamonds. You can see from Responder’s Diamond holding that declarer must ruff Diamond losers in dummy or s/he will lose those tricks. This is known as a “preference auction.” Lead a small trump and continue trumps at every opportunity until your trumps or dummy's trumps are exhausted.


2) Same as #1. Even with Q72 of trumps! Opener has bid two suits. Responder preferred Hearts over Diamonds. You can see from Responder's Diamond holding that declarer must ruff Diamond losers in dummy or s/he will lose those tricks. This is known as a “preference auction.” Lead a small trump and continue trumps at every opportunity until your trumps or dummy's trumps are exhausted. Did you ever find partner with the

(Continued on page 15)

Chicago - Part 2 (continued from page 14) trump A/K/J when you hold Qxx? If you lose a trick on the lead, it will come back to you in the Heart suit. The bidding has gone:

N E S WYou 1S P 2H P 4H P P P As West, what do you lead with these hands? B) Q72 xx KJ9x KTxx A) K95 xx T97x QJxx A) Opener has bid one suit. It appears that they have no fit in Spades.. You can see from your Spade holding that whatever is missing from declarer’s Spades is very finessable, with the suit breaking 3-3 for a likely five tricks. This is known as an “Active Dummy” situation. Declarer likely has an abundance of tricks (you can see it if you look). So lead the minor suit you believe will produce tricks for your side right now!

B) Same as A, Question-3: Then someone asked about the lead of the Ace at notrump and we got no consensus on what the Ace means. After a little discussion of the objectives of the lead, we decided that the opening leader would have something like: AKJT87 or AKQT5 or AKJ9765 or even AKQT and 3rd hand should drop her honor if she has one. Then I asked what should 3rd hand do when s/he has no honor? After too long, someone responded that s/he thought she had heard that 3rd hand is really supposed to play her biggest card on the Ace. After a bit more discussion, we agreed that the reason for dropping an honor was to help partner learn if her remaining honors would pick up the suit and Biggest card didn’t help with that. Then I asked the students if they had no honor to drop, what else might help partner know if her remaining honors would pick up her suit? Almost immediately, I heard the word, COUNT! Drop the Honor 1st, but show count if have no honor! Those students in Chicago are pretty sharp. Other students out there better think about working harder to keep up with the Joneses in Chicago! Question-4: What’s the right way to handle sequence leads? Someone answered, “lead the top.” I asked, “Is that all there is to it?” Then silence When partner leads the top of a sequence like: KQJ(x), QJT(x), JT9(x), or KQT(x), QJ9(x) or JT8(x), the lead establishes an attitude situation around the cards higher than partner’s lead in the suit and the third (P) card in the sequence. When partner leads the Jack from JT8(x), in addition to the A, K & Q, s/he is also worried about where the 9 (3rd card in the sequence) is. When you (third hand) have A or K, you generally play that honor. When you have A & K, you play the K. When you have either an equal honor (Queen in this case) or the 3rd card in the sequence, and more than a doubleton, you tell partner so with an encouraging attitude signal. Holding Q74, third hand should encourage with the 7. This is what should happen at trick 1. With a doubleton Honor, 3rd hand must unblock (play the Queen at T1) immediately. Holding three to a higher honor, it is often right to play it, but occasionally right to duck and try to force declarer take her trick while you and partner retain communication in partner's suit. (A subject for a later lesson). When West leads her suit for the second time, her job is to tell partner how deep the sequence goes so partner can manage her holding in that suit correctly. The lead of the 10, denies the 9 (and so lets East know to retain the Queen). The lead of the 9 promises the 10, but denies the 8. The lead of the 8 promises both 10 and 9, but denies the 7. And so forth. Stop and think about this. Get it right forever. On her 2nd lead, West (holding JT98) should lead the 8 and no matter what dummy does, East must now play her Q to unblock the suit (even when dummy wins the King) or clear the suit (when dummy ducks). If West believes East has encouraged at trick 1 (showing either an equal honor or the 3rd card in the sequence) and West has only a three card sequence (not deep enough to clear the suit without help), West should continue with her 4th best in the suit.


If our defenders had handled their suit as we have described, the suit would have been unblocked on their 2nd lead and when the defenders later won a trick, they would be able to cash out for a total of 6 tricks.

William Friend Grand Master and Overall Winner Chester G. Johnson 2082.03 Points

To amass nearly 2,100 points in a single year requires lots of playing and lots of winning. Chester Johnson has an insatiable appetite for playing cards. Be it CHESTER G. JOHNSON bridge, bid whist, or spades, if there is a game, Chester is ready to play. Often, as I am about to leave the clubhouse following an evening of bridge and wondering if I am going to collapse from exhaustion or fall asleep before getting home, I find Chester on the phone trying to find a late evening (or early morning) card game. In addition to all of the ABA tournaments that he participates in annually, Chester plays in perhaps an equal number of ACBL tournaments as well. His competitive nature compels him to strive for excellence and to be the very best. Chester has never been one who is satisfied to just be good at what he does — he always wants to be the best. His achievements seem even more remarkable when you consider the fact that his favorite partner, Herbert Taylor, did not play during the last quarter of 2011. Chester Johnson is truly someone who is driven to play cards and driven to win. Congratulations Chester for winning the William Friend Award for the fourth time! By Edward B. Lumpkin, Sr.

TOP PLAYERS Platinum Diamond/ Joyce Williams Derby Winner Marian C. Womack 1643.28 Points

This is better than a repeat or three-peat, its become an octopeat! Closely trailed by another MARIAN C. WOMACK great cook and bridge player from Atlanta, GA, Marian again won the coveted Joyce Williams Award and Platinum player for 2011. She sealed the “peat” with her win of the American Bridge Association’s last Knock Out game of the year in Atlantic City, NJ. The Southwest Section of the ABA in their effort to honor its WINNERS has named the 2012 Sectional 2-session Open Pair game — The Marian Womack Open Pair Game. Congratulations to the newest Southwestern Grand Life Master. Keep on keeping on Marian.

Silver Diamond Winner - William P. Foster - 982.13 Points

By Mae Clark

Gold Diamond Winner - Edward B. Lumpkin, Sr. - 1051.06 Points Having spent nearly all of the previous sixteen years as a director at most of the major tourna-


ments that I attended, I frequently found myself feeling much like a fish out of water at the Spring and Summer Nationals in 2011. EDWARD B. LUMPKIN, SR. For whatever reason, it just didn’t feel right. Back in the good ole days when I first started playing bridge, winning was relatively easy. But, as I progressed and the competition got stiffer, things changed (that’s when I started directing). Although I am grateful for the recognition, I really don’t think that I did anything really special last year and it is difficult for me to think of myself as a winner in view of the fact that the real winner of the William Friend Race earned over a thousand points more than I did. Since we do not play INDIVIDUAL movements in the ABA, one must have good partners and competent teammates in order to win. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of my partners and teammates for putting up with me last year as I look forward to the challenge of making 2012 an even greater year.


Congratulations to my dear partner William Patrick (Pat) Foster for topping the Silver Diamond category with points in 2011. He is one fierce (Continued on page 17)

Silver Diamond Winner -

TOP PLAYERS (Continued from page 16) competitor; and I’m proud to tell everyone “he’s my hoss." Pat and his wife, Patricia, met while attending friendly and kind he is. He loves Talladega College. Literally, love at bridge and I am very fortunate he first sight. They became inseparable. is always willing to travel and to Realizing they couldn’t live without seriously compete; even though each other, in their senior year, they we have an enormous amount of became husband and wife. The couple fun at the table. He’s the same as a did take the time out to pledge their brother to me and my BFF. He Greek lettered organizations: Alpha says I’m his favorite partner, well, Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta. I would like to tell all, he is Within this union, Pat and Pat have certainly mine. WDP! three wonderful children and five By Alice P Brown beautiful grandchildren. They are Diamond Winner awesome grandparents with standing weekly dates with all of the grandchil- Angela Hester - 903.05 dren. Points Angela Pat’s talent and excellent skill at Hester of the the game of bridge doesn’t just end at wide open the table. Away from the table, Pat is spaces of an avid checkers player. He attends Texas, concheckers tournaments around the tinues to WIN country and also subscribes to Na- WIN tional and International Checkers WIN! The Association’s monthly publications. March 2010 He is also a motorcyclist “biker” issue of the owning a Harley and a Triumph and ANGELA HESTER Bulletin takes long distance rides with fellow featured cyclists. Angela as the William Friend He loves music of all genre and a Ruby Winner amassing 849.22 musician in his own rights. Like points. Then the July 2011 issue father, like son, Pat was genetically featured Angela as the Diamond predisposed to music by virtue of the fact that he is the son of the late great Winner of the Morristown, New Jersey national winning 223.37 Dr. William P. Foster, Professor of points and here again, Angela Music, Chairman of the Department returns as the 2011 William Friend of Music, and Band Director of winner of the DIAMOND field Florida A&M Marching 100. (Defiwith 903.05 points. You, go girl! nitely worth googling Dr. William P. What’s Angela's secret? Well, Foster FAMU Marching 100.) His she has learned that an established dad was over-the-top in the area of partnership has a better chance of music and the marching band. Both either “winning, placing or showparents were very good social bridge ing” on the result board. Rose players also. There’s much more to Carvin is Angela’s regular partner Pat than I can put in this article but I and winning partner, I might say. must mention how personable,

Add another established partnership of Brenda Metz and Monica Lett and you have a team that is hard to beat. Angela has shared in previous write-ups that play-play-play is the name of the game in order to work out the kinks to win-win-win. So, it appears that when the call is made to “Shuffle, Deal and Play” that Angela is there to engage in battle. And guess what, she often emerges victorious. Congratulations, Angela — and there are still a few more words to add to the next winning article so keep’em coming! By Barbara Vinzant

Ruby Winner - Johnny Gills - 756.61 Points Judy, Judy, Judy. The only reason why I won this honor is Judy. Judy and I did not play our first ABA game until June 2011. At that time I was JOHNNY GILLS probably not in the top 20. Sometimes when we play, it is like nectar; sometimes it’s like vinegar. Throughout the year I played and won MPs with many partners from Masters to Grand Life Masters; but more than two-thirds of my points were won playing opposite Judy. 2012 will be an interesting year. The competition in the Diamond category will be fierce and fun. I will be joining Judy and Angela in that category. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shirleana for being a friend — especially the help provided in Chicago; and you too, Denorce. I don’t think anyone could (Continued on page 18)


find a better friend. Finally, I wish my fellow ABA’ers would visit our website — and enjoy our monthly newsletter.

Senior Life Master Winner - Stephanie Young 506.73 Points

When I was named Senior Life Master for the Morristown, New Jersey Spring National in 2011, my spark became a flame and that flame is still burning. Thank STEPHANIE YOUNG you ABA for this special recognition. Winning the William Friend Race as Senior Life Master in 2011 is such an honor. When I started taking lessons I had no idea that I would enjoy playing the game so immensely. My good friend Jimesa talked me in to taking lessons with her. Now I’m playing bridge and she’s skiing on the slopes. This honor would not have been possible without my great partner Julia Lee of Las Vegas and my team members Denise McPherson, Laura Smith, Rosemary Bickham and Cassandra Wallace, I can't thank you enough. I pray that we have an opportunity to play together again in 2012. I would like to thank my mentors, especially my teachers Pat Banks and Shirley Lee for their foundation, as well as their constant encouragement to learn different conventions to improve upon my play of hand. There is so much to learn in this game of bridge and some lessons you will never forget when you end up in the wrong contract going down 1700. My goal is to continue to be a student of the game, read and play as often as one can, listen and learn from our seasoned players. I have also


TOP PLAYERS gained a wealth of knowledge of the ABA Organization by serving as the President of the Los Angeles Bridge Unit,Western Section New Player Chairperson, as well as the General Chairperson of the 2011 Summer National in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have learned a great deal about the organization and game, yet there is so much more to learn. Thank you LABU for being a part of my village from the age of eight!

Life Master Winner

- Eric Shelton - 722.31 Points Individual awards in the game of bridge are a little misleading, no one can win any game in bridge by yourself. Therefore, I ERIC SHELTON must first thank my lovely partner, Birnell Hatcher and my super teammates: Johnny Gills, Judith Glasco, Andrew Echols, Robbie Battle, David Smith, Daisy Smith, Nicki Magee, and Mary Anderson for their high concentration and precise execution throughout the many tournaments we have played together in. It’s hard to earn points in bridge without a good partner and team. Next, I must acknowledge the many “PROs” or “Mentees” who have sacrificed their time and game to play with a second year

player to help me improve and learn the game of bridge. This really means a lot to me and I will forever cherish the time you have spent with me. Your efforts must be working or I would not be writing this: Bill Turner, Allen Morton, Anderson Williams, Gloria Christler, and Charles Walker. You all have played with me, answered my many questions, endured my many mistakes, and provided invaluable encouragement. I would like to recognize and thank you all for your sacrifice, guidance and patience. In my two years of ABA play, I have learned two things I feel very strongly about that have led to my appointment from George Hudson to be the ABA National Mentor/ Mentee Committee Chairman. When four novices play together, incorrect bids, contracts, leads, defense, and play of the hand takes place and most of it is never acknowledged, discussed or corrected. Someone wins the hand and game and amasses a good amount of master points. Novices keep doing this in the lower flights until they have collected a lot of points and then have to play against the “Big Dogs.” There they realize why first place in flight B is only 12th place in flight A. When an AM plays with a PRO, the AM learns something from each hand that is played. The PRO can provide polite tips and comments that “teach” as you play and these “tips” are remembered by the AM player for life. The mistake is not usually made twice. This I know for a fact. This is why I ask the PROs for a game. This is why I want to “play up,” and this is why I am working hard as the National Mentor/Mentee Committee Chairman to encourage the PROs to give a new player a game periodically to

(Continued on page 19)

Life Master Winner (Continued from page 18) teach and help the ABA to increase it’s overall skill level and increase tournament attendance. I am the proof that this works. It is OK for a Grand Master, Platinum Diamond, or Gold Diamond player to play with a Master, Life Master, or Sr. Life Master Player — it is good for the ABA. I must share one funny story that took place this year at the Summer Nationals in Arizona. I got to play in my first non-mixed pair two session game. Johnny Gills and I were up against 11 tables of the top male players in the ABA. We went in confident (even as the lowest master point pair in the competition) that we would do some damage along the way and establish ourselves as real competitors. At the half of the two session event, we were next to last at 26%, not where we were expecting to be. (I’m laughing writing this.) The worst whipping I have ever had in bridge. We regrouped, discussed a few things and did finish respectably at 48% for the two sessions, but I learned how tough this game is and how good the play is in the ABA. We did not get any Master Points in this one. In closing, I want to encourage newer players to ask a PRO for a game. When the AM ask the PRO for a game, you are taking the first step demonstrating to the PRO that you are a student of the game and value the “knowledge transfer” that takes place playing with a PRO. If one is not available, ask the next one, this is one of the ways to improve your game.

Master Winner -

Elizabeth Moseley - 332.31 Points Congratulations to Elizabeth Moseley as the ABA Master Player of 2011 having amassed 332.31 points. As a new player, Elizabeth is both very excited and surprised on receiv-

TOP PLAYERS ing this award. She began her duplicate bridge journey in late 2010. With her partner Ray Moseley, she particiELIZABETH MOSELEY pated in her first National Tournament, the 2011 ABA Spring Nationals. At that tournament she accumulated the most points as an Asterisk Player. She then realized the key to success in bridge was not only love of the game, but to study, to practice and to have fun. She has found a new passion to keep her mentally alert. Elizabeth credits her friend and mentor Daisy Smith with her encouraging words to be better and to believe that she can achieve. She would like to acknowledge her Washington Bridge Unit Club mentors, Louis Garner, Reginald Chapman, Clarice Reid and the many other WBU Club members who be-lieve that mistakes prompt feedback and FEEDBACK is the “Breakfast of Champions.” She appreciates her mentors continued on point feedback, as she strives to improve her bridge knowledge. Together these mentors continue to help her in building a solid duplicate bridge foundation. Elizabeth humbly attributes her success to her duplicate partner Ray Moseley and her amazing team members, Joe Anne Williams and Robert Williams

(Asterisk players of the year 2011, KUDOS). She thanks her team for smiles, laughter, friendship and pushing each other, but not letting anyone fall. Because of this team’s qualities of excellence, she now stands tall with this new achievement.

Asterisk Winners Robert & Joe Anne Williams - 348.54

Who said that married couples should not play bridge as partners? Well, Bob and Joe Anne are proving them wrong as they continue to strive to improve their JOE ANNE & ROBERT game. One of WILLIAMS their strongest tools for moving upward and onward is the belief that good manners and respect for others is not only important, but also expected. Equipped with skill, their teammates provided camaraderie, friendship and fun competitive spirits. Ray and Elizabeth Moseley often traveled with them. The Moseley/ ROBERT & JOE ANNE WILLIAMS Williams Team accumulated over 200 points together. DaisyTONI Smith andKING DENISE Chuck Jones joined them in New Jersey to round out a sensational win. Peggy Munford and Betsy Parker helped them to build up their point count in Virginia. A win was expertly cemented with Joseph and Carol Hillery in Maryland. A major storm front prevented their previously arranged team members from being able to travel to a Philly game. All was well when their friend’s daughter, Angela, encouraged them to play with her delightful parents, Mervin and Catherine Jones as well as Inez Turner ...that was a lot of confidence given by these “A” (Continued on page 20)


The 2011 W illiam Friend Races William RUBY

ASTERISK Robert C. Williams Joe Anne Williams Richard Rogers Lewis Cleveland John Anthony Demos Richard Boyd Rhonda I. Kimbrough Glenda Dickerson Harry Gellis Judith Kotkin

348.54 348.54 261.97 188.06 169.82 145.13 119.50 112.96 108.23 106.97 332.31 324.03 322.69 266.01 263.21 204.93 165.79 125.02 117.51 114.44

LIFE MASTER Eric Shelton Saundra Jones Patricia Sadler Loretta M. McCroskey Rodney Bias Naomi L. Manuel Thelma Palmer Kathleen Carter Eugene Boizan Sonja F. Johnson

756.61 595.61 477.13 455.38 455.02 403.19 401.27 397.40 356.38 345.83

Angela Hester Elizabeth Alexander Larry Cooke Birnell Hatcher Judith Glasco Daisy Smith Paulien Lewis Doris Bebee Florence L. Carter John Lyddon

903.05 841.31 721.61 660.44 580.57 524.21 520.88 501.83 448.77 448.59

SILVER DIAMOND 722.31 199.15 187.98 163.24 153.09 151.76 144.86 140.40 132.07 131.17

William P. Foster Rose Carvin Mattie C. Young Allen Morton Clara W. Berryhill Norman James Cleveland Young James Lee Lillian Hale Harold Minus

982.13 904.12 800.35 665.05 662.97 621.61 606.93 604.23 584.14 542.55


SR. LIFE MASTER Stephanie Young Gloria V. Cooper David Wooley Carole Smith William J. Crockett Rubbie Brown Olive Fulton Juanita Merritt Mayer Wiesen Barbara A. Davis

Johnny Gills Julia Ann Lee Lovie L. Lynch Celestine Tillman Denise McPherson C. David Smith Jr. Rosetta J. Boyd Susan B. Furchtenicht Emma J. Hardeman Rosemary Bicckham


MASTER Elizabeth Moseley Ray H. Moseley Phyllis Jones Sandra Surita Yvonne Paul Cleveland Rock Mildred U. Green Marion K. Ragab Wilma Armstrong Denorce Starks


506.73 448.41 245.43 225.23 216.60 206.07 201.32 188.89 167.61 166.76

Edward B. Lumpkin Sr. Shirley L. Williams Evelyn Adkins Rosietta S. Brown Henry Irwin Harold Singleton III Cheryll C. Jones Marjorie L. Waldon Helen Anderson James Woodard

1051.06 813.45 792.53 780.25 700.90 671.35 651.46 628.65 615.26 606.17

Asterisk Winners - (Continued from page 19) players who played with them and helped add to their tally. Thank you, teammates! You have made many so envious and Joe Anne and Bob happy and humbled to have had the experience of sharing the fun and challenge with such incredible teams. It is with great hope and expectations that they look forward to play-ing with you in 2012 and beyond. If you are reading this, you are also thanked because so many of you were a part of the fun and the memories. The various hosts are appreciated for their time and efforts in arranging the tournaments. A “shout out” to the Diamond State for their gracious hospitality at the Williams’ only


And the winners are... PLATINUM DIAMOND Marian C. Womack Gloria Christler Worth R. Christler George E. Hudson Alice P. Brown Anderson C. Williams Barbara Hutson Benny R. Patton Jerrie Thomas Winston O. Edwards

1643.28 1608.32 1483.91 1453.42 1338.50 1137.64 1102.16 1062.52 1045.36 986.75

GRAND LIFE MASTER Chester G. Johnson Regnald O. Chapman Jimmy Pelham Bill Turner Harold R. Bickham Lela M. Wilson Mae Clark Clarice D. Reid Herbert Taylor Lionel O. Barton

2082.03 1970.98 1357.54 1227.66 1206.44 1134.94 1000.87 862.20 801.87 722.62

JOYCE WILLIAMS DERBY Marian C. Womack Gloria Christler Alice P. Brown Lela M. Wilson Barbara Hutson Jerrie Thomas Mae Clark Rose Carvin Angela Hester Gladys J. Randall

1643.28 1608.32 1136.50 1134.94 1102.16 1045.36 1001.87 904.12 903.05 903.00

FRIEND OVERALL RACE Chester G. Johnson Reginald O. Chapman Marian C. Womack Gloria Christler Worth R. Christler George E. Hudson Jimmy Pelham Alice P. Brown Bill Turner Harold R. Bickham

2082.03 1970.03 1643.28 1608.32 1483.91 1453.42 1357.54 1336.50 1227.66 1206.44

ABA club game. Thank you to the staff in Atlanta for their patience in helping these asterisks who are somewhat homeless navigate with ease. You made Bob and Joe Anne happy “at-large” members.

American Bridge Association New Level R eport Report Sept. 1 - Dec. 31, 2011 Master Marie Barnes Marietta Beverly Deborah A Bouie Kathryn Bowers Thomas Bridgwaters Elaine Budoff Lillian Cochrane Rudolph Cummings Frances Davis Marie Davis Conrad DePass Arnicia Downing Harold Edwards Charles Ennis Gwendolyn Finch Jacqueline Garrett Harry Gellis Cynthia Harris Barbara Harris Michelle Hill Ubirdia Holmes Alverne Hood Carolyn James Rock Pereira Alan Pinado Willie P Roberts Janice M Ross Winafred Schoeffler Ludie M Searcy Janet D Sheridan Juanita Simmons Carolyn Stacker F Lucille Stivers Shirley Strother Francie L Tardy Patricia Taylor Florence Thomas Bill Thompson Dolores A Thoms Doris T Trammel Martha Truett Jean Turk Patricia A Walker Christine Walker Elnora Washington Cheryl White Dr Judith Wilcox Charlotte Wolfe Savannah Young Life Master Peter Alexander Marjorie B Allen Jean Belton Marian Bogan Esther Bolton Dr. Wilma Bonner Harry Gellis Alan Handelsman Leonard Hawthorne

S Ozone Park, NY Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Memphis, TN Indianapolis, IN Sarasota, FL Franklin Park, NJ Laurelton, NY Sarasota, FL Chicago, IL Las Vegas, NV Washington, DC Brooklyn, NY Los Angeles, CA Columbia, SC Nashville, TN Midlothian, VA Romulus, MI Lyndhurst, OH Charlotte, NC Inglewood, CA St. Louis, MO Matthews, NC Durham, NC Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Indianapolis, IN Sarasota, FL College Park, GA Richmond, VA Southfield, MI East St Louis, IL Los Angeles, CA Plainfield, NJ Indianapolis, IN Richmond, VA Kansas City, MO Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Detroit, MI Oakland, CA Philadelphia, PA Sacramento, CA Dallas, TX Gary, IN Philadelphia, PA Sarasota, FL Memphis, TN University City, MO Sarasota, FL Dayton, OH Richmond, VA Las Vegas, NV Stone Mountain, GA Washington, DC Midlothian, VA Oakland Gardens, NY Mt. Vernon, NY

Linda Himes WD Houston Marion W Hubbard Helen Hudson Mary F Jones Carolyn J Joyner Warren Kardon Judith Kotkin Fred Kuhstoss John Lacoste Caranell Lott Mary McCloud Juanita McKay Janice L Nichols Amy Nikaitani Warren Norris Claudia W Parker Jane Phipps Robert Placko Jacklin Smith Frank Stobart Mary J Ward Bettye S Washington Sr Life Master David A Alexander Rodney Bias Doris Y Brightful Kathleen Carter Jacqueline Chappell Marjorie Coleman Alice DeJean William Farmer Minnie Fields Mattie M Gore Anna Hayes Castella Irene Hill Everlina R Jackson Sonja F Johnson Daisy Jones Phyllis Jones Dr William V Lofton Jr Dolores Marshall Vivian Middleton Barbara Mosby Elizabeth Moseley Ray H Moseley

Houston, TX East Point, GA Culver City, CA Houston, TX Detroit, MI St Augustine, FL Sarasota, FL New Hyde Park, NY Stone Mountain, GA Seattle, WA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Virginia Beach, VA So Pasadena, CA Seattle, WA Cleveland, OH Ferndale, MI Richmond, VA Sarasota, FL St Louis, MO St. Louis, MO Riverdale, GA Memphis, TN Monroe Township, NJ Phoenix, AZ Baltimore, MD Beaumont, CA Chicago, IL Adelphi, MD Bronx, NY Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA Atlanta, GA Kansas Ciry, KS Wayne, PA Atlanta, GA Smyrna, GA Oak Park, IL Brooklyn, NY Las Vegas, NV Atlanta, GA College Park, GA Los Angeles, CA Woodstock, MD Woodstock, MD

Yvonne Paul Howard E Prunty Corene Scott Lena Smith Sandra Surita Joe Anne Williams Robert C Williams Vera G Winston William Wood Winnie Yonkers Ruby Pearlena B Allen Calvin Ross Diamond Riley Brown Jr Elaine M Conway Pamela Dallas Francena M Dudley Mamie Kitchen Denise McPherson Evelyn Moore Clayton White Minnie Wiley Silver Diamond Mary Anderson Mary R Bell Barbara Brown Emma Jean Clark Linda J Dunn Paul Grady Calvin G Harper Birnell Hatcher Flora Hazzard Edith V Knowlton Roberta McGowan Vivian D Raspberry Jean Rogers Dorothy Smith Gold Diamond Alice E Adams Clara W Berryhill Rose Carvin Faye Hines Grand Life Master Worth R Christler

Richmond Hgts, OH Ellenwood, GA Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Brooklyn, NY Lancaster, PA Lancaster, PA El Cerrito, CA Hartsdale, NY Silver Spring, MD Silver Spring, MD New York, NY Macon, GA Silver Spring, MD Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Redford, MI Chicago, IL Owings Mills, MD Philadelphia, PA Chattanooga, TN Detroit, MI Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Kansas City, KS Chicago, IL Charlotte, NC Oakland, CA East Point, GA Detroit, MI Atlanta, GA Saginaw, MI St Louis, MO Southfield, MI Bronx, NY Cincinnati, OH Mitchellville, MD Anahuac, TX Conyers, GA Atlanta, GA

Tampa Souvenir Journal ads will still be accepted until April 1st! Your support is needed - so contact Vernice Whitfield at See journal information in December 2011 newsletter or check out the website


ABA TOP 200 PLA YERS PLAYERS 1. Chester G Johnson 2. Reginald O Chapman 3. Robert J Price 4. Lionel O Barton 5. Arnold P Jones 6. Lela M Wilson 7. Mae Clark 8. Bill Turner 9. Julius C Fields 10. Harold R Bickham 11. Luis F Pietri 12. Lee H Pennington 13. Clarice D Reid 14. Herbert Taylor 15. Dwight Galley 16. Naomi Ballard 17. Jimmy Pelham 18. John H Washington 19. Marian C Womack 20. Freddie H Jones 21. Gloria Christler 22. Sylvia J Christian 23. Heywood Ballard 24. Worth R Christler 25. Mary E Moragne 26. George E Hudson 27. Berrye A Thompson 28. Winston O Edwards 29. I Calvin Morris 30. Jerrie Thomas 31. Bessie W Haley 32. Gladys J Randall 33. Richard H Bowling 34. Taylor H Cox 35. Barbara Hutson 36. Anderson C Williams 37. Robert J Friend 38. Robert W Wallace 39. Benny R Patton 40. Faye Burke 41. Wanda Mc-Wills 42. Loisteen Murff 43. Leola C Rucker 44. William A Johnson 45. Alice P Brown 46. Robert Williams 47. Regena Edwards 48. Victor Stewart 49. Mary A Green 50. Clyde A Gulston


Chicago IL Ft Washington MD Chicago IL Missouri City TX Chicago IL Beaumont TX Arlington TX HoustonTX New York NY Indianapolis IN Philadelphia PA Nashville TN Bethesda MD Chicago IL Sugar Land TX Southfield MI Jamaica NY New York NY Houston TX Chicago IL Atlanta GA Southfield MI Southfield MI Atlanta GA Raleigh NC Jamaica NY Farmington Hills MI Laurel MD Jamaica NY Upper Marlboro MD Charleston WV Chicago IL Greensboro NC Southfield MI Detroit MI Atlanta GA Irvine CA Indianapolis IN Atlanta GA Silver Spring MD Southfield MI Punta Gorda FL Virginia Beach VA Los Angeles CA Midlothian VA Chicago IL Laurel MD Columbia MD Philadelphia PA Brooklyn NY

45668.20 43224.49 39310.51 34457.20 30848.22 30553.48 28637.68 25626.93 25230.30 24891.60 24698.49 24064.84 23759.31 23102.96 22882.50 21605.33 21393.10 21256.02 21053.91 20977.38 20976.46 20871.42 20744.83 20412.33 19018.64 18789.67 18476.44 17828.72 17641.70 17334.07 17056.24 16418.25 16320.35 15736.90 15279.74 15229.62 14529.02 13922.24 13835.97 13642.49 12806.64 12598.19 12313.96 11897.42 11891.37 11671.44 11464.21 11421.29 11397.88 11284.91

51. M Errol Grant 52. James Hunter 53. Melvin B Rone 54. Evelyn N Gilliard 55. Verna Scott 56. Willetta Phipps 57. Allie Raines 58. Jeffrey G Stroud 59. Evelyn Adkins 60. Shirley Lee 61. Edward B Lumpkin Sr 62. Parvez Mehta 63. Minette K Brooks 64. Bill Sides 65. Janice M Van Buren 66. Helen Anderson 67. Edith S Morgan 68. Edward L Jackson 69. Mary Ann Broussard 70. Ann G Lypson 71. Marvin Comer 72. Albert Freeman 73. Rosietta S Brown 74. Henry Irwin 75. Hedy H Echard 76. James R Brown 77. Tyrone Davis 78. Patricia E Abney 79. Marjorie L Waldon 80. Shirley L Williams 81. James Woodard 82. Cheryll C Jones 83. Carrolena M Key 84. Beulah Jones 85. J T McGee 86. Walter Thomas Jr 87. Louis S Garner 88. Mervin Jones 89. Leroy Wilson Jr 90. Ervie L Freeman 91. Claude E Weems 92. Jewel Chapman 93. Barbara J Gooden 94. Mary M Young 95. Sara R Seals 96. Harold Singleton III 97. Betty Markey 98. Nelda V Gray 99. Barbara Rucker 100. Iliad Chanay Jr

W Hempstead NY 11103.51 Cleveland OH 11087.82 Chicago IL 11007.95 East Point GA 10839.76 West Covina CA 10785.53 Atlanta GA 10765.73 Southfield MI 10760.91 New York NY 10674.05 Dallas TX 10647.0 Los Angeles CA 10621.73 Calumet City IL 10607.95 Bronx NY 10439.31 Chicago IL 10267.10 Burbank CA 9940.28 St Louis MO 9901.59 BellevilleMI 9666.13 Las Vegas NV 9593.49 Atlanta GA 9569.45 Houston TX 9172.90 Chicago IL 9029.44 Cincinnati OH 8964.00 Shaker Heights OH 8917.74 Chicago IL 8630.73 Austin TX 8586.41 Durham NC 8274.99 Stone Mountain GA 8265.21 Philadelphia PA 8169.86 Beaumont CA 8072.04 Atlanta GA 8048.26 Atlanta GA 7999.68 League City TX 7950.38 Jamaica NY 7704.86 Washington DC 7703.48 Chicago IL 7633.94 Detroit MI 7629.35 St Albans NY 7574.84 Temple Hills MD 7554.45 Wilmington DE 7509.99 Inglewood CA 7484.40 Houston TX 7464.35 Philadelphia PA 7449.58 Ft Washington MD 7410.34 Detroit MI 7293.85 Durham NC 7290.16 Shaker Hgts OH 7286.07 South Orange NJ 7266.46 Indianapolis IN 7263.95 Houston TX 7219.27 Chicago IL 7186.00 Ellenwood GA 7183.33 (Continued on page 25)

ABA TOP 200 PLA YERS PLAYERS 101. JoAnn Thompson Chicago IL 102. Jacqueline Johnson Gold Canyon AZ 103. Bobbie Turner Houston TX 104. Edith P Johnson Seattle WA 105. Lorraine Morgan Columbia MD 106. Annease T Comer Cincinnati OH 107. Janet M Waymer Atlanta GA 108. Robert T Green Atlanta GA 109. Morris Johnson Brooklyn NY 110. Gloria A Johnson Brooklyn NY 111. Geraldine P Flowers Silver Spring MD 112. Alvin Nick Stewart Chicago IL 113. Georgia Doggett Cleveland OH 114. Susie H Mann University City MO 115. Catherine Jones Wilmington DE 116. Sarah Groves Oak Park MI 117. Barbara J Puckett Lockport IL 118. Leon C Ragland Suffolk VA 119. Edith Cox Southfield MI 120. Harley B Wyatt So Pasadena CA 121. Thelma L Woodson Detroit MI 122. Gwendolyn Gresham Warrensville Hts OH 123. Patricia Banks Los Angeles CA 124. Barbara Adams Warren OH 125. Dolores Taylor Detroit MI 126. George Love Harrisburg PA 127. Bruce Luttrell San Jose CA 128. Alfred J Fisher St Louis MO 129. Alvin Lisle Bronx N 130. Iris Williams West Federal Way WA 131. Velma Graham Germantown TN 132. Reuben E Russell Detroit MI 133. George W Saunders Memphis TN 134. Geraldean Jones Cleveland OH 135. Samuel Graham Germantown TN 136. P T Cochran Farmington Hills MI 137. Gloria Hobbs Riverdale NY 138. Alfred B Knight New Rochelle NY 139. Frederick Jefferson Cleveland Heights OH 140. E Patricia Spain Los Angeles CA 141. Arthur L West Atlanta GA 142. James H Irvin Dearborn Heights MI 143. Charles R Walker Jr Atlanta GA 144. Frederick A Carvin Anahuac TX 145. Kenneth Thomas Jr Brooklyn NY 146. Jo Anne McDowell Pembroke Pines FL 147. Edythe W Walker Indianapolis IN 148. John L Williams Houston TX 149. Dorothy M Colley Houston TX 150. Lazell Harris Chicago IL

7089.47 7082.03 6971.48 6897.31 6853.49 6718.73 6702.52 6701.16 6607.35 6571.72 6560.76 6554.37 6497.30 6476.03 6429.93 6357.64 6341.90 6316.70 6292.71 6290.07 6276.92 6271.08 6178.52 6165.78 6126.09 6109.53 6068.70 6050.80 6029.17 6014.74 6002.83 5994.02 5988.63 5979.07 5964.20 5901.52 5820.28 5777.91 5771.97 5758.14 5715.35 5690.13 5687.22 5684.91 5670.77 5663.53 5641.57 5635.09 5603.20 5578.62

151. Joann Miller Farmington Hills MI 152. Janet Barnes Detroit MI 153. Geraldine E Wilson Winter Springs FL 154. John T Clark Chicago IL 155. Allen Morton New York NY 156. Lillian Williams Hillside NJ 157. Harold Cochran Downington PA 158. Jeanette Plunkett Englewood NJ 159. Jay Levine Detroit MI 160. Andreda Pruitt Los Angeles CA 161. Jeanne J Simmons Yonkers NY 162. Lillian Hale Warrensville Hgts OH 163. Mattie C Young Country Club Hills IL 164. Moses Smallwood W Hempstead NY 165. Thomas Grace Houston TX 166. Evelyn Smallwood W Hempstead NY 167. Alma V Johnson DeSoto TX 168. Rose Carvin Anahuac TX 169. Inez D Turner Chicago IL 170. Alice E Adams Cincinnati OH 171. Clara W Berryhill Mitchellville MD 172. Faye Hines Conyers GA 173. Lily Cleveland Orange Village OH 174. Walter Forbers Detroit MI 175. Peggy Pair Baltimore MD 176. Mary R Robinson Detroit MI 177. Donald Pedro Chicago IL 178. Robbie Battle Macon GA 179. James Garcia Memphis TN 180. John T Young Indianapolis IN 181. Rosalind Phoenix- DixonSilver Spring MD 182. Norma J Occomy Chicago IL 183. Cleveland Fleming Buffalo NY 184. William C Gaston Inglewood CA 185. Ramon S Harris Nashville TN 186. Cynthia A Washington New York NY 187. Inez J Turner Philadelphia PA 188. Robert McKinney Southfield MI 189. David E Glass Columbus OH 190. Vernice C Whitfield Jacksonville FL 191. Gloria Hicks St Louis MO 192. Arthur Harris Jr Nashville TN 193. LaVonne Perkins Chicago IL 194. James O Mays Houston TX 195. Donald A Scott Chicago IL 196. Leif B Sorensen Chicago IL 197. Hammond A Daniels Atlantic City NJ 198. Norma Jenkins Farmington Hills MI 199. Harriette H Buckman University Park FL 200. Annetta E Wallace Jamaica NY

5538.60 5517.93 5465.62 5456.09 5445.28 5409.17 5397.44 5369.76 5344.24 5316.47 5310.57 5307.70 5291.65 5178.67 5165.69 5154.36 5124.30 5093.94 5073.17 5061.05 5031.62 5019.92 4999.88 4983.77 4968.38 4957.88 4955.86 4937.92 4898.10 4894.11 4865.72 4849.91 4837.45 4804.36 4804.01 4788.02 4769.91 4769.54 4760.22 4738.65 4692.76 4689.98 4689.27 4682.14 4659.97 4647.71 4628.89 4611.03 4609.37 4577.88


ABA Let’s Get Ready For ABA Family, ABA games were scheduled on BBO for Monday and Tuesday, January 23-24 and Jan 30-31. ABA Directors are being trained and more games will be scheduled. Please share this guide with your ABA friends who want to know how to get started. Hatchie Greene

You will be able to play in 20 or more games.


Tuskegee Airmen- - (Continued from page 5) “colored” pilots were: (a) There was a civilian pilot training program already underway at Tuskegee Institute and the school made land available for a new airfield. (b) Tuskegee Institute was already committed to aeronautical training. They had the facilities, engineers, and pilot instructors — and the climate was conducive to year-round flying. 5. Colonel Friend noted that “colored” was the ethnicity term used during this era in the United States Military. “Negroes,” “Blacks,” and “African-American” were not in play in 1940. Also, if you were not “White,” you were “Colored” — regardless of your nationality. 6. A Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPT) was established at Tuskegee Institute and other black colleges. One hundred and twenty (120) students of various nationalities (Chinese, Hispanics, Mexicans, Etc.) were enrolled as “Colored.” 7. The first CPT students completed their instruction in May 1939. The Tuskegee program was then expanded and became the center for Africa-American aviation during World War II. 8. Tuskegee Airman Audley Coulthurst, New York, was assigned to the 477th Bombardier group from December 1942 to March 1946. 9. Tuskegee Airman William Heyward was inducted into the U.S. Air Force in 1941 as a Bombardier Navigator — rising to the level of First Lieutenant before retiring in 1950. He was an ABA/DDBC member for more than 10 years. Membership was terminated due to his illness. 10. Benjamin (“Bennie”) Will-

iams served as liaison for the Philadelphia Tuskegee Airmen. 11. Pembleton T. Cochran, Detroit, served as a pilot cadet trainee, 1943-1945. 12. Colonel Friend wants it to be known that “Tuskegee Airmen” refers to all who were involved in the so-called “Tuskegee Experiment” — the Army Air Corps program to train African-Americans to fly and maintain combat aircraft. The Tuskegee Airmen included pilots, navigators, bombardiers, maintenance and support staff, instructors, and all personnel who kept the planes in the air. 13. The combat Tuskegee Airmen overcame segregation and prejudice to become one of the most highly respected fighter groups of World War II. Their achievements, together with the men and women who supported them, paved the way for full integration of the U.S. Military. 14. Part of the road leading to the Atlanta Airport has been named “Tuskegee Airmen Blvd.” 15. The tips of the planes were already red in color, so as to identify the Tuskegee fighter squadron during combat. The tails were painted red also — thus “The Red Tails.” Continuing with another phase of Black History, the breakdown of racial barriers in Tournament Bridge is, ironically, parallel to the “Tuskegee Experiment.” In 1932 a group of dedicated “Black” tennis players gathered in Buckroe Beach, VA, and organized the American Tennis Assn. (ATA). The primary objective of the players was to establish an organization in which Blacks could compete in tournament bridge, much the same as they did in tennis

since they were denied membership in the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Thus the name eventually was changed to the ABA. History further reveals that the Dayton-Xenia-Springfield Bridge Club (DXS) was organized in the early fifties, and Colonel Robert Friend was President of DXS in 1959. He played bridge at national tournaments with his father, William Friend, for whom the ABA “William Friend Trophy” was named in 1967. In 1960, DXS attempted to integrate the ACBL. After steady persistence by a few members, an invitation was received from the ACBL — accepting 12 people on a “trial basis” (“to determine the impact on its membership”). There were pros and cons to accepting this invitation. Finally an agreement was reached and the following members were selected to represent the DXS Club: Robert Friend, Anna Friend, Edward Bibb, James Powell, Dr. John Jones, Dr. Robert Ford, Fannie Lee, Dan Scrivens, Beverly and Sam Lucas, Chester Gilmore, and Synder Garland. Here again, Colonel Robert Friend was a pioneer, an activist, engaged in breaking down racial barriers. In 1962, the ACBL unanimously decided to open its doors to all bridge players, regardless to color or race. CONGRATULATIONS and HONOR are herein extended to Colonel Robert Friend and all other Tuskegee Airmen of the ABA. By Marjorie Marcellus Life Member, ABA/DDBC


Nationwide Open Pairs Winners December 16, 2011



% 76.25 72.62 72.50 69.58 67.66 66.67 66.37 66.25 65.30 64.17

MPA 25 23 21 19 ------13 ----------



72.50 67.66 63.75 62.33 61.19 60.84 56.67 55.42

---18 ---14 12 12 -------



63.75 62.33 60.84 55.00 54.00 53.29

------------7 5




Are You Here? 11/1/2011-12/31/2011


ACROSS THE FIELD SCORING WINNERS AVERAGE (612) (TOP ON BOARD (51) SCORE 917.88 828.90 828.34 820.55 815.54 814.26 795.36 778.25 776.28 763.78

MPA ---23 ------17 ---13 ----------


AMERICAN BRIDGE ASSOCIATION K O Teams Flight C Grade S 1 43.68 Robert C Williams, Joe Anne Williams Elizabeth Moseley, Ray H Moseley 2 30.66 Alverna Lewis, Thomas Holloway Delius Wilson, Charlotte Roberson John Cook, Harriet Walcott Scholarship 2000-5000 Flight A Grade S 1 19.61 Dorothy Thompson, Jeanette Brewer 2 3.68 Ernestine Myles, Beryl T Battle 14.71 James Lee, Norma Jenkins Scholarship O/5000 Flight A Grade S 1 22.55 Alice P Brown, William P Foster 2 16.91 Chester G Johnson, John H Washington Scholarship U/1200 Flight B Grade S 1 11.37 Jacqueline Mosley, Theresa Thomas 2.3 7.01 Betsy Parker, Margaret A Munford 7.01 Betty Sherrill, Carole Smith Scholarship 1200-1999 Flight B Grade S 1 14.22 Elizabeth M Anderson, George Anderson Scholarship Asterisk Flight E Grade S 2 1.41 Doris Douglas, Deloris Crosse 5.64 Harriet Walcott, John Cook Scholarship 100-599 Sp Flight E Grade S 1 9.41 Eileen Madison, Lorraine G Cleaton 2 7.06 Phyllis Jones, Richard Rogers K O Teams Flight A Flight A Grade S 1 62.40 Marian C Womack, Barbara Hutson Anderson C Williams, Willetta Phipps 2 43.80 Leon C Ragland, Barbara Adams Henry Irwin, Mary M Young K O Teams Flight B Flight B Grade S 1 49.92 Lizzie Mathis, Inez V Petty Dorothy Nance, Alma V Johnson 2 35.04 Daisy Smith, Elaine M Conway Eric Shelton, Birnell Hatcher Mary Anderson, Nicki Magee Side Game 2000-5000 Flight A Grade S 1 8.89 Mervin Jones, Catherine Jones 6.67 Ernest Gansereit, Clara Hargrave 2 4.00 Lorraine Hinds, William Wood Open Pair 2000-5000 Flight A Grade S 1 28.90 Wilford L Mack, Timothy Bruce Holt 3.61 Larry Cooke, Elizabeth Alexander 2 2.71 Wilma Alexander, Jane S Harris 21.67 Nicki Magee, Mary Anderson 2.3 2.23 Lynda Straker, Janice McBean Open Pair O/5000 Flight A Grade S 1 33.23 Winston O Edwards, Harold Minus 4.15 Clarice D Reid, Jerrie Thomas 2 24.92 Alice P Brown, William P Foster 3.12 Brenda J Green, Florence L Carter Open Pair U/600 Flight A Grade S 2 1.04 Robert C Williams, Joe Anne Williams Open Pair 1200-1999 Flight A Grade S 1 15.44 Phyllis Jones, Richard Rogers 1.89 William Wood, Lorraine Hinds 21.06 Patricia Thomas, Shirley Gross 18.25 Harriett DeLaney, Hafiz A Shaheed 21.42 Betty Sherrill, Carole Smith

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Are You Here?


11.58 Sandra Surita, John Anthony Demos 13.69 Betsy Parker, Margaret A Munford 15.79 Melinda L Johnson, Kathryn S Gadson Open Pair 100-599 Sp Flight C Grade S 1 13.73 Harriet Walcott, John Cook 2 10.30 Barbara A Davis, Eliza Brann Swiss O/5000 Grade S 1Are You Here? 26.26 Mayer Wiesen, Mildred L Debnam Ednelvyn Evans, Stephanie Griffin 2 19.70 Chester G Johnson, Harold Singleton III Alice P Brown, William P Foster Swiss Field IV Grade S 1.2 19.32 Clayton White, Joan Gordon Theresa Thomas, Jacqueline Mosley 19.32 Betsy Parker, Margaret A Munford Patricia Thomas, Shirley Gross Side Game 2000-5000 Flight A Grade S 1 6.70 Doris Douglas, Deloris Crosse 8.93 Julius C Fields, Jimmy Pelham 2 5.02 Cecilia Douthy Willis, Mildred Holmes 6.70 Tyrone Davis, Claude E Weems Side Game U/2000 Flight A Grade S 2 1.15 Robert Mitchell, Lorelei S Blackman Side Game O/2000 Flight A Grade S 1 8.34 Betsy Parker, Margaret A Munford 2.3 5.14 Joseph Garcia, Patricia H Purcell 5.14 Sylvia D White, George Love Mod Round Robin Flight A Flight A Grade S 1.2 27.52 Chester G Johnson, Mary A Green Alice P Brown, William P Foster 27.52 Clarice D Reid, George E Hudson Winston O Edwards, Sylvia J Christian Harold Minus, Jerrie Thomas Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.58 Betsy Parker, Margaret A Munford 2 4.94 Mervin Jones, Catherine Jones Side Game Field II Grade S 1 5.66 Phyllis Jones, Richard Rogers 2 4.25 Queenie May, Barbara Smith Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.62 Jeanne J Simmons, George Love 2 4.96 Natalie McFarlane, Jean DeVeaux Side Game Field II Grade S 1 5.71 Ruth Shuler, Geraldine Granger 2 4.28 Ernest Gansereit, Clara Hargrave Mod Round Robin Flight B Flight B Grade S 1 25.16 Tyrone Davis, Claude E Weems Cheryll C Jones, Allen Morton 2 18.87 Leon C Ragland, Barbara Adams Henry Irwin, Mary M Young Mod Round Robin Flight C Flight C Grade S 1 22.01 Wilford L Mack, Timothy Bruce Holt Dorothy Thompson, Jeanette Brewer 2.3 13.58 Harold Cochran, Charles A Jones Mary Anderson, Nicki Magee 13.58 Mayer Wiesen, Mildred L Debnam Ednelvyn Evans, Stephanie Griffin 13.58 Minnie Goka, Barbara A Garner James Buford, Sara Buford Mod Round Robin Flight D Flight D Grade S 1 18.87 Ruth Shuler, Geraldine Granger Jean DeVeaux, Natalie McFarlane

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Nationwide Open Pairs Winners December 16, 2011


814.26 693.63 688.97 682.00 681.81 675.24 663.88 642.58

---18 16 14 12 ---8 ----



688.97 ---682.00 ---675.24 11 642.58 9 624.97 7 614.27 5


December 17, 2011



% 72.02 69.13 68.75 67.80 67.23 64.58 63.69 63.33 61.61 61.61

MPA 25 23 21 ------15 ------9 ----



61.14 60.12 57.20 56.83 56.25 56.23 54.92 54.17

20 ---16 14 ------8 ----



57.20 ---56.83 ---56.23 ----



Are You Here? 11/1/2011-12/31/2011 2 12.74 Lola H LeCounte, Bessie Heggs May Ott, Gracie Wiggins 12.74 Eric Shelton, Daisy Smith Elaine M Conway, Birnell Hatcher Mod Round Robin Field I Flight E Grade S 1 14.98 Robert C Williams, Joe Anne Williams Elizabeth Moseley, Ray H Moseley 2 11.23 Marian Mercer, Arthur Tate Christine Blount, Mercedes Mann

ABA SOUTHERN SECTION Hdqr Benefit O/5000 Grade S 1 21.85 Worth R Christler, Gloria Christler 2 16.39 Julius C Fields, Jimmy Pelham Hdqr Benefit Field IV Grade S 1 19.00 Arthur Harris Jr, Elizabeth Alexander 2 14.25 Birnell Hatcher, Eric Shelton Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 14.64 Jimmy Pelham, Julius C Fields 2 10.98 Anderson C Williams, Nathaniel Cook Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 12.60 Johnnie Saunders, Winton G King 2 9.45 Virginia Hillery, Elizabeth M Anderson Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 7.47 Annie Little, Annie Mae King 2 5.60 Patricia L Jeter, Kaneta R Lott Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 14.71 Julius C Fields, Jimmy Pelham 2 11.03 Mae Clark, Reginald 0 Chapman Open Pair Field IV Grade S 2 9.43 Johnny Gills, Judith Glasco Open Pair Field III Grade S 1.2 8.23 Virginia Hillery, Elizabeth M Anderson 8.23 Amelia Dent, William M Townsend Side Game Field IV Grade S 1 8.76 Iliad Chanay Jr, Vernice C Whitfield 2 6.57 Avis C Turner, Arthurine Waymer Swiss Field IV Flight A Grade S 1 28.01 Arthur L West, Marjorie L Waldon Barbara Adams, Charles R Walker Jr 2 21.00 Eric Shelton, Birnell Hatcher Johnny Gills, Judith Glasco Swiss Field III Flight B Grade S 2 15.48 Elizabeth M Anderson, Arthurine Waymer, Avis C Turner, Jessie L Lanier K O Teams Flight A Grade S 1 62.40 Worth R Christler, Gloria Christler Benny R Patton, Evelyn Adkins Alice P Brown, William P Foster 2 43.80 Reginald 0 Chapman, Mae Clark Bill Turner, Lela M Wilson K O Teams Flight B Grade S 2 43.80 Carrie Grady, Elizabeth Alexander Johnnie W Lee, Paul Grady Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 32.44 James R Brown, Shirley L Williams 2 24.33 William P Foster, Alice P Brown Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 12.32 Richard Banks, Ella Banks 2 9.24 Rosetta J Boyd, Virginia Hillery


Nationwide Open Pairs Winners December 17, 2011

4 5 6



54.17 ---52.20 7 51.00 ----


ACROSS THE FIELD SCORING WINNERS AVERAGE (564) TOP ON BOARD (47) SCORE 779.06 749.19 734.18 727.78 725.38 714.36 707.17 704.55 697.59 695.68



655.28 649.50 636.96 635.55 633.33 627.98 624.29 622.60

20 18 16 ----------------



635.55 627.98 624.29 622.60 606.73 569.79

---13 11 9 -------


Mod Round Robin Field IV Flight A Grade S 1 32.95 Anderson C Williams, Barbara Hutson William A Johnson, Michele Barnes Mod Round Robin Field III Flight B Grade S 1 27.56 Avis C Turner, Doris Bebee Rosetta J Boyd, Edwin G Artest Jr 2.4 15.85 Paul Grady, Carrie Grady Johnnie W Lee, Elizabeth Alexander 15.85 Eric Shelton, Birnell Hatcher Johnny Gills, Judith Glasco 15.85 Elaine McCray, Leatrice Bell Evelyn Cook, Mercedes Mann 15.85 Bobbie Turner, Olivia B Green Lydia Alexander, Hatchie Greene

Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 9.38 Iliad Chanay Jr, Vernice C Whitfield 2 7.04 Avis C Turner, Arthurine Waymer ABA WESTERN SECTION Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 14.96 Samuel Graham, Velma Graham 2 11.22 Lela M Wilson, Bill Turner Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 12.70 Lorine Q Powers, Dorothy Nance 2 9.52 Rosalind Phoenix- Dixon, Ruby Luke Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 9.50 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch

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2 7.13 Mosell Cofer, Patricia Sadler Open Pair Field II Grade S 1 6.47 Ramona Tanner, Marian Bogan 2 4.85 Diane Stith, Virginia Ingram Open Pair Field I Grade S 1 6.26 Myrtis King-Childs, James Childs 2 4.69 George Rasberry, Jackie Rasberry Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.57 Lovie L Lynch, Gloria V Cooper 4.93 Gloria Brown-Cook, Gayle A Dennis Side Game Field IV Grade S 1 8.89 Doris J Ayers, Ida E Simms 2 6.67 Rosalind Phoenix-Dixon, Ruby Luke Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.63 Helen Scott, Samuel Jones Side Game Field II Grade S 1 5.71 Kathleen Carter, Clara M Harris 2 4.28 Robert Olsen, Charles Ennis Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 14.64 Mary G Duncan, Edith S Morgan 2 10.98 Joann Miller, Janet Barnes Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 12.51 Susan B Furchtenicht, John Lyddon 2 9.38 Ida E Simms, Shirley Gray Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 9.52 Gwendolyn Stratton, Violet Caslin 2 7.14 Sharon Alexander, Jewel Dixon Open Pair Field II Grade S 1 8.15 Barbara D Johnson, Deborah Gardner 2 6.11 Carnell Wingfield, Carlos Jones Open Pair Field I Grade S 1 6.88 Edna Felicia Williams, Marion W Hubbard 2 5.16 Beverly Bouchee, Patricia J Barnes Open Pair New Player Grade S 1 6.26 Linda Himes, Iris Sally 2 4.70 Kathleen Carter, Clara M Harris Open Pair Asterisk Grade S 1 5.62 Myrtis King-Childs, James Childs 2 4.22 Connie Stewart, Glenda Dickerson Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 12.70 Marian C Womack, James Woodard 2 9.52 Henry Irwin, Mary M Young Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 9.45 Norman James, James Lee 2 7.09 Bette M Coleman, Betty C Peterson Open Pair Field II Grade S 1 8.21 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch Open Pair Field I Grade S 1 6.88 Willie Jean Brown, Annie L Flowal 2 5.16 Carlos Jones, Carnell Wingfield K O Teams Flight A Grade S 1 62.40 Chester G Johnson, Bill Sides Alice P Brown, William P Foster 2 43.80 Leroy Wilson Jr, Robert J Friend Patricia Banks, Verna Scott Shirley Lee, Jimmy Pelham K O Teams Flight B Grade S 1 49.92 Johnny Gills, Judith Glasco Angela Hester, Rose Carvin 2 35.04 Mary R Bell, Velma N Davis,Doristine Barbee, James Green Side Game Field IV Grade S 1 8.93 Ruby Luke, Rosalind Phoenix- Dixon 2 6.70 Joyce Moore, Rita W Coleman

Side Game Field III Grade S 2 4.93 William H Rhoden, Janet M Rhoden Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 32.68 Susan B Furchtenicht, John Lyddon 2 24.51 Lela M Wilson, Bill Turner Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 27.80 Dwight Bush, Andrew R Echols 2 20.85 Larry Cooke, Elizabeth Alexander Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 20.69 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch 2 15.52 Sharon Alexander, Jewel Dixon Open Pair Field II Grade S 2 10.68 Mignon Benjamin, Nancy Diggs Side Game Field IV Grade S 1 8.87 William A Johnson, Sherry Polk 2 6.65 Ruby Luke, Rosalind Phoenix- Dixon Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.57 Birdie M Moten, Deborah Gardner 2 4.93 Odessia Love, Genevieve Kyle Swiss Field III Flight A Grade S 1 20.80 Alta G Allen, Sharon Alexander Jewel Dixon, Patricia Sadler 2 15.60 Helen Wood, Linda Hines- Wilson Celestine Tillman, Alberta L Smith Swiss O/5000 Flight B Grade S 1 32.76 Chester G Johnson, Alice P Brown Bill Sides, William P Foster 2 24.57 Gloria Christler, Worth R Christler Benny R Patton, Marian C Womack James Woodard, Evelyn Adkins Swiss Field IV Flight C Grade S 1 27.73 Judith Glasco, Johnny Gills Rose Carvin, Angela Hester 2 20.80 Dwight Bush, Andrew R Echols Elizabeth Alexander, Larry Cooke Side Game Field IV Grade S 1 8.98 Chester G Johnson, William P Foster 2 6.73 Rose Carvin, Angela Hester Side Game Field III Grade S 1 5.23 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch Side Game Field III Grade S 1 6.63 Stephanie Young, Julia Ann Lee Side Game Field II Grade S 1 5.69 Brenda Lucas, Toni King 2 4.27 Gwendolyn Y Hopkins, Clara P Satterfield Open Pair Field I Grade S 1 5.49 Charles Ennis, Ora L Brooks 2 4.12 Linda Himes, Iris Sally Side Game Field II Grade S 1 5.68 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch 2 4.26 Charolette Livers, Annie Thomas Side Game Field I Grade S 1 4.36 Lillian Williams, Mildred McLeod 2 3.27 Gertrude Wright, Clara P Satterfield Open Pair Field II Grade S 1 8.11 Dorothy Nance, Lorine Q Powers 2 6.08 Gloria M Lee Ray, Thelma L Lee Open Pair O/5000 Grade S 1 14.75 Chester G Johnson, William P Foster Open Pair Field IV Grade S 1 12.57 Rose Carvin, Angela Hester 2 9.43 Ida E Simms, Flora Hazzard Open Pair Field III Grade S 1 5.59 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch 2 4.19 Carnell Wingfield, Carlos Jones

EASTERN SECTION DIAMOND STATE D B C Open Pair O/5000 Grade A 1 22.79 George E Hudson, Regena Edwards 2 17.09 Clarice D Reid, Louis S Garner Open Pair Field IV Grade A 1 19.10 Jeanette Brewer, Dorothy Thompson 2 14.33 Ermile Stewart, Dorothy Smith Open Pair Field III Grade A 1 14.43 Beryl T Battle, Charles Guest 2 10.83 Castella Irene Hill, Audrey Bourke Open Pair Field II Grade A 1 12.51 Elizabeth Moseley, Ray H Moseley 2 9.38 Sandra Surita, John Anthony Demos JET SETTERS DBC (NY) Spl Club Benefit O/5000 Grade B 1 11.32 M Errol Grant, Panrez Mehta 2 8.49 George E Hudson, I Calvin Morris Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.72 Doris White, Edna Boothe 2 7.29 Shirley Stokeley, Paul Watford Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 2 5.40 Carolyn Jones, Dorothy Lloyd Spl Club Benefit Field II Grade B 1 6.24 June Robinson, Christine Blount 2 4.68 Diana E Green, Eliza Brann Spl Club Benefit Field I Grade B 1 3.16 Joyce Henderson, John Anthony Demos 2 2.38 Carmen Ince, Dolores Watson CALVIN WESLEY BRIDGE CLUB Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.60 Mervin Jones, Angela T Jones 7.20 Mary A Green, Vivian Ray Hdqr Benefit Field IV Grade B 1.2 8.40 Barbara A Davis, Dahlia Johnson 8.40 Claude E Weems, Joan Gordon Hdqr Benefit Field III Grade B 2 3.23 Shirley Harper, Marion Fuqua WOMEN’S DUPLICATE BC Hdqr Benefit Field II Grade B 1 6.26 Catherine Jones, Theresa Thomas 2 4.69 Barbara A Davis, Gwynne Hoye PHILADELPHIA BRIDGE UNIT Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade A 1 13.06 Jeanette Brewer, Dorothy Thompson 2 9.79 Tyrone Davis, Claude E Weems Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade A 1 7.76 Jacqueline Mosley, Harriette Dixon 2 5.82 Theresa Thomas, Joan Gordon

SOUTHERN SECTION THE RIVER CITY ACES DBC Spl Club Benefit Field I Grade B 1 4.81 Leola D Moore, Vivian S Walker 2 3.61 Marion A Gregory, Annie B Bodison Spl Club Benefit New Player Grade B 1 2.87 Robert Flowers, Anita S Bush

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CENTRAL FLORIDA BC Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade A 1 13.19 Benny R Patton, Michele Barnes 2 9.89 Faye Hines, Nicki Magee Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade A 1 9.72 Gus Bealer, Elie Jones 2 7.29 Lena Jones, Rubye Geer UNIVERSITY BC (ATL) Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.74 Gloria Christler, Worth R Christler 2 7.31 Allean Strickland, William R Stevens Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 1 7.20 Howard E Prunty, W McNeil Saddler 2 5.40 Leatrice Bell, Evelyn Cook Spl Club Benefit Field II Grade B 1 6.29 Everlina R Jackson, Linda Jolly Spl Club Benefit Field I Grade B 1 3.83 Doris Shockley, Daphne Axon 2 2.87 Bernadette Porche, Evelyn Lewis EAST METRO DUPL BC Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.74 Worth R Christler, Gloria Christler 2 7.31 Robert T Green, Benny R Patton Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 1 7.25 Johnnie W Lee, Faye Hines 2 5.44 Avis C Turner, Arthurine Waymer Spl Club Benefit Field I Grade B 1 4.80 William M Townsend, Amelia Dent 2.2 3.24 Nancy Hawkins, Esther Bolton 3.24 Angela Johnson, Delores Gordon ANNE WOOD SR BC Spl Club Benefit O/5000 Grade B 1 11.32 Worth R Christler, Gloria Christler 2 8.49 Nan Lindsey, Emma Fountain Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.67 Anna Henderson, Sonja F Johnson 2 7.25 Dorothy Johnson, Jerodene Smith Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 2 3.22 Josephine Sanders, Caranell Lott

MIDWESTERN SECTION BOOSTERS Scholarship O/5000 Grade B 1 11.07 Edward B Lumpkin Sr, Gladys J Randall Scholarship Field IV Grade B 1 5.73 Leif B Sorensen, Norman James 2 4.30 Denise McPherson, Gladys M Johnson CHICAGO KIBITZERS Scholarship O/5000 Grade B 1 11.15 Eldridge A Brown, JoAnn Thompson 2 8.36 Edward B Lumpkin Sr, Lazell Harris Scholarship Field III Grade B 1 7.20 Jacqueline Chappell, Daisy Jones 2 5.40 Marsha Holmes, Richard Boyd INTERMEDIATES DBC Mod Round Robin Field IV Flight A Grade B 1 12.10 Edward B Lumpkin Sr, Minette K Brooks Freddie H Jones, Gladys J Randall 2 9.07 Donald Pedro, Catherine C Myers Dorothea B Avant, Denise L Smith


Mod Round Robin Field III Flight B Grade B 1 9.68 Charleen C Mills, Marjorie Simmons Pauletta C Saxon, Pamela Dallas Erma Cohran 2 7.26 Laura M Smith, Denise McPherson Rita Mitchell, Marsha James Mod Round Robin Field II Flight C Grade B 1.2 7.06 Emma J Hardeman, Doris Anderson Frances J Hall, Carole Smoot Armie Jean Johnson, Christine Johnson 7.06 Donald Dallas, Frances Pace-Barnes Sharon Hawkins, Lillie General Scholarship O/5000 Grade B 1 11.15 Chester G Johnson, Arnojd P Jones 2 8.36 Leif B Sorensen, Norman James Scholarship Field IV Grade B 1 7.64 Richard Boyd, Irene Davis 2 5.73 Denise McPherson, Laura M Smith Hdqr Benefit O/5000 Grade B 1 11.12 Chester G Johnson, Arnold P Jones 2 8.34 Donald Pedro, Beulah Jones

MONDAY OPEN Mod Round Robin Field IV Grade B 1.2 10.59 Sonya Wilkins, Samuel C Jones Minnie Bledsoe, Betty Markey 10.59 Robert W Grissom, George H Rawls Charles Williams, Furniss H Holloway RICHMOND HEIGHTS DBC Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 1 7.29 Maizie Orr, Clyde Orr UNIVERSITY CITY Scholarship Field IV Grade B 1 9.70 Susie H Mann, Yvonne Campbell 2 7.27 Jayola Mason, Mamie Walton


DETROIT BRIDGE UNIT Open Pair Field IV Grade A 1 8.70 Ruby Warr, Barbara J Gooden 2 6.53 Wendell Smitherman, James H Irvin Open Pair Field III Grade A 1 6.46 Gwendolyn Lemmons, Dolores A Thorns PARAGONS DBC (IL) Hdqr Benefit O/5000 Grade B 2 4.85 Sherry Griffin, Ellen Mayfield Open Pair Field IV Grade A 1 11.07 Hollis Ross, Robert J Price 1 8.66 Joseph R McCloud, Leolg Goss 2 8.30 LaVonne Perkins, Lazell Harris Mod Round Robin Field IV Flight A Grade B 2 6.50 Carolyn J Boxley, Mary Anderson Open Pair Field III Grade A 1.4 9.03 Catherine C Myers, Dorothea B Avant 1 5.16 Ida Smitherman, Wendell Smitherman Donald Pedro, John T Clark 9.03 Edward B Lumpkin Sr, Freddie H Jones 2 3.87 Juanita Merritt, C Elaine Rice Gladys J Randall, Minette K Brooks SOUTHERN SECTION Chester G Johnson, JOHN L BARNET DBC 9.03 Barbara J Puckett, Lazell Harris Benefit Field IV Grade A Gladys M Johnson, Melverline Brown 1 12.96 Lela M Wilson, Bill Turner Alvin Nick Steward, 2 9.72 Rose Carvin, Angela Hester 9.03 Norman James, Leif B Sorensen Hdqr Benefit Field III Grade A Mattie C Young, Rosietta S Brown 1 9.74 Lela M Wilson, Bill Turner Denise McPherson, Mod Round Robin Field III Flight B Grade B 2 7.31 Angela Hester, Rose Carvin Open Pair Field IV Grade A 1 10.14 E Renee Taylor, Linda J Dunn 1 19.06 Rose Canrin, Angela Hester Beverly J Blackwood, Leona Tarver 2 14.29 Dorothy Nance, Marlene Vance 2 7.60 Effie A Neal, Brenda Bearden Scholarship O/5000 Grade B Juanita J Ward, Vivian M Lewis 1 11.04 Bill Turner, Lela M Wilson 2.2 7.45 Alma V Johnson, Minnie Morgan MID-DAY LEISURE 7.45 Mae Clark, Marian C Womack Hdqr Benefit Field III Grade B Open Pair O/5000 Grade A 1 7.24 Doris Gardner, George Johnson 1 7.97 Alma V Johnson, Minnie Morgan 2 5.43 Cheryl Alphin Ward, Emily Ross 2 5.98 Marian C Womack, Evelyn Adkins CIVENOS PARK MANOR DBC Hdqr Benefit Field IV Grade B Benefit Field III Grade B 1 9.62 Freddie H Jones, Gladys J Randall 2 7.22 Chester G Johnson, Alfred E Simmons 1 7.78 John L Williams, Ethel V Black 2 5.84 Marian C Womack, Mary A Lowery DUPLI-KATES EARLINE E WINN D B C Hdqr Benefit Field III Grade B Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 7.22 Samuel C Jones, Minnie Bledsoe 1 9.67 Marvin R McNeese, Mary Ann Broussard 2 7.25 Ethel V Black, Celina B Carter 2 5.41 Clarice E Bollen, Furniss H Holloway Field III Grade B Hdqr Benefit Field II Grade B Benefit 1 7.18 Lovie L Lynch, Gloria V Cooper 1 3.73 Nellie Rhim, Marian S Miller 2 5.39 Gwendolyn M Kirby, Constance Jackson 2 2.79 Pauline Holston, Martha J Gentry Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.77 Bill Turner, Marian C Womack 2 7.33 Nelda V Gray, Stefanie Gray

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Spl Club Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.62 Gloria Tapscott, LaVerne Rogers 2.2 6.50 Alice Pradia, Betty J Patrick 6.50 Sadie Newman, Maude Jones Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 2 3.22 Lillie M Shannon, Helen Hudson

UNIVERSITY BC (HOUSTON) Hdqr Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.72 John L Williams, Shirley M Brown 2 7.29 Monica Left, Brenda Metze Hdqr Benefit Field III Grade B 1 7.20 Gloria V Cooper, Lovie L Lynch 2 5.40 Betty J Patrick, William Smith

JET SETTERS DBC Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.60 Bill Turner, Marian C Womack 2 7.20 Ethel V Black, Celina B Carter Scholarship Field IV Grade B 1 9.79 James 0 Morgan, Joseph Ford 2.2 6.61 Ralph Buggs, Ethel V Black 6.61 Bill Turner, Marian C Womack Scholarship Field III Grade B 1 7.24 Gloria Tapscott, Veronica L Hines 2 5.43 Errol LeCesne, Abbie LeCesne Scholarship Field II Grade B 1 4.98 Dortha Miller, Iris Sally 2 2.99 Lillie M Shannon, Helen Hudson

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS DBC Scholarship Field IV Grade B 1 9.65 Frederick A Carvin, Thomas Grace 2 7.24 Monica Left, Brenda Metze Scholarship Field III Grade B 1 5.73 Gloria Tapscott, Veronica L Hines 2 4.30 Ann J Polk, Elnor M Boone Spl Club Benefit O/5000 Grade B 1 11.18 James O Mays, Opal M White 2 8.38 Bill Turner, Lionel O Barton Spl Club Benefit Field III Grade B 1 7.20 Veronica L Hines, Gloria Tapscott 2 5.40 LaVerne Rogers, Freddye B Rhodes

EASTERN SECTION Greetings from the Eastern Section, With the Winter Classic held in Atlantic City behind us, we are looking forward to our “spring thing” in May, in East Hanover, NJ. As always your support makes our success. Thank you. Recruitment of new members begins with bridge lessons. We thank our dedicated teachers in the MBU for their efforts. We expect to gain new members as a result of the classes being taught by Deloris Simmons, Cheryll Jones, Errol Grant and Moses and Evelyn Smallwood. This article is about Audley Coulthurst’s Tuskegee experience. With the production of the movie “Red Tails” the public learned about the 332nd Fighter Group who fought two fronts during WWII. Audley Coulthurst, DOTA (DESIGNATED ORIGINAL TUSKEGEE AIRMAN) is a gentle, soft spoken man. A member of the Jetsetter Bridge club in Queens, New York. The club plays bridge at the Community Bridge Home. We all shared in his

pride when he was invited to attend the opening of the movie, where he was reacquainted with others who shared the EDNA BOOTHE “Tuskegee Section Vice President Experience.” Audley was a member of the bomber group on the Billy Mitchell Medium Bomber known as the B-25, a part of the 477th Unit. He was one of a six man team. He manned one of the two “waist” guns, flew four hours a day and received hazard pay. As radio operator he was responsible for communication between the flight and ground crews. As a mechanic gunner he maintained and repaired 50 caliber machine guns. Audley enlisted in the Army in December 1942 and was discharged in March 1949. A remark-

NORTHWESTERN SECTION SEATTLE-TOCOMA BU Open Pair Field III Grade A 1 6.56 Edith P Johnson, Deitra Simon 2 4.92 Laura Hyde, Marie Pitre MID-ATLANTIC SECTION BRIDGMASTERS Open Pair O/5000 Grade B 1 12.42 Regena Edwards, Marian C Womack 2 9.31 Carrolena M Key, Clara W Berryhill Open Pair Field III Grade B 1 8.04 Alice E Harriston, Louise Carpenter 2 6.03 Charles A Jones, Russell Hawkins Open Pair Field II Grade B 2 3.07 Crystal K Ingram, Lewis Cleveland

Benefit 1 7.68 2 5.76

THE DUBRIDGETTES Field IV Grade B Reginald O Chapman, Louis S Garner Norma L Vincent, Naomi Millet

Benefit 1 9.65 2 7.24 Benefit 1 4.30 2 3.22

V.I.P. BRIDGE CLUB Field IV Grade B Herbert D Quarles, Jayne K Lowe Wilma Middleton, Clara W Berryhill Field III Grade B Lewis Cleveland, Crystal K Ingram Elizabeth Moseley, Ray H Moseley

KINGS & QUEENS DBC Open Pair Field IV Grade B 1 10.77 Winston O Edwards, Clarice D Reid Open Pair Field III Grade B 1 8.02 Brenda J Green, Andrew H Ransom 2 6.01 Charles A Jones, Russell Hawkins Open Pair Field II Grade B 1 5.49 Elizabeth Moseley, Ray H Moseley 2 4.12 Joseph F Hillery, Carol W Hillery Benefit Field IV Grade B 1 9.60 Carrolena M Key, Shirley B Wilson 2 7.20 Louis S Garner, Reginald O Chapman

EASTERN SECTION George E Hudson Jimmy Pelham M Errol Grant Allen Morton Cheryll C Jones John H Washington Parvez Mehta Julius C Fields Tyrone Davis Claude E Weems

1453.42 1357.54 727.33 665.05 651.46 597.97 582.07 533.21 504.99 459.64

able man, Audley was one of the first black CPAs in the country, now retired and enjoying family, friends and bridge and is an active member of the DOTA.


GREAT LAKES SECTION Pembleton Thomas “PT” Cochran was born February 3, 1920, in Little Rock Arkansas. After graduating from Wilberforce UniverBARBARA J. HUTSON Section Vice President sity in Ohio, he joined the United States Army Air Force division. After completing training at Keesler Army Air Field Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, PT was transferred to the Tuskegee Army Air Field to be trained as an Air Force Pilot Cadet. He was a real member of the Tuskegee Army Air Force, “The Red Tails.” This was a tremendous honor and only a few were chosen. They had to excel on a battery of examinations. The Tuskegee Airmen were very dedicated young men and they became the first black military airmen. Black military pilots were unheard of at that time in American history. They were all courageous, patriotic, skillful and intelligent. Due to their skill and determination they were able to help the United States to be victorious in 1945 and end World War II. PT continued to excel after leaving the Armed services. He attended the University of Michigan and became the first African American Food Inspector for the City of Detroit. In 1965 Mr. Cochran became the first African American Real Estate Appraiser in the Detroit City Assessments, Finance Department. He later became the first Black Head Appraiser for the city. After he


retired he formed “PT Cochran Associates, Inc.” He provided independent fee appraisal services and trained a number of apprentices to become licensed real estate appraisers. I had the pleasure of training under PT. He was well respected by realtors, homeowners and mortgage companies. On October 9, 2010, Pembleton Thomas Cochran was awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award in recognition of exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life. In October 1, 2011, The Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Museum proudly saluted PT and presented him with its highest honor, the Outstanding Achievement Award as being a Tuskegee Airman Trail Blazer. In addition to being an excellent bridge player, PT also loves boating. He owns a 35-foot Viking Sedan Cruiser. He became an original member of the Motor City Yacht Club and joined the Detroit Yacht Club in 2002. Pembleton has been married to Ruth, an ABA member, for over 50 years. His baby brother, Harold Cochran is also a member of the ABA Family . ******** The Wolverine Bridge Club in Detroit has been very successful with their “PRO/AM/HAM” game. This game was spearheaded by Helen Anderson, under the assistance of Thelma Woodson, president of the Wolverines, former GLS Vice President, and ABA President (1988-1989). The Wolverines usually have over 12 tables. Some of the PROs selected

an AM and some of the AMs selected a PRO. This game is held once each month. Discussions are held before, during and after play. The games are relaxing and enjoyable and everyone is learning to play better bridge. Thank you to everyone who is praying/has been praying for my brother and my husband during their illnesses. Thank you. God heard you but don’t stop! Let’s remember the sick and shut-ins and keep them in our prayers. ******** Great Lakes Sectionals: March 15-18, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan July 5-8, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio SEE YOU ON BBO (BRIDGE BASE ONLINE)! GREAT LAKES SECTION Barbara J Hutson Helen Anderson Cleveland Fleming Barbara Adams Lillian Hale Pauline Lewis Florence L. Carter Berrye A. Thompson Janet Kincannon Lily Cleveland

1102.16 615.26 606.93 601.70 564.14 520,88 448.77 439.32 432.02 394.92

Everyone Recruit One To Reach the Goal of 4,000 As a Birthday Gift to the ABA!

MIDWESTERN SECTION The Midwestern Section was given the name “The Section of the Stars” a few years ago. The name worked then and it is still working. DR. LAZELL HARRIS Section Vice President Last year the Midwest was instrumental in producing: #1 - The Player of the Spring National High Point Winner - Harold Singleton; #2 - The Player of the Summer National High Point Winner - Harold Bickham; and #3 - The William Friend High Point Winner 2011 - Chester Johnson. Over a twelve month period Chester accumulated 2082.02 points. All of these achievements represent excellence. Let us exhibit excellence in recruitment. Chester — 4th time winning the William Friend Award with lots of playing, lots of traveling and playing with Herbert Taylor, good team members Alice Brown, William Foster, Harold Singleton, Edward Lumpkin, Gladys J. Randall, Harold Bickham, Bill Sides and Arnold Jones. Throughout his career, he’s been a trailblazer, breaking glass ceilings in the bridge world. He’s flat-out brilliant, easily one of the best legal bridge minds I’ve ever met. But most importantly, he’s also someone who understands the importance of just how to play the game. And, playing the game is just what he has done. No matter how things go in the weeks ahead, this will be an important challenge for the American

Bridge Association. Again, congratulations and best wishes! ********* Condolences to Bob Price of Chicago and family on the sudden and unexpected death of Eloise Price in December 2011. Eloise was not a member of ABA, but we met her over 42 years ago as she accompanied her top No. 3 player husband to all the tournaments — what a gracious lady. Bob, precious memories will linger. forever. Your ABA family will continue to lift you in prayer and we miss seeing you at the nationals. ********* Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! as the continuation of excitement from Super Bowl 2012 still lingers in the air in Indianapolis,

Indiana, which is the site of the 2012 Summer Nationals. Hats off to cochairs Rosemary Bickham and Cassandra Wallace who are busily working to make the summer tournament a “super” success. Book a plan, train, bus or drive to Indy — just get there if you can for the Midwest players have a super time planned just for you. MIDWESTERN SECTION Chester G Johnson Harold R Bickham Edward B Lumpkin Sr Gladys J Randall Herbert Taylor Mattie C Young Rosietta S Brown Larry Cooke Arnold P Jones Harold Singleton III

2082.03 1206.44 1061.06 902.79 601.87 800.35 780.25 721.61 692.96 671.35

♦ ♣ ♠ ♥

MID-ATLANTIC SECTION 2012! It’s ABA’s 80th Birthday Play Bridge - Love Bridge - Promote Bridge Toast with me the joy, sometimes sorrow, and blessings that each day of 2012 will provide. Time flies! Tomorrow, beyond a doubt, will be different. The first fifty days of 2012 finds the Mid-Atlantic Section mourning the deaths of Rose Ann Elliott, Beverly Hurst and Frances Powell — faithful and precious ABA members. The ABA family has, as is customCARROLENA KEY ary, given Section Vice President MID-ATLANTIC SECTION condoReginald O Chapman 1970.98 lences and any help needed to Alice P Brown 1336.50 assist the families of our ABA Jerrie Thomas 1045.36 Final Grand Slammers. In my sad- Winston O Edwards 986.75 William P Foster 982.13 ness, I pay homage to the innate Clarice D Reid 862.20 goodness of the ABA Bridge Clara W Berryhill 662.97 family, how we help each other in Regena Edwards 636.78 times of sickness and need, how Carrolena M Key 580.80 (Continued on page 34)

Mary M Young



NORTHWESTERN SECTION Congratulations to new ABA President George E. Hudson. I enjoyed working alongside George while BRENDA POLK he was Eastern Section Vice President Section Vice President and I’m sure I will enjoy his tenure as the ‘prez.’ He is always thoughtful and concise in his comments and always a gentleman.

MID-ATLANTIC--(Continued from page 33) precious, collectively and individually, we personally resolve to be thankful each day before — 2012, ABA’s 80th birthday year, flies away. The Mid-Atlantic Section continues to promote recruitment, retention, financial stability and bridge enjoyment for all. Special appreciation to Jewel Chapman, Regena Edwards, and Daisy Smith, who recruit, teach classes, play and recruit partners for new players while encouraging seasoned players and others to study, play and learn. Special thanks to Mary Mason Young, ABA National Vice President, Reginald Chapman, President, Washington Bridge Unit, Leola Rucker, Immediate ABA Past President, and Tennyson Johnson, MAS Treasurer, and others who teach, promote and host under 300 games, Pro AM games, and club activities that have increased MAS membership and game participation. The October 2011 Mid-Atlantic Section Tournament received positive comments regarding the Crowne


Congratulations to the other members of the Executive Board — Mary Mason Young, Willetta Phipps and Harriett Motley, all serving well-deserved second terms. And a heartfelt shout-out to Leola Rucker for her years of service to the ABA, including the two terms she just served as president. Karen Tillis and Ray Giles are co-chairing our sectional tournament this year. They VOLUNTEERED! One of their most favorite pastimes is thinking up creative ways to make our guests

happy during their stay here. So please consider visiting the Northwestern Section and participating in our Spring Tournament in May. NORTHWESTERN SECTION SPRING TOURNAMENT May 17-20, 2012 Clarion Hotel 31611 20th Avenue, So. Federal Way, WA 98003 Refrigerators and Microwaves in all Rooms Free Breakfast Convenient Eateries Extraordinary NW Hospitality Reservation Deadline - May 1st 253-941-6000 - $89 Single/Double Co-Chairs: Karen Tillis Plaza Hotel location, accommo(253-365-4229) & dations, and staff as well as the Rayford Giles (253-365-4227) tournament schedule and directDirector: Roger Putnam ing. Highlights included luxury Partnerships: Karen Tillis hospitality, MAS Awards (253-365-4229) & Brunch, and visits to the Martin Brenda Polk (503-703-7365) Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Mark your calendars — 2012 MAS Section Tournament, Crowne PLAYING SCHEDULE: Plaza Hotel Washington/Silver Thursday: 2:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Spring, Maryland, October 5-8, Friday: 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 2012. MAS promises a winning 7:30 p.m. (1st Round of KO) and/or relaxing weekend. Saturday: 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., You are invited to visit the 7:30 p.m. MAS Webpage,, Sunday: 9:30 a.m., 2nd Session TBA to check MAS tournament (done by 5:00 p.m.) schedules, member achievements, $9.00 per session and the MAS newsletter, The We will be using Bridge Mates and Mid-Atlantic Times. Hand Records. See you soon. I look forward to SEE YOU HERE! traveling the ABA Tournament I want to thank the members of the Trail, working with new colNorthwestern Section for all their leagues on the ABA Board of efforts to keep bridge alive in our Directors, receiving continued section. Our numbers are small, but support from MAS members, and we thoroughly enjoy our bridge most of all living each day thank- playing (and eating) time together. ful for the ABA Family I can I’m hoping more of our members will count on. begin playing on Bridge Base, espeBlessings, cially the ABA events. It’s a great Carrolena Key, MASVP (Continued on page 35)

SOUTHWESTERN SECTION “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek...” Barach Obarna Clark who has shared her knowledge, encouragement, advice and friendship. Bridge Players are you ready for a 3rd “national?” It is here! The Southwest Juneteenth Sectional! aka: SWS “LITTLE NATIONAL” June 18 to June 22, 2012. LaQuinta Inn and Suites 8525 N. Watson Road Arlington, TX 76011 $79 (S/D). 817-640-4142 or 1-866-527-1498 (Group 1724). SWS is synonymous with cordiality, great accommodations, accomplished bridge players, and NORTHWESTERN SECTION excellent southern cooking and this tournament will be no differ(Continued from page 34) ent. We will have everything! All way to get in extra practice and playyou need to bring is yourselves. ing time and a way to participate in Microwave and refrigerator in tournaments in the comfort of your each room. Daily bridge tips, own home. delicious hospitality, complimenA special note to our ailing and tary breakfast with waffles, free recuperating members: Ida Reid (Ms. internet and fitness center. There Ida), Octavia Jackson and Nathan is also complimentary transportaJackson (my Dad). You are all in our tion to and from DFW Airport, thoughts and prayers and we love you the Texas Rangers Ballpark, The so very much. infamous Cowboy Stadium, Here’s a bridge tidbit I saw in the Dillards Outlet Store, Six Flags newspaper one day: There are 635, Amusement Park, and other local 013, 559, 599 possible hands in a attractions. DO NOT MISS THIS game of bridge. I wonder who took ONE! If you need a partner, team the time to deal out and count all of or roommate, please call or e-mail those hands! LOL Mae Clark or myself. All of the NORTHWESTERN SECTION information is on the National and Brenda Polk 236.85 Sectional web pages. SEE YOU Kareb E Tillis 199.52 IN JUNE! Travis Curry 188.53 Congratulations to all of our Frank Burke 188.05 winners at the 2011 Summer Edith P Johnson 173.71 Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. Carolyn Curry 157.80 Janet Burke 152.01 We are especially peacock proud William Breeze 144.59 of the Dynamic Duo, Judith Gertrude Peoples 107.94 Glasco the Top Honor winner at Iris Williams West 107.47 the Diamond level, and Johnny THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Many heartfelt thanks to all the members of the EVELYN ADKINS Section Vice President SWS for the support you have given me, the friendship you have extended me and the commitment you have shown in my first few months in office. Special thanks to: Mary Ann Broussard, Bill and Bobbie Turner, Dorothy Colley, Hank Irwin and especially to Mae

SOUTHWESTERN SECTION Marian C Womack Bill Turner Lela M Wilson Mae Clark Rose Carvin Angela Hester Evelyn Adkins Johnny Gills Lionel O Barton Henry Irwin

1643.28 1227.66 1134.94 1000.87 904.12 903.05 792.53 756.61 722.62 700.90

Gills, the top honor winner at the Ruby Level. GOOD JOB! There can never be enough said for the skill and mastery shown by Marian Womack in this game we love called bridge. Again she has won the Joyce Williams Derby and was third in the William Friend Race. We are so proud. Heaven must have been missing three angels for Rancye Brown, Tommye Harrison, and Chinese Mitchell were called to fill those openings in 2011. Our hearts continue to grieve and our prayers continue to be with their families. SEE YOU IN JUNE! SOUTHERN SECTION Gloria Christler Worth R Christler Anderson C Williams Benny R Patton Elizabeth Alexander Shirley L Williams Eric Shelton Willetta Phipps Birnell Hatcher Marjorie L Waldon

1608.32 1483.91 1137.64 1062.52 841.31 813.45 722.31 695.28 660.44 628.65


Indianapolis Bridge Unit Proud Hosts of the

ABA 79th Summer National Tournament 2012 July 26 - August 4, 2012

Sheraton Hotel at Keystone at the Crossing Indianapolis, Indiana

Plan On Coming! Reservations: 1-888-627-7814 Room Rates: $90 Deluxe King/Double

Then start by: • Securing your room and transportation. • Placing an ad in the souvenir journal. • Participating in our Health Fair • Taking a tour of the city ending with lunch at a popular soul food restaurant (pre-registration required)

• Taking a trip to an Indiana Casino (pre-registration required) • Enjoying Line Dancing between PM sessions to relax. • Enjoy a Fashion Show during the Awards Brunch • Purchasing our Sports Shirt, Bags & Jackets • Getting AFFORADABLE transportation to and from the airport (with handicap capabilities, the best pricing we could find). Call with flight times to reserve your spot. Personal Touch: 317-319-0993 - our official transportation • Enjoy Hoosier Hospitality • And earns lots of points!

For more details contact: Rosemary Bickham - 317-733-0100 or Cassandre Wallace - 317-297-3484

Looking forward to seeing you this summer! 36

Worth Christler - Grand Life Master Worth Christler, of Atlanta Georgia, is the ABA’s latest Grand Life Master, possessor of 20,000 NMPs! Worth (pronounced “Wuth” in the south), is a true southern gentleman, with a true southern drawl who has a way of saying “y’all” that cannot be imitated. Though softly spoken in person, don’t be taken in, because this softly spoken, southern gentleman is a ferocious demon at the bridge table with a strong competitive spirit. If he has one strength that outweighs all the many weapons in his arsenal, it’s his play of the hand. He knows how to lull the opponents into a sense of security and then pounce with unexpected maneuvers that bring home supposedly unmakeable contracts time after time. Professionally, Worth is a skillful entrepreneur who runs his own very successful business. His wife, and long-time bridge partner, Gloria Christler recently became a Grand Life Master. Gathering at the Christler’s is something friends look forward to all year where good food (Gloria’s a wonderful cook), good conversation, and good company reign supreme. Worth has another talent: he’s the best audience possible when “the girls” are bringing each other up-todate about various and sundry occurrences. He’ll hang in there with them into the wee hours until they’ve run out of steam momentarily, and then he’ll announce that he’s off to bed because “the girls” have become boring! So we congratulate Worth on this magnificent achievement and know that he’ll continue to be a force to be By Dorris West-Sides reckoned with at the bridge table and a good listener for “the girls.”

WESTERN SECTION Greetings to my ABA family. The members of the Western Section have placed their confidence in me to represent them as the Western Section Vice President. I thank them for their trust and will JAMES LEE devote my experSection Vice President tise and energy in confronting the challenges ahead. In my beginning months of Vice President, I have received overwhelming enthusiasm and support. Our vision for the Western Section is bigger and stronger with goals WESTERN SECTION William A Johnson James Lee Shirley Lee Julia Ann Lee Robert J Friend Patricia Banks Stephanie Young Sherry Polk Celestine Tillman John Lyddon

817.31 604.23 600.70 595.61 514.65 509.09 506.73 475.68 455.38 448.59

to retain, recruit, educate, and develop the membership. Look forward to great things from the Western Section. Our fall sectional was a tremendous success. Thank you ABA members for your continued support. It was inspiring to see so many new players come out, participate in their first tournament, and in many cases enjoy winning. Our local Desert Wins Bridge Club again hosted a pre-tournament club game. We all look forward to this annual game where good bridge, camaraderie, fellowship and great food is enjoyed by all. We applaud new players, Hermanell Moody and her committee, for their hard work hosting the event. Thanks also to our Southwest Section guest, Johnny Gills, for taking photos of all the tournament players and posting them on the WS web site. If you didn’t see yourself, start planning for this year, November 8-12 at the Riviera Hotel. See you there. Hats off to the San Diego Aztec for another enjoyable Grade A weekend. It was well attended with

over 14 tables in play. The Los Angeles Bridge Unit came in cars and a chartered bus. The Las Vegas club was well represented with one new player attending her first tournament. Kudos to Robert Olson who drove the 10 plus hours from Sacramento to represent the Sacramento Diamonds. If your travel calendar is not complete, join us on our bridge cruise May 20-27 to the Mexican Riviera. Questions? Contact Clara Harris 310242-0028. The Western Section must add to our list of resent Final Grand Slammers, our family mourns the loss of Claudia Cogen, dedicated member of Aztec DBC, San Diego, CA; Joan Maxwell, who helped establish Desert Wins DBC after relocating to Las Vegas, NV; Willa Royster-Moore, longtime member of Ace-Hi DBC, Oakland, CA; and Joseph Williams, an icon in the Los Angeles Bridge Unit with a local club named in his honor. The Western Section sends love and condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of these valued members of the WS/ ABA.

American Bridge Association 2828 Lakewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30315

2012 Spring National ABA T our nament Tour ournament Tampa, Florida — April 14-20, 2012

Hosted by the: Southernn Section Souther Where sun shines bright... Stars twinkle at night... Music is all around... and Hospitality abounds. FREE P ARKING! PARKING!

Complimentary Airport Shuttle Service: • Send an e-mail to by March 25th. • Include your name, airline, arrival date, arrival time, departure date, and departure time. (Jewel Chapman, Convention Manager) • Hotel will e-mail shuttle service details and directions to you in a couple of weeks before the tournament beings. • Hotel Discounted Buffets: Breakfast - $10; Lunch - $14; Dinner $15 (includes taxes & gratuities OR 10% discount off any menu item. We Welcome Vendors: • Call the National Office (404-768=5517) or e-mail Madeline Miller at to request an application. Scooter Rentals: • Scootaround Mobility Solutions serves the Tampa, FL area. Call 888-441-7575 for information on mobility vehicle rentals. We Need Caddies: • Contact Marjorie Allen, Caddy Coordinator at 937-268-4528.


information handout


information handout