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Adding that familiar salty umami kick to your Japanese sauces and dressings is essential to creating the symphony of flavours that makes your dishes sing. We find this one does the trick.

This edible kelp is the key ingredient in dashi, a kind of stock that forms the building blocks for so many popular Japanese dishes. Take the time to prepare your own and watch your ramen, soups and salad dressings transform to mirror the dishes in your favourite Japanese eateries.

Clearspring Sweet White Miso

Made from fermented rice and soya beans, this light miso is best for dressings and sauces. Use a darker miso for a more intense flavour if braising or stewing.

Shichimi togarashi This Japanese seven-spice blend adds a dash of flavour to dishes. Sprinkle it over your rice, udon noodles or ramen to add extra spice and a kick of heat.

Katsuobushi/ bonito flakes

Little Moons Mochi ice cream

These fish flakes are used in the second part of flavouring the dashi, but they also make a delicious topping to rice dishes or to Japanese pancakes called okonomiyaki. Sprinkle them on and watch them dance and sway – they’re sure to mesmerise your guests.

Try this popular Japanese dessert of ice cream wrapped in pounded sticky rice cake. Sounds weird, tastes delicious! We love the Toasted Sesame Seed and Matcha Green Tea flavours. June 2018 BBC Good Food Middle East 35

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