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hat type of chocolate are consumers loving most at the moment?

Talking to an expert chocolatier, we learn that dark chocolate is making a comeback this year, while exotic flavoured chocolates are out. Consumers are on the hunt for chocolate containing less sugar, and year-to-year traditional milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts remains most in demand. Here, we discover trends in chocolate with Marc Wirth, managing director of Sprüngli Middle East – a luxury Swiss chocolatier that recently made its Middle Eastern debut with boutiques in The Dubai Mall and The Galleria in Abu Dhabi. By Sophie Voelzing 26 BBC Good Food Middle East June 2018

What are the most trending flavours for this year?

The traditional milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts is still one of the most in demand chocolates. But also, combinations with dark chocolate and hazelnut are amongst the favourites and our bestsellers. We are seeing a trend towards grand cru chocolates as well. Dark chocolate has the reputation of being “bitter” but once customers try our dark chocolate they are mostly surprised by the smooth consistency they have and the variety of our dark chocolate collection is very special. The delicate variation of tastes is similar to that of a sommelier


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Until recently, the main trend was a combination of chocolates in unusual exotic flavours or fillings like saffron, chili pepper, blackberry, lemon, etc. Aside from these, bright pop colours and shapes were in vogue too, the visual aspect is vital due to the rise of social media. The trend now is moving towards dark chocolate, with a higher percentage of cocoa and chocolates with less sugar. Both trends play into our existing assortment of dark pralines and truffles, some of which are made using luxury chocolate beans from places like Madagascar or Venezuela. With the focus shifting to dark chocolate we have been able to experiment and add to our dark chocolate offerings.

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