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FRESH, WHOLESOME AND DELICIOUS Catering to all palates, Richy’s allows you to create up to 13 million salad combinations! Serving everything from salads and wraps to soups and organic juices, Richy’s offers customisation, online ordering and quick doorstep delivery – making staying on track that much easier.

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Tired of boring salads where lettuce takes center stage? Richy’s is here to help. With millions (literally!) of salad combinations to choose from, Richy’s pays close attention to delivering salad bowls that offer up fresh, flavoursome ingredients served in generous portions. Catering to all tastes, salads from Richy’s are 100% customisable and can be ordered online from and Deliveroo for quick and efficient delivery. On the menu, find nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables like dried cranberries, asparagus, baby spinach, sweet potato, artichoke, avocado, beetroot and more. There’s also a wide-range of cheese, nuts, eggs, meats, seafood and tofu, including options like grilled Asian steak, sautéed prawns, grilled tofu, goat’s cheese, walnuts and much more. Richy’s is a homegrown concept that was established in a 2012 by a team who understands how busy day-to-day schedules can hinder eating healthily. Created to offer convenience, personalisation, affordability and high-quality meals, Richy’s also serves a delicious range of wraps, soups and organic juices. Options on offer include Buffalo chicken wrap and Mexican burrito, mixed lentil or tomato soups, plus freshly squeezed Naval orange or Granny Smith apple juice. There’s also cold pressed juices with combinations like kale, apple and coconut water, or a beetroot mix with spinach and orange – plus more. Salads at Richy’s start at AED 30 for a Junior size and AED 36 for a Regular size.


Here are 2 keto diet-friendly combos to try when ordering your next Richy’s salad Bed: Kale & market greens Veggies: Avocado, green onion, grilled Portobello Cheese, Meat and Nuts: Parmesan, grilled Asian steak, a sprinkle of sesame Dressing: Ginger soy Bed: Iceberg Veggies: Asparagus, cucumber, arugula, Cheese and Nuts: Double feta cheese portions and walnuts Dressing: Basil pesto

Get in touch Order online at and Deliveroo, or call 800 RICHYS (742497)

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