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Global Insights Magazine Issue 18 - Edited by SPS MARKETING 2014

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Moving images

The new way of communication


Changing the way we think Stories instead of images


The global mega-trends The coolest trends for your communication


Everyone has a story to tell The magic moments of the business


Moving images are changing the face of corporate communication.

The world is getting louder, more digital, and steadily faster. The competition for attention is harder than ever. Driven by the evolution of ultra-fast data highways, a new way of communication, which is more powerful than any other channel before, is changing the face of corporate communication; it’s fast, funny, and offers fantastic possibilities: moving images are conquering the world of marketing.

Cisco predicts that moving images and videos will account for 69 percent of all internet traffic by 2017. Alone, the traffic for Video on Demand is expected to triple in the next three years. Already today, video content is available on more devices than ever – from the smart phone to the HD screen. You don’t even have to be online to watch an extraordinary variety of moving images. Simply use your tablet PC in presentations and meetings. While consumption cycles for TV and print media are becoming shorter day by day, people spend more and more time consuming short videos on the internet. Web analytics show that popular videos can generate an impressive 100 or 200 million views within just a few months. It’s just the beginning of a new era of communication. The screen is made for motion images! How well are you prepared?

Augmented Reality Augmented Reality applications are becoming more and more popular and allow for a fascinating view of products or for delving deep into technologies. The real-world environment is supplemented by computer-generated sensory input – the perfect tool for tech shows or product presentations. SPS MARKETING and MAGNA STEYR show you how it’s done at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. MAGNA STEYR presented the issues lightweight and CO2 reduction based on the innovative concept car MILA Blue – a modern, natural gas-powered lifestyle vehicle in the A segment with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The augmented reality app provided visitors deep insights into the technical highlights of the concept car. Using 3D tracking, users had the opportunity to discover relevant content.

Moving images are changing the way we think: Pictures are replaced by stories!



“Y E S, BU T WE AL RE A DY H AV E AN IMAG E VID E O” Have you ever thought about whether corporate

videos are actually effective? Nobody, absolutely

nobody, is interested in corporate videos (unless you work for the company in question). This is certainly

a bad news for brand consultants but a good one for creative agencies. People are fascinated by stories. Even after many years, we still remember the plot

We have the channels.

of our favorite movie or the main character of our

Where are the stories?

favorite novel. We love to share funny clips on Facebook, to learn with tutorials on YouTube, and to

The secret of successful digital market today is:

generate our own content to stay in touch with the



surprise the viewer, touch people emotionally, and arouse fascination. Almost everyone can remember the great interactive video "A hunter shoots a bear”. Hardly any internet user could resist the global hype. The advertised brand "Tipp-Ex" was discreetly in the background, yet all the time present. Excellent stories make it onto the cover of top magazines or prime time news. People want stories. This is marketing of tomorrow.



Smartphone Apps

Cinemagraphs are fascinating photos, in which a minor and

Smartphone apps are great to make content available in mobile

repeated movement occurs thus giving the illusion that

form. They can, for example, represent the product portfolio

the viewer is watching a video. Cinemagraphs are usually

compactly, and usually incorporate additional features such as

published as GIF or video to be shared on Tumblr,

a configurator, moving images or product information.

Twitter or Facebook.

“BUT WE CO UL D US E S TOC K MAT ERIA L” Most of the existing videos are boring. Be different. Don’t miss the latest, the hottest, the coolest trends. Apps for Tablets Apps can be used in many ways to save on printing and distribution costs and to keep the content continuously up-to-date. Tablets offer the ideal platform for corporate presentations, product presentations or employer branding content.


Interactive 3D Animations 3D animations created from CAD renderings and gaming platforms are becoming more common as tools for bringing complex products alive and showing customers configurations or possible options for products. Users can zoom in and out, “explode� parts, and get up close up to see how things work. These can also be offered as play-through videos.

E Magazines By this we don't mean flip page pdfs, but rather real electronic magazines that integrate multimedia elements into the layout, thus enabling a fascinating new experience. One great example is the Red Bull Magazine:


Energy Use it to showcase … the pulsating lifeline for economic growth and quality of life.

Agricultural/Chemical Use it to showcase … the search for new ways and ideas to improve the food supply of mankind.

Automotive Use it to showcase … the passion of the engineers behind the world’s coolest cars … whether on a highway, a mountain road or coastal road.

More and more companies from all different industries are using moving images to present themselves at their best and provide fascinating insights into their worlds. Moving images are the perfect tool to show the heroes behind your stories to the outside world.

Retail Use it to showcase … goods and services and introduce new brands using virtual catwalks or store windows.


EVERYON E HAS A STORY TO TELL Biotech/Biomedical Use it to showcase … the heroes of science who tirelessly research for new cures and therapies – thus giving hope to billions of people around the globe.

Let people experience the magic moments of your business.

Building/Construction Use it to showcase … the growth of the world’s greatest megacities and skyscrapers that almost reach the sky. Food/Beverage Use it to showcase … how food is an essential lifeblood and source of delight for billions of people worldwide. Housewares/Furniture Use it to showcase … comfort, style, and function in people’s homes. Industrial Equipment Use it to showcase … the machines and engines that run factories and power plants around the globe.


77 &


The Do’s



The Dont’s

1. Write a storyboard.

1. Don’t be afraid of big ideas.

Every story starts with an idea. Feel free to think

An unusual idea can be a refreshing change in a

in all directions but double-check during the

conservative market. Too many brands present

development phase to see which ideas can be

themselves in a boring and interchangeable way. Do


not make the same mistake.

2. Put together a team.

2. Don’t embarrass people!

Talented and dedicated people who give their

Inappropriate ideas and stories, bad actors, and an

best can bring ideas to life. Work together with

unprofessional production are a disastrous mix and

experienced experts on every stage of production.

can ruin your image. Hands off!

The Do’s

A fascinating movie is not always a question of money. The story, the timing, and solid handcraft are also important.

3. Make an exact shooting schedule. Think about everything, every little detail: the props, the lighting, the clothes of the models, the schedule, the catering, etc. And then think it over carefully and optimize the schedule. 4. Keep strictly to the shooting schedule. Time is money. Organize as much as possible in advance, manage the team, and work target-oriented. Do not leave it to chance. 5. Choose appropriate music. Grab your audience’s attention with emotions and thrill. Music is essential to any great production. Hollywood’s greatest soundtracks prove the power of excellent compositions. 6. Choose a voice. The speaker can shape the image of a brand tremendously. By choosing the right speaker for your brand, you can effectively stand out from the others. 7. Optimize it in the post production. Editing, sound, special effects: experts for film editing and motion design will put the finishing touches on the video.

The Dont’s 3. Don’t shoot in unknown areas! Have a clear picture of the film location and check the light and sound. Take test shots. 4. Don’t modify the storyboard on the set! Keep strictly to the storyboard. If you start discussing details or even the storyline during the shooting, you will lose valuable time and endanger the success of the project. 5. Don’t shoot in front of ugly backgrounds! Inappropriate signs and posters as well as an ugly ambience are ridiculous and embarrassing. Watch where you stand. 6. Don’t wear tasteless clothes! Appropriate clothing is a must – for men and women. 7. Don’t ignore video crashers! For live broadcasts, it is always good to keep an eye on the guys in the background. They could steal your show.












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