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Anna Karenina (1961) Tolstoy's novel of infidelity and its haunting aftereffects has been adapted for film many times but none so moving as this deeply poignant, neglected gem. Classic 1 DVD 1 hr 45 min 978-1-4198-7871-8 $14.98

Wallander: Sidetracked/Firewall/One Step Behind Kenneth Branagh plays Swedish detective Kurt Wallander in three new crime dramas based on the best-selling books by Henning Mankell. Baffling crimes and apparently motiveless murders lead to surprising and shocking discoveries in these Swedish noir thrillers. Drama 2 DVDs 4 hrs 30 min 978-1-4198-8335-4 $34.98

Little Dorrit This gripping new series brings to life Dickens' powerful story of struggle and hardship in 1820s London. Filled with humorous yet tragic characters, Little Dorrit is a stirring rags to riches to rags story, exposing the underbelly of nineteenth century British society as only Charles Dickens can. Classic 4 DVDs 6 hrs 30 min 978-1-4198-8067-4 $49.98 Warriors These are the legendary warriors of history—soldiers with the courage, ambition and military genius to lead their men to victory. In lavish, allaction spectaculars, this series brilliantly evokes the crucial battles that changed their lives, the destiny of their people and, in some cases, the history of the world. Documentary 3 DVDs 5 hrs 53 min 978-1-4198-7518-2 $39.98 The Old Curiosity Shop The Old Curiosity Shop tells the tale of Little Nell Trent who lives with her doting grandfather in his London shop. It is a magical place, filled from wall to wall with dust-laden treasures, known as The Old Curiosity Shop. Classic 1 DVD 1 hr 40 min 978-1-4198-7601-1 $19.98 The Charles Dickens Masterworks Collection A 10-disc comprehensive collection of the latest, critically acclaimed Masterpiece adaptations of Charles Dickens! It’s a must-have collection for fans of Charles Dickens and period dramas. Classic 10 DVDs 22 hrs 48 min 978-1-4198-8069-8 $119.98 Bleak House: Special Edition Out of an interminable court case spin three young people, each searching for their place in the world.With a screenplay by Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice), Bleak House features a galaxy of major stars from feature film, television, and comedy. Classic 3 DVDs 7 hrs 41 min 978-1-4198-8086-5 $39.98

Mistresses:Volume One You don't wake up wanting to be someone's mistress—somehow it just happens. Set in a world where friends have become the new family, Mistresses follows the lives and loves of a group of 30-something girlfriends. Part drama, part thriller, this is a bold take on modern love. Drama 4 DVDs 10 hrs 41 min 978-1-4198-8171-8 $59.98 Waiting for God: Season Four Those cantankerous senior citizens,Tom and Diana, cause more madness and mayhem in the fourth series of this delightful comedy. Comedy 2 DVDs 5 hrs 18 min 978-1-4198-8178-7 $34.98 Open All Hours:The Complete Series Arkwright, the brown-coated, stuttering, Northern shop-keeper is forced to open his corner-shop for as long as the law will permit. But, he still finds time for his passions and hobbies. Comedy 4 DVDs 12 hrs 17 min 978-1-4198-8179-4 $49.98 Last of the Summer Wine:Vintage 1979 The picturesque Pennine village of Holmfirth in the Yorkshire Dales is the setting for this vintage comedy.This is Brontë country: backdrop to the antics of our aging delinquents and their demented friends. Comedy 1 DVD 3 hrs 23 min 978-1-4198-8181-7 $24.98

JULY Nature’s Most Amazing Events Witness the planet's most breathtaking natural events, and follow the dramatic wildlife stories behind them. Combining the epic cinematography of Planet Earth, this series charts the effects of global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes. Nature 2 DVDs 5 hrs 978-1-4198-8177-0 $29.98

Doctor Who: Battlefield The Doctor and Ace join forces with UNIT and his old friend the Brigadier against Morgaine (Jean Marsh) and Mordred, Arthurian villains who recognize the Doctor as Merlin. Science Fiction 2 DVDs 1 hr 35 min 978-1-4198-8078-0 $34.98

Doctor Who:The Rescue/The Romans The Rescue: The Doctor and friends come to the aid of two lone survivors of an attack by the reputedly peaceful Didonians. The Romans: The Doctor and companions fall prey to the hazards of ancient Rome which culminate in Nero's Great Fire. Science Fiction 2 DVDs 2 hrs 26 min 978-1-4198-8234-0 $34.98

Doctor Who:The E-Space Trilogy The Tardis has brought the Doctor, Romana, and K9 to an alternate universe, E-Space, where huge poisonous spiders, space vampires, and gateways between past and future are commonplace. Science Fiction 3 DVDs 4 hrs 39 min 978-1-4198-8102-2 $49.98

Doctor Who:Attack of the Cybermen A distress call lures the Sixth Doctor and Peri into London's sewer system, dragging them into an interplanetary plot involving diamond thieves and the Cybermen. Science Fiction 2 DVDs 1 hr 28 min 978-1-4198-8205-0 $24.98

Gavin & Stacey: Season 1 Gavin is an ordinary boy from England; Stacey is an ordinary girl from Wales. They speak every day on the phone at work, and yet they've never met...until now. Comedy 1 DVD 2 hrs 43 min 978-1-4198-7663-9 $24.98

Yellowstone: Battle for Life Larger than some American states,Yellowstone National Park is one of the world's last and most spectacular wildernesses—here we see how the dramatic lives and fortunes of the grey wolf, the grizzly bear, and the herds of antelope and buffalo are inexorably bound together. Nature 1 DVD 2 hrs 30 min 978-1-4198-8218-0 $19.98

JUNE World War II – Behind Closed Doors Joseph Stalin was a tyrant responsible for the death of millions. Yet he also had some unlikely relationships during the Second World War. Not just with leaders of the great democracies like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, but also with Hitler and the Nazis. Documentary 2 DVDs 5 hrs 978-1-4198-7809-1 $29.98 Edward II (1969) Now available on DVD for the first time! Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II is remarkably modern. Edward II is a flawed ruler, his reign marred by civil strife and rebellion, but it was his love life, and not his inept leadership, that ultimately turned the nobles against the king. Drama 1 DVD 2 hrs 5 min 978-1-4198-8172-5 $14.98 Email:

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AUGUST The Mighty Boosh: 1 Vincent Noir and Howard Moon are zoo-keepers at the dilapidated “Zoo-niverse” and are the unsuspecting heroes of The Mighty Boosh.The boys embark on an array of magical, bizarre, and exciting adventures and encounter a range of weird and unusual characters. Comedy 2 DVDs 4 hrs 978-1-4198-6979-2 $29.98 Days That Shook the World: Season 2 There have been days when something we took for granted vanished, when our perceptions were completely altered, when an event so unique took place that our lives were never the same again. These are the events that changed the way we view the world. Documentary 2 DVDs 9 hrs 50 min 978-1-4198-8221-0 $29.98 Fax: (877) 492-0873 DVD0509



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___Anna Karenina (1961) ___Little Dorrit ___Warriors ___The Old Curiosity Shop ___The Charles Dickens * Masterworks Collection ___Bleak House: Special Edition * ___Doctor Who: Battlefield ___Doctor Who:The E-Space Trilogy ___Gavin & Stacey: Season 1 JUNE


978-1-4198-7871-8 978-1-4198-8067-4 978-1-4198-7518-2 978-1-4198-7601-1 978-1-4198-8069-8

978-1-4198-8086-5 978-1-4198-8078-0 978-1-4198-8102-2 978-1-4198-7663-9

___World War II – Behind Closed Doors ___Edward II (1969) ___Wallander: Sidetracked/Firewall/ One Step Behind ___Mistresses:Volume One ___Waiting for God: Season Four ___Open All Hours:The Complete Series ___Last of the SummerWine:Vintage 1979

978-1-4198-7809-1 978-1-4198-8172-5 978-1-4198-8335-4

978-1-4198-8171-8 978-1-4198-8178-7 978-1-4198-8179-4 978-1-4198-8181-7

$14.98 $49.98 $39.98 $19.98 $119.98 $39.98 $34.98 $49.98 $24.98





___Nature’s Most Amazing Events ___Doctor Who:The Rescue/The Romans ___Doctor Who:Attack of the Cybermen ___Yellowstone: Battle for Life

978-1-4198-8177-0 978-1-4198-8234-0 978-1-4198-8205-0 978-1-4198-8218-0

$29.98 $34.98 $24.98 $19.98

AUGUST ___The Mighty Boosh: 1 ___Days That Shook the World: Season 2

978-1-4198-6979-2 978-1-4198-8221-0

$29.98 $29.98


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