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CEO Message

Dear business partners and friends, Welcome back to our first issue of “excellence” in 2016. I trust this finds you well and hope that you had a good start into the year so far. In the previous issue of excellence I was talking about a “new normal” which is defining the project shipping industry. And as we speak this “new normal” gets already redefined and no one is able to foretell what comes tomorrow. We all know that in 2015 commodity markets have lost over all segments; i.e. precious metals, grains, industrial metals, and energy commodities, the later responsible for the biggest share and the biggest loss. This keeps the pressure also on the project market which additionally has to deal with an abundance of shipping capacity on the supply side. And it seems this trend is set to continue also in 2016 where we expect a further transitioning project shipping market which is still lacking a desired trend to commercialize on.

Sometimes we have to realize that success is about perseverance, the key to stay in the game. In the midst of a currently weak, however volatile dynamic, we still see active trading for wind, gas and other power related projects and petrochemical investments. But this only partly offsets the volumes the market has to accept from the slump in oil and gas driven project activity. But where will this dynamic lead us? What to expect next?

and continue to put our efforts in ensuring highest levels of service delivery for cargo customers, and of course, an above average utilization of vessels. Overall we have to realize that perseverance is key to stay in the game. We continue to receive great support and feedback from our customers, and we are pleased to say that a fair share of our marketable capacity is already booked through strategic volume partnerships for 2016. I am really proud of the global team at BBC Chartering which could further win the trust of our customers. We are grateful that this allows us to demonstrate our abilities as leading volume partner to the project shipping industry as a whole. Notwithstanding the above, our mission stays to live-up to what you, our customers, value: quality, reliability, flexibility, professionalism and integrity! We are convinced that delivering to these values stays important for the health of the project shipping industry in general and we are convinced this will hold sway also in 2016. With this I wish you much success in business and personally all the best for this year. Please enjoy this magazine and remember that no matter where, we look forward to seeing you soon at any of the upcoming events.


Svend Andersen CEO, BBC Chartering

The media talks about an “oil price crash” and leading experts see oil dependent economies threatened to tilt and warn of the consequences this has. Also, some even discuss a newly emerging financial crisis with regards to the US debt market and its massive exposure to fracking related engagements which seem to be substantially threatened by ongoing low energy prices. For better or worse, all these factors together forebode another suspenseful year for project shipping in 2016. And at least speaking for BBC Chartering as globally leading project carrier and operator, we are tied to offer our services on the back of the available shipping capacity and the market developments on the project side. In this respect, we constantly adopt our business excellence Spring 2015

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Svend Andersen on current industry trends

Project Services 06

Moving 400,000 FTR for Toyo, Japan


200,000 FTR for Baytown


BBC Ruby commenced apac service


High Performance on special destination services


Polar track record

Project Briefs



Submarines travel piggy-back


Sophisticated heavy transport


Tween Shot Outside Story


Support for the world’s largest PET plant in Texas


New harbor cranes for Chile

Vessel Update



The next generation sets examples


Mewis duct to improve vessel performance

Inside Story 10

Happy 10th anniversary Caytrans BBC


New presence in London, UK


Open for business in Bejing, China

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Intermodal Sao Paulo, Expomin Santiago, Breakbulk Europe



Dear readers,

Responsible for content Svend Andersen, Tobias Tanzer, Raymond Fisch

Welcome back to the spring issue and thirteenth edition of excellence. With this first magazine in 2016 we are again excited to share some recent stories from our small world of project shipping.

Contact Phone +49 491 9252090 Published by BBC Chartering GmbH Hafenstraße 10b · 26789 Leer Germany Please visit our website for further information about our services and contact details of our global network. © 2016 BBC Chartering

With this issue, we talk about BBC Chartering developing more and more as a strategic volume partner to expert EPCs for most of the world’s major undertakings. Examples are Exxon’s Baytown project, M&G Chemical’s PET plant in Corpus Christi, Petrona’s RAPID refinery project in Malaysia, and many more. Of course high quality ocean transportation is not only needed for high volume assignments, but also for single cargo transactions, specific heavy lift operations or special destination services, e.g. to the Arctic. Whatever the requirement, we transport submarines, harbor cranes, drilling units, or anything else; please explore the many facets of our operations and check out our impressive range of integrated services.

As usual, we share some inside stories, give a progress update on the new, eco-friendly project carrier currently under construction in China, and we talk about some interesting modifications made to our BBC Ontario. Discover yourself what BBC Chartering has in store for you and please enjoy this magazine. We hope you find some good inspiration and stay connected with us until the next issue. Warm regards,

Raymond Fisch excellence editor

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Project Services

moving 400.000 frt BBC Chartering becomes a strategic volume partner to Toyo Engineering, Japan

BBC Chartering continues to be a sought after provider for risk-managed, high-impact, high-volume projects and distributed supply chains and with that a strategic partner for leading engineering, procurement, and construction/commissioning (EPC) experts, such as Toyo Engineering, Japan.

As an expert EPC provider, Toyo contributes to the global economy in various industrial fields including gas and new types of energy such as LNG and DME, as well as engineering, procurement and construction of oilrefinery, petrochemical and general chemical plants.In the summer of 2015, the specialist plant engineering company and BBC Chartering closed a strategic volume contract, which covers more than 400,000 frt of project and heavy lift cargo volumes to be moved globally for four major projects during 2016 extending flexibly into 2017 and thereafter. Having worked successfully together on other assignments in the past, the

22 excellence spring 2016 6 || excellence magazine

strategic volume contract currently covers different cargo volumes for important landmark projects which have been awarded to Toyo: 1 Petrona’s Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) project in Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia 2 Turkmengas’ Galkynysh petrochemical complex (TGPC) on the Caspian Sea shelf, Turkmenistan 3 Shintech’s Ethane Cracker Project (SECP) in Plaquemine, Louisiana, USA 4 Sasol’s low density polyethylene (LDPE) plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

The RAPID project, Malaysia RAPID is part of the bigger PETRONAS Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) development worth an estimated 27 Billion US Dollars. Toyo’s EPC share of the project comprises an Ethylene production plant, a Pyrolysis gasoline plant, a Butadiene extraction plant, a

Benzene separation plant, a MTBE production plant, other utility and offsite facilities. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2019. BBC Chartering’s transport scope is to support the project delivery through

its quality transports, providing high performance solutions for heavy-lift shipments for cargoes of max 400 mt unit weight. The majority of the shipping volume concerns intra-Asia trading, but it also included East-bound and West-bound cargo movements.

TGPC project, Turkmenistan Turkmengas Galkynysh petrochemical complex is a $10 billion capital expenditure in a greenfield worldscale petrochemical project at Kyyanly, the East Coast of the Caspian Sea. The Toyo share of the project covers EPC services for a

spring / summer 2016 | 7

gas separation unit, an ethylene production unit, and a polypropylene production unit. The project is scheduled for completion in 2018. BBC Chartering committed to provide the East-bound and West-bound project cargo consolidation for heavy lifts up to 520 mt. Shintech’s Ethane Cracker Project (SECP), Louisiana Japan based Shintech, the world’s largest PVC plastics manufacturer, is building an ethylene plant in the U.S. As EPC provider, Toyo’s scope is to build the Ethylene production plant with and target output of 500,000 tons per year. The project is scheduled for completion in 2018. Ensuring the Westbound portion for heavy components ex Asia, BBC Chartering committed to provide support for up to 430 mt heavy lift operations. LDPE plant, Louisiana Sasol North America is building a new low density polyethylene plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Toyo’s scope is detailed engineering, procurement, module fabrication, and construction support service of the plant which is scheduled to start-up in 2017. The smallest volume covered in the agreement with BBC Chartering concerns Eastbound shipping volumes also securing lifting capacities of 400 mt for the heaviest items. Unique approach to volume contracts BBC Chartering’s approach to strategic volume contracts is unique and leverages the carriers’ capabilities through “apac service” (any port, any

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Key benefits for customers are: • • • • •

Flexibility: Inducements along trade lanes, at any port for any cargo Coverage: Over 30 global high frequency trades Least risk: Market-leading shipping performance High value: Integrated transport delivery and quality operations Reliability: about 70% of our fleet is group-controlled


cargo service). This represents the market-leading service vehicle to consolidate and match cargo and vessel owner demands. The “apac service” idea centers on BBC Chartering operating the world’s first and only global high performance service platform for general, breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo transportation, delivering highest service value to customers.

stage and demand tailor made solutions and unrestricted attention for their needs. Frankly, project shipping is customer service, and the team at BBC Chartering is committed to deliver a premier service experience.

Today, the service covers more than 30 regular global general, breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo trades. The carrier herewith uniquely combines the efficiency of a liner service with the flexibility of a project tramp service and ensures charterers market-leading shipping performance, economics, service quality, and eco-friendly global ocean transportation.

there for our customers and we know they rely on our promise”.

In each strategic volume contract BBC Chartering implements a customer centric project organization. Through this, customers have one single point of contact to discuss their schedules and procurement plan updates, technical issues, and so on.

We know how difficult the market is, but in the eye of Svend Andersen, CEO of BBC Chartering, this should never be an excuse to compromise on quality: “No matter what, we are

With regards to the Toyo contract Svend Andersen stated, “We are extremely pleased that BBC Chartering and TOYO will be working together on a number of projects in the future. TOYO’s achievements are highly regarded by oil majors and chemical companies around the world and we take pride in contributing our flexible high performance transport services to support their success.”

Submarines travel piggy-back November 2015 – Two impressive pieces of cargo have been moved in Kiel and loaded onboard the BBC Sapphire. We speak of two submarines formerly used by the German Navy. Retired and recently modified to fit their new purpose, the subs were shipped to Columbia onboard the BBC Sapphire. Under the new names “Intrepido” and “Indomable” the previously called “U23” and “U24” ended their 35 year-long German navy career to commence a second life serving the war against drug smuggling for the Columbian military. Being modified in Kiel by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, the 48 m long and about 500mt heavy pieces were lifted directly out of the water and stowed on deck of the BBC Sapphire. Also loading additional equipment in containers, the project demonstrated BBC Chartering’s capability to perform on non-standard operations as they are required for heavy lift cargo transactions. The BBC Sapphire is one of currently ten 14,800 dwt vessels operated by BBC Chartering which are capable of lifting up to 800mt.

The respective chartering manager represents this “single point of contact” to the BBC Chartering organization and coordinates internally that mission critical resources are provided while executing the project. He is backed by a global team of operations, engineering, cargo, and HSEQ experts who ensure a premier preparation, execution, and delivery of the service. In recent years project shipping has become a premium service opposed to a mere shipping company model. Customers have conquered center

spring / summer 2016 | 9

Inside Story

10 years anniversary Dan Gulf and BBC Chartering offer flexibility, reliability and innovation in ocean transportation

In just over two decades Dan-Gulf Shipping Inc. has established itself as an undeniable force in the Louisiana shipping industry. Founded in 1993 by Niels Busse, the company started by offering ship agency services, cargo and ship brokerage and soon began operating its own tonnage offering ocean freight services worldwide through the affiliated vessel operating company Caytrans Project Services. In the early days, some of Dan-Gulf’s first works included shipments of telephone poles and accessories from the port of Gulfport to Belize. In these days the company also handled a large project which entailed chartering a handy size vessel to make four consecutive voyages from the

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port of Baton Rouge to Buenaventura Colombia with 26 inches of epoxy coated pipe. Later, in the early 2000’s the company offered regular break bulk liner service from the U.S. Gulf, including the Port of South Louisiana, to the Mediterranean, as well as a regular service from South East Asia to the U.S. Dan-Gulf was a pioneer in providing ocean freight services, under U.S. license, from the U.S. to Cuba, at one time handling over 24 ships a year. Caytrans further continued to grow and began providing regular break bulk service into Colombia and Venezuela in 2004 which also required to strengthen its service and performance ability. In 2006 Dan Gulf then entered into a partnership with

that journeyed to New Orleans from Jebel Ali, Dubai, aboard the MV Palbora. Caytrans BBC also recently handled a project into East Coast Nicaragua that entailed the use of 10 dedicated vessels loaded with oil well supplies. The cargo had to discharge

For ten years now, the partners successfully operate the Caytrans BBC joint venture as the leading regional project service.

at El Bluff and El Rama Nicaragua— two severely draft and load restricted ports.

in contributing to the community through athletic activities— specifically the MS-150. “Cycling and raising money together also helps to build ties amongst employees,” Busse said. A fact that is appreciated by 30+ cyclist of Dan Gulf and BBC Chartering every year who together also ride to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis.

These are good examples of our flexibility and innovative ocean transportation. “The shipments were extremely time sensitive and required the use of specialized shallow draft vessels, which were also equipped with specialized cranes. Once the project was complete, we also redeployed a substantial amount of equipment and material back to the USA,” Busse said.

BBC Chartering and began providing the service as Caytrans BBC. This marked the birth of the joint venture which today represents one of the most prominent shipping services from the U.S. Gulf to Colombia and Venezuela offering integrated ocean transportation solutions to the world’s major energy and infrastructure companies. Amongst the largest projects handled to date, was a record-breaking 790-ton, 128-foot-long project piece

Last year Dan-Gulf and CytransBBC moved six land drilling rigs from Houston to Dos Bocas Mexico. Each rig consisted of over 4200cbm worth of cargo and they all needed to be transported within a four-week time period requiring close coordination and vessel scheduling. Caytrans BBC used its own fleet of vessels to successfully complete the project in time and within budget. Dan-Gulf Shipping currently employs 13 people and works closely with their partners at BBC Chartering who provide worldwide sales support, primarily in Houston and Colombia.

On the personal side, Busse is an avid cyclist who believes strongly

Describing the mission of Dan Gulf and Caytrans BBC as a service, Busse added “We are a team of dedicated shipping professionals who come to work every day with the singular focus of providing innovative solutions to our clients’ transportation needs. No cargo is too big or too complicated for us to move. We have several employees and long term contractors that have been in the business for over 50 years. This together with the rest of our team allows us to provide first class service.” Svend Andersen of BBC Chartering congratulated Niels Busse, “Attitude and skill make a great service and this is where the core of BBC Chartering and Dan Gulf branding comes together. We congratulate to 10 Years of Caytrans BBC and look forward to many more decades of successful collaboration!”

spring / summer 2016 | 11

Project Services

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200,000 frt for Baytown The ExxonMobil Baytown area is the largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the United States. The logistics for a recent site expansion project were supported by BBC Chartering.

Awarded by FLS Asia, BBC Chartering provided the transport of the key components for Exxon Mobile‘s Baytown expansion project. As a leading regional project expert FLS was contracted to organize the overall door-to-door logistics for the large and oversized components which included the mobilization of equipment from Sattahip, Thailand to Houston, USA. BBC Chartering needed to ensure that a sufficient shipping capacity will be available on-time providing an optimal intake and lifting services for equipment components of up to 250 mt. In total, the scope of the project covers 200,00 cbm on 13 full charter voyages which were all embedded in an ambitious overall schedule. As common for such large, tight schedule, high risk, high impact projects, they require sophisticated planning of vessels and their mobilization from all over the world. This is one of the reasons why BBC Chartering and its global project organization were selected. To ensure a reliable, efficient and flawless delivery of such demanding project, the technical and the commercial side have to be closely linked. This allows fast, flexible and effective adjustments to changes in the customer’s project schedule or changed technical requirements. Large volume projects, such as Baytown, benefit from this approach and the most suitable organization of the service.

spring / summer 2016 | 13

Project Services

BBC Ruby commenced The BBC Ruby is a heavy lift vessel which belongs to the 14 unit counting BBC Amber class. As it was the case for many other vessel programs initiated before the crisis, production schedules got postponed and final deliveries delayed.

14 | excellence magazine

As one of the late runners, the BBC Ruby is the newest addition to the BBC Chartering fleet. The vessel commenced service for BBC Chartering in January 2016 and started out with an impressive maiden voyage which is also a prime example for the parceling power of our any port, any cargo service. On her first trip from Donghae, Korea to Davisville, USA the BBC Ruby loaded two carousels, which were filled with

some 3,200 mts of cables, additional bobbins and cable equipment. On the same voyage, the Ruby took on another 2,000 freight tons including a heavy lift item of 265 mt from Masan, Korea to Jeddah and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, and eventually another 7,300 freight tons including a 415mt heavy reactor from Ulsan, South Korea to Jizan, Saudi Arabia. The overall voyage is a great display of BBC Chartering’s capability to

consolidate large project cargo parcels on the apac service rotation Far East, Mid East, North America. The BBC Ruby is the tenth vessel of a modern 14,800 dwt heavy lift series offering lifting capabilities up to 800 mts. She is ready to take your calls, no matter if this is for a volume contract, a special heavy lift requirement or a simple cargo transaction: she is at your “apac service”!

spring / summer 2016 | 15

Tween Shot

rt, any po o: g r a c y an r e v i l e d we

16 | excellence magazine

INSIDE STORY New presence in London, UK In January 2016, BBC Chartering announced the opening of a new representative office in London, UK. “We continue to strengthen our position at important shipping hubs for breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo”, said Svend Andersen, CEO of BBC Chartering. “This move is a strategic decision and we are pleased that we can offer Maritime London now a permanent point of contact to discuss business with us, too.” The London branch is the second location of BBC Chartering in the UK and closely cooperates with the existing representative office in Liverpool. Ms. Valeria Salzano, who transferred from BBC Chartering Genoa Srl., was appointed as regional Sales & Chartering Manager for the London office. Both UK offices are managed from BBC Chartering’s European hub and global HQ in Leer, Germany.

Contact Details are: BBC Chartering GmbH Representative Office London 3 More London Riverside 1st Floor, Suite 179, SE1 2RE, Greater London United Kingdom Phone +44 (0) 203 283 4313 Fax +44 (0) 203 283 4001 Email

spring / summer 2016 | 17

Outside Story

support for the world’s largest PET plant BBC Chartering performs on 350,000 FRT for M&G’s petrochemical complex in Corpus Christi The group is among the world‘s largest PET producers and currently operates an installed capacity of almost 1.6 million tonnes per year, in its plants in Brazil, Mexico, Europe and the US. The activities covered are (1) PET, its raw materials, and engineering relating to plants for these products operating in the Americas and Asia; (2) biofuels, chemical products derived from non-food biomass and engineering relating to these plants, located in Italy; (3) Polyester fibre, operating exclusively in Brazil; and (4) European PET resin production including biodegradable polymers with a plant located in Patrica, Italy. Back in 2011, M&G Chemicals has decided to build the world’s largest Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plant and strategically selected a site at Port Corpus Chrsiti, Texas for the facility. This location was chosen for its broad accessibility and its proximity to utilities and suppliers for raw materials. The land for the project was purchased in September 2012 and the actual construction began in December 2014.

22 18 | excellence excellence magazine spring 2016

The PET plant under construction is estimated to have a nominal production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year, while the plant for integrated PTA, will have a nominal production capacity of 1.3 million tons per year. The overall project is expected to

create 250 permanent jobs, 700 indirect jobs and more than 3,000 jobs during construction. The facility opening is scheduled for the second half of 2016. Sinopec Engineering was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the project, and LPL Logistics from Italy was charged with the management of the projects sophisticated procurement plan with distributed project supply chains involving multiple shipments from multiple carriers. Awarded by LPL Italy, BBC Chartering was selected as a trusted tonnage

provider and has been supporting the project since 2015 on numerous shipments, looking at an overall volume of about 350,000 frt on a flexible, high performance standby basis. Until today, BBC Chartering has been feeding the project with numerous shipments from three main ports including Shanghai and Nantong in China and Taranato, Italy. The vessels used were the BBC Arizona, BBC Elbe, EIT Palmina, BBC Sapphire, BBC Rushmore, Peter Roenna and the BBC Vermont. The project is another great example how BBC Chartering ensures a very flexible set-up yet securing highest level of project support and shipping performance for a large logistical undertakings for delicate project cargo including heavy lifts. It is also a convincing example of the functioning of BBC Chartering’s apac service, the world’s first global high performance inducement service for project cargo transports.

The Mossi Ghisolfi Group (M&G) is a leading name in the application of innovation to the sectors of PET, engineering and renewable chemical products derived from non-food biomass. Through M&G Chemicals, the group currently builds the world’s largest PET plant in Port Corpus Christi, Texas.

spring / summer 2016 | 19

Outside Story

new harbor cranes

for chile The ports of Lirquen and Angamos in Chile are new homes to three new mobile harbor cranes enhancing their cargo handling capabilities. The BBC Aquamarine was pleased to deliver the job, first calling Lirquen then Angamos.

20 22 | excellence excellence magazine spring 2016

Chile‘s territorial shape is most unusual. From North to South, Chile extends 4,270 km (2,653 mi), and yet it only averages 177 km (110 mi) east to west. On a map, it looks like a long ribbon reaching from the middle of South America‘s west coast straight down to the southern tip of the continent, where it curves slightly eastward.

bulk handling equipment, such as mobile cranes, reach stackers, port trucks and crane forks. It offers multiple logistic services, including loading and unloading of containers and break bulk cargo. Expanding its capabilities, the ports latest equipment addition are two new mobile harbor cranes which can each handle heavy lift cargo up to 200 mt.

Chiles geography is very diverse and challenging and so is the infrastructure required to support the country´s development. Expanding the abilities to serve the local economy, the ports of Lirquen and Angamos invested in new mobile harbor cranes which they received through a recent shipment onboard the BBC Aquamarine.

About 1,200 nm further north is the port of Angamos, one of the most modern ports of South America. The Terminal is specialized on reception, transport, and dispatch of copper and general cargo, handling of containers, stevedoring and discharging of containers and general cargo, stevedoring of copper.

The port of Lirquen is located in the middle of the Chilean ribbon and can be best described as a multipurpose terminal. Puerto de Lirquen operates

The port is also focused on handling oversized and heavy lift cargo, particularly items for the mining industry and astronomical observatories (ALMA). The remaining crane was discharged here, now flexibly serving ships from all over the world.

spring / summer 2016 | 21

Project Services

high performance on special destination services

Over the years BBC Chartering has built up a wealth of experience when it comes to managing special destination assignments, the not-so-everyday-jobs in project shipping. Here is a brief update on recent accomplishments and some historic performances. We can say “mission possible” wherever you need to go.

Special destination: River Ob mouth, Western Siberia The BBC Louisiana completed a project with a special trading requirement: delivery of equipment to the Antipinsky Refinery in Tyumen, Russia (Western Siberia). BBC Chartering was contracted to engineer and execute the transport

22 | excellence magazine

of the refineries’ continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) modules. Theses had to be shipped from Mokpo, South Korea to Novyy Port, at the mouth of River Ob in the Arctic sea; some additional equipment and containers had to be shipped to Vladivostock, Russia for the same project.

A project of this type requires special preparation, diligent planning of cargo and vessel related items, and the compliance with the special destination’s administrative requirements. Eventually all work led to a smooth passage, a safe voyage and high quality cargo transactions. Loading operations were

accomplished by the End of July in South Korea, and the discharge of the four up to 230 mt heavy CCR modules was accomplished by the end of August onto river barges. The assigned project carrier BBC Louisiana is one of thirteen 12,780 dwt vessel which possess both a high ice class and a lifting capacity of up to 300mt. Special destination ‘Hope Bay‘, Canadian Arctic The Hope Bay Project is one of the most prospective undeveloped greenstone belts in the world, located in the Nunavut Territory,

approximately 685 km northwest of Yellowknife, and 125 km southwest of Cambridge Bay. ‘Hope Bay’ is an 80 kilometer district in the Canadian Arctic in the Kitikmeot Region of Canada. BBC Chartering was the assigned carrier to develop and deliver a transport solution responding to the destination’s special requirements in the Canadian Arctic in September 2015. The cargo consisted of building material and equipment for the Hope Bay gold mine and it was delivered safely and within schedule by the BBC Brisbane, one of six 8,000 dwt

multipurpose ships. She provides a high ice class and a maximum lifting capacity of 160 mt. BBC Chartering successfully completed both assignments during August and September 2015, adding to BBC Chartering’s special destination mission track record. Both projects conveyed that all required processes and resources are in place to respond to any port and cargo requirement. This ensures customers the best possible delivery of project specific technical and commercial solutions also for special destinations.

spring / summer 2016 | 23

Project Services

polar track record

BBC Singapore - Year 2006 · Engaged for the Alfred Wegener Institute · Antarctic research center Germany

Langeness - Year 2010 · Delivery of the new Juan Carlos Station · Antarctic research center Spain

BBC Ems - Year 2011 · Annual Military Sealift Command supply mission to Mc Murdo Station · Antarctic research center USA

BBC Danube - Year 2014 · Delivery of equipment for Jang Bogo Station · Antarctic research center Republic of South Korea

24 | excellence magazine

Project Briefs

sophisticated heavy transport Supporting the ongoing pre-salt layer oil & gas developments offshore Brazil, BBC Chartering was once again selected as the carrier of choice to deliver an engineered transport solution from Singapore to Brazil.

This concerned the transport of a 1,200 mt heavy drilling floor unit and a large living quarter module of the same weight. Due to the cargoes’ massive oversize and weight, an external lifting solution was required.

voyage and discharging, the project again demonstrated BBC Chartering’s ability to prepare and perform the safe delivery of super-heavy transport and lifting services, also under restricted draft requirements.

BBC Chartering transport engineering delivered an integrated management of the overall operation. Special focus was required with regards to weight spreading for the heavy deck cargo and on the resulting vessel stability issues. Having successfully completed

The deployed BBC Aquamarine is a 2012 built 14,800 dwt multipurpose and heavy lift ship. She provides a maximum lifting capacity of 800mt. BBC Chartering currently operates ten vessels of this type.

spring / summer 2016 | 25

Vessel Update

next generation sets examples and triggers classification standard enhancement The “next generation� project carrier comes closer. In our previous issues we have reported about the design, tank testing, steel cutting, major advantages, keel laying, and last the vessel’s innovative engine and power management. Meanwhile, the vessel was launched and the engine was installed. Now, as the outfitting works are ongoing, sea trials, acceptance and delivery will eventually come closer.

26 | excellence magazine

Amended special load cases: Case 1: Block loading mid

INSIDE STORY Open for business in Bejing In December 2015, BBC Chartering announced that it is open for business in Bejing, China.

Case 2: Block loading aft and fore

Case 3: Crane inboard on partial draught

Case 4: Crane outboard on partial draught

“We are responding to the increased activity for project and heavy lift shipping services from Asia and on intra-Asia trades,” said Svend Andersen, CEO of BBC Chartering. “Beijing is an important hub for project, breakbulk, and general cargo customers who ask for higher levels of shipping performance and more project related trading possibilities. We are pleased that we can help and that this step allows us to further improve our Far East network for customers.” As BBC Chartering’s thirty-first (31st) outlet, BBC Beijing is managed as a satellite office through the carrier’s regional hub in Singapore.

As said before, the vessel employs trend setting technology in the MPP / HL ship segment and with that it is about to become an innovation leading, eco-trading workhorse in the multipurpose and heavy lift sector.

The new office is headed by Mr. Ren Jie, an experienced project chartering professional.

Contact Details are: Besides the trendsetting eco features of the vessel, the new building team has also aimed high concerning the vessel’s cargo intake and handling capabilities. In this regard it was not only that hold volume, deck space, crane outreach and lifting heights, permissible deck strengths and cargo flexibility was set to significant levels. Special attention was also paid to the safe operation of the vessel in the sense as to recognize the stability and strength limits of the vessel. For this purpose, our shipbuilding team instructed the designers to consider special load cases which involve block loads and heavy lift crane operation as shown in the box at the top of this page.

BBC Chartering Beijing Unit 1409 Tower 1, Landmark Tower 8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District 100004 Beijing, China Phone +86 10 6590 0650 Fax +84 9 0997 0979 Email

Classification society DNVGL agreed with the importance of these specific load cases for project shipping and embedded same into their new rules for the classification of multipurpose and heavy lift vessels. This novel requirement will eventually ensure a more appropriate approach for project carriers which are more often involved in carrying inhomogeneous rather than homogenous loads. Truly, our “next generation” is innovating on many fronts. We look forward to keeping you posted on the further progress.

spring / summer 2016 | 27

Vessel Update

mewis duct improves vessel performance There are many ways ships can be improved, although the assessment of any option is based on a set of numerous assumptions. Given the fact that ship owners are asked to provide competitive tonnage concepts, charterers appreciate the fact when there is a clear orientation of owners to invest and improve performance and consumption of existing vessels.

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Duct and fin system straighten and swirl the hull’s wake to produce a net forward thrust. Krey Schiffahrt, owner of the BBC Ontario and longstanding business partner of BBC Chartering, decided to invest into such technology. In a recent refit project, the owner attached a “Becker Mewis Duct” to the vessel. This is a novel power-saving device which has been developed by Becker Marine System for full-form ships that allows either significant fuel savings at a given speed or alternatively for the vessel to travel faster for a given power level. “The physical principle is simple and convincing”, says Daniel Grensemann, managing director of Krey Schiffahrt. “The Mewis duct consists of two fixed elements. First a duct which is positioned ahead of the propeller and second an integrated fin system within the duct”. The duct’s job is to straighten and accelerate the hull’s wake into the propeller. This produces a net forward thrust. The fin system gives a pre-swirl to the ship’s wake. This reduces losses in propeller slipstream. Both effects work together and have an effect on the vessel’s performance and consumption,” said Mr. Grensemann. As commercial operators and longstanding charterers of the BBC Ontario, BBC Chartering has been operating the vessel now for just over 6 months since the Mewis Duct modification. “Although the time frame is too short to collect

large amounts of comparison data, we can already observe a positive trend indicating efficiency gains of the vessel”, said Lars Pittwald, Senior Operator and fleet performance coordinator at BBC Chartering in Leer, Germany. An approximated consumption curve composed through data points of thrust and consumption values gives a first hint. “In the long run we expect that the Mewis Duct should lead to fuel savings of min. 3-8%, or increase the speed of the vessel respectively”, clarified Mr. Grensemann. “We compare the BBC Ontario with her sister vessels. Many factors influence this data”, said Mr. Pittwald, “but we can already safely say that in direct comparison to the BBC Ontario before the modification, she now seems to have higher thrust at a given propulsive power. This is good news!“ To draw an intermediate conclusion, the Mewis Duct seems to be an interesting option and worth a thought for owners who seek to improve the performance of their existing full form vessels. This thought might become even more valuable when the fuel prices are set to increase again.

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Apr. 05th-07th

Intermodal, Sao Paulo Intermodal South America is the leading integrated exhibition and conference event for international trade, logistics, transports and cargo handling in Latin America. See us at the show to talk about your cargo challenges. Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Booth #B-190

Apr. 25th-29th

Expomin, Santiago The key industry event and one of the world’s most important gatherings in the mining industry, a branch of fundamental importance for the Chilean economy. We look forward seeing you there. Espacio Riesco Convention Center, Santiago, Chile, Booth #124 / 2B

May 23th-26th

Breakbulk Europe, Antwerp Breakbulk Europe is the largest and most important gathering in Europe for companies involved in the shipping of heavy-lift and oversized cargoes. We are excited to see you in Antwerp for the 2016 event. Location The Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, Belgium, Booth #706 / H4

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for the project cargo & breakbulk industry 23-26 MAY 2016 ANTWERP EXPO, ANTWERP, BELGIUM


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