Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound 2020-2021 Annual Report

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Annual Report & Impact Statement

MISSION To create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

VISON All youth achieve their full potential.


JEDI Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound’s work is centered on principles of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We celebrate the rich diversity of our community and believe all young people should have access to caring, supportive mentors who are trained in cultural competence. We welcome youth and mentors of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We believe our community is #BIGGERTOGETHER


From Our Leadership Thank you for being an incredible supporter of young people. Your support is improving outcomes for youth in our programs every day. As you know, 2021 continued to be a challenging year for our entire community. As we weathered ongoing Covid-19 spikes and continued isolation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound continued our critical work of supporting mentors, youth and their families. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound served 1,276 mentoring matches during 2021. That’s no small feat in these times. And we continued to make new matches—interviewing potential mentors via Zoom, making match introductions virtually, and helping kids and mentors stay connected through phone calls, texts, snail mail, email…you name it. Flexibility and commitment to youth have been our guideposts as we navigated the year. Your continued support made that possible. We met schools and youth where they were at, continuing site-based programming with consistency and responsiveness throughout ongoing changes in school and district policies. We navigated these changes thoughtfully – ensuring that youth and mentors were getting what they needed from us no matter the channel. Your support helped launch the incredible Alpha Forum program with the partnership of the Tacoma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Together we created a safe place for BIPOC male youth to speak their minds and explore important topics with male BIPOC leaders.

The Pathways and MentorU programs you funded helped youth build real-life skills, explore careers and post-secondary educational options, and prepared them for life after high school. Your commitment to youth and to Big Brothers Big Sisters paid off in positive outcomes for young people. 96% of youth in our programs improved or maintained their educational expectations, and 100% of our seniors graduated from high school. This is critical when evidence shows that graduating high school continues to be the single most powerful indicator in lifelong positive outcomes. At a time when youth mental health is at all-time lows, 81% of youth in our programs improved or maintained their overall mental health, with 31.5% actually experiencing fewer depressive symptoms. That’s hundreds of kids whose mental health improved during a time when youth mental health was declining in our community. Your support did that, and we are so thankful for you. You know that Big Brothers Big Sisters professionally supports kids, their families, and mentors throughout the entire length of a match—whether it’s one year or ten years. You make it possible. Your investment ensures that young people have a mentor to help them build their own futures and fulfill their dreams. Thank you!

Maurice James




From left to right: Rae (Mom), Howard (Little), Rome (Big).

TABLE OF CONTENTS Celebrating Our Matches............................................................. 6 Who We are....................................................................................... 7 Young People in Our Programs................................................... 8 Mentoring Programs...................................................................... 9 Match of the Year............................................................................ 11 Mentors in Our Programs............................................................. 12 2021 Board of Directors & Ambassador Board...................... 15 2021 Community Partners........................................................... 16 Organizations Giving Over $5,000............................................ 17 Individual Donors............................................................................ 18 Finanical Statement....................................................................... 22


Celebrating Our Matches LENGTH OF MATCH CONNECTION 5+ years = 5% 4 years = 5% 3 years = 9% 2 years = 15% 1 year = 22% Matched this year = 41% CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE YOUTH AND MENTORS FOR BEING MATCHED FOR 5 OR MORE YEARS Nataly / Amy Ingris / Emily Ariel / Javier Tre’nesia / Katherine Dominic / Robert Manny / Patty Shelma / Lexie Sabina / Suzanne Octavio / Eric Emily / Laura Jakob / Dean Piper / Jami Ajayi / Tim Rosie / Karen 6

Mason / Chris Nativia / Susan Sahmari / Karen Austin / Danielle Aiyana / Kim Katherine / Erin Tyshon / Christian Nyamal / Katie Taylor / Charity Laron / Mike Evan / Chris Kahmoni / Dionne Averionna / Carly La’Naeja / Natalie William / Ajay Karime / Kelsey Dom / Marcus Isaac / Thomas Janeil / Lindsay Linda / Caitlin Mwee / Emi Laniyah / Michelle Tavrius / Steve Kelly / Shelley Mikyla / Elizabeth

Isaac / Jonathan Christopher / David Tarrel / Christopher Yean / David Layton / Joseph Daniella / Laura Isabella / Tammy Zech / Owen Nathanael / Stuart Malachi / Seth Javier / Enrique Damarcus / Luke Corbin / Sam Nikodemus / Logan Noah / Rebecca Kinzley / Marisa DJ / Audrey Ticara / Maureen Christopher / Jonathan Neveah / Jessica Xavier / Gerry Marshall / Derek Kiara / Jenna Javier / Chris

Who We Are Strong words and a powerful sentiment inspired the founding of what we now know as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound in 1957. “No man stands so straight as when he stoops to help a boy.” The organization began as Big Brothers and was focused on serving young men and boys without fathers in the home. In 1973, a group of social work students founded a parallel organization, Puget Sound Big Sisters, to support girls from single-parent and low-income homes. The two organizations merged in 1999, and over time our mission became fully inclusive of youth anywhere on the gender spectrum. Our understanding of the founding sentiment has grown and changed with time, but what has remained constant is the underlying principle that connecting with and supporting young people is the most powerful thing adults can do. With that principle driving us, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound (BBBSPS) creates, supports, and monitors matches between adult volunteers, who we call “Bigs”, and young people, who we sometimes call “Littles”. Parents and guardians are also vital partners in building and sustaining these match relationships.


Young People in Our Programs We proudly serve a broad range of young people throughout the Puget Sound region – in Pierce, Kitsap and King Counties. Many of these youth are referred to us by parents, school counselors and other service providers and are disproportionately impacted by systemic injustice and oppression. Youth in our programs are brilliant and resilient. They are half of the mentorship whole. Youth show mentors what adults tend to forget – how to play, to enjoy the small things, and find wonder in everything life has to offer.






Genderqueer/ Nonbinary


Our programs connect mentors with youth throughout the Puget Sound region: Other Pierce County



Kitsap County


King County



Different Identity

53% Male


of youth in our programs identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color


are white/Caucasian

Mentoring Programs Our results show that 1-to-1 mentoring is a viable solution for improving outcomes for young people, particularly in the areas of mental health and scholastic achievement. Youth mental health has recently reached unprecedented crisis levels – but young people in our programs show strong outcomes.


maintained or improved their overall mental health





experienced fewer depressive symptoms

improved or maintained emotional regulation

improved or maintained their grades

had fewer encounters with school discipline



youth-mentor matches engaged

This program connects youth and mentors in 1-to-1 mentoring relationships. Parents/guardians, youth, and mentors communicate directly to plan outings, set up Zoom calls, and keep in touch throughout the year. In this program, youth and mentors’ connections happen all throughout our community – in favorite parks, stadiums, community centers, and more. SITE BASED


improved or maintained their educational expectations

youth-mentor matches engaged

Our site-based programs connect youth and mentors in one-to-one and group mentoring environments at corporate offices and schools throughout the Puget Sound.

We partner with Amazon for Beyond School Walls – a program connecting youth and mentors in group settings at Beacon Hill & Dunlap Elementaries. Our MentorU program helps youth explore college and career readiness with mentors at Interlake & West Seattle High Schools. We partner with Tacoma Public Schools for school-based programs at McCarver and Delong elementary schools. Through these programs, students meet with mentors on a weekly one-to-one basis during school breaks or after school. Although the school buildings closed down during the pandemic, we were able to shift many of these matches to a virtual connection and continue their support of each other. Our school-based programs in Tacoma will relaunch in the fall of 2022.


SPECIAL PROGRAMS Pathways – This program extends match support to help youth 18-22 with career and post-secondary education exploration through workshops designed to help them explore potential career paths. Alpha Forum - Co-hosted by the distinguished members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity of Tacoma, this speaker series is for young men aged 10-15 who identify as Black or African American. Each monthly session provides a safe place for youth to speak about what’s on their minds and explore ideas with BIPOC leaders. We tackle current events, individual legal rights, school success, and career pathways.





Match of the Year

DIONNE + KAHMONI IN THEIR OWN WORDS KAHMONI – LITTLE I have learned a lot of things from my Big Sister. I learned that I can be confident. When I was a child I used to be super insecure about everything. Dionne taught me that I can be beautiful in my own skin. She taught me I can be strong at my lowest moments and that people are always there for me. She has also told me that I have shown her how much I have to say and think about important issues. I am young; some might still call me a kid. I have big ideas and big feelings about the world. She says I’m sharp and she’s opened her heart and mind to listening to younger people to see what they think or feel. My future is such an exciting thing to think about. There is so much I want to do and see. First, I will graduate high school in two and a half years. For a long time, I have wanted to become a singer. I still have that dream, but now I am interested in some other stuff as well. I tell others that I feel so lucky to have been placed with Dionne as my match. We took a lot of time getting to know one another and now seven years later, I feel like we’re family. She comes into my house and plops down on the couch and visits with my mom for hours. If I had never had a Big, I may not have as much confidence in my ability to speak my mind. I may not love myself as much. Having someone in my corner that is not necessarily family by blood helps me believe in myself.

DIONNE - BIG Kahmoni has become a very important person in my life and impacted me in ways I didn’t see coming. Each time we get together I am eager to hear how her week went. I love to talk to her about problems she’s having and also talk about the fun and exciting things going on. She is the youngest person in my life that I consider a friend. Not just a Little Sister. Our match has affected me in ways I didn’t expect. I came into the program feeling ready to help this young lady navigate life living between two homes and changing schools. What I did not expect was my Little showing me a fresh perspective on so many things. Things so minute as just smiling at someone to see their face light up. Kahmoni has made me laugh at the silliest things. We sing to the radio in the car at the top of our lungs and then we’ll turn to look at one another and we just burst out laughing. She can pull me out of the dumps instantly. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders while going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. Her impact on my life has been immeasurable. She’s so in tune with the bigger picture, as in being kind to people. Even offering a helping hand at school when needed. I have watched Kahmoni grow into the most beautiful young lady over the last seven years. I am proud of the person she was and who she is becoming. She’s family now.


Mentors in Our Programs Bigs are people just like you who live and work throughout the Puget Sound region. They are your friends and neighbors, and they are out in the community being mentors. They’re going to the basketball court, hiking the trails, seeing the sights, and connecting with their Littles online. Bigs are regular people who make the commitment to share new experiences with youth – creating life-long memories as they grow and learn together. Youth are learning from their mentors and mentors are learning too. Ask any Big and they’ll tell you they grow right along with their Little. They’ll share memories of building friendships, of giving advice, of taking advice, and how they’ve learned skills to carry with them in other areas of life. Here are just a few examples of where some of our Bigs show up in the working world:







Pacific Lutheran University










Blue Origin




University of Washington


US Army


US Navy




University of Puget Sound









Seattle (39%) SNOHOMISH (>1%) KITSAP (2%)

Redmond (3%) Bellevue (7%) Issaquah (2%) Renton (4%) Kent (5%) Auburn (5%) Federal Way (3%)

PIERCE (15%)


Tacoma (10%)


Ages 18-21


Ages 22-25


Ages 26-32


Ages 33-38


Ages 39-45


Ages 46-55


of our Bigs identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color


are white/Caucasian


Ages 56-65


Ages 65+


Donate Your Clothing Did you know that we partner with Savers™ Value Village to generate revenue that supports our mission?

Donate Your Clothing

When clothing is donated through our 2 local Value Village partner locations or at any of our indoor or know outdoor we Value receive fromrevenue Savers onour the total weight of Did you that wedonation partner withbins, Savers™ Villagefunds to generate thatbased supports mission? the clothing donated. This partnership generates nearly one third of our organization’s overall revenue each year, is and is an easy, convenient way for everyone in our community to support the When clothing donated through our 2 How you can help youth and mentors we serve. local Value Village partner locations or at any of our indoor or outdoor donation bins, Live near Burien or Issaquah? we receive funds from Savers based on the Take your used and new clothing to the total weight of the clothing donated. HOW YOU CAN HELParea at either of those Value donation Village locations to benefit BBBS Puget This partnership generates nearly Live one nearthird Burien orSound. Issaquah? of our organization’s overall each to the donation area at either of those Take your used and revenue new clothing year, and is an easy, convenient for to benefit BBBS Puget Sound. Value Village way locations Live elsewhere? everyone in our community to support theelsewhere? Live We have donation bins located youth We andhave mentors we serve. donation bins located throughout the entirethe Puget Sound throughout entire Pugetregion. Sound Find a donation bin near you at orascan this QR codeyou at region. Find donation bin near or scan this QR code


BOARD OF DIRECTORS & AMBASSADORS BOARD Board Members Tim Barber Gavin Bartlett Kris Beason Rob Bennett Jenifer Bitzer Dan Brenner Christopher Chivetta Kevin Conklin Terry Cook Jeffrey Davis Rich DePencier Jennifer Durcan Andrews Ian Flatt Melvin Flowers Peter Fonfara Pete Gossin Brett Hartzell Brian Hayden Maurice James Enge Lee Justin Leggett Michael Maroni Jason Mesnick Stephen McKay Julie Newell Pat Ogawa Chelsey Owen Bryce Phillips Dan Rosales Peter Saladino Ray Szylko Dara t’Sas Joni Wickline Gina Williams


BIG thanks and appreciation to Board Chairs Chelsey Owen & Maurice James for their leadership, dedication, and unwavering support during the 2021 fiscal year

Ambassadors Brett Alston Alexander Barnett Kris Beason Jeff Davis Tim Engle Alan Fisco Mick Fleming Clay Gilge Beth Ginsberg David Graves Courtney Klein Curtis Kopf Greg Leeds Steve Livingston Jane McCammon Beth Montag-Schmaltz Laurie Nichols Gwen Nicholson Kerry Nicholson Oscar Oliveira Jen Reyes John Rostas Karen Saunders Janice Sears Brandon Schaefer Bill Skilton Jeff Trisler Tess Wilkins


COMMUNITY PARTNERS Thank you! Community Partners BCRA 2021 COMMUNITY PARTNER OF THE YEAR BCRA has been an outstanding partner over the past six years. In those six years, BCRA has shown up for youth in every way. They’ve sponsored and attended every one of our major events, as well as initiating a new major event in Kickoff for Kids, a premier event to celebrate our youth and raise awareness and support for mentoring in the Pierce County community. BCRA has been a key partner in our sitebased program at McCarver Elementary providing the central pool of mentors for the lunch time program. Their commitment to youth is found at every level of the organization – many of the senior leadership are mentors who have inspired their staff to become Bigs as well. BCRA is generous in all ways, donating nearly $20,000 during these six years as well as offering invaluable support with video production and sharing their meeting spaces. It is important to us to recognize BCRA because they embody a special level of community commitment - bringing creativity and forward thinking to how to walk with youth and families and demonstrating that commitment through giving their time, their talent, and their treasure. Thank you, BCRA, for all of your support!


4-H AG Consulting Alki Beach Alpha Phi Alpha Tacoma Chapter Amazon BBBS of Inland Northwest BBBS of Island County BBBS of Snohomish County BBBS of Southwest Washington BCRA Beacon Hill Elementary Bethlehem Baptist Boeing Cascade View Elementary City of SeaTac Columbia Bank DeLong Elementary Donald Loomis Memorial Clothing Bank Dunlap Elementary Eastside Pathways Eileen Fisher Emergency Feeding Program evo Seattle Free2Luv The Gap Inc Graduate Tacoma Highline College Homestreet Bank Joshua Magallanes PLLC Junior Achievement King County Library System Lifelong Thrift Store Loren Miller Bar Association Maverick Casino Mentor Washington Merrell Microsoft Mount Baker Snoqualmie

MultiCare Health System Museum of Flight The Narrows Law Group Netflix Nordstrom Rack Olympus Apartments Pacific Science Center Peak 7 Perteet Inc PFLAG The Quest Institute Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation Robotics for All Savers Schools Out Washington Seattle Aquarium Seattle Bouldering Project Seattle Dragons XFL Seattle Public Libraries Seattle Public Schools Sound Community Bank Spirit Transport System Starbucks Starwood Food Bank & Thrift Store Sutton Apartments Tacoma Public Schools Tacoma ThreadCycle Tough Mudder United Way of Thurston County University of Washington Urban Grace Church Vision House West Seattle High School Why Not You Academy Wizards of the Coast Woodland Park Zoo YDEKC YMCA of Greater Seattle YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap County Youth Development Strategy Table

ORGANIZATIONS GIVING OVER $5,000 Alaska Airlines Amazon Altria Archbright ATS Automation The Bamford Foundation BCRA, Inc Benevity Community Impact Fund Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Boeing Company The Charles Maxfield Parrish & Gloria F Parrish Foundation Charter Construction Columbia Bank Costco Wholesale Davis Property and Investment Deloitte Discuren Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation evo Fidelity National Title Services Inc. Forest Foundation Foundation for Tacoma Students The Goodman Foundation Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation Griffiths Foundation Hasbro Children’s Fund Inc K & L Gates Karr Tuttle Campbell King County Kirby Electric, Inc. KPMG LLP LT Murray Family Foundation Medina Foundation MightyCause / 501 Commons OSG Dozing, LLC Parcion Private Wealth PMI Worldwide Richard Nelson Ryan Foundation School’s Out Washington Seattle Foundation Seattle Seahawks Charitable Foundation The Seattle Times Sound Community Bank

Spirit Transport Starbucks Coffee Company Tacoma Public Schools United Way of Thurston County Union Bank U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vulcan Inc Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Washington State Department of Commerce Windermere Foundation YourCause YMCA of Greater Seattle


INDIVIDUAL DONORS Over $5,000 Anonyomous Anonyomous Anonyomous Anonyomous Tim and Andrea Barber Rob Bennett Cliff Burrows and Anna White Terry Cook Jeffrey and Shelly Davis Greg Enell Melvin Flowers Courtney and Ira Gerlich Brad Green David Grifiths Alan Grossberg David and Cathy Habib Brett and Rhonda Hartzell Brian and Michelle Hayden John and Kathy Hennessy CJ Hughes and Andrea Duys Maurice James Greg and Jane Leeds Anonyomous Anonyomous Michael McCormack Julie and Tom Newell Anonyomous Chelsey Owen Bryce and Elise Phillips Greg and Alison Richards William Romberger Dan Rosales Peter and Julie Rose Peter and Lis Saladino Janice Sears and Thomas Brown Ray Szylko and Michelle Burns Dan and Cari Wall

$1,000-$4,999 David Abbott Anonyomous Wendy and Brett Alston Mike Anderson Stephen Anderson Anonyomous


Anonyomous Susan and Paul Archer Scott and Tasha Atchison Alexander and Barrett Barnett Gavin Bartlett and Julie Colls Chad and Jenifer Bitzer Michelle and Ryan Boyer Eamon Brennan Joan Burnstead Marcus Charles Kevin Conklin Scott Coombs Carloine Davis Richard Derham Jennifer Durcan Andrews Alan and Lisa Fisco Ian and Gwen Flatt Mick Fleming and Dorinda Gier Peter Flor Jeff and Jana Foushee Tisha Frank and Moe Garcia Lynsey Gibbons Clay and Myckal Gilge Cameron and David Given Jon Gonzalez Pete Gossin and Sarah Koss Jay and Pam Greer Cliff Hebert Clainton Hoberecht Leonard Hofman Colin Isler Greg James Peter Johndrow Christopher Jones and Jeanine Benham-Jones Danae Kaemingk Vitaliy Kalchik Marcie and F. Marsh Kellegrew Jon Kipp Courtney and Kris Klein Andrew and Laura Livingston Jennifer and John Loy Andrew McDonald Molly and Jason Mesnick Joseph Michaels Roland Mitchell

Beth and Chris Montag-Schmaltz Heather and Paul Moyer Catherine Mueller Jim Mullen and Mary Anne Eng William and Sara Nagel Robert and Abigail Neal Gwen and Kerry Nicholson Pat and Margie Ogawa Eric Olson and Larry Yok Wendy and John Orlando Maryann and Douglas Orwiler Jim Pinter Marcie Rubardt Karen and Geoff Saunders Brandon Schaefer Adam Schaeffer Damayonti Sengupta Andrea and Charles Seybold Richard Shrader Estate of William Sodja Jonathan and Jihyo Song Randy Talbot Chauncy and Dan Titcomb Carin Tonina Greg Van Patten Gina Williams

$250-$999 David Aggerholm Betty and Peter Agnos Cy Aleman Penny and Arnie Anderson Dennis and Agnes Ansay Chuck Arnold Paul Baken Holly Bamford-Hunt Wayne Barringer Kris Beason Andrew Berg Dior and Ryan Biancofiori Victor Bishop Torjan Black Ronhovde L. Reid Blickenstaff Jim Bloch Julie Boilesen David and Valerie Bone

Kellis and Jeff Borek Rex Bradley Becky Braniff Shelley and Chad Bundy Catherine and Roy Captain Patrick and Maria Carbullido Ronald Carter Jim Caster and Kari Hammett-Caster Bret Chatalas Anne Chivetta Brian Clevenger Kathleen Clevenger Mitch Cohan Diana Comfort Jill Conner Yoni Cooper Steven Correll and James Shay Lawrence Costich Burr Cota Kathy Culver Erika Currier Patrick D’Amelio Lisa Danielson Pete and Jane Ng Demoreuille Steve Dennis David Dichek Robert Dilworth Anonyomous Bart and Toni Eaton John Ellertson Caroline Epstein Tafona Ervin Rick Estes Tracy Evans Mill Fambles Linda T Finn Richard and Barrie Galanti Matt Galvin Lina Garada Kristin Gilman Anonyomous Stacey Guadnola Luke Hagler Sara Harchuck Danyelle Harp Michael Hawkins

Michael Haynes Andy Hempeck Loretta Heniff Barbara Hilde Troy Hyatt Ajay and Ivana Jindal Brent and Brent Johnson Patti Johnson Stacy Johnson Daphne Kelley Jennifer King Sarah Kingma Randy Klein Stephanie Kornblum Beall Korry Stanley Kravitz and Susan Bogan Dr. John Lang Daniel Laster Engel Lee Cliff and Kathy Lee Jennifer Lilly Arnaldo Lorenzo Tobias Lutterodt and Miryam Chavarria Caroline Maillard Campbell Mathewson Mark Mauger Victoria and Andy McDonald Clifford McElroy James McGinley Brendan McGree Susan McLain Paul and Paul Michael Greg Miller Nancy Moore Trent Mummery Debora Munguia Lydia Muniz Jason Nap Michael Nesteroff Michael Newhouse Chris Nguyen Laurie Nichols and Robert Williams Grant and Jen Nishio Tom O’Keefe Dan Paradis

Wyk Parker Anonyomous Darren Peugh Craig and Laurie Philips Bill Plautz Britt Provost Dennis Quinn and Joe Sanchez Anonyomous Jen Reyes Christina Riffle Catherine Rigor-Hammond and Martin Hammond Jesse Rogers Gary Saslaw Stephanie Scholl Steffen and Sandra Schumann Daniel Scott Anna Scott Robert and Leslie Segla Robin Sell Janice And Mike Selman Erik Sexton Joshua Shearer Bradley Slatton Brad Smith Jonathan Smith Gary and Gary Smith Clint Stein Anonyomous John Stephens Justin L Stewart Jason Sykes Edward Szylko Barry Talkington Christopher Templeton Lisa Thocher Frederick Thomas Marty Thompson Kyle Thorpe Kristine Tryon Dara t’Sas Elizabeth Utter Michelle and Scott Ventoza Paul Vlcek Steven Wainwright Aaron Walker


INDIVIDUAL DONORS Joni Wickline Rogers Wilson Stuart Young Moya and Troy Zaboukos Joyce Zenner

$100-$249 Al Adams Julie Aldcroft Amber Aldrich John and Shayna Alley Tod Anderson Shelly Andrew Rosie Ayala William Barclay Robert Beattey Alison Beddard Christopher Belden Blanche Belliveau Jeffrey Berg Ria Bhatia N Joseph and Tanja Bishop Meridell Bitzer Devin Blanchard Scott Blankenship George and Deborah Blomberg Janice Bly Elizabeth Bly Kendra Blythin Heather Boetto Jillinda Bossen Les Boudwin Krystal Brun Anonyomous Leo Butzel David Cahill Elizabeth Calora Kelley Carnwath Scott Carter Ryan Caton Michael D Catt Jennifer Chain Anonyomous Christopher Chivetta Jesper and Connie Chou Charles Cobbs


Shannon and Bruce Cohen Rex D Collins Anonyomous Christopher Cowles Kara and Eric Cox Bruce Cross Keith Cunningham Erin Daly Aaron Deer Sharon Dobie Patrick A Donka Ian Doucharme Trevor Ekin Janince and Gary Enzmann Jason Feng Anonyomous Debbie Finnegan Ben Firman Kim Flaster Holland Fleming Jennifer Fredericks Alexander Freedman Larry and Margaret Fuell Kristie and Jim Garras Luke Gemperline Matthew Gladney Sharon Goldberg Holly Grambihler Edmund Green Bettina Greene-Thompson Anonyomous Jennifer Haberman and Allan York Lars Haneberg Shane Hara Amy Haroon Noreen Harrington Mark Henne Kirkwood Hines Frances Hirsch Mary Holleman Anonyomous Erik Hynes Megan Jobe Denise Johnson Anonyomous William Jones

Daniel Kamm Rob Kanable Darius Kaulius Kimberly Keith Susan Keith Marisa Kirk-Epstein Larry Knapp Scott and Mary Kolar Anonyomous Karen Kucera Adam N Kurtenbach Siddharth Lal Sarah Lash Anonyomous Arthur Lee Randy and Jessica Lessard Kirstin Leyh Mark Liffmann David and Kathy Lilley Maureen London Anonyomous Stephen Marcus Michelle Marshall Gerald and Ruthann Martin Anonyomous Tim Mattson Shannon McCormack Liz McDaniel Carrie McIlveen Josh McKone Jon McMillan Kevin Meabon Leah and Richard Medway Cindy Mesko Tome Mihara Greg Milner Anonyomous Kenneth Moninski Scott Moore Pat Mutzel Susan Nagel Paula Nash Candy and Ray Nasser Shirley Nasser Anonyomous Jamie Ness

Mary and James Newman Christine and Parker Nicholson Emer Nolan Macaire Pace Ron Patterson and Charnley Marsden Alan Peterson Astrid Petrucci Richard Philby Mark Pinto Brittney Piper Anonyomous Kevin Plough Kelly Pritchard Justin Pritchett Douglas Purcell Dan Radley Connor Raffety Dennis Rattie Nicholas Ratzke Rebecca Raymond Troy Rector Anonyomous Dan Reina Julia Renouard Charles Rinehart Dennis Rishkovoy Mike and Susan Ritter Lori Robbin Desiree Robinson Melissa and Melissa RockMoore Mark Roddy Piergiorgio Rojas-Lorayco Anonyomous Leslie Ronish Tera Ronish Jake Roselli Robert Rosenstock Stephanie Rosenthal Chad Rowe Jill Russell Laura Sameshima Brian Schultz Katherine Schuyler Anonyomous Adam Shapiro Justin Sherman

Derek Shiu Kyle Siekawitch Viswanath Sistla Chrystina Solum Joni Soroka David Sprinkle Courtney Spurgeon Pooja Srinivas Kevin Stalker Adam Stein Lynn Stevens Liani Swingle Lifia Tamara Kenneth Taylor Steve Tholl Levi Thomas Anonyomous Spencer Tucker Yoseff Tucker Brianna Tudesco Bryan & Kathy Turner Don Tuttle Anna Uhl Caroline Vander Ark Erika Velez Alwin Vyhmeister Shelly Wade Ben Waiss Finnegan Wetterau and Shannon Koller Dennis White Jeff Williams Lorelei Williams Holly Wisecup Daniel Womac Karen and Phil Wood Nicholas Wright Jennifer Wyman-Clemons



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