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Bootcamp pits Every year the Les Mills charity teams against corporate, agency, and celebrity and mental challenge each other in a full-on physical weeks. three mornings a week for four ’t Anyone can take part, and you don g have to be in great shape. Havin n tha ant ort a bit of guts is more imp having perfect glutes – or even knowing where to find them! It’s a serious workout, based on military exercises, that will get you you up with the birds and push an for e beyond your comfort zon t’s intensely challenging hour – tha also a lot of fun! And, as if all that gung-ho ’t camaraderie and competition isn enough to give you a boot along,

t there’s the added knowledge tha se. you’re doing it all for a great cau r’s All teams raise funds for this yea s charity: Big Brothers Big Sister st of New Zealand – the world’s mo e mm successful mentoring progra for kids. Les Mills BIG BOOTCAMP kicks h off in central Auckland from 26t October, so get a team of eight ist. (plus two subs) together and enl so – ms There’s only room for 18 tea and make sure you rally your troops get in quick!

We’re setting our sights high. Our goal this year is to raise


for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand to get its Auckland operation up and running.

When your team enrols you’ll be given details and some fundraising tips. Each member does their bit for the cause. With a maximum of 144 recruits, we need everyone to go as hard out on the fundraising as they do at Les Mills BIG BOOTCAMP.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been going for more than 100 years and helps over 300,000 kids around the world each year to reach their potential by matching them up with a one-on-one mentor. Mentors and kids meet a few times per month for a couple of hours each time, to share similar interests. They might kick a ball around, watch a movie, visit a museum, cheer on a local sports team or simply hang out. Here in New Zealand more than 500 young people aged 7-17 are matched up with a mentor in one of the 13 Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand

programmes operating around the country each year. As the country’s largest city, Auckland has a high proportion of children living on or below the poverty line. The funds raised will help Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand get their Auckland programme going.

Les Mills BIG BOOTCAMP will give your fitness a big boot along. Just one hour three mornings a week for four weeks will energise, inspire, and challenge you to reach new personal fitness highs.

“I couldn’t believe the difference the te am bonding made w we got back to the hen day job”. - Andy

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“It pushed me hard er than I’ve ever been – and I got more out of it than I’ve pushed before ever got before…” Sarah

Getting out on the water

Research shows that children who spend time with a mentor gain confidence, acquire new skills, and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others.

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Mentors get huge enjoyment in seeing a world of possibilities open up through the child’s eye. The money we raise will help Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand kickstart its Auckland programme and set up 50 Auckland matches between kids and mentors.

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Hamming it up!

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This is just the start of creating a strong presence in the country’s largest city.

ids! k e th r fo it o d d n a r e Get a team togeth Next steps:

inspire, push Put the word around and n your crew. and persuade people to joi there’s only Get your entry in asap – room for 18 teams. rs s Big Siste r e th o r B Big aland of New Ze Email bigbootcamp@les er to get before Friday 30 Septemb e. your team to the start lin MP! See you at BIG BOOTCA

Big Bootcamp - Do it for the kids.  

Every year the Les Mills charity Bootcamp pits corporate, agency, and celebrity teams against each other in a full-on physical and mental ch...