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BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MENTORING We believe the relationships between Bigs and Littles are life-changing and help prepare children for successful futures. BBBS of NYC provides quality, safe mentoring experiences for the children of the 5 boroughs, their families, and the Bigs who mentor them. We also believe in sharing our experience and expertise with other organizations and individuals looking to make a difference.

PUT THE KIDS FIRST Children represent the future of our society, and BBBS of NYC is all about protecting the futures of children. We must judge everything we do by its end benefit to the Littles we serve. We must surround the Littles with as much positivity as possible.

BE EXCELLENT Excellence comes in many forms and should be embraced by all departments. Individuals and teams must strive for the highest quality and treat their co-workers with the utmost respect.

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BIG 2013 Annual Report

DREAMS ARE GOOD. HELPING MAKE THEM A REALITY IS BETTER. who fulfill their dreams, but Dreams are a powerful tool in changing people’s lives. Not just the lives of the people also the lives of everyone around them who are touched by that dream. President Kennedy’s Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that led to people of color being treated more equally. Steve Jobs? Without And vote. to dream landed a man on the moon. Susan B. Anthony’s dream was to be allowed his dream an Apple would still be just an apple. But for many children living Dreams are a wonderful thing. And wonderful things can happen when people dream. in poor neighborhoods and in single parent homes, dreaming isn’t so easy to do. , many of our city’s underserved Fortunately for them, there are people in this world like you. Because of your support In the following pages of this children are not only learning how to dream, but how to work to achieve their dreams. already helped to realize their year’s annual report, you’ll see just a few examples of the many young people you’ve dreams — both big and small.

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tion, now with a stronger BBBS of NYC also has a dream. We strive to continue to be the premier mentoring organiza their dreams, achieve to commitment to supporting our Littles’ education. We know that in order for our Littles our programs can touch, the they must first achieve academic success. And we also know that the more young lives , communities, and future better their chance to make positive life changes — changes that can affect their families by 30% in the next serve we youth generations. That’s why our dream is to increase the number of New York City’s five years. of children might not get the It’s a big dream. But we think it’s an important one. Because if we don’t, thousands chance to dream at all. Thank you for helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, and our Littles, dream big.

Laura Parsons Chairman

Jon Bram Board President

Hector Batista Chief Executive Officer


Ronnie - Age 17


The oldest in the family, she had no Ronnie was having a tough time at home. y, The Chinese American Planning atel tun For ns. atio vers con ular reg e hav to om wh h one wit be a good thing for her to do. Council convinced her that becoming a Little would


“A year ago, I had no idea what BBBS of NYC was – what it would be like,” Ronnie confided. “But I can honestly say becoming a Little made a significant change in my life after just the first day.” Ronnie came to the US about six years ago. Unable to speak any English, she had to learn it on her own. Having a Big who is also Asian really helped her. As Ronnie explains, “Alice helps me understand American culture vs. Chinese culture. She gives me a good perspective based on her own experiences.” Since Ronnie and Alice were both interested in science and technology, Alice thought the tech event Maker Faire would be a good first day together. “I saw a demonstration of 3-D printing and had the chance to control a robot.” Ronnie continues, “After this trip, I was inspired to pursue a career in technology.”

How our New American Program benefits the rest of the family. Dreams are contagious. When siblings see a Little working towards a dream, they are inspired to do the same thing. Parents also have the added support system of another adult ready to offer guidance, support, and direction to their child.


BBBS of NYC New American Program

Helps young immigrants overcome obstacles they may face adjusting to a new culture, language, and customs. Littles are matched with an adult mentor from similar ethnic backgrounds whenever possible.

Ronnie & Alice

“Alice is a positive female role model for me,” Ronnie said. “She’s not only shown me that women can get great jobs in the field of technology, she taught me how to bowl.”


“Ronnie reminds me of myself when I was younger.” Alice goes on to explain, “Not many girls are interested in technology. Since that is my field, I was thrilled to be matched with someone with the exact same interests.” When asked why she became a Big, Alice explains, “I never had an older sibling to share experiences with. Even though we’ve only been together for a few months, I can already see the impact I’m having on Ronnie’s life. This is a great program for immigrant kids.”

Today, with Alice’s help, Ronnie is enrolled in the Code Now Program, a non-profit tech program for high school students. And she’s saving her money from her part-time job in a bakery to buy her dream robot kit. 5

Ruben & Eric

How our Traditional Mentoring Program helps the School

H IS D R E A M W A S Ruben – Age 13

. R A FE ST GE IG B IS H E M O C ER TO OV del in his life, his mom brought Wanting Ruben to have a positive role mo . Although he found the prospect old rs yea 9 t jus s wa he en wh C NY of BS BB him to experienced so much disappointment at his of having a Big Brother exciting, Ruben had already g that would never be. young age that he thought this was just one more thin


“Meeting my Big for the first time was like going to a new school. It was both exciting and scary.” Ruben adds, “I didn’t really have any expectations of what it would be like having a Big Brother, but today I really feel like Eric is my big brother. He’s part of my family now.” “For kids who don’t have much, having a Big is a great opportunity.” Ruben explains, “Being part of BBBS of NYC really motivates you to try new things.” One thing it motivated Ruben to do was to attend a summer camp in New Hampshire. Eric was able to get Ruben a scholarship to the same camp that he went to when he was a kid. “Here I am thirteen years old and never been out of New York City.” Ruben says, “Suddenly I’m on my way to a camp in New Hampshire.” When Ruben arrived at Camp Deerwood he learned that in order to participate in the camp’s water activities he would have to complete a six hundred yard swim across the lake. (For those of us who are not so good at math, that’s the equivalent of swimming twenty-four lengths of an Olympic-sized pool.) Unfortunately, Ruben had a near drowning experience when he was younger and never learned to swim. But according to Ruben, “My dream was to make it across that lake before I left camp.” And he was


When kids have a dream, they’re more focused on doing everything they can to achieve it. Their attendance in school improves. Their grades stabilize or go up. And they’re more likely to graduate and go on to college. When other classmates see Littles working harder in school, many decide to follow.

BBBS of NYC Traditional Mentoring

This program matches boys and girls between the ages of seven and eighteen with a caring adult role model twenty-one years or older. Each mat ch is supported by a social worker.

determined to do it. At first he was nervous. He was short and the water was deep. But every day the counselors worked with him to help him overcome his fear. Three days before he left camp, he stepped into the water and began swimming towards his dream. When asked if that was his most memorable experience as a Little, Ruben quickly responded, “No, it was when I beat Eric at a game of basketball.” Eric, on the other hand, can’t seem to recall that event ever happening.


“I wanted to be a role model for someone. What I didn’t realize was how rewarding and gratifying it would be for me as well.” Eric continued, “Helping others who aren’t as fortunate as you really puts things in perspective.” What does Eric remember most about his four years as Ruben’s Big? “Ruben was in the hospital and I would stop by and visit with him every day,” Eric said. “It sounds like such a simple thing, but after he recovered, Ruben told me that he wouldn’t have been able to get through it without me. I was so touched.”


of eligible Littles graduate from high school.


How our Young Mother’s Mentoring Program affects the rest of the city.

Ilia – Age 19


When kids have a dream to work towards they graduate high school, attend college, and join the workforce ready to make a positive impact on society. They become financially independent, productive citizens. And when they become adults, Littles are more likely to become volunteers. Ready to help others as others have helped them. It all starts with a dream. And somebody willing to help them achieve it.


BBBS of NYC Young Mother’s Mentoring Pro gram

Female mentors serve as sources of support and frien dship for pregnant and parenting teenage girls. Social workers also provide referrals to critical parentin g-related services to address a wide range of issues including financial, nutritional, educational, child care, and healthcare.

hman year. Ilia was on her way to Pregnant at 15. Dropped out of high school her fres to BBBS of NYC. becoming another statistic. Instead she found her way


When Ilia was matched with her Big, she was already seventeen and a mom. “I didn’t expect much from having a Big,” Ilia confesses. “But now I doubt that I would be where I am today without Nicole.” When asked how Nicole impacted her life, Ilia explains, “I call Nicole first if I need anything. She’s my go-to person.” Ilia continued, “Whether I need help with school work, my job, a resume, Nicole is always there for me. Always pushing me to move forward. Encouraging me to continue.” Since her match with Nicole, Ilia has already passed the General Educational Development (GED) test to earn her high school equivalency. She will earn her Associates Degree by the end of the year. In addition to going to school and being a mom, Ilia also works to help support her and her daughter. “Nicole mentored by example,” said Ilia. “I saw what she did and was inspired to follow. She helped me broaden my horizon.” As soon as she earns her Associates Degree, Ilia plans on transferring to the City University of New York to get her Bachelors and then her Masters in Child Psychology. “Thanks to Nicole.” Ilia says excitedly, “I realized this wasn’t something beyond my reach.”

Today, Ilia introduces Nicole to everyone as her sister, not her friend. “She’s not just my Big, she’s my family,” explains Ilia.

Ilia & her daughter, Irene


“I always enjoyed doing volunteer work with my company, but those were one day things,” Nicole says as she explains why she became a Big. “I was looking for something more meaningful. I wanted to do something that had a more lasting effect.” So what did she think when she became Ilia’s Big? “I wasn’t really sure about working with a young mother. I was only twenty-nine. I thought it was going to be really hard for me.” Nicole continued, “I had no idea how much I would enjoy spending time with her. She’s one of my best friends at this point.” Of course, Ilia isn’t the only one that has learned some valuable lessons from their time together. “Now I have a completely different perspective on someone else’s experience,” Nicole says. “It reminds me that everyone is going through something different. I need to cut people some slack.”


of young mothers in this program avoid a repeat pregnancy compared to the National average of 80%.


How our Workplace Mentoring Program affects others in the workplace.

Maria, Michelle, Brenda, Yesenia


Helping a young person work towards his or her dream doesn’t just affect the Little. It affects everyone involved. In fact, companies in our Workplace Mentoring Program report that participating employees are more dedicated and loyal, and their involvement in the program boosts employee morale. And when Littles know they have so many people in their corner, they’re encouraged to work even harder towards making their dreams a reality.


gram, these high school seniors created a As Littles in the Workplace Mentoring Pro amount of fighting among students. mentoring program at their school to help reduce the


For the past four years, Maria, Michelle, Brenda, Yesenia, as well as several of their male classmates, have been paired with Bigs. During that time they’ve gotten a taste of life after high school. “We’ve learned about colleges, networking, we’ve practiced public speaking,” says Yesenia. Maria quickly added, “We’ve even done mock interviews to learn how to talk and express ourselves when we look for a job.” But of all the skills they’re learning, they realized there was one that they didn’t have to wait until after high school to use — mentoring. “Like most schools there was a lot of fighting among the students.” Maria explains, “So we all decided to start a peer mentoring program to see if we could get everyone to agree not to fight.” Whenever a fight would break out, the kids involved would be brought into a room with a trained mediator to talk the issue out rather than resort to fighting. Brenda proudly exclaims, “Since the start of our mentoring program, fighting in our school has decreased significantly.”

Buoyed by their success, the girls decided not to stop there. “We also started a Big Sis, Little Sis progra at our school.”Yesenia continues, “We team up students who are Juniors with our Freshman to be their mentors while they’re in school.” Adds Michelle, “It’s someone they can talk to about any problems they’re having, if they need help with their studies, or just need a friend.” Obviously, these girls really learned a lot from their workplace mentors, including how to be one themselves.

Workplace Littles: J.C. Roberto

Francis Jamieer

Michelle Maria



BBBS of NYC Workplace Mentoring Program

This program introduces students to the world of business through on-site, one-to-one mentoring from employees of participating companies. Every other week, students from area schools are brought into the city where they will meet with their Big. BBBS of NYC works with over forty of the city’s leading corporations each year.


of Workplace Littles who graduated from high school are accepted into college.



Keyanna - Age 11


Keyanna & Madelyne

ing to give her the chance to do Keyanna was one of our youngest Littles. Hop up with BBBS of NYC when she more than just sit at home, Keyanna’s mom signed her was just seven years old.


“The first time I met my Big we went to the Central Park Zoo. I had never been there before.” Keyanna said, “I didn’t know what having a Big was going to be like. I didn’t realize it would be so much fun. I thought it would only be in-home activities, not going out and doing things.” “Where I live, I can’t safely ride a bike.” Keyanna explained, “So when we went to Governor’s Island and I saw all these people riding bikes, I asked Madelyne if we could, too.” Since Keyanna never really rode a bike before, she had to ride with training wheels. Even so, Keyanna enjoyed it so much that riding a bike became a part of almost every outing they went on together. And during these trips, riding a bike wasn’t all that Keyanna was learning. “I was having trouble with math. Subtraction was hard. I needed to use my hands to add,” Keyanna confided. “Madelyne would bring math books and we would work on my math together.” It took a long time for Keyanna to build up her confidence but eventually she announced to Madelyne that she was ready to live out her dream and ride a bike without training wheels. “I was really scared that I would fall,” Keyanna admitted. “But having Madelyne right beside me made it easier.

I was so proud of myself.” And Keyanna wasn’t the only one. “When I told my family what I did,” she added. “My mother and my older brothers were really proud of me, too!”

MADELYNE’S STORY “My children were all grown,” said Madelyne as she explained why she became a Big. “I thought I could use my experience as a mom to have a positive impact on another child’s life.” It turns out Madelyne actually got more back than she gave. According to Madelyne, “Seeing New York City through the eyes of a child has been life-enhancing.” What moment stands out most during her time as Keyanna’s Big? “Our first trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” Madelyne explains. “Keyanna was enthralled with modern art. She gave me her interpretations of each piece. It was such a heartwarming experience.”


How our Juvenile Justice Mentoring Program helps the rest of the community.

Emily – Age 26


With our programs kids are started on a path that can help them achieve their dreams. The positive influence from Bigs helps them avoid getting into trouble, joining gangs, or breaking the law and encourages them to help others.


Emily & Deena - 1996

s both Mom and Dad, Emily faced Growing up in a home where her Mom wa grams, counseling, and therapy can pro p rshi nto me t tha r eve beli A . ges llen cha al emotion out to BBBS of NYC. be remedies to life’s challenges, her mother reached


“I became a Little at the age of nine,” Emily says of her experience with BBBS of NYC. “The positive influence I received during this time has encouraged me to play the same role in another child’s life.” Although they don’t communicate as much now as they did when Emily was younger, her Big, Deena, made an everlasting impression on Emily’s life. “She exposed me to arts and crafts, theater, animals, history, and modern dance. She opened my eyes to a lot that existed,” Emily says fondly. ”Although I was only a Little, even back then I knew I wanted to be someone else’s ‘Deena’ someday.” Emily believes her successes in life are the direct result of the positive influence Deena had. “Deena was compassionate, loving, and a resource.” Emily said, “Thanks to her I was admitted to an amazing high school in New York (The Beacon School), attended a great college (Canisius College), and will be pursuing graduate studies at Georgetown University.” “My dream has always been to inspire,” Emily continues. “I am happy to finally become a Big and have the opportunity to encourage a Little to dream Big. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference.”


“My brother already had a Big. I thought it would be nice to also have one,” Briana explains. “I was hoping to get someone I could talk to. Someone I could look up to.” Twelve-year old Briana is very excited about their match. “ We’re both Latina. She was once a Little. We have a lot in common,” says Briana. “By having the same background, she can relate to what my life is like. And with her as my role model, I can dream of what my life can be like in the future.”

BBBS of NYC Juvenile Justice Mentoring Program

The program’s goal is to reduce delinquency. By combining intense case management services h and one-to-one mentoring this program helps yout and prevents them from becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

15 Emily & Briana - 2013

How our Children of Promise Mentoring Program affects the rest of the community.

Justin & Byron

This program is for children between the ages of five and eighteen who have an incarcerated parent or other family member living in the household at the time of arrest. They are referred by community agencies that work with families where a parent has been sentenced.

Justin – Age 14


Justin & Byron

ech difficulties, Having a combination of learning and spe household, Justin was targeted his in ent par her neit and , ated rcer inca was t tha le an unc Big in his life was the kind of role model by school bullies. His grandmother thought having a he needed.


“All I really wanted by having a Big was to get out of the house more. Have more freedom,” Justin admitted. “But I got so much more out of it than that.”

Soon after being matched with Byron, Justin confided in him that he wanted to become more confident speaking in front of others. Referring to his speech difficulties, Justin said,” I was really shy talking in front of other people. I really wanted to overcome that.” To help him work towards his dream, Byron decided to bring Justin to the HSBC Writing Workshop. To Byron’s surprise, after a few exercises Justin quickly became one of the first Littles to always raise his hand and volunteer to share his stories. And once he heard the applause, his confidence soared. When asked what his plans are for the future Justin quickly responded, “ I want to study film.” That’s quite a leap forward for a shy teenager who used to have trouble talking in front of people. So what’s his favorite memory so far from being a Little? “Going with Byron to Great Adventure and making him

ride on all the roller coasters with me,” Justin exclaimed. Turns out, Byron isn’t a big fan of roller coasters, but he wasn’t going to let his Little show him up.


“You never know the impact you can have on others,” Byron explains. “What seems insignificant to you can be something really big to someone else.” As for his expectations for being a Big, Byron confides, “I was a little worried about who I would be matched to. I was thrilled to meet Justin.” Byron continued, “It really is a true friendship. We’ve become a part of each other’s lives.” So what is Byron’s fondest memory of being a Big? It was when Justin called him on his birthday. Byron said, “I was just so touched that he remembered.”


of Littles are promoted to the next grade.


T H E IR EX P ER IE N C E S A S B IG S P OW E R ED E R O M EN EV O D O T S M A E DR Candice, Elandria, and Iris

Elandria & Gabby



Iris was a paralegal in a corporate law firm. “As a Latino woman I was very lucky. Many in my community never go to college or even out of the neighborhood,” Iris explained. “I wanted to give back to my community in some way.” The giving back started when she walked through the doors at BBBS of NYC. By becoming a Big, she had the opportunity to dramatically affect the lives of two Littles. “The fact that one lived right in the city and had never been to Central Park was a real eye opener,” says Iris. “I knew then I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others.”



Helping others is in Candice’s DNA. Whether it was tutoring, community service, or becoming a Big, it was always an important part of her life. Candice just didn’t realize how important helping was. According to Candice, “When you become a Big you only think it’ll impact a Little’s life. You don’t expect it to have an impact on your life as well.” But after several years as a Big with two different Littles, Candice found that the experience changed her. “It solidified my passion for public service. I wanted to take it to the next level.” Candice explained, “I wanted to be more involved in helping others outside of being a Big.” That’s when Candice decided to do something few of us would ever be brave enough to do. She quit her job at Comedy Central. And went back to school full-time to get her Masters in Public Administration. Even though her role as a Big had come to an end when she started school, Candice continued to look for other ways to help BBBS of NYC. She found it in one of our Affinity Groups — Bigs United. “As one of the leaders of Bigs United, I help BBBS of NYC reach out to the black community to encourage and attract positive role models for black youth.” Candice continues, “Since they have the same background and experiences as the youth in their communities, it’s very important to reach out to black

men and encourage them to become Bigs. We would go out and hold special events like our Black History event to educate them on the rewards of being a Big and encourage them to join.” As Candice sees it, “Even though I’m no longer an active Big, I’m still doing something to help someone. Just in a different way.”


Going from successful Advertising Executive at a New York marketing firm to full-time student may seem like a big career move to a lot of people, but to Elandria it made perfect sense. “I was only twenty-three when I first became a Big.” Elandria said, “I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but decided to take the plunge.” Elandria was a Big to her Little for eight years. Over the course of the relationship she learned patience and empathy. She also learned something else. “Being a Big didn’t just have an impact on my Little, it had an impact on me.” Elandria confided, “I felt like I was really contributing to a mission. Planting a seed. Investing in something.”


Iris & Dasn


Candice & Leah

Being a Big fueled her desire to do more. That’s when Elandria decided to quit her job and go back to school to earn her Masters in Public Administration. “Initially I planned on working full-time and attending grad school part-time.” Elandria explains, “But then I decided I didn’t want to wait that long so I became a full-time student instead.” In addition to being a Big alumni, Elandria was also one of the first members of the BBBS of NYC Affinity group, Bigs United. Using her marketing expertise, she’s helped Bigs United develop programs and community events to help communicate the importance of becoming a black role model to the youth in their community. Looking back Elandria admits, “Advertising just wasn’t what I saw myself doing for the rest of my life. Being a Big and being part of Bigs United has been a much more fulfilling experience.”

While she was a Big, Iris noticed something interesting about the Latino community. “Many minority parents wanted Bigs who had the same ethnicity as their children.” Iris explained, “If parents speak Spanish and the Bigs don’t, how can they communicate?” Unfortunately, in the Latino community, there weren’t a lot of volunteers to become mentors. Which meant many kids couldn’t get matched. “Some Latino Littles were on the waiting list for as long as a year,” exclaimed Iris. “Over time they lost interest in being a Little. This is where the idea of forming the BBBS of NYC affinity group Latino Bigs came from.” It started with fifteen people putting their heads together to figure out how to increase volunteerism among the Latino community. Thanks to the community programs and events created by Latino Bigs, the percentage of volunteers and Latino mentors increased by 87% in just three years. Wanting to do even more, Iris also launched the Bronx Volunteer Coalition because there weren’t enough volunteers in her Bronx neighborhood to mentor all the kids who wanted one. Realizing that being a paralegal wasn’t her true calling, Iris quit her job and enrolled in the NYU grad school for public service full-time. “What I’ve done impacted people,” Iris said proudly. “I can see the good I’ve done in the community. And I want to continue doing it.” Iris wasn’t the only one who saw the positive impact she was having on the community. Last year, she was honored by Comit´e Noviembre for her volunteer service to her community. 19


Mentoring Supervisor Certificate Program Graduates

WHO NEED A FEW LESSONS . IG B M EA R D EM H T P EL H TO Our Education Initiative provides the resources and support our Littles need to achieve academic success. In partnership with the City University of New York’s College Now program, Signet Tutoring, and Graph It Forward, we offer academic enrichment programs to all of our Littles that include comprehensive collegereadiness workshops for high school Littles. We also have computer tutoring stations for Littles to work on school projects, study various academic subjects, and prepare for the SAT and ACT. For our struggling Littles, we create thoughtful action-oriented academic intervention plans.

Community Impact Matches at C.A.S.T.L.E. Middle School

To bring our proven modality of mentoring to the forefront of New York City education, we have launched a Community Impact program to provide 6th and 7th grade students within one school community with a Big until their graduation. We plan on launching a high school Community Impact program in the spring of 2014. We take a holistic approach to education that involves working with our partners, parents, families, support staff, Bigs and schools to support our Littles.



The goal of BBBS of NYC’s Center for Training and Professional Development (the Cen ter) is to help professionals develop formalized mentoring programs; to assist youth-serving organiza tions in developing, expanding, and improving their organizations; and to provide professional workshops to enhance personal and organizational goals. The Mentoring Supervisor Certifi cate Program (MSC Program), created and administer ed together with the Fordham University Graduate Sch ool of Social Service, is for youth practitioners and soc ial service professionals to assist in developing, impleme nting, expanding or improving a mentoring program.

Our Professional Development Wo rkshop Series offers the staff of social service organiza tions stand-alone workshops taught by experts in the fields of non-profit management, human resources, and social work. Internally, the Center offers basic training for inquiring prospects for our Community Ba sed Volunteers. It provides ongoing on-line learning opportunities for all accepted volunteers via e-learnin g modules, webinars, and forums. And also conducts Pro gram Staff Orientation and additional staff training as ne eded.


S E V R E S E D ID K Y R E EV TO DREAM. ry year, there are thousands more For all the thousands of kids who join our program eve e many parents request that sinc And nd. arou go to s Big ugh eno ’t aren just re who can’t. The und or ethnicity, the demand for kgro bac e sam the h wit e eon som to d tche ma be d chil their a few of the groups that are working to minority volunteers is constantly growing. Here are . help us raise awareness in every community of the city

ASIAN MENTORING COMMITTEE With a focus on our city’s Asian immigrant community, this affinity group has helped many young Asian immigrant youth feel more comfortable in their new country. Its three hundred ninety members also focus on fostering stronger bonds between Bigs, Littles, and their families.


le who just believe in the cause. They have Affinity Groups consist of former Bigs, current Bigs, and peop to people in their neighborhoods to spread the monthly meetings, hold special community events, and talk word and attract recruits.


Its two hundred seventy-five members focus on reaching out to residents of Latino neighborhoods. In addition to forming partnerships with the Latino Affinity Networks at Ogilvy, Avon, Cablevision, and Macy’s, they also work with Tri-Latino, Phi Iota Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, and the United Latino Professionals.


Finding volunteers who are interested in being positive role models to our city’s black youth is the goal for this affinity group. With four hundred fourteen members, it’s the largest of the Affinity groups and the dedication of its members has helped recruit many new Bigs.

Although no longer matched with a Little, these Bigs continue to help us by sharing their stories, experiences, and advice with new Bigs as they go through the initial orientation and training sessions before they become matched. Alumni Bigs also volunteer their time to mentor our new mentors. In addition, this year we launched our Littles Alumni program, encouraging Littles to maintain a lifelong relationship with the agency.

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS COMMITTEE Over the course of the year, this group of volunteers holds a variety of fundraising and recruitment activities. Since its inception, this group has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for BBBS of NYC. 23

BRONX VOLUNTEER COALITION 35% of the children in BBBS of NYC’s programs live in the Bronx, but only 6% of our Bigs live there. The Bronx Volunteer Coalition was formed to help us close the gap. Made up of seventeen diverse volunteer organizations including Jumpstart, the Bronx Museum, Lift - The Bronx, and South Bronx United, this coalition was founded in 2012.



The Agency headed out to Whole Foods on January 10th during Na tional Mentoring Month, canvassing each of Manh attan’s seven stores for 5% Day be nefiting BBBS of NYC. Whole Foods donated 5% of the day’s proceeds totaling over $68,5 00 to the agency to benefit our Programs. In addit ion to this day of giving, Whole Foo ds worked with us throughout the year, holding coo king lessons for our matches at its Bowery Culinary Center location and generously do nating water for our annual Race for the Kids.


York City was chosen as one This past October, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New competition to secure the of thirteen charities to compete in a voter-chosen Soho store Treasure & Bond. agency a place as beneficiary of proceeds from estrated a GOTV campaign that During the voting time period, the Agency orch our matches, a happy hour for included hosting a Halloween-themed party for ss to drive traffic and voters to our affinity groups and social media awarene process, Big Brothers Big Sisters the store. After a competitive shopper-voting ner charities receiving 100% of of New York City was chosen as one of two part ruary 1st to April 30th. the profits from the sales at the store from Feb


Casino Jazz Night Real Estate Dinner


Honoring select members of New York City’s real estate industr y for their philanthropic contributions, this summer event attracts the “movers and shakers” in commercial real estate and finance. Guests partake in casino games and the fabulous fare of Cipriani 42nd Street.

ts are held all over the city ever y year. even cial spe of ber num a ing, rais fund our in ” To help put the “fun give attendees an opportunity to hear about the ts even e thes ing, aliz soci and ng orki netw to In addition their not just in the lives of our Littles and Bigs, but in — ish mpl acco us ing help ’re they s nge cha itive pos and t our individual, corporate and foundation funders, families, schools, and local communities. Withou City’s kids would not be possible. event attendees, our dream of helping New York

Invitational Golf Outing

A round of golf at an exclusive club brings out members of the domestic and international hedge fund community. This annual event includes a cocktail reception, dinner, and live auction.

Sidewalks of NY Annual Awards Dinner ia

Held at New York City’s Waldor f=Astor in April, this is our signature gala event. Matches come to share wonderful stories and present awards to honorees. Over the years, honorees have included members of the media, corporate and sports worlds.

Tournament of Champions Pong

Held annually, ToC Pong takes place at Grand Cen tral Station’s Vanderbilt Hall and hosts thir ty-t wo team s from within the financial community. An all- glas s court allows spectators to see all the action.

Gridiron Games

Accountants & Bankers Reception RBC Race for the Kids — Part of Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play

Held in Riverside Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this Run/Walk celebrates the power of mentoring with over three thousand five hundred participants. Joined by their families and other caring New Yorkers, matches enjoy a fun-filled day that also encourages healthy living.

Held ever y November at the Metlife Stadium, it’s the day when Littles and Bigs can play football on a professional field, tour the locker room, and even meet retired NFL players. That afternoon top NYC law firm members compete in a touch football tournament.

This annual event honors one accountant and one banker who have served their community with distinction. Executives from a variety of industries join us at the Harmonie Club, to network and show their suppor t for these accounting and banking heroes.

Big Night Out

This annual black tie fundraiser held by our Young Professionals Committee includes dancing, casino games, poker tournament, and a silent auction. Held at Cipriani Wall St., it attracts over nine hundred young professionals.


S K N A H T E, U R T E M O C O D S DREAM TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS. Visionary leaders & Event chairs $30,000+

Randi Schatz & Joseph S. Allerhand Marianne & Philip F. Bleser Susan & Jonathan D. Bram Valerie A. & Joseph W. Brown Christine & Craig Clay Saundra & W. Don Cornwell Jennifer & Reuben Daniels Diane D’Erasmo Lisa & Steven Durels Michelle & David W. Florence Sheila Wolf Freiman & Martin Freiman Sandra & Dennis Friedrich Arlyn & Edward L. Gardner Deborah & Paul N. Glickman Megan Gliebe & Adam Goldenberg Jane Skinner Goodell & Roger S. Goodell Thomas R. Grossman Anita & Ash Gupta Agnes & Gerald L. Hassell Jared L. Landaw Andrew S. Lipman Yvonne & Arthur Liu Juliana & Jonathan P. May Jacqueline & Daniel J. McSwiggan Steve M. Moore Amanda & Anthony Orso Laura & Richard Parsons Nancy & Charles G. Posternak Marsha P. & Steven L. Roth Erin & Brendan Scanlon Victoria & Philip Seskin Jerome A. Siegel Marva A. Smalls Rhonda & Marquett Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Standish Laurie & Sy Sternberg Jonelle Procope & Frederick O. Terrell Loraine & John Tsavaris Tawana M. Tibbs & Bruce S. Gordon Marie & Adalbert von Gontard, Jr. Staci & Glen J. Weiss Amanda & John E. Waldron

Miracle Makers $20,000-$29,999 Carol & Roger W. Einiger LouAnn & Robert Frome

Dale F. & Kathleen Maycen Mr. James Rapp

Memory Makers $10,000-$19,999

Daniel L. Black, The Wicks Group John & Stephanie Connaughton Mr. Michael John Conway Mr. & Mrs. Cort Delany Jeffrey & Nancy Goldstein Ms. Mellody Hobson Carol Lynn & Peter J. Holzer Mr. Kenneth Langone Katherine & Mark Linder Mr. & Mrs. William Milton Lewis, Jr. Lucy Lopez & Ray Garcia Mr. Edward McBride Mr. Eugene Mercy Trevor Mundt Sue & Donald Newhouse Mr. & Mrs. Adebayo Ogunlesi Mr. Clifford Perlman Ann & Peter Pollack Mr. Randy S. Reiff Mr. Daniel Rosenbaum Edward B. & Caridad H. Ruggiero Mr. Ed. Scheetz Mr. Lari Stanton Mr. Jeff Sutton Mr. Richard Tavoso Sheila & Lawrence Toal Mr. & Mrs. John A. Ward, III Priscilla Leviten Warner & James A. Warner Mr. George T. Wein

Friendship Makers $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous Hector Batista, CEO, BBBS of NYC Stephen A. & Alexandra M. Cohen Mr. George Costello Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Deborah & John Freer Mr. John Garcia Jonathan & Mindy Gray Joe Gunn Mr. Christopher Hamel Mr. Jonathan Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Kendall Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lavine Mr. Tom Lister

Mr. John Micera Mr. Andrew W. Schulman Craig Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Siegel Mr. Scott Stackman Mr. Jonathan Talcott Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Topper, Jr. John S. & Amy Weinberg, Jr. Thomas Wyman

Dream Makers $2,500-$4,999

Mr. Okon Aksel John Alicandri Anasta F. & Richard T. Anderson Mr. Levan Babukhadia Mr. & Mrs. James R.T. Bartlett Mr. Clayton Benchley Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Blauner Nathaniel & Betsy Bohrer Mr. Stephen B. Brodeur Mr. Andrew Brown President Joyce F. Brown, Fashion Institute of Technology Mr. David Bukzin Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Caplan Philip & Katarina DiDio Mr. Daniel A. DiFilippo Mr. Richard Dovere Mr. Samir Gandhi Edythe & Mike Gladstein Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Greenspan Mr. Robert Grubert Mr. Marc Harris Mr. Gary Lilley Mr. Christopher Lindsey Ms. Lisa J. Lombardi Mr. Frank Mancini Mr. Francis C. Marino Mr. Mark Maroney Mr. & Mrs. Norman S. Matthews Mr. Steven Mayer Marie & Mike McCarty Mr. John McCormick Mr. Michael Meyer Lee J. Miner & Pamela Fields Miner Mr. Greg Parsons Mr. Tebogo Phiri Mr. & Mrs. Neal Rosenberg Mr. James Shannon Mr. Howard Shild Mr. John C. Simons Ms. Sharon Solomon

Mr. Jason Spacek Mr. Paul Sperber Mr. Brian Suth Mr. Jeffrey Urban Mr. & Mrs. Al Zollar

Magic Makers $1,000-$2,499

Anonymous Jon & Melissa Arfstrom Mr. Matthew Atwood Ms. Karen Backus Mr. Marc Badrichani Mr. John Barnes Mr. Zachary Beim Mr. Mark Berg Mr. Henry W. Berinstein Mr. Richard Bilotti Mr. Robert Birch Mr. & Dr. Kevin C. Blauch Mr. Neil Braun & Dr. Anne Flick Lisa & Michael Cader Mr. & Mrs. David Cannold Elizabeth & David Carpenter Mr. Grant Carwile Mr. Gerard Cassidy Mr. Richard Chase Kenneth J. & Kathryn C. Chenault Mr. Daniel Chesner Mr. Vincent Cimino Jordi Cohen Lee M. Cohen Mr. Scott Cohen Mr. David Cole Mr. G. David Cole Mr. Peter Cole Mr. Robert Colon Mr. Jason Cook Mr. Michael Coyne Ms. Marina Davelman Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. De Scherer Mr. Scott DeCanio Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DeGiaimo Mr. James S. Dineen Mr. Oliver D’Meza Mr. & Mrs. Justin B. Doran Nancy R. Druckman Mr. Michael P. Duggan Mr. Paul Durnan Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. Edwards Mr. Daniel J. Entwistle Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Envin Mr. Marc Fanning

Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Farrell Mr. Guy Farrington Ms. Cara Faske Mr. John Marshall Ferguson Mr. Jonathan Fladell Mr. John Flock & Ms. Victoria Mills Mr. Nathan Franco Mr. Thomas Fredericks Mr. Kenneth G. Friedrich Joanne & Edward Froelich Mr. & Mrs. Gennaro J. Fulvio Roy Furman Mr. Jonathan Gaw Mr. Kevin Gillespie Mr. Timothy B. Goodell Mr. Frederic Gourtay Eugene & Emily Grant Mr. Michael Grubert Mr. Neville Grusd Mark S. & Barbara Handler Kristy & Robert Harteveldt Mr. Timothy Hartzell Mr.Patrick J. Healy & Ms. Isabelle Georgeaux Mr. Daniel Heimowitz Mr. Paul Horrocks Mr. Karl Hummel Mr. Robert Insolia Mr. & Mrs. David L. Jaffe Howard & Monica Kahn Mr. Steven Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kirshenbaum Tim & Jane Klemmer Katherine Klemmer Terry Lorraine & Kenneth J. Knuckles Walter & Barbara Korntheuer Mr. Victor Kraiem Mr. Jeremy R. Kramer Mr. Harris Kretsge Mr. Bill Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Lane Mr. & Mrs. Robert Todd Lang Mr. & Mrs. David Lee Ms. Regina S. Lee Mr. Michael A. Lehrman Mr. Stuart Lerner Mr. Stephen Levin Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Linde Ms. Cindy Linville Mr.Andrew A. Lipsky & Ms. Holly M. Kelly Ms. Halley Love Mr. Clinton Matter Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. McGeehan Thomas Mellina Gertrude M. Michelson Rebecca Minkoff Mr. Justin Mirro Mr. James Mitarotonda Mr. Andrew Moore Ted C. Morehouse & Claudia Rose

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Morford, III Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr. Mr. Barry Moss Mr. Lonnie Moss Ms. Joyce Mullins-Jackson Mr. Padraig Murphy Ms. Gabriella Nawi Mr. Christopher C. Neidow Mr. John Neuwirth Mr. Dang Nguyen Mr. Michael D. North George D. & Abby M. O’Neill Ketan Patel Mr. Brian Pavlock Ms. Tricia Peyser A. Pietrzak Mr. Clayton Pope T.L. Popejoy Mr. Aaron Reback Dr. & Mrs. Irwin E. Redlener Mr. John Rhinelander Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Richardson Mr. Glenn Riedman Ms. Beth A. Ripston Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Royce Mr.Matthew J. Runkle & Ms. Rebecca Koepnick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Russo Barbara & John Samuelson Ms. Meredith Sanandres Arthur & Joan Sarnoff Mr. Kris Schiltter Ms. Jane Segal Mr. & Mrs. Neal D. Seiden Mr. Isaac Shalom Mr. & Mrs. Steven Silverstein Mr. & Mrs. Spyros Skouras, Jr. Ms. Nancy A. Skow Mr. Robert Sluymer Mr. Richard Solway Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sonnenschein, Jr. Mr. Bob Spangler Mr. Vito Sperduto Mr. Philip J. Spincola Mr. Robert Stallard Mr. Sean Stanzak Robert J. & Bonnie M. Stapleton Mr. Michael J. Stein Mr. Rich Steiner Ms. Clara H. Steinlage Mr. Raymond Svider Ms. Fadya Speero Tannous Lurie Mr. Fred B. Tarter Mr. Philip Taylor Mr. Bob Teitelbaum & Ms. Andrea Watt Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hans Tiedemann Beverly Benz & Antoine G. Treuille Mr. Castel Valere-Couturier Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Vaughan Mr. John Villani

Mr. Jon Voigtman Beatrice Busch & Adalbert von Gontard, III Mr. Ken Waitz Mr. Daniel Waldman Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Warner Mr. Matthew Weinberg Ms. Lynne M. Wheat Ellen C. Wiesenthal Mr. Ian Winters Ms. Elizabeth Wintrich Mr. Richard A. Yaffa

Match Makers $500-$999

Mr. James Abruzzo Mr. Herbert M. Allison Anonymous Mr. Robert Archibald Mr. Ryan Atkinson Mr. David A. Attanasio Mr. David Bank Mr. & Mrs. Eric Batchelder Mr. Tim Bath Mr. George Bellini Alan J. Benet & Laurel Grimacoff Mr. Marc Berman Mr. James L. Bernard Mr. Sandeep Bidani Teresa & Douglas Blagdon Mr. Michael Borenstein Mr. James K. Brown Mr. Patrick Burke Mr. Jonathan Byrne Mr. William Caggiano Mr. Joseph Carey Mr. Francis Carling Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carter Mr. George Castro Mr. & Mrs. Clive Chajet Mr. Peter Chapman Mr. Laurence N. Charney Mr. Neil Charran Ms. Katherine Chen Mr. Ronald Chernow Mr. Stephen Choe Mr. Frank Ciaravalli Mr. Patrick Clarke Mr. Michael Cloherty Mr. Lawrence Cohen Ms. Faith Colish, Esq. Mr. Morgan Crooks Mr. Sean Cullen Mr. Henrik Dahlback Mr. Nicholas Daifotis Mrs. Norma T. Dana Mr. Hill Danforth Mr. David Daniels Mr. Michael Davis Ms. Judith Davis-Fagan Ms. Barbara Debler

Mr. Michael DeFazio Mr. & Mrs. Richard Delayo Mr. Thomas DiChiaro Mr. Jeff Doty Mr. David Downie Iain Duke-Richardet Mr. Mark Dwelle Ms. Heather A. Ehrenkranz Mrs. Natalie Eigen Mr. Robert Eisbruck Mr. Jason Engelberg Ms. Sarah England Mr. Kent Escalera Mr. Chip Fauver Mr. Roger H. Felderbaum Mr. Peter Feola Mr. Eric Feuerstein Mr. Kevin Foster Dr. Sarise Freiman Breidbart Mr. David J. Furman Mr. Christopher Garcia Mr. Philip A. Garcia Mr. Joseph Giacobbe Mr. Daniel Gioia Ms. Ruth E. Gitlin Mr. Mark Goldstein Mr. Marc Golston Mr. Martin C. Grant Mr. & Mrs. David Graves Mr. Isaac Green Mr. Michael Greenblatt Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Gursky Ms. Brenda Hall Mr. Franklin Blair Hartley Mr. Jonathan Heagle Hollis Heimbouch Stu & Paula Herman Michael J. & Devi Heyer Mr. Matthew Hicks Mr. Robert Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hillman Mr. Scott Hirsch Mr. Rick Hoffman Mr. Todd Holder Mr. Stuart Holland Mr. Simon Hornibrook Mr. Alexander Iler Ms. Linda Jackson Mr. Jeffrey Jennings Sara Kasirer Kim & Elliot Katz Mr. Roger Kaufman Mr. John Kempf Ms. Julie Klein Mr. Kurt Kuhn Jill & Michael Kuller Mr. John Kuntz Mr. Andrew Adam Lance Mr. & Mrs. Craig Laraia Mr. Richard Lawrence Mr. Todd J. Leavitt 29

Albert & Ruth Lefkowitz Mr. Adam Leight Mr. Mark Levy Mr. Anthony A. Lewis Mr. Steven Lewis Mr. Michael Lexton Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Lobel Mr. Tyler Lockton Ms. Francesca Lupo Ms. Patricia Lurie Sherri Lydell Mr. Eric Makofsky Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mallet Ms. Janine Marsini Mr. Ken McAloon Mr. Michael McCarthy Mr. Sean McCormick Mr. Thomas Meader Mr. Joseph Meisner Mr. Gilbert G. Menna Mr. Henry Michaels Ms. Carol Mitchell Ms. Susan Moultrie Mr. David Nadelman Mr. & Mrs. Ira B. Nelson Mr. Clifford Neuse Mr. Glenn Novarro Mr. Donald Oberfield Jon & Cristina Occhipinti Mr. George Oliver Mr. Peter Busch Orthwein Mr. & Mrs. William Overman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Paeprer Ms. Jennifer Panciera Mr. Peter Papamichael Ms. Madonna Park Mr. Ari Paul Arnold S. Penner Mr. John Perkins Mr. John K. Perkins Mr. Charles J. Persico Mr. Sean Peters Mr. Ken Petschauer Mr. Derek Pijut Mr. Howard Plotkin Harold & Leslie Porosoff Ms. Denise L. Quarles Mr. John Raftery Ms. Kim Redding Ms. Michelle Rhee Brooklyn Roddick Mr. Craig Rothman Mr. Moti Rubin Mr. Beau Russo Mr. Jonathan S. Sack Mr. Darren Schenkler Mr. Frank Schettino Mr. Jeff Schiamberg Mr. Christopher Schlank Mr. Tom Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Schmidtberger Mr. Daniel Schnurman Mr. Rudy Scrapa Sachin Sharma Mr. Patrick Shields Mr. Joram Siegel Mr. Michael Siegel Jules & Nancy Silbert Mr. Jay Silver Mr. David Silverman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith Ms. Dana Smith Mr. Keith Solomon Mr. John Sorice Mr. Mark J. Stein Mr. Martin Sullivan Mr. Daniel Tai Mr. Mark Taylor Mr. Charlie Towers Mr. Ronald J. Tramazzo Mr. Jim Tricolli Ms. Iris Tsung Mr. Robert Urban Mr. Pieter Van Vredenburch Mr. Jeffrey J. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Weiser Mr. Paul R. Weltchek Mr. Gerald Wiant Ms. Sabine Wieger Mr. Charles Williams Mr. Kevin Wilson Mr. David Wirdnam Ms. Amy Wu



Chairman’s Circle $100,000+

BNY Mellon The Clark Foundation Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs & Co. HSBC Jefferies & Co., Inc. The Liu Foundation The Pinkerton Foundation Royal Bank of Canada William E. Simon Foundation Verizon Foundation Charles R. and Winifred R. Weber Foundation

Champions $50,000-$99,999 AFE Consulting American Express Bloomberg Cantor Fitzgerald Securities CBS Television Network

Deloitte & Touche LLP Equity Office Properties Trust The Hearst Foundations McKinsey & Company National Football League NewEngland Patriots Charitable Foundation The New York Community Trust New York Life Foundation Omnicom Group, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. PwC Viacom, Inc. MTV Networks Nickelodeon Networks Whole Foods Market NYC

Leaders $20,000-$49,999

Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc. The Achelis and Bodman Foundations Brookfield Real Estate Financial Partners Bryan Cave LLP Cassidy Turley New York, Inc. CB Richard Ellis Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP Deutsche Bank The Durst Organization, Inc. Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP Fidelity National Title Insurance Company Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP Charles A. Frueauff Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation SL Green Management LLC Hagedorn Fund Charles Hayden Foundation Hess Corporation Indus Capital Partners, LLC Jones Day Jones Lang LaSalle Korean American Community Foundation KPMG LLP Legg Mason & Co., LLC Macy’s East MBIA Foundation mcgarrybowen The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. MetLife Foundation Morgan Stanley Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Normandy Real Estate Partners Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Pfizer Inc. Platinum Maintenance Services Corp.

Razorfish RR Donnelley Financial Services Scotia Capital Sony Corporation of America Studley, Inc. SunGard Data Systems Inc. TD Bank United Way of New York City Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Winston & Strawn LLP Ziff Brothers Investments, LLC

Pillars $10,000-$19,999

ACE Group ADCO Electrical Corporation AMC Networks Inc. American Eagle Outfitters Foundation Andrews Kurth LLP Anonymous Appel Family Foundation Arbor Realty SR, Inc. Archetype Consultants Ariel Investments, LLC Avon Foundation Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust Barclays Capital (New York) The Barker Welfare Foundation Beacon Capital Partners, LLC BGC USA LP Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Blank Rome LLP The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. The CAC Group, Inc. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP Capital One Cassin & Cassin LLP Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. Chicago Title Insurance Co. CIBC World Markets Citadel Group Foundation Coach Foundation Colgate Palmolive Company Comcast Corporation Corvex Management LP Covington & Burling LLP Crane Fund for Widows and Children Cravath, Swaine & Moore Davis & Gilbert LLP DeVries Public Relations Duval & Stachenfeld, LLP Eastern Advisors Capital Group, LLC Edelman U.S. The Emmes Group of Companies Estee Lauder Companies Extreme Linen LLC Farley Capital First American Title Insurance Co. of New York

First Quality Maintenance Forest City Ratner Companies Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer US LLP Gensler Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Guggenheim Capital, LLC Harvard Maintenance Inc. Herald Square Properties Management LLC Hilton Hotels Corporation Himan Brown Charitable Trust Hines Interests Limited Partnership Huron Legal The Hyde and Watson Foundation ING Foundation Intersport, Inc. The Jana Foundation JNK Securities Gregory P. Joseph Law Offices LLC JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, PC Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Kushner Properties Marsh & McLennan, Inc McGuireWoods LLP Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Metropolitan National Bank The Miami Foundation Milberg Factors, Inc. Milo Kleinberg Design Associates, Inc. The Moinian Group Mulligan Security Corp. Navigant Consulting New York Life Insurance Company New York Yankees Foundation The Nola Foundation Nordstrom Paramount Group, Inc. Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP The Port Authority of NY & NJ Proskauer Rose LLP Providence Equity Partners LLC Prudential Insurance Company Raymond James Reed Smith LLP The Related Companies, LP Robinson & Cole LLP Rockwood Capital, LLC Rosenthal & Rosenthal Inc. Mayand Samuel Rudin Family Foundation RXR Realty Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Seyfarth Shaw LLP Shawmut Design and Construction SJP Properties Sprint Foundation Starr Associates LLP Starwood Capital Group Stawski Partners Steven Madden Ltd. Stewart Title Stone Mountain USA, LLC Structure Tone, Inc. Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Time Warner Inc. Tishman Speyer Properties Trebbianno LLC Tri-Star Construction Corp. Tyco International UBS Van Wagner Communications, LLC Versatile Entertainment, Inc. Vornado Realty Trust Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. Wiley Rein LLP The Willams Capital Group, L.P. Winick Realty Group Donald Zucker Company

Partners $5,000-$9,999

1370 Broadway Owner, LLC ABM Janitorial Services ABS Partners Fred Alger Management, Inc. Alix Partners Allied Partners Arnold & Porter LLP BAPS Charities The Theodore H. Barth Foundation BDO Seidman, LLP Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman LLP BigBrothers Big Sisters of Southeast Texas BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC Centerview Partners LLC Citi CoMetrics Partners LLC Cornell University CVS Corporation Desmarais LLP EA Markets LLC E-J Electric Installation Co. Ernst & Young, LLP The Feil Family Foundation Flemming Zulack Williamson Zauderer LLP FTI Consulting, Inc. Gabelli Funds, Inc. GAF Materials Corporation

GenNx360 Management Company LLC Goodwin Procter LLP Greenberg Traurig LLP Hahn & Hessen LLP Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation IBM Employee Services Center Icon Trade Services LLC IDB Bank Jamestown, L.P. Kaufman Rossin Fund Services Charles S. Keene Foundation Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP KREProperty Management Company LLC Latham & Watkins LLP Lincoln Building Associates LLC Loeb & Loeb LLP Loop Capital Markets Macquarie Holdings (USA) Inc. Madison Square Garden J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. Marcum LLP McGovern & Company Martha Mertz Foundation, Inc. Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation Millennium Management & Employees Foundation Moed de Armas & Shannon Ambrose Monell Foundation The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Nakash Family Foundation NBC Universal Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP The Patrina Foundation Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation, Inc. PLM Foundation Prudential Real Estate Investors Rainbow Media Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc. Roosevelt & Cross Incorporated Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP Silverstein Properties, Inc. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Taconic Investment Partners LLC TAK Development Terra Capital Partners, LLC The TJX Foundation, Inc Turner Construction Venable Foundation Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. John L. & Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation Wells Fargo Bank Willis of New York, Inc.

The Zankel Fund Zurich American Insurance Company

Mentors $2,000-$4,999

accessory innovations Adamas Energy Angelo, Gordon & Co., L.P. Arcturus Group LLC Axis NA, LLC Bank Hapoalim Bank of America Foundation Matching Gifts TheElmer & Mamdouha Bobst Foundation Boston Properties Bright Angle Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Central Mills, Inc. Citibank Betsy and Alan Cohn Foundation, Inc. Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. Crown Acquisitions, Inc. D&B St. Vincent De Paul Foundation Eastgate Realty Egon Zehnder International, Inc. Fashion Options, Inc. Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc Alfred & Harriet Feinman Foundation The Fireman Hospitality Group Friedman LLP Geller & Company LLC. Gelmart Industries, Inc. Patricia and Bernard Goldstein Fund Hertz, Herson & Co. LLP Hillmann Consulting, LLC Interior Architects Inc. JDP Mechanical, Inc. JPMorgan Chase Foundation Matching Gifts Program Jujamcyn Theaters Kasirer Consulting Knoll Lambert Family Foundation LCOR, Inc. Limited Brands Foundation TheMargaret and Daniel Loeb Third Point Foundation Loffredo Brooks Architects, PC Majesco Entertainment Company McGladrey LLP MCJ Foundation Michael Andrews Bespoke Ted Moudis Associates Murray, Devine & Co., Inc. New York Building 31 Congress, Inc.

Nintendo of America Inc. Northwood Investors O’Brien LLP Paratus Group II, Inc. Park Strategies LLC People’s United Community Foundation Pircher, Nichols & Meeks Play For Your Cause Quirky Retail Portfolio Solutions TheFrederick W. Richmond Foundation The Juliet Rosenthal Foundation, Inc. Rothstein Kass & Company, P.C. Rouse Properties S. Forest Company, Inc. Sandpiper Lane Foundation Savanna Partners SH Group, Inc. The Sloman Foundation Spin Design Square Mile Capital Management II LLC Stellar Management TPG Architecture U.S. Bank National Association United Elevator Consultants, Inc. United States Information Systems, Inc. Vollero Beach Capital Partners Walton Street Capital Wiesner Products, Inc. Leslie and Daniel Ziff Fund Natasha and Dirk Ziff Gift Fund Robert D. Ziff Gift Fund

Friends $500-$1,999

A&E Networks A. Fisher Co., Inc. Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group L.L.C. AEW Capital Management, L.P. AGC Family Foundation American Express Travel Related Services Co., Inc. Anchor Uniform Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. AT&T Community Giving Program TheLawrence and Sheri Babbio Foundation Bank Leumi USA Bartmon, Shapiro & Associates, Inc. BC Partners Foundation (US), Inc. Bernstein Global Wealth Management Bingham McCutchen LLP The Blackstone Group Bond Painting Company Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Schwartz & Nahins, P.C. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

C.W. Greene, Inc. Capital Business Credit, LLC Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, Inc. CIT Group Inc. (NJ) CMR Comedy, LLC Common Cents New York, Inc. The Container Store Cyruli Shanks Hart & Zizmor LLP Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB Dolce Vita Intimates, LLC The Doneger Group Donnelly Mechanical Corp. Doremus & Company The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Dune Capital Management LP Empire Charter Service Financial Specialty Risk Managers, LLC Alexander Fischbein Foundation TheDonna M. Fontana Charitable Fund Forex Club GE Capital Corporation GE Foundation General Electric Company Gerber Finance Inc. Gillman Consulting Inc The Glickenhaus Foundation The Gottesman Fund Haynes and Boone LLP Heard Enterprises LLC Hilldun Corporation Hochman Family Foundation, Inc. Hodgson Russ LLP Hogan Lovells ING Employee Giving Campaign ING Financial Services International Biscuits & Confections LLC Investors Bank Isaacs Financial Group, Inc. iWorld LLC Jassin O’Rourke Group, LLC Johnson Capital Julius Young Hosiery, Inc. Kriss & Feuerstein LLP Esther Koven Fdn Inc L & L Holding Company, LLC Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Lawline LCEL Collectibles, Inc. Leg Resource, Inc Levin Capital Strategies, LP Lion Brand Yarn Foundation Loeb & Troper The Malkin Fund, Inc. Marketing Management Group, Inc. Marks Paneth & Shron LLP The Media Kitchen Microsoft Giving Campaign

Shelly and Neil Mitchell Family Foundation Mohan’s Custom Tailors, Inc. Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal Campaign The Nackerson Fund National Background Investigations, Inc. National Philanthropic Trust Nautica Enterpises, Inc. New York City Transit Authority New York Commercial Bank The O’Mara Organization, Inc. The OutCast Agency, LLC Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program PlantusNYC PlasmaNet Inc. Podell Rothman Schechter & Banfield LLP Posternak Bauer Associates Inc. Provident Bank The Reisenberg Family Foundation Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc. TheFrederick P. & Sandra P. Rose Foundation Sanford Heisler LLP The Schonberger Family Foundation S’lomin’s Spex Clothing Co., Inc. Star Funding, Inc. State Employees Federated Appeal Sterling National Bank Strassberg & Strassberg, P.C. Superior Cooling Corp. The Swig Company, LLC Toback, Bernstein & Reiss, LLP TPG Capital, LP Trent Partners & Associates, Inc. TreppPort, LLC Valley National Bank Vallot Consulting View the Space Villa Construction Inc. Weeplay Kids, LLC Joan & Sanford I. Weill Philanthropic Fund The Weiser Philanthropic Fund The Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation Wilk Auslander LLP The Steven Winnert Charitable Fund ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Funds Zetlin & Dechiara LLP


NewYork City Council Christine C. Quinn - Speaker NewYork City Council Margaret S. Chin

NewYork City Council Inez E. Dickens New York City Council Daniel R. Garodnick NewYork City Council Rosie Mendez NewYork City Council Diana Reyna New York City Department of Education The Fund for Public Schools U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


Young Professionals Executive Committee Christie Connick Co-President Kristen Zadourian Co-President Karla Esleeck James Rapp Jennifer Hoppe Jennifer Cacace Amanda DiLauro Beth Galligan Julie Klein Catherine Kuo Hollie Pantano Jayna Pedruczny Frank Pena Ashley Williams Paul Yi Matthew Zerbo

Bigs United Anton Rollison Co-President Carin Pinto Co-President

Asian Mentoring Committee Kendra Chiu Co-President Justine Lin Co-President

Latino Bigs Paul Pabon Co-President Mayra Oviedo Co-President

BOARD MEMBERS OFFICERS Laura Parsons, Psy.D. Chairman Edward L. Gardner Chairman Emeritus Jonathan Bram President Tawana Tibbs Immediate Past President John E. Waldron Executive Vice President Gerald L. Hassell Vice Chairman Lawrence J. Toal Vice Chairman Adalbert von Gontard, Jr. Vice Chairman Philip F. Bleser Vice President

Valerie A. Brown Vice President Paul N. Glickman Vice President Thomas R. Grossman Vice President Peter J. Holzer Vice President Kenneth J. Knuckles Vice President Katherine C. Linder Vice President Yvonne Liu Vice President Jon May Vice President Charles G. Posternak Vice President Jerome A. Siegel Vice President

Loraine B. Tsavaris Vice President Erin Scanlon Treasurer Sheila Wolf Freiman Secretary Daniel J. McSwiggan General Counsel TRUSTEES Joseph S. Allerhand Richard T. Anderson Craig Clay W. Don Cornwell Reuben S. Daniels Diane D’Erasmo Steven M. Durels David W. Florence Dennis Friedrich Robert L. Frome Adam R. Goldenberg Roger S. Goodell Joe Gunn

Ash Gupta Jared L. Landaw Andrew Lipman Lucy Lopez Daniel R. Milberg Steve M. Moore Susan Moultrie Joyce Mullins-Jackson Trevor Mundt Anthony Orso Clifford Perlman James Rapp Marsha P. Roth Philip Seskin Marva A. Smalls Marquett Smith Mark Standish Sy Sternberg Frederick O. Terrell John A. Ward, III James A. Warner Glen Weiss

TRUSTEES EMERITUS Francis Carling Robert Moss Peter Pollack Michael J. Rosenthal Rudolph J. Santoro Beverly Benz Treuille Judy A. Weill Thomas G. Wyman ADVISORY COUNCIL Luis F. Barragan Mark A. DeRugeriis Mon Eng Martin Freiman Charles G. McCurdy Philip L. Milstein Lee J. Miner Joseph R. Schmuckler Gerri Warren-Merrick Cheryle A. Wills

STAFF MEMBERS Hector Batista Chief Executive Officer Melanie Sullivan Executive Assistant to the CEO Geraldine Thomas Director of Communications and Board Liaison PROGRAMS Danielle Brown Fuller Chief Program Officer TRADITIONAL AND SPECIAL PRIORITIES DEPARTMENT Julia Baldassano Deputy Chief Program Officer Kristin Brand Vice President Valerie Stark-Trimarco Vice President Amy Kui Director Ana Melo Associate Director Anna Bossa Senior Program Manager Delia Gorman Senior Program Manager Amelia Paris Senior Program Manager Lauren Prague Senior Program Manager Adam Schroeder Senior Program Manager Jean-Marie Catlett Program Manager Caitlin Erickson Program Manager

Erum Jaffer Program Manager Sarah Merchant Program Manager Priscilla Munoz Program Manager Jingwen Xu Program Manager Maria Loja-Barahona Associate Program Manager Chih Ling Cheng Associate Program Manager Shaquala Fields Associate Program Manager Lindsey Romero Associate Program Manager Christine Shim Associate Program Manager Makdyanet Cedeno Graduated Program Manager Noemi Gutierrez Graduated Program Manager Giavonni Davis Executive Assistant Denise Espinal Administrative Assistant Kyriaki Georgiadis Administrative Assistant Jasmin Meza Administrative Assistant

Blair Golman Program Manager Alison Krause Program Manager Natalie Lercher Program Manager Jessica Resnick Program Manager Janell Bartley Associate Program Manager Michele Feinberg Associate Program Manager Tamika Josiah Associate Program Manager Molly O’Brien Associate Program Manager Danielle White Associate Program Manager Lori Bethea Administrative Assistant Geraldine B. Goodman Volunteer

THE WORKPLACE MENTORING CENTER Jeff Elgart Vice President Kimberly Breen Director Rachel Glickman Senior Program Manager Megan Carey Program Manager

THE CENTER FOR TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Kiana Walbrook Director Aleesha Nash Associate Program Manager

EDUCATION INITIATIVE Diana Noriega Director Alexis Telfair-Garcia Senior Program Manager Talisa Torres Associate Program Manager

DEVELOPMENT Shannon Snead Chief Development Officer Angelie Singla, Director Institutional Giving Emily Daniels Grants Manager Gerry DiCicco Development Associate Rachel Newman Special Events Manager Carl Niedzielski Grants Manager Melody Rodriguez Special Events Manager MARKETING Wendy DeMarco Fuentes Chief Marketing Officer Amy Conaboy New Media and Web Manager RECRUITMENT, CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Michael Coughlin Chief Quality Assurance Officer RECRUITMENT Diego Romero Senior Manager Jordan Barham Alumni Coordinator Samara Weiss Volunteer Coalition Coordinator CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE Robin Viscuse Director Susan Doyle Senior Program Manager

Leo Ching-Sham Enrollment Coordinator Lissette Hernández Enrollment Coordinator Nicole Padilla Intake Coordinator Chasity Balloqui Administrative Assistant Janet Adkins Interviewer Jane Bender Interviewer Kathoucha Edouard Interviewer Emily Rackoff Gaynor Interviewer Irma Kingsley Interviewer Nicole O’Neill Interviewer Jacob Pine Interviewer Victoria Rodriguez Interviewer Melissa Soong Interviewer Jaime Weinberg Interviewer Michal Yoran Interviewer QUALITY ASSURANCE Tali Schwartz Director, Quality Assurance ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Charles Bozian Chief Administrative Officer

HUMAN RESOURCES Racquel K. Lewis Director of Human Resources Fllanza Bacaj Human Resources Assistant FISCAL DEPARTMENT Lizzy Roberts Controller Susan Loeb Accounts Payable Manager/ Bookkeeper TECHNOLOGY Deepa Goyal Director Damon Cocklin Technology Assistant BUILDING OPERATIONS Jorge Feliciano Director of Operations Michael Bonham Office Manager Irlem Adames Receptionist Yadelsy Bobadilla Receptionist Malcolm Bracy Receptionist Miranda Garcia Receptionist Steve Schwartz Receptionist Christina Velez Receptionist



REVENUE & OTHER SUPPORT Private grants and contributions Special events, net ts Government grants and contrac

United Way Interest and dividends Net realized and unrealized gains (losses)on investments s Net assets released from restriction port Total revenue and other sup

Board Designated

Operating $2,576,001 $4,929,949 $891,293 $16,594 $3,844


Program Management and general Fund raising Total Expenses

Operating $7,053,339 $797,075 $1,235,678 $9,086,092

Board Designated

$2,816,504 $4,929,949 $891,293 $16,594 $730,542

$730,542 $227,089 $8,644,770






Temporarily Restricted $240,503

($227,089) $13,414

Temporarily Restricted


TOTAL $7,053,339 $797,075 $1,235,678 $9,086,092

223 East 30th Street, New York, NY 10016 • Tel: 212-686-2042 • Fax: 212-779-1221 • •

2013 BBBS of NYC Annual Report  

The 2013 annual report of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC

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