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Leaving a bequest or endowment to the Nelson Bays Community Foundation provides comfort in knowing your affairs are handled by a professional and trusted organisation, focused on this purpose. NBCF uses independent professional investment advice, invests conservatively and has fully transparent processes. The expertise, independence and sound governance practices followed by trustees ensure effective and prudent operations. The Board comprises respected members of the community who receive no payment and are selected on business acumen, community roles, and business governance. Donors’ personal wishes will be fulfilled by the Foundation and reported back to individuals and the wider community.

Make a commitment to gift a bequest to benefit your community Complete the application form or contact the Nelson Bays Community Foundation Together we can make a significant difference to the Nelson Bays region

_________________________________ Contact details: PO Box 10 Freephone 0800 777 880 Nelson 7040 Tel: 03 546 6323 E-mail:

Over 1400 Community Foundations worldwide act as vehicles to enable people to make an enduring

difference to their communities. The principles inspire generosity and encourage people to give where you live, thereby contributing to the betterment of their region and its people. This is achieved primarily through endowment funds from inheritances and gifts. The key principle is protecting the capital base while distributing earnings back into the community, according to donors’ wishes.

Your generosity provides a local solution to local needs

Gifts keep giving - income from bequests is distributed in perpetuity

Maximum benefit reaches the intended recipients

Regional assets are protected, maintained, developed and enhanced

Your wishes are fulfilled – you can establish funds for purposes, organisations and fields of interest of your choice

You are recognised as you wish. Meeting specific requirements of donors’ wishes is of paramount importance.

You or your family are kept informed of where and how you have benefitted others

Community Foundations endure eternally and ensure

‘Nelson Bays’ encompasses the communities of Nelson City and Tasman District and is home to 90,000 people

Please visit or freephone 0800 777 880. Or complete this form and return to: Nelson Bays Community Foundation PO Box 10, Nelson 7040 Name: _________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________ Post code: ______________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________

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consideration of the community’s future and emerging needs. New Zealand has over a dozen Community Foundations the first established in Tauranga in 2003. Their fund now sits at more than $2 million with over $200,000 distributed in 2010 and over $40 million bequested. Nelson Bays Community Foundation launched in March 2010.

When considering your Will discuss with your lawyer about leaving an endowment to NBCF—for your peace of mind and the long term benefit of our community

NBCF has also set up a supporters’ club— The NBCF Foundation Club. Membership is achieved through an agreed donation of cash or services in kind to cover our minimal operating expenses. In return members receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

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Please provide me with information about the Foundation Club I am preparing/updating my Will. Please send me information about leaving a legacy I would like to know about setting up a Named Endowment Trust I/we enclose a donation of $

Please make cheques payable to Nelson Bays Community Foundation. All donations are tax deductible within normal allowable limits.

Nelson Bays Community Foundation Brochure  

Nelson Bays Community Foundation Brochure

Nelson Bays Community Foundation Brochure  

Nelson Bays Community Foundation Brochure