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"Nursery Rhyme Game & More" You get 3 minutes to try and guess the nursery rhyme depicted 1. Rodents who can't see a thing. 2. Irreparable broken egg. 3. Small seated girl who is scared of insects. 4. Swift boy who leaps over flames. 5. Muscial feline and dancing dishes. 6. Elderly woman with hungry dog and empty cabinets. 7. Clumsy couple on an errand to a well 8. Elderly, happy monarch who smoked and ate a lot. 9. Small boy who eats his pies with his hands. 10. Elderly woman with unique living quarters. 11. Cheap, freshly baked pastries. 12. Male trio who bathed together. 13. Tired shepard boy with trumpet. 14. Maternal game bird.

Guess the Baby Animal Name – Your have 4 minutes to write the name of the animals baby after the animal's name. Goose Deer Horse Goat Eagle Lion Fox Elephant Swan Wolf Bear Frog Moose Tiger Chicken Seal Dolphin Whale Pigeon Sheep Kangaroo Fish Butterfly Rabbit Leopard Pig Monkey Racoon -

Informal team meeting game 7 March 2012