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February 2011

WE NEED YOU or more

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson is now in its

importantly the young people of Nelson need you or people you know! Currently we have over 60 young people on our waiting list and 44 of them are boys. If you know someone who would be a good mentor and can do one activity a week with a young person to truly make a difference in their life then please encourage them to contact us ASAP. The activity can be as big or as small as you have time for that week, the secret to the success of the programme is the consistency of contact. You don’t require any special skills…just being you is all you need to make a difference. Can you help??

14th year of providing mentoring friendships to young people in need of additional adult support. We are now seeing the significant impact that a few hours mentoring each week makes in the lives of disadvantaged young people. Since the first 'match' in Nelson was made in 1997, the programme has grown steadily and now has more than 100 young people who are matched with a mentor each year.

To our current Mentors and Sponsors – thank you for your on-going support and your community minded nature. Your support is invaluable! Best wishes The Team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson Check out our Facebook page – and keep up to date with what is happening with us locally. Click that you “like” the site and you will receive regular updates.

or website al/nelson/

Staff Gavin Millar: Ph: 545 9864. Private Bag 39, Nelson 7042 Rebecca Maria Briggs:

Big Brothers Big Sisters Programmes 2011 Big Brothers big Sisters of Nelson operates three core mentoring programmes: • Community-Based Mentoring Mentors and young people meet on their own either after school or on the weekends (1-4 hours a week). • School-Based Mentoring Volunteers spend about 1 hour a week meeting with the child at a local school. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a resource box that the mentor and young person can use, full of activities and ideas. The schools which have adult mentors in are currently (Victory Primary, Richmond Primary, Nayland Primary, Henley Primary, Auckland Point and Nelson, Waimea and Broadgreen Intermediates). • School-Based-Teen College age students (year 12-13) mentor a child at local primary school for 1 hour each week. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a resource box that the mentor and young person can use, full of activities and ideas. The schools which have teen mentors in are currently (Nelson Central, Hampden Street, Victory Primary, Birchwood Primary, Richmond Primary, Henley Primary, Nayland Primary and Waimea Intermediate). Each of the programmes above asks the mentor, young person and their family for a one year commitment to the programme. Mentors must go through a screening process and then receive six hours of training before being matched with a young person. Young people are referred to the programme by the family. On-going, monthly, support is provided for the mentor, young person and their family from a Mentoring Co-ordinator.

Barbara Lloyd:

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Making a Difference For Young People Youth development experts agree that, in addition to their parents, children need additional supportive, caring adults in their lives. For most children this need is met through family and family friends. But for some children additional support is required to help them grow and achieve their potential. Big Brothers Big Sisters has been developed to support these young people. The organisation started in New York, where Ernest Coulter, a clerk in the newly-established children’s court, was concerned about the growing number of boys coming before the courts. In 1904, he started Big Brothers with a group of like-minded men. At about the same time a group of women calling themselves Ladies of Charity, later Catholic Big Sisters of New York, started to befriend girls who came before the children's court. The two organisations merged about 10 years later. With a proven track record of more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters is the world’s largest mentoring programme helping over 300,000 children around the world reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships. There are now 13 locations around New Zealand where Big Brothers Big Sisters works with parents, schools and police to make a difference in the lives of young people. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson aims to provide a mentor for any young person who needs one between the ages of seven and 17, from Hira to Wakefield. Research shows that the mentoring works – young people with a Big Brother or Big Sister show real differences in their personal and academic lives. So whether you volunteer, donate or participate with Big Brothers Big Sisters, you will change lives. “We invite you to be a part of something big,” says Gavin Millar, project director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson. “Big Brothers Big Sisters serves a wide range of young people, some of whom are among New Zealand’s most vulnerable. Our goal is to provide quality, committed mentoring wherever there is a need.”

STATISTICS to January 2011 Currently we have: Total active matches



Total boys matched



Total girls matched



Total Active Community-Based


Total Active SB+


Total Active School-Based Adult


Total Active School-Based Teen


Total all Active School-Based


On the waiting list: Completed Applicants Waiting for a mentor Community Based MALE Applicants


Community Based FEMALE Applicants


Total Waiting



Big Brothers Big Sisters Events 2011 Robertson’s Trolley Derby -Saturday 26th March 10am-4pm Team Meeting: Team Meeting: Team Meeting:

7 April, 7pm Saxton Field 11 May, 7pm venue TBC 2 June, 7pm Saxton Field

Tahunanui Skating Event: Team Meeting: Team Meeting:

Thursday 23rd June 5.30pm

6 July, 7pm Venue TBC 4 August, 7pm Saxton Field

‘Bid for this Kid’ Auction: - Wednesday 31st August, Ernest Rutherford 6pm Team Meeting: 7 September, 7pm venue TBC Team Meeting: 6 October, 7pm Saxton Field Team Meeting: 9 November, 7pm venue TBC Wakefield Swimming Event: Thursday 17th November 5.30pm Volunteer Recognition Evening: Monday 5 December 7-9pm at the Boathouse

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Big Brothers Big Sisters EVENTS 2011 – so far!

Lake Rotoiti Camp

• A huge thank you to everyone who came to camp at Lake Rotoiti and for making it a wonderful experience for us all and especially the young people. We have put some more of the photos on the website so check out the link below.

A special thanks to the following organisations for their support of this camp – you made a difference to the young people in our community!

BBQ at Tahuna. 30 mentoring matches gathered with the Nelson Fire Brigade to share a BBQ breakfast. Everyone had a lot of fun even if many did get a little wet.

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Jared and Big Brother Turhan count down to 26 March 2011 and the Robertson’s Trolley Derby Jared and Big Brother mentor Turhan Djemal are counting down the days to the 2011 Trolley Derby. But the wait is nearly over as the Robertson’s Trolley Derby is now confirmed for March 26. This date ensures competitors get plenty of time after the summer holidays to finish completing their trolleys in time for the iconic race down Collingwood Street. The associated charity for the event will be Big Brothers Big Sisters, a youth mentoring organisation. It is based on a programme that helps young people reach their full potential, by pairing them with adult mentors who create a positive difference in their lives. Gilbert Robertson, director at Robertson Chartered Accountants, says the locally based charity was chosen for the Robertson’s Trolley Derby because it was a good fit with the idea of building backyard trolleys. “For us, the process of building a trolley is all about adults working alongside kids and having fun on a cool project,” Gilbert says. “Most of us had our parents, grandparents or other family members build us trolleys as kids, and for next year’s derby I am building one with my kids, but there are many young New Zealanders who don’t have positive role models in their lives. The job Big Brothers Big Sisters does for Nelson families is of huge importance. It is truly inspirational.” Jared, 12, and Turhan are Big Brothers Big Sisters’ 300th ‘match’ from the Nelson programme and have already started working on their trolley for the race. Turhan is a Nelson Trolley Club member and was paired with Jared who has been competing in the derby for the last few years. There will also be different activities in the build up to the derby that will support Big Brothers Big Sisters. “The derby is a great excuse for children and grown-ups to build trolleys together and then go flat out down a hill, so we encourage Nelsonians of all ages and abilities to get involved.” Andrew Board, Reporter Nelson Weekly

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson would like to thank the following organisations, groups and individuals for their continued support and sponsorship:


* DryCrust Communications

* Rotary Club of Nelson

* Rutherford Rotary Club

* Whakatu Rotary Club

* The Leader

* Peter Noonan Memorial Golf Tournament * Lifeline Goodwill Store * Our Individual Personal Sponsors

* Konica Minolta

* 93 MoreFM

* FreshChoice

* Altrusa International Inc. of Nelson

*Hirequip Nelson

Thank you for helping to make a difference to the young people in our Community

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If you are able to support us in anyway please make contact with us - with your support we can make a difference for the young people in our community! Please tear off this page and return it to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson Private Bag 39 Nelson 7042 My/Our Name:


My/Our Organisation (if applicable):


My/Our Contact number:


I/We wish to become a Mentor I/We wish to make a Monetary Donation* $_________________________ I/We wish to donate merchandise. We would like to donate____________________ I/We wish to become a Board Member I/We wish to help out by doing other volunteer work such as: office work, participating in fundraising events…etc. Other (please specify)____________________________________________________ Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We look forward to working with you in the future. * Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson has been registered by the Charities Commission as a charitable entity – Charities Act 2005 registration # CC30342. All donations over $5 are eligible for a tax rebate and from the 1st April 2008 the limit was removed for maximum refunds. All charitable gifts up to the amount of your taxable income now qualify for a tax credit of 33⅓% of the amount of the gift.

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BBBS Community Newsletter March 2011  

BBBS Community Newsletter March 2011

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