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Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson ne!\6letter






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Connect with us: Web: www.bigbrothe rsbigsiste

Ph:03-545-9864 Email: ne

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News Fundraising Dinner & Auct io n We are thrilled thar tiris is scl popular all the tablm,s l'lave been sold, br-rt smnrv so rnany uf Vmr,i have missed outl Wn are loskinq fowarci to our NlationaI Programrre Ilirector speakinE as well as tl"le dynanrir ffiilly Iraham. We also thafilc and aclqnnw l*cl6e all uf thn very Eemerous dnnaIiclns we have received

for tl'rE ai:rtimn tu date.

Very finstmfttela,.lnod" here hy Dove Marshmll

As this was sr:Ncl uut ln necnnJ time, w * are hr.rkl ing a breakfasf frrncl raisen or-r thE. J lnfr of Octoher Z0l r,{. u{*t.lils to l'c1ilnw.."".

Big Brothers Big Sisters is going Mot ueka!


We nre thritlecl to announce tlrat Hig Erqrfrl'larE flig Sisters w ill hE npernting in h,4fftn$ifica from 20 ] 5l W* w ill h,lv* a tmrnral {aurnch for this nxaitiilE vslntL,re rn Octoben. We nne verV fo*r"inate tfr

have so nrucl'l suppnrt fror"n the Motuelqa ron"lnrunity. The Rotany fluh

fiqdn?icna6 bin emtmr

ffii'g ffirntiter$ ffiig Silsfnrs m'f fn-lmw Xemdmnd "lurl'f tffith rnark*d the I 6 year nnnivensary of the uery tlrrt m"latcl'r n'rade here in Nmlsmn" ffinl're Marshall, currer"rt ffiirl Ennthens Hig Sisters of l{ew le;ltand ltJarinnal [Jirnrtr:n recalls the clay vividly" "lntroducinu thesn two is where it ne nlly;l{l *tarted f*r Lrs in New Znalancl. I nemember that af [ernnmn sn cleariy an I r"le rvcl ms ly made fl ur firnt ovft r", r'r10,. ntn n "rrl,*tah" ir"l hln Isn n. ffi y*ar mtrt little Brother $ar:tt, instantly hit lt CIff anr"{ al} nr1' wcll pianned intrndnc{it: rrs went out tfra windmw, a$ they ruEhed mff fin"tiEhing anrJ

Big Bruther Kane and

http://us5.campaig n-archiw2.con/?u=562bd00c8fo30c9d541d195f7&id=ec414aca62



Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson ne\ Bletter

of Motueka are orqanising our first event over there. lf you aru intercsted in attending the launch un Weri nesday TSth Clctoben please (ontact our officn fur fur"ther details"

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w Entertainment book fundraiser We're selling 2CIl4lZ0l 5 Entertainment " Memberships - you can either buy a book of vmuchers or a digital membership, w hich puts the value of

the book lnto your iPhone s


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chatting to check flHt Scott's bike. I w;lls left, open mouthed, micl sentflnre thinking, "l-{mrr"l,Ithink that w*nt well!" It's pretty impressive tn Il'rinlq tl-lat since that;lF[ernnmn in july, back in 1998, 550 rnentoring relationships have talcen place in Nelson, and the proEramnle has spread tt: a whole list of other locations across the cnuntry. lreally had no ideathat this woulc{ hr. {he srart of somethrng so hiE in hJelson, let alnne across the country. Now, hunclreds of matches later, X,nr still h[uwn away by the fact that hunclreds nf people havu :$fflp[r{*flI up and become Big Brnthers ancl Big Sisters fc: awesome , kiwi kids. Thanks Srott and Kane fnr kicking this offl Thanks voNunteers, boards, donnrs and fantastic st;1ff. Togethen, weVe started so mething!

cn Anclroid


Both options have hundreLls of u$l to 5096 nflf and 2-for-l offers. whirh are

Getting their skates on!

valid untilJune 2 0l 5 Th* cost of a b*nk ol" digital membership is $65, with $13 from every one sold gning to Big Brothers "

Big Sisters cf Nelson" Order a book or digital membership here"

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r Reco gnit io n Eve n ing

Ce le brat io n .:7//i

Young people and mentors sliding it out at our annual skating event in July. Photo courtesy of Nelson Mail. This is our clrance to say a big thanks to all mentors arrd other suppofters for 2014. lt's an opportunity tc recognise the dedication of our [r]entons and let the w ider community kncw hsw much effort they put into rnentoring their

young people. We welcome all mentors and their paftners to come along and lnok fonruard to seeing you there! We wili snnd out an ernail with nrore detaiis shor-tly. M

at ch st at ist ics

llumben of young people currently nratched: I 30 lrlurrber uf boys on waitirrg list: 34 It'lun-rber of ginls on waiting list: |6

Making a Difference It is nearly springl $ frave already seen the daflodils sterting to bloom and blossorns on treeslLooking at the latest Iot of data we have gathered locally, lt is clear $lrngramryre is making a dlffere: nce in our

with our wonderful mentors sffening not but also opportunities fnr our Voung pe mright not otherwise have. We are su luc a commurrity which supports us in sm l."nany different ways. The old saylnE that if takes n ulllmpu rw brirE up a ckildis true, and the support Big Brr:thers ffiir.1 Sisters

http://us5.campaig n-archire2.con/?u=562M00c8fu30c9d541d195f7&id=ec414aca62



Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson neueletter

Thanks to our supporters... A big thanks for these rerent donations and grants:

receives does just that - bringing oLrr rfrffixffiunrty t{rfiethar and making a difference flr'}# rhiir{ at a timel What we put itlto oL{t" community tl"lrriLiUh Ihis support is wliat we get 0ut nf it. Thank ymNl Rachel Saunders

Programme Director

f,ante rhuny Co mmunity TrHst t:CIfi5

Team News

fhn Radio Netwnrk for radio sp*nsnru[rip cn The Hits Tasman Distri(t firuuncil Tiie Hdgewcrurl [haritable Trust Ltfelrne Coodw rll 5to re Nelson Rotary Cluh

Knights of the 5*uthern Cross Lorraine & Barry Sigrral - Truffles fund raise r

We'd also like tn acknowledge th* ongoing suppsru nf nur sponsors and fu nd e rs ...

Plat inum suppo rt



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Saunders,Janine Hannan, Michelle Colley. We welconne Michelle to the teaml 5he has set[Nsid tlr with the Big Brothers Big Sisters team very nlc*ly, im the roNe of Administrator and is certalnly enjoying the Hlg Brothers Big Sisters environmfli'tt. Michelle is lomkil,rq

x -aJ &"aA@,.


the left, Rebecca Colley, Lisa Hewett,

s"q c.l'iit6'rril'u

Lommunityi.,,., Lottery $raht3 gsard

forward to getting to know aNl ofour wonderful volunte ers, families, friends and supporters. Gold supporters

Fnn nnore inlormation on events gn

iliiffitffir', ".H2'?

to ourwebsite

events calendar or check out our Facebook page"


he Leqian's Grlrirr,v at 11e Wtit!ai


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*&t"p,mgn ,"':lqWW il xJt

httpJ/us5.campaig n-archire2.con/?u=562bd00c8fu30c9d541d1

Further more we wouk{ like to acknow ledge fv4ark Sheehan of "Endeavour FinanciaN", for a contribution sf $20 for eveny new Kiwisaver ciient that uses their aclvisory service, thanks Mark.




Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson ne\,sletter


Communlfy Olgonlsqtlofl â‚Źronts Schem*

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Wn're phasing out our Tw itter ac(oLrnt, but will soon have a link ta Pinterest instead, a useful online pinboard where nlentors can find activity ideas.

(.aytyright @ 2AL4lffiirt Bro(hdir$ Sigl rcselrved. ffimurtact us

Srsfe ,rs


Fhr fi3 545-9864 Fn"rii ll : nelso n @b i g h rr{:h e rs, [ri Es iste rs.o rg, nn Wr* h : www.biq brolhe nu hiq Eisters.-o rp. n;,

liosil{rl address:

Friv;*te Bag 39, Neison unsuh*urihe frqm this

Is! | update


http://us5.campaig n-archiw2.cony'?u=562bd00c8fo30c9d541d195f7&id=ec414aca62


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August 2014 community newsletter  
August 2014 community newsletter