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2009 VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR Each year, our agency selects our Volunteers of the Year- those who have shown extraordinary effort and truly epitomize what it means to be a ‘Big’. We are fortunate to have over 500 ‘Bigs’ in our program. Each and every one of our volunteers is absolutely incredible, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island would like to recognize all of our Bigs who make a difference every day in the lives of the children they mentor. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your tireless efforts to add a little magic to the life of a child!

BBBSLI BIG BROTHER OF THE YEAR | Alan Perlman Alan Perlman was matched with Little Brother Demarcus in July of 2005, and since their first match meeting have become inseparable. Case Managers have commented “their friendship is obvious.” Over the past four years, Alan has epitomized what a Big Brother truly is. He has been a role model to Demarcus, providing him with a consistent source of positive reinforcement, support and guidance. Alan has also been a valuable asset to other Bigs in the agency, providing advice and experience at Volunteer Talk Times and at agency events. When we asked Demarcus about the impact that Alan has had on his life, he remarked, “Alan has always been someone to talk to; he is an extra friend with a much higher value than the others. My favorite thing about Alan is, really everything about him. Alan is a great person and one of my best friends and I am thankful for having him in my life.”

BBBSLI BIG SISTERS OF THE YEAR | Amy Halsey & Joan O’Brien Amy Halsey and Joan O’Brien have both been extraordinary forces of guidance and support in the lives of their little Sisters, and therefore have both been named Big Sister of the Year for 2009. Amy Halsey has been matched with Little Sister Kayla for the past seven years. She has added a sense of family, support and structure into Kayla’s life. Amy’s consistent and patient approach to support Kayla’s passion to succeed has enabled Kayla to learn, grow and mature into a young woman with endless possibilities. Inspired by Amy, Kayla would like to become a businesswoman, just like Amy who owns a farm on the East End of Long Island. Kayla has shared with the agency, “Amy and I are just like real sisters.” Joan O’Brien was matched with Little Sister Esra six years ago. Joan has consistently provided her Little Sister with a push to succeed, helping Esra mature and become a better young woman. Esra once wrote in a letter to BBBS that Joan “has changed my life forever.” Esra has always appreciated the friendship and support Joan has provided, particularly now as a college bound, aspiring filmmaker. This year, the match came full circle as Esra, inspired by Joan’s dedication and mentorship, became a Big Sister herself!


NEWSFLASH! ANNOUNCING OUR 2009 VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR! BBBSLI COLLEGE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR | Stephanie Pichardo Stephanie has been with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program at Hofstra University since her sophomore year, and has always shown a commitment to being a friend and a role model to each of her Littles. Stephanie has consistently supported the program as a whole, baking for birthdays and creating posters to welcome the children at the beginning of each year. Her overall commitment to the program and the children that we serve has been commendable and exceptional. Stephanie is also the recipient of the 2009 Edward & Lillian Woycik Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowed Scholarship.

BBBSLI SAFETY EDUCATION VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR | Alan Murphy Alan Murphy joined the Safety Education Team in the Fall of 2007. Since joining the agency as a volunteer presenter, Alan has received glowing evaluations from all of the schools in which he has presented the Playing it Safe program. Alan’s popularity is due to his warm and caring personality, his great sense of humor, and engaging presentation style. He has presented to over 500 children across Long Island. “Alan is consistently willing to go the extra mile to assist the Safety Education Department to ensure the success of the program,” says Directory of Safety Education, Johanna Mathieson. “We are so fortunate to have him on our team.”

NEW YORK STATE BIG BROTHER OF THE YEAR! | Dan Barkan Dan Barkan was matched with Little Brother Nick in August of 2006. Nick’s mom Terry was chronically ill, and due to her medical issues, Nick had grown up in a group home living away from his mom. Nick was a young man who was in need of a positive male role model, and Dan was just that person to fill the void. Even when Dan’s career moved him to New York City to live and to teach, he decided that his relationship with Nick was too important to give up. Despite the long commute, Dan continues to see Nick on a weekly basis. Terry believes it is because of Dan that her son has been able to transition back home to live with her, and he has become an overwhelmingly confident teenager. “Because of Dan, Nick is proud of who he is, what he does and what he says~ he is comfortable in his own skin for the first time in his life.” Dan, being modest and understated, sometimes wonders where Nick’s changes have stemmed from. If you ask Terry, our staff or Nick himself, that answer is always “Dan.”


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BBBSLI announces the 2009 Volunteers of the Year!