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Gyeonggi English Program in Korea

GEPIK 15 Worldcup Road, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, 440-702, Republic of Korea

Dear GEPIK Teachers, As 2011 comes to an end, we at GEPIK, would like to share our Holiday Special Edition of GEPIK Bibimbap Newsletter. Take a look at all the holiday events, festivities, tips and resources that we have packed in here for you. You can open the attached file or visit our unofficial blog to read the newsletter. Another new year means another new contract! There have been some changes made to the 2012 GEPIK Contract. Please take a look at the attached files and read your contracts before signing so that you are aware of these changes! Just to mention a few are: Pay Category: The GEPIK Pay Category has been changed. Beginning January 1, 2012, the minimum requirement for a GEPIK Teacher (category 3) requires ONE of the following: - Bachelor's degree with a major in Education, English Literature/ English Language/Linguistics (Must be clearly stated on either the diploma certificate or official transcript) - Valid Elementary, Middle, or Secondary School Teacher’s License/Certificate - Bachelor’s degree in any field PLUS a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA (min.of 100 hrs) Certificate Why have there been changes? GEPIK is looking to hire quality teachers. You are all aware of the budget cuts that have been going this past year. Instead of focusing on quantity, GEPIK is working on the quality of our program. We plan to provide our schools and students with the best we can. We are putting our focus on hiring teachers with more experience and qualifications rather than trying to expand the program by numbers.

What does this mean? This means, anyone who is going to sign the 2012 GEPIK Contract, whether new or renewed, will have to meet the minimum requirements. If you are currently with GEPIK and you are

planning to renew with your school but you do not have a Bachelors degree with a major in English Literature/ English Language/Linguistics, or a valid Elementary, Middle, or Secondary School Teacher’s License/Certificate, YOU MUST hold either a TEFL, TESOL and or a CELTA Certificate with a minimum of 100 hours completed.

Article 10 Airfare & Resignation Clause 4 “In case of the termination of the Contract before the Contract period ends, the Employee shall immediately pay back 100% of the one-way airfare into Korea and the settlement allowance of 300,000 KRW to the Employer.” Why have there been changes? Regardless of whether you worked for less or for more than six months, GEPIK Teachers have signed on for one year contracts. Vacation days and airfare are provided based on an agreement that the employee will complete his or her contract for the full year. However, if this promise is not upheld, GEPIK also does not have to provide airfare or a settlement allowance so it shall be returned to the GEPIK Teacher’s Employer.

Article 11 Contract Renewal Section 3 “In the event a renewing Employee travels to his/her home country, the Employee shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of 2.0 million KRW for his/her round-trip airfare based on economy class airfare of the flight available from Incheon International Airport to the airport nearest to the Employee's residence within two (2) weeks upon return to Korea.” Why have there been changes? With the fluctuating of airfare prices and a need for a standard, GEPIK has put a cap on the renewal flight reimbursement. This means that if you are renewing with your school and planning to travel to your home country and your airfare is more than 2.0 million KRW, your school will only provide up to 2.0 million KRW and you will be responsible for the rest.

There have been a few more changes in the new 2012 Contract. Please, read them carefully and know of the changes before you sign on for another year. We thank you for your continued support of GEPIK and the English education in Korea. GEPIK hopes to continue our support of you and wish you the best for 2012.

With warm regards, GEPIK Coordinators

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