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whole. The aspect of time is difficult to get a grip on. He does not explain anything or uses his voice. Above all he shows us these small stories visually. They can be read as glimpses of memories, small windows to the past that he combines together. There is a certain sense of sadness and passed time over it. Johannes is using a visual scene to take us back to some distant memories. We get a feeling of a parallel universe. Sometimes we can experience references to a childhood, like building a fortress out of chairs or the play with colors. But there is also the feeling of searching for something blindfolded. If they are real memories can only the artist himself answer. But it appears like it isn’t the specific memories that matter, but to recreate feelings and atmospheres, which he projects and shares with the public. The fact that the public started to collect the colorful balls and take them with them as a small memory shows that the performance made an impact on them. Ingolf Keiner  my fear is my horse  In front of us we can see a table covered in silver tape placed up against the wall. On it we can find small steel bowls and buckets. Behind the table there is a huge silver canvas and steel pipes. It looks like a religious alter. From behind us we can hear strange sounds. We cannot distinguish a certain language. The artist enters the room. He is wearing black over-alls with white paint on it and construction shoes. He gets on top of the table and starts to dip a white towel into one of the bowls with blue paint. During this he constantly talks in this bizarre language that we cannot understand. But the tone is full of passion and confusion. He takes the towel, which is now blue, to his throat and is almost strangling himself with it. His face turns red. After a while he starts mixing other colors like yellow, red and green and paints himself with it. He uses sounds and gestures from the animal world. It gets more and more intense and even though we cannot understand what he is saying, we understand and feel his frustration and agony. At one point he is mixing the colors on his stomach and hits himself in the gut like he is stabbing himself. He repeats the movements

the leakers  

5 visual performances on leaking

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