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The smell of vinaigrette spreads into the room. Performing on a French scene this is a familiar smell for the public. But we are not used to smell it in this setting. Andreas leaves the bread in the centre of his circle and draws his attention to his next canvas. Here he stands over the square and is no longer precise with the oil. The whole square is now covered. Then he turns to the balsamic again. But this time he straps the bottles to his arms. The public in front of him is moving farther away. He prepares himself like an athlete and is lifting up his arms. Then he starts to paint. The balsamic is everywhere; it's dripping down from his arms, and floating out of the bottles. He has a unique presence throughout his performance and is completely in control of his movements and the public. We don't dare to speak, some of us are afraid to breath too loudly. We don't want to disturb him. Using materials that plays such a natural role in our culture creates a new meaning for us. Bread and vinaigrette is often looked as an appetizer, but here it is in the centre if his composition. He lifts this every day like act of dipping bread in vinaigrette to a higher level. It isn't just something that we eat before our meal but the main ingredient. The blending of oil and balsamic creates patterns and becomes a painting. We look closer at its structure and abilities. We see the beauty in our surroundings. Normally we don’t think much of this, but here he makes us see what normally plays a natural part of our daily life as art. Andreas finishes his performance by eating the piece of bread from his first painting. And with that he takes us back again to the everyday use of the bread and the vinaigrette. BBB Johannes Deimling  a rolling stone gathers no moss # 9  Johannes uses an interesting collage technique in his performance consisting of different images. In front of us we can see various scenes; two buckets with a shirt and a dress in it that are connected to threads, some straws and a huge pile of wooden chairs. Under the sculpture-like pile of chairs we can see the artist. He begins to slowly pull the strings so the clothes in the buckets rise towards the ceiling. They are wet and small water drops

the leakers  

5 visual performances on leaking