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Annika Hagstrøm

“if it is not leaking - it's not performance art.” At the performance festival in Nantes this group of artists, assembled by BBB Johannes Deimling, had a discussion of art. All of them agreed that art expressed something that could not be put in to words. Andreas Phasias even stated that he didn't really like words. They see themselves as visual artists that work with images that they communicate to the public. I was therefore quite surprised when they asked me to write about their performances. I had the pleasure of spending time during the festival with the group that call themselves “the leakers” (since leaking liquid seems to be a combining factor in each performance). Since they don't want their work to be reduced to words I will instead of trying to describe the underlining meaning or the intention of the artist, give my reflection and experience of their art. They all work in different ways, but there is still something that binds them together. Their voices and presence are strong, and they each have a willingness to communicate to the viewer and to leave them wondering. And of course the leaking liquid. To sum up, I would like to quote them; “if it is not leaking - it's not performance art.” Corentin Leven « Soft frame » It all starts when Corentin enters the room. He is barefoot and is wearing a white shirt and something that could resemble as the pants of a school orchestra. We can see his earplugs, but we have no idea of what he is listening to. Then he turns to us and the show begins. He starts dancing like he is the only one in the room. And he gets it all out. It's full of energy and is a kind of a dance that we all want to do but doesn't have the courage to do outside the room where we grew up. We get quite curious in the public.

the leakers  

5 visual performances on leaking

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