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Ingolf Keiner THE FEAR IS MY HORSE 20 minutes

0. Like a freshly grounded canvas I enter in tongues speaking the room. It is a prayer in incomprehensible languages similar to the endless stream of thoughts in my head. 5. On the table I then choking myself with a bright blue into the silence. Oxygen disappears and the larynx tastes like eucalyptus. Between the jaw and the thyroid gland says a fine voice, what to do now. 1. The red fear sits in the coccyx and smells of cedar. I roar everything solid in the body with wild beats into primal trust. The spleen wants to survive. 2. The orange is tightly pressed between my legs. Sweat, tears, semen, urine, everything is orange and pepper. Nicely, the poles stick together. And: Wash hands and releasing. 3. The great good belly brain is deep caressed with singing yellow. Only seldom a punch comes in between. 4. Unconditional shows me my heart its selflessness. I answer on my knees with pink and green. It is the center of the performance. 6. The third eye now is thirsty. I don't have sapphire with me, so I pour out Indigo Blue a short distance before the pituitary gland. Then I pull humming old soul from his forehead. 7. Now I have to be quick! Aaking a sound for the Highest, absurd. Find a body position for the thousand-fold, impossible. To connect The Big Picture with the moment, what else? So setting the steel cup with the violet very quickly in the middle of the vertex. Finally, hand washing. 0. The colored body parts vibrate analogous to the tuned aluminum rods. This is easy to demonstrate and proves to be very loud. I had completely forgotten that liquid colors can mix ...

the leakers  

5 visual performances on leaking

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