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two times and we can hear a change in is voice. He starts making the sound of a wounded animal. The artist turns to the wall and takes two of the pipes down and smash them together. The sound is so high and uncomfortable, that several among the public feel the need to cover their ears. He repeats this movement until there are no more pipes on the wall. Then for the first time he turns to the public in front of him and says “parce que… ” Which means “because” in French. He takes the canvas down from the wall and wraps it around his body and walks out of the gallery. And there he leaves us hanging and invites us to discover for ourselves the meaning of the work and maybe even our own fear. The artist uses a lot of high sounds and colors and is in that way very expressive. However, the performance also shows loneliness and a sense of vulnerability. It is like all these sounds and instruments strengthen the feeling of being alone with one’s fear and the chaos that comes with it. He is communicating to us through his body in a visual manner and by the variations in his voice. Even though we cannot understand the words he is using, we can imagine the meaning of it. Instead of hiding the fear away we get the feeling that he is not only confronting it but also worships it. He gets inside himself and presents us his own feelings of agony and chaos that he connects to his fear. He does not show us what he is actually afraid of, but he presents to us his battle and the feeling of fear.

the leakers  

5 visual performances on leaking

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