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page 164-165 | "TAXI libre" 'More Light!', art project, La Habana, Cuba 2005 Photo: Lianet Jardines page 166-167 | "Lilly [What's in my head #8]" 'Las Bas biennial', Kiasma - museum for contemporary arts, Helsinki, Finland 2010 Photo: Antti Ahonen page 170-173 | "It ain't over until it's over [What's in my head #15]" 'Men Only', performance art event, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany 2010 Photo: Matthias Pick page 176-179 | "shamrock #4" Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany 2010 Photo: Grimmuseum page 182-185 | "around the world #5" 'Blauverschiebung', Performance Art Festival, Leipzig, Germany 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 186-191 | "Memorial for deceased performance and action artists" ongoing project since 2011 Photo: Monika Sobczak page194-197 | "white sun" Performance for video, Norway 2013 Camera: Monika Sobczak page 198-203 | "fressen und gefressen werden [what's in my head #6]" Kunsthalle D端sseldorf, D端sseldorf, Germany 2009 Photo: Katja Illner page 206-209 | "exercise chair and violin" Norwegian Theatre Academy, Norway 2013 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 212-213 | "comments" project with Monika Sobczak, since 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 214-215 | BBB Johannes Deimling photographed by Monika Sobczak, 2013 and 2014 back page | "from sunrise to sunset" Savvy contemporary, Berlin 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak

It's not the action that makes the performance  

catalogue, 220 pages, documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling

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