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page 120-123 | "no rose without a thorn" '7a11d', international Performance Art Festival, Toronto, Canada 2008 Photo: 7a11d page 126-129 | "speechless" 3rd ORANGE art biennial, Saint Hyacinthe, Canada 2009 Photo: BBB-Archive page 132-133 | "What's in my head #1" K-Salon, Berlin, Germany 2009 Photo: BBB-Archive page 134-135 | "being friends" 'Direct Action', Berlin, Germany 2010 Photo: Stefan Riebel page 136-141 | "leaking memories #1" 'Interakcje', international Performance Art Festival, Piotrkow-Trybunalski, Poland 2011 Photo: Matthias Pick page 144-145 | "silence" 'PrĂŠavis de dĂŠsordre urbain', Performance Art Festival, Marseille, France 2011 Photo: Dariusz Fodczuk page 146 | "Don't Hurt Me" Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, U.K., 2007 Photo: Mishka Henner page 147 | "Wille" 'pakt' Performance Art Event, Zionskirche, Berlin, Germany 2010 Photo: Roland Runge page 150-153 | "a rolling stone gathers no moss #7" Muthesius Academy of Art, Kiel, Germany 2014 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 156-157 | "around the world #2" 'Fluxee', Turku, Finland 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 158-159 | "around the world #4" 'AccionMAD' International Performance Art Festival, Madrid, Spain 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 160-161 | "a rolling stone gathers no moss #1" Performance Art Studies, Rehlovice, Czech Republic 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak page 162-163 | "BLANC #9" Venice international Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy 2012 Photo: Monika Sobczak

It's not the action that makes the performance  

catalogue, 220 pages, documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling

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