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"fressen und gefressen werden [what's in my head #6]" Kunsthalle D端sseldorf, as part of the exhibition "Eating the Universe - Food in art", D端sseldorf, Germany 2009 Photo: Katja Illner - snorting flour from my mouth over my hands - creating a semi-circle - spreading red chili powder over my feet - creating a semi-circle - taping with long plaster-stripes the feet to the ground - drawing a white waistcoat on the black shirt - pointing a cardboard gun at the audience - eating it finally - burning a couple of holes into the white shirt - arranging plates on the semi-circle - black earth, forks, fire - covering the head with cream - tearing the letters E-G-O out of cardboard - scratching with two forks a "sun" around my bellybutton - spilling black liquid out of my mouth - while smiling - blowing petals into the audience

It's not the action that makes the performance  

catalogue, 220 pages, documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling

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