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"leaking memories #3" Club MOZG, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2011 Photo: Monika Sobczak darkness - saying: “Pewnego razu…” (once upon a time) - lifting up slowly a lamp - drawing with yellow chalk a sun on the floor - inflaming the sun - opening a loaf of bread - glass marbles dropping on the floor - drawing with white chalk a door and a handle - trying to open it - turning on a hotplate and putting a small pot with milk on it - taking a teddy bear - putting into a bowl with water - opening with a knife the stomach of the teddy bear - milk is over boiling - placing the glass marbles into the stomach of the teddy bear - suturing the stomach - trying to open the door darkness - lightening up a candle - holding a metal key to the flame of the candle - dropping the key - too hot - into the flame complete darkness - saying: “… I zyli dlugo I szczesliwe.” (And they all lived happily ever after

It's not the action that makes the performance  

catalogue, 220 pages, documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling

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