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"leaking memories #1" 'Interakcje', Performance Art Festival, Piotrkow-Trybunalski, Poland 2011 Photo: Matthias Pick - showing a video projection of an old 8mm film - writing the word 'Prolog' on the floor - inhaling very deeply a couple of times - binding a fish around my neck - releasing milk attached underneath a wooden chair - placing a cake on my head - creaming the cake on my head - release the fish from my neck - kneel down on the floor - rubbing the fish's face in circles on the floor - burning my white shirt - placing the smoking shirt on the chair - writing the word 'Epilog' on the floor - taking a deep breath and slowly releasing the air from my lungs

It's not the action that makes the performance  

catalogue, 220 pages, documenting the work of BBB Johannes Deimling

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