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Joe the Magic Jellybean

10/12/12 1:15 PM

Once upon a time in Candy land lived a little blue jellybean named Joe. Joe’s family was very poor and Joe had five siblings named Harry, Charlie, Madeline, Emily, and baby Will. Joe had a pretty hard life because he didn’t get a lot of attention and the worst part was he was bullied because he was a Jellybean and Jellybean people were so small and bullies love to pick on small jellybeans. Joe was also the fourth child so his older brothers and sisters knew what it felt like being bullied. One day coming back from school Joe’s friend Gingie told him that there was a Magic Truffle!!! At first Joe wouldn’t believe him but then when Gingie told Joe that if you and your family each took a bite you would be the wealthiest family in Candy land. So that night Joe decided to run away from home and get the truffle for his family. The only thing Joe left behind was a note saying I am going on a journey and may never come back alive or with my own jellybean body. It was a long dangerous journey to the Magic Truffle. To get to the Magic Truffle you had to go through Lord Licorice and his red vines. Then go through sticky Marshmallow Mountain . After that you must eat your way through the Milky Way Maze. Finally once you have gone past everything you need to solve a word that is four letters from King Candy. Then you will hold the Magic Truffle. The reason you did this was to get more attention and to help his family in life. At first Joe thought he was lost because there were red and black vines and Gingie told Joe it was red vines. But when Joe saw Lord Licorice he knew he was going the right way. Lord Licorice’s Red vines looked like a big tasty jungle were you could easily get lost in. Lord Licorice told Joe that to cross my vines you have to get past me. Joe knew he couldn’t fight because he was tiny and Lord Licorice was huge! So Joe ran right through Lord Licorices legs and swung across the other side leaving Lord Licorice sitting there waiting for the next person. Joe made it to the Marshmallow Mountain and he was almost half way to the Magic Truffle. Marshmallow Mountain was big white and round

more like a hill. The problem was Marshmallow Mountain was so sticky and Joe was half the size of the marshmallows. So Joe had a great Idea he would get a red vine and slingshot his way up and roll down the mountain. The Marshmallow would stick on the Joe when he was going down. Joe got down safely but there were to problems one was that Joe couldn’t see and the second was how was he going to get the mallow off? Joe could only eat the mallow to make eyes then to get the mallow off of his whole body he jumped in a pool of Sprite. Joe got a stomachache from eating the mallow so he decided to rest for the rest of the day. Then the next morning Joe realized that he sleep walked all the way to the Milky Way Maze. The Milky Way Maze looked like a Carmel galaxy ! Joe was lucky that he had a big appetite so he ate through the whole thing and he was still starving! Now Joe was at the last step before he held the Magic Truffle. He saw King Kandy with his Golden Crown. King Candy told him you had one guess Joe thought about what is King Candy’s favorite thing and Joe thought a king and Joe was right! He had the Magic Truffle! It was only a small little truffle but clearly it had a lot of power and the and Joe’s family was so happy when they found out what he got Joe got to take the first bite. He said it tasted gushy , creamy and filed with his favorite candy chocolate. Joe and his family lived happily ever after.

The End.

Joe the Magic Jellybean  
Joe the Magic Jellybean  

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