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How to Copy DVD on Mac •

Have you ever met such a thing that you want to copy your friend's DVD movie but you can't directly copy it for DVD protection? Come on, Mac DVD Copy can help you get out of this problem and increase your DVD collection by copying DVD on Mac with good quality. Now let's experience it together to how to copy DVD on Mac.

How to copy a DVD on a Mac •

Step 1: Download and install Mac DVD Copy and run it.

Step 2: Import DVD/DVD files. Click the

inserted under devices in navigation window and click "Select". For DVD files (VIDEO_TS folder/ISO/dvdmedia), just select the folder/file and hit "Select". Step3: Output video settings.

icon, choose the DVD disc you

1. Choose the Subtitle(s), audio(s). You can choose your preferable subtitle and audio to backup in the pull down menu by hit "Subtitle" and "Audio" button. 2. Select the copy mode (optional).

All rights reserved—— This DVD Copy Pro provides 4 copy modes so that you can burn the whole DVD or just the content you want to clone on a new DVD disc. 3. Choose target destination. Choose Burn Disc in "PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTS09". •

Step 4: Start to copy DVD on MAC. After all things done, click the "Start" button to start copying your DVD movie.

How to Copy DVD on Mac  
How to Copy DVD on Mac  

How to Copy DVD on Mac