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July 2012

We are ready!

Onwards to “3+3+4”

This September will be a milestone month after years of preparation for the new four year curriculum. Enjoy your summer, and come back to campus in the new academic year to explore all CUHK has to offer! (Page 01)

National Champion of ACCA Competition Launch of BBA-JLM double degree option

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ime flies… in another month, the long-awaited four-year curriculum will be officially launched. This year, two cohorts of students seeking admission on the strength of either their HKALE (last cohort of the seven-year secondary curriculum) or HKDSE (first cohort of the six-year secondary curriculum) grades will be simultaneously admitted into CUHK. From then on our campus will be home to more than 15,000 undergraduates. In view of the estimated 30% increase in student numbers, CUHK has launched new school bus routes, opened new canteens and most importantly, invested millions of dollars in brand new state-of-the-art campus facilities. This September will be a milestone month after years of preparation for the new four year curriculum. Enjoy your summer, and come back to campus in the new academic year to explore all CUHK has to offer!

New school bus routes

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New canteens

We are ready!

Starting in July, CUHK launched new school bus routes and adopted a numbering scheme to differentiate the various routes. The principal route (Route No. 1) connects you between University Station and Central campus only. Looking for the old bus route that runs all the way up to New Asia College? It is now Route No. 2 which departs in front of the under-construction northern exit of University Station. Routes No. 3 and 4 replace the original Shaw College line, providing you a fast connection to Shaw College and Area 39. Most of the school buses will circulate back to University Station; New Asia College is thus no longer a terminal station. Please refer to the Transportation Unit website for route and schedule details. Getting confused by the numbers and different lines? Worried about a crowded school bus running late? So now you know one more benefit of being a business student: our convenient location adjacent to University Station.

Tired of the same old tastes at the existing canteens? Here are some new choices. You may go to the spacious Canteen of S.H. Ho College, go grab a slice of pizza at Morningside College Dining Hall, or mingle with friends at Morningside College Café. Inside Cheng Yu Tung Building Café 12 and The Stage, the teaching quick service restaurant and teaching dining room of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management respectively provide you a decent gourmet treat not far from your classrooms. With the opening of new colleges and teaching buildings, more dining options will certainly be available on campus soon.

Cover Story 01

This high-density academic complex takes a gateway position on CUHK’s hilly campus, greeting students as they arrive from the nearby train station. The Grand Stairway itself provides a dramatic central axis up through the site, a diagonal ‘street’ of 24/7 activity and a new campus prototype. ”

- Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners (Click for more)

New campus facilities

About CYT Building

Onwards to “3+3+4” Credit: Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

More campus facilities will be coming into operation to accommodate the increase of students. The University Library Extension features a brand new “Learning Commons” which will soon become a popular gathering spot for group discussion and selfdirected learning. The Yasumoto International Academic Park and Wu Ho Man Yuen Building (formerly known as 2ITB) and the Third Integrated Teaching Building (3ITB, home to the School of Architecture) will serve as a new classroom hub near the University Station. 2ITB provides escalatorpowered access up and down some 25 meters of hillside, which will enable you to arrive at central campus with just a few minutes’ walk. It also houses an International Student Center with café and activity spaces. With a large multi-purpose hall, a display and exhibition area and various student common rooms, the Student Amenity Centre will become another landmark location to ignite students’ creativity and passion. There will also be a footbridge linking the building to the middle level of our campus. As you may be realizing now, most of the teaching and learning activities will shift to the middle and lower levels of our campus.

Cheng Yu Tung Building (CYT, formerly known as the Teaching Building at Chak Cheung Street) opened in 2010 and is home to the CUHK Business School. You probably noticed right away its spacious interior and sculptural form. A dialogue between university and society, building and context, students and industry is established through the building’s form and its spatial content. “ Bridges, connecting the facilities on either side of the atrium, induce a dynamic spatial quality inductive to creative thinking and interaction, so essential to an academic building. - Rocco Design Architects Limited (Click for more)

CYT also has something new and exciting to offer: an herb garden in the atrium on the 7th floor. The purpose of this garden is to grow organic herbs and vegetables for the use of Café 12, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management’s quick service restaurant. Through this garden the School also intends to deliver to students a first-hand experience and knowledge of herbs, food source and organic gardening. Eventually students will get involved in the watering, maintenance and harvesting of this garden by themselves.

CUHK business students, winners (again!) of the nationwide ACCA Job Hunting Competition

Credit: ACCA

Date: Saturday, July 7, 2012

From left: Herman Mok Chi Kit, Dr. Shirley Kan, Associate he ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Director, Professional Accountancy Program, and Harry Yung Ho Shu Accountants) Job Hunting Competition 2012 - China


... to work with people from diverse backgrounds, we really have to be open-minded and be willing to accept new ideas. ”

Grand Final was held on July 7 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is a nationwide competition designed to simulate an actual executive recruitment process, and includes training to enhance the competitors’ interpersonal, communication, interviewing and presentation skills. This training was offered throughout the various competition stages. More than 2,000 participants from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong participated in this competition. Harry Yung Ho Shu (Professional Accountancy Year 3), regional Hong Kong winner in April, won the National Grand Championship. He also received the “Most Popular Candidate Award”. Judges and audiences were impressed by his self-confidence and excellent presentation skills, answering judges’ questions precisely. In addition, Herman Mok Chi Kit (Professional Accountancy Year 2) was named the First Runner-up. We would also like to extend our warm congratulations to Issac Chan Ho Pan (Professional Accountancy Year 3), one of the April regional Hong Kong finalists.

Experiential Learning Activity 03

Left: Harry Yung Ho Shu

Throughout the competition, students from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou grouped together to solve different business cases. Harry Yung experienced a special time working together with Mainland students: “Indeed, the competition itself was a very good training for me, for it’s the very first time that I had the chance to solve a business case with Mainland students, all of whom are winners of the various Mainland regional competitions. I found the competition quite challenging due to both the complexity of the case itself and the fact that we were assigned to work with individuals who were new to us. Aside from the language barrier, I realize that Hong Kong students and our Mainland counterparts really have different styles in tackling business problems. There is no doubt about their competence in terms of technical skills as they demonstrated during the course of the competition. Perhaps that’s why they tend to apply various theoretical management models to the case,


Below: Herman Mok Chi Kit

while I would prefer a more direct approach to pinpoint the issues. Due to the time limit of two hours, I tried hard to draw my teammates’ attention to the key issues of the case, while trying to limit the amount of time spent discussing the choice of management framework as we needed to work out the analysis and got the presentation material done within the deadline. To change the way people are used to working is no easy task. Luckily I got a team of sensible individuals who could comprehend the situation and were very cooperative. It once again reminded me that to work with people from diverse backgrounds, we really have to be open-minded and be willing to accept new ideas. Equally important is to have an agile and creative mind. I strongly encourage our fellow students to take part in this competition, not just to challenge yourselves, but also to gain a wider perspective.”

This is the third year in a row that a CUHK business student won the National Championship! Congratulations! (Click for more) National Champion 2011 Carman Ho Ka Man (Global Business Studies stream) National Champion 2010 Terrence Pang Tim Yu (Global Business Studies stream)

Front Row



Brought to you by the Department of Marketing, CUHK Business School, series stories will start in August issue. Stay tuned!


rands have become among the most important assets for businesses. According to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2011, most of the world’s leading brands come from such well-developed economies as the U.S., some of the European countries and Japan. There is only one brand from the Greater China region, HTC from Taiwan which has climbed into the world’s top 100 list. So what about Hong Kong? Which of its brands will become the world’s next top brand? Prof. Leo Sin and Dr. Susanna Kwok from the Department of Marketing have therefore invited a series of locally rooted enterprises in Hong Kong to share with us their brand stories. Why they have succeeded in Hong Kong? And how will they stand up to the global battlefield? From the tourists’ favorite - Ocean Park, to Hong Kong’s living essential - Octopus, from the aviation industry Cathay Pacific, to shopping mall - MegaBox. A total of twelve brand cases will answer questions such as:

what is a brand, what does a brand stand for, what is the difference between brand and branding, and what makes a leading brand.

Brand stories coming soon (subject to change): August Issue Ocean Park

September Issue Octopus

October Issue Sky 100

November Issue Tao Heung

December Issue Cathay Pacific

and many more coming in 2013...

Advertisement 05

GBS students win HSBC Young Entrepreneur Challenge! Date: Thursday, July 19, 2012

A team of Global Business Studies (GBS) students

beat over 300 teams to win the Hong Kong Championship at the HSBC Young Entrepreneurs Development Council Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2012. The winning team, SEMPER IUVENIS, comprised four GBS students, two from Year 1 (Jocelyn Ng and Tony Law) and two from Year 2 (Keith Poon and Alan Yip). Their business plan consisted of a portfolio building service and an entrepreneurship program for primary school students in Hong Kong. The team will take part in the Regional Finals to be held in Hong Kong on August 6, 2012. Best of luck to our team!

Announced: Semifinalists of the Social Business Challenge

Admissions talk and campus visit This month, UGO continues to arrange and assist in

the outreach activities targeting secondary school students. We would like to express our thanks to Prof. Andrew Yuen and Mr. CW Chau for delivering the admissions talk to the K.T. Chong and Leung Sing Tak secondary students who visited our campus. Thanks also go as well as to our warm-hearted Student Ambassadors for taking the initiative to visit their alma mater Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College and introducing our programs to their juniors. Date

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Secondary School


Project Title (In alphabetical order) E-recycle Company El Delicious f.loop Greenstep I-Start Eyes Magnetic Neighborhood Reborn CafĂŠ ReWardrobe Step Two TEAM Transcar



July 4

Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College

July 6

The Association 24 S5 Mr. CW Chau, of Directors and students Project Coordinator, Former Directors UGO of Pok Oi Hospital Limited Leung Sing Tak College

July 6

Tsuen Wan Public 80 S5 Iris Chan Tsz Yan Ho Chuen Yiu students (Professional Memorial College Accountancy Year 1), Samuel Fung Yu Shing (Integrated BBA Year 1), Lee Ka Yee (Professional Accountancy Year 1)


he Hong Kong Social Business Challenge, a joint initiative by CUHK Business School and SOW Asia, kicked off in April and is now entering a more exciting stage with the announcement of the semifinalists on July 10. Congratulations to the following eleven teams! (Click for more)


Credit: Samuel Fung

150 S4 Prof. Andrew Yuen, students Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Mr. CW Chau, Project Coordinator, UGO

Newsroom 07

My Shanghai experience

After returning from Shanghai, representing CUHK

Business School in the Pilot Scheme for Cross-border Study Tour for Post-secondary Financial Talents, Oscar Fong Hok Kar (Quantitative Finance Year 3) reflects on his internship:

“I was offered a place to work in HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited in Shanghai as a summer intern.

HSBC, as a foreign bank, has a lot of extra restrictions doing business in China compared to local banks. These include higher capital threshold for retail saving accounts, stricter requirements in establishing “During my stay in Shanghai, I was assigned to the Commercial Banking Department where I was given branch networks and more. However, with the jobs related to credit risk management. Credit risk has internationalization of the Renminbi and as the ‘World’s Local Bank’, HSBC stands to be the leading always been the most crucial area for commercial banks since evaluating and managing it well is difficult foreign bank to provide RMB cross-border trade settlement services, given its global network and yet important to the banks’ performance. I was given opportunities to take up different tasks - from using MS connection to Hong Kong’s market. Excel at the beginning to do relatively straight-forward profit calculation, to more challenging report-writing “My summer internship at HSBC (China) enhanced my tasks afterwards. There has been a lot of learning knowledge of credit risk management and allowed me through active participation, and mutual trust was to understand the Bank’s culture and its future plans to built between me and my supervisor. expand. I also had opportunities to establish networks with local colleagues. I look forward to more exciting “Throughout this internship, I was able to experience experiences in my future career.” the heavy regulations of China’s financial market. Oscar’s supervisor, Henry D.H. Feng, Vice President of Commercial Banking (left), is with Oscar Fong

BBA-JLM double degree option, first of its kind in Hong Kong

Credit: Oscar Fong

Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012


UHK Business School in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Communication announced in July Hong Kong’s first Business Administration and Journalism and Communication Double Degree Options (BBA-JLM). It is designed to foster joint crosssector talents in both communications and business. Prof. Dennis Fan, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) observes, “Executives in many enterprises are now enrolling in media training programs as communication channels are changing rapidly in an era of information explosion. Students with cross-sector knowledge, mastering both communication and business disciplines will be welcomed by the market”. Thus starting in 2012, students enrolling in the fouryear curriculum of the Integrated BBA Program are eligible to apply for this double degree option after

finishing their first year of study. Taking this option extends students’ studies by one additional year. In the first four years students will major in BBA courses while taking a number of the required journalism courses, fulfilling all BBA requirements during that time. In the fifth year, these students will take additional journalism courses on a self-financing basis which upon completion will earn them the second degree. Graduates of the BBA-JLM will have opportunities to develop careers in various industries including finance, marketing, corporate communications, advertising and PR, financial PR, journalism, creative media, supply chain management and logistics, and human resources. Please visit the BBA-JLM website for more details.

There is the mythical phoenix, a majestic and enduring symbol of nobility, beauty, and loyalty. For the Business School, the phoenix is presented with a sense of movement, looking forward, making it more modern and active.

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Undergraduate Office, Room 616, Cheng Yu Tung Building, No. 12, Chak Cheung Street, Shatin, N.T. 3943 7746

UGO Monthly Announcement (July 2012)  

UGO Monthly Announcement (July 2012)

UGO Monthly Announcement (July 2012)  

UGO Monthly Announcement (July 2012)