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Undergraduate Programs 2013 / 14 Business Beyond the Lecture Hall Business CUHK Business A Bigger Community Business China Business World Business A Better World Business You Business Beyond the Lecture Hall Business CUHK Business A Bigger Community Business China Business World Business A Better World Business You Business Beyond the Lecture Hall Business CUHK Business A Bigger Community Business China Business World Business A Better World Business You Business Beyond the Lecture Hall Business CUHK Business A Bigger Community Business China Business World Business A Better World Business You Business Beyond the Lecture Hall Business CUHK Business A Bigger Community Business China Business World Business A Better World Business You Business More

Our Vision

Our Mission

Developing global business leaders for the Asian Century.

Our mission is to continue to pioneer the development of global leaders equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Asian Century, by providing a rich learning environment affording opportunities for self-discovery, character-building, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and knowledge application.

Our Students


Undergraduates in CUHK Business School


Incoming exchange students currently on CUHK campus


Business undergraduates will go on overseas exchange in 2012 / 13


Student organizations in CUHK Business School

Victor Hui (Year 3, Global Business Studies), one of our students going on exchange in the fall semester, 2012 / 13.


Extensive network of exchange partner schools

We offer our students a first-class business education. Yet this is not just about lectures and books: we also provide numerous opportunities to live life to the full while expanding students’ knowledge and experience in this vibrant and bustling environment. CUHK Business School –

State-of-the-art curriculum

A place with business education and more to offer Diverse co-curricular activities

A place for a promising future

Large pool of outstanding alumni Abundant internship opportunities

Message from the Dean With the emergence of China and the shifting of economic power to the East, there is an increasing demand for talented graduates who are able to seize the opportunities arising from this shift and overcome the concomitant challenges. As the pioneering institution of business education in Hong Kong and with its unrivalled numbers of well-placed alumni in Hong Kong, Mainland China and around the globe, the CUHK Business School is uniquely positioned to develop global business leaders for the Asian Century. In partnership with top-ranking institutions around the globe, the Business School provides world-class programs and an internationally focused curriculum. It offers courses in collaboration with international corporations that are designed to enhance the development of a global business mindset. And, to prepare students for the work environment, we strongly encourage and foster internship experience both locally and internationally. With the advantages of a high-quality curriculum and in-depth training, our students excel in national and international competitions. Indeed, they have been crowned national champions of the ACCA Job Hunting Competition three years in succession. The School is also committed to building an understanding of business practices in Mainland China and, to that end, offers courses on the subject. Additionally, the School’s extensive alumni network and partnerships with top universities enable it to serve its students as a bridge to the Mainland. A soon-to-be announced academic campus in Southern China will greatly enhance these advantages. On behalf of the Business School, a place with a global vision and insights on Mainland China, I welcome you all to our family.


T.J. Wong, PhD Dean

– An undergraduate business administration program – Full-time / part-time MBA program and EMBA program t$PNQSJTFTTDIPPMTBOE departments – School of Accountancy – School of Hotel and Tourism Management – Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics – Department of Finance – Department of Management – Department of Marketing t)BTBOFYUFOTJWFBMVNOJOFUXPSL XJUIPWFS HSBEVBUFT



Message from the Associate Dean The CUHK Business School provides world-class business education to students who aspire to be future business leaders. It is committed to developing innovative, forward-thinking and principled leaders who strive for the betterment of business and of society. With those aims in view, it offers a rich learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and an integrated business curriculum, complemented by the CUHK’s acclaimed general education programs. We encourage students to explore different business disciplines and interdisciplinary programs. With the collaborations of industry partners, we inspire our students to develop a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and imbue them with the audacity to explore new ideas through seminars and business challenges. At the same time, we emphasize the awareness of ethical issues in a business context and, through courses and competitions related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), develop our students as conscientious business leaders who recognize the need for sustainable development of society at large. We endeavor to offer the best business curriculum and co-curricular programs, such as internships, exchange studies as well as other experiential learning activities. These are, we believe, the core elements in character building of our students. We welcome young talents to join us. Equip yourself today and excel tomorrow!

Dennis K.K. Fan, PhD Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

0VS"DIJFWFNFOUT t0OFPGUIFGJSTUUXPCVTJOFTTTDIPPMTJO Asia accredited by AACSB international tst business school outside North America to establish a Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma tst Asian university with a business program awarded the designation of “Center of Actuarial Excellence” by the Society of Actuaries in the U.S. for a period of 5 years tst accounting school in Asia accredited by both AACSB international and the Federation of Schools of Accountancy

Integrated BBA Program (IBBA) JUPAS code: JS4202 To equip students with broad-based knowledge of and expertise in specific professions, the IBBA Program allows students to take a string of business foundation courses, which enables them to decide which concentration(s) they will specialize in. Twelve such concentrations are offered, of which students may select up to two according to their interest. Double majors and minors are also available. Students can choose to pursue double degree options which help foster interdisciplinary talents in business and other professions.

Asian Business Studies (ABS)* The program is conducted in partnership with Fudan University in Shanghai and Waseda University in Tokyo to groom young international business leaders with a regional focus in Asia, in particular China, Japan and Hong Kong. One of the highlights is the exchange of students between the partner universities during the penultimate year. The program has been well received by the students from the three schools. Application is open to all business students who have finished their first year of study (except those who hold Chinese passports†), though priority is given to IBBA students.

Global Business Studies (GBS) JUPAS code: JS4214 We offer the GBS in collaboration with the Copenhagen Business School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. GBS empowers students with the global mindset and living and learning experiences in Asia, Europe and America. GBS offers an innovative curriculum that includes the best and most challenging business courses from the three top international business schools. The courses combined with meaningful student activities make GBS graduates, over the years, eagerly sought after by the most prestigious global companies.

International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE) JUPAS code: JS4288 We offer the IBCE in collaboration with the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina (USC). IBCE offers comprehensive, in-depth and advanced courses in international business with a focus on U.S. and China business relationship and the growth strategies of Chinese enterprises. Students


attend courses at both universities and participate in study trips and summer internships in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the U.S.. IBCE graduates may continue their studies at USC for the 1-year Master of International Business.

Professional Accountancy Program (PACC) JUPAS code: JS4240 PACC aims to provide students with professional knowledge, skills and values related to accounting and business. This 4-year program focuses on developing students’ leadership, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. Professionalism, ethics and information technology are integrated throughout the curriculum. A new Global Accounting stream# within the PACC will be offered. Our students have ample opportunities to join exchange, internship and scholarship programs. The PACC is accredited by the HKICPA and other professional bodies.

Hotel and Tourism Management Program (HTMG) JUPAS code: JS4226 HTMG, a comprehensive business program with a hospitality focus, blends theory into practice. Under the Teaching Hotel Project comprising hotel facilities component (Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin) and the teaching facilities component (Demonstration Kitchen, Wine Laboratory and the Experimental Restaurant), students learn theory construction and management principles. The Program is accredited by AACSB and UNWTO TedQual Certification. Our students can join exchange programs to leading business and hotel schools such as those at University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.

*OTVSBODF 'JOBODJBMBOE"DUVBSJBM "OBMZTJT1SPHSBN *'"" ^ JUPAS code: JS4236 The program provides students with a conceptual understanding of, and analytical skills for, insurance, financial, and actuarial analysis, plus a sound knowledge of the structure, practices, and business functions of the insurance industry. Graduates are equipped to function effectively as managers in insurance and related fields, which offer excellent career opportunities in Hong Kong. They also specialize in the quantitative techniques of insurance and receive preparatory training for possible careers in actuarial-related disciplines.


Undergraduate Business Programs 2VBOUJUBUJWF'JOBODF1SPHSBN 2'*/ ^ JUPAS code: JS4236 The program grooms students with high-level quantitative and analytical skills through advanced courses in finance, mathematics, statistics, and information technology. Practical courses, a game plan that emphasizes experiential learning, and a guest speaker series on current financial issues, supplement classroom learning and expose students to the real business world. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in investment banking, commercial and corporate banking, financial services and accounting.


JUPAS code: JS4276 This is an interdisciplinary major program jointly offered by the CUHK Business School and the Faculty of Science, inculcating state-of-the-art knowledge in finance, risk management, statistics and business. QFRM students will learn about the latest developments in risk management and quantitative finance. Graduates will master the wide range of tools required today by sophisticated financial practitioners and will be uniquely wellequipped to meet the future challenges posed by the financial industry.

Interdisciplinary Major Program in (MPCBM&DPOPNJDTBOE'JOBODF (-&'

JUPAS code: JS4254 The program aims at producing finance professionals with knowledge of global economic and financial affairs and competence in preparing financial analyzes and operations. It covers international monetary systems and economic integration, the emergence of China and its economic and financial impact, asset bubbles, financial crises, and contagion. Students examine the interrelationships among the world’s economies and the functions / operations of financial markets and institutions in a global context. This program emphasizes practical work experience through internships.

* ABS accepts transfer-in applications only †As requested by Fudan University # Subject to final approval ^ Broad-based admission for IFAA and QFIN

Double Majors Business students can pursue double majors if they fulfill respective requirements of the two majors within the normal period of study including attaining the required cumulative grade point average (GPA). No quota is set on the number of students to declare double majors. A student will be then awarded with a single degree with two majors, e.g. BBA (Integrated BBA and Professional Accountancy).

Minor(s) Among the total of 66 minor options, students can choose to declare up to two minors, each requiring students to take 18 to 30 units of courses. Course and unit exemption can be applied if the requirements of the programs overlap.

“The Quantitative Finance Program teaches both problem-solving skills in the quantitative areas of finance and essential soft skills for the business world. I acquired mathematical and statistical skills as well as knowledge of fundamental business techniques, such as finance and accounting. I am convinced that such a well-designed curriculum provides students with a sound academic foundation in these areas.�

Linc Yiu

Year 2, Quantitative Finance Program


Beyond the Lecture Hall


“The Business School organizes experiential learning activities to help students seize opportunities as they arise. For example, through a resume writing workshop, I have learnt how to draw others’ attention to my achievements and to present myself effectively in my CV. In short, the experiential learning activities really help us to be prepared, competitive and ready to seize all chances.”



Academic Cup

To equip students with soft skills essential to the workplace, the Business School provides career-related workshops covering a full range of topics, from CV writing to professional grooming and interview skills. Some of the trainers or speakers are our outstanding alumni who can share the inside secret of respective industries. Other workshops are also available, including dining etiquette, as well as social and communication etiquette.

Got your own schedule clashed with the workshops? No worries! The e-learning platform, also known as a “soft skills mentor”, may have a “make-up class” for you! The platform houses 10 modules, classified into 2 main categories, namely “personal development” (dining etiquette and case analysis skills) and “career planning” (business etiquette and career outlook). The “mentor” enables students to learn at their own pace anywhere and anytime.

Organized by the Business School, this annual case analysis competition helps develop students’ ability to apply classroom knowledge to real business cases. Participants form teams of 4 to study a real case, and propose feasible solutions for oral presentation. The winning teams will have a chance to represent CUHK in local or international case competitions.

“I have always held a strong belief – ‘Follow your passion and success will follow you’. This is why I chose the IBBA program. Since my secondary school life, I have been a Commerce major. I am drawn to business because the field is so challenging and rewarding. The IBBA offers comprehensive courses like marketing and finance, which will better equip me to be a business leader.”

Angel Leong

Year 2, Integrated BBA Program




A Monday in the life of CUHK CUHK offers you numerous opportunities. How can you make full use of them? Angel Leong, an Exco-member of the Society of Business Administration (BASO), shares a day of her school and college life with us. 9:00am

Wake up


Breakfast at United College canteen


Attending Lecture


General Education: seminar led by a guest speaker from ICAC

General Education All our students are required to take General Education which comprises University General Education (UGE) and College General Education (CGE). UGE features over 200 courses across various departments while CGE contains courses initiated by the Colleges with regard to their respective cultures and ideals

“I have lovely memories of my time at United College and of the lasting friendships I made there. Last year was United College’s 55th Anniversary and we all enjoyed the festivities, such as the wonderful ‘Feast for a Thousand’. I felt as if I was part of a big, warm family, full of love and laughter. This is deeply moving for a girl from Macau. A girl like me.”


Tea time with roommate at New Asia student canteen


BASO meeting to discuss division of labor for the annual high table dinner


Cheer for friends competing in the United College Athletics Meet

College System College system is one of distinctive features of CUHK. There are a total of 9 colleges, each college offers pastoral care, whole person development, community programs, scholarships and financial aid for students. 8:00pm

Dinner at Morningside canteen


Music and chat with hallmates in the United College common area



“If you want something stimulating and enjoy interacting with people, the HTMG program is for you! Of course, there are books and lectures but also direct engagement in and with the hospitality industry. Students learn how to cook, how to make cocktails, and how to manage hotels! Every week, hospitality executives share with us their career paths and tips for the industry. So why not come and join us!�

Iris Cheung

Year 2, Hotel and Tourism Management Program


A Bigger Community


“With the help of the School, it is not difficult to find placements with well-known hospitality brands. And, if we want to, we can complete our internships in other countries. I worked in the Food and Beverage department of Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin this summer. I was taught the golden rule of order taking and shown the inside secrets of food / drink running. I am so thankful for this internship: the hands-on experience will, I am sure, prove a solid foundation for my future career in hospitality.”


Company Visits


The Business School is committed to encouraging the students to take on internships. This helps them gain handson working experience and integrate themselves into the workplace before graduation. Internship opportunities over the past few years from different industries include, J.P. Morgan, UBS, KPMG, PwC, L’Oréal, Swire, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Securities and Futures Commission, Disney and Hyatt.

Company visits provide students with direct insights into how real businesses operate and opportunities to receive practical advice direct from real-world management teams. For these reasons, visits of this nature are core elements of, for example, such programs as the IBCE, which organizes orientation trips to leading enterprises in China.

The Business School cultivates strong bonds between current students and alumni. We host the annual Undergraduate Mentorship Program in collaboration with the BBA Alumni Association. Participating students are matched with alumni based on their interests and the alumni’s expertise and experience. In this way, students receive guidance on career planning and on personal development from their mentors.

“Professional Accountancy Program equips students with solid professional accounting knowledge while a wide range of programs, like finance, can be declared as a minor. This can enhance one’s competitiveness in nowadays competitive job markets. Spring internships are organized in particular for PACC students in one of the Big-4 accounting firms, either in tax, audit or both areas. We might also get a chance to work in the Mainland China.”

Tommy Lam

Year 3, Professional Accountancy Program




“There is an increasing demand for young professionals with knowledge of Asian markets, in particular China. I believe taking on an internship in the Mainland can better understand the role of respective cities in the Asian Pacific region. This is important as this can help differentiate the role of Hong Kong and better position ourselves as well as Hong Kong in today’s globalized economy especially when facing the increasing competition from the fast-growing cities in the Mainland.�




CUHK operates exchange programs in partnership with prestigious institutions in Mainland China, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. There has been an upward trend for the number of business students going to the Mainland on exchange. In 2011 / 12, over one-tenth of our business students on exchange went to the Mainland institutions.

Our extensive network with the institutions and corporations in the Mainland offers our students advantages in terms of placement and other opportunities. The Business School has strengthened these links with the establishment of the Shenzhen Executive Education Center to extend top-class education to students in the Pearl River Delta region. It also plans to establish a soon-to-be announced campus in Southern China.

Our research programs in China are widely recognized for their academic excellence. Timely research topics include, especially, corporate governance, the foreign expansion of Chinese enterprises, and the management and localization of human resources in China. Together, these programs provide our students with considerable reference resources in regard to China business.

“IFAA helps students prepare for professional qualifications through a well-designed study scheme. I have already passed four out of the five actuarial exams set by the Society of Actuaries (SOA). One of the highlights has been the Actuarial Training Program: participants work in the actuarial departments of insurance and related companies for at least 6 months. Taking the IFAA was a wise choice and I am getting close to being an actuary.�

Jacky Wong

Year 4, Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Program



“I am from University of South Carolina and will study in CUHK for a year.”


“Hallå (Hello) was the first Swedish word I learned at Örebro University in Sweden. Indeed, learning new languages is one aspect of exchange. Another is the experience of other cultures and broadening our mindsets. My friends and I experienced Valborg, a Spring festival which the locals celebrate with bonfires and singing. I also learned that the business structure there was pragmatic and designed to allow people to work effectively while home office was one of the initiatives.”

Katherine Beach “I just returned from University of California, San Diego, where I stayed for a semester.”

“I came to study in Hong Kong with 18 other IBCE students, Katherine being one of those.”

Amy Yung

Connor Donahue


Case Competitions

Study Tours

We hope to develop students’ global mindset by encouraging them to participate in exchange programs which enable the students to immerse themselves in different cultures. The Business School has formed direct exchange programs with 31 exchange partners, including University of Southern California, University of Pennsylvania and University of Toronto.

Participation in inter-university or international case competitions offers students the challenge of tackling real business cases and formulating viable recommendations. It also affords them opportunities to mingle with their counterparts from top business schools around the globe. Such initiatives enable our students to gain first-hand experience in exchanging business knowledge and culture.

Can’t afford to be out of town for a semester? Our undergraduate programs offer overseas study tours that afford students an insight into the management styles and business operations of successful companies. For instance, study tours are organized for Global Business Studies students to U.S., and countries in Europe and Asia to further reinforce their classroom learning.

“I chose to enroll in the IBBA program because I wanted to be an all-rounder who is in demand in the business sector. The program allows us to take courses from 12 concentrations, one of which is my favorite subject, finance. On top of the project-based course nature, I have picked up solid knowledge and developed interests across different business areas. I am now ready for the challenges after graduation.�

Natalie Yuen

Year 4, Integrated BBA Program


A Better World


“With a passion for social businesses, I entered CSR case competitions and took a gap year to work in Social Ventures Hong Kong, a philanthropic organization dedicated to nurturing local social enterprises. I believe we can advance the cause of CSR by educating companies to strike a balance between commercial and social concerns, and between financial and social returns. I hope to engage myself in CSR for my future career.�

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Competitions related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are organized to inculcate in students an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of social responsibility. An example is the Hong Kong Social Business Challenge which challenges participants to design and implement commercially sustainable solutions to social / environmental concerns. Participation enables entrants to acquire a solid understanding of how to develop a business plan with assistance from successful social entrepreneurs.

The Business School curriculum includes an introductory course: Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, which explores theories related to CSR and ethics generally. The aim is to stimulate students to analyze cases entailing social / ethical dilemmas and to recommend solutions. Senior executives and CSR practitioners deliver keynote addresses on the current state of CSR research and common practices.

“QFRM is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Business School and the Faculty of Science. It includes a range of finance and risk management science courses, entailing the application of mathematical / statistical techniques. We, students of QFRM, are equipped with knowledge of both quantitative finance and risk management. Using football as an analogy, we are trained to be both strikers and defenders. This program can groom me to be an all-rounded finance and risk management professional.

John Chung

Year 2, Interdisciplinary Major Program in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science




The CUHK Business School offers an up-to-date curriculum and numerous extracurricular choices. These cover direct connections to alumni and to the real world of business in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the world. And we will make sure that your choices are the right ones for you. Each year, we admit more than 700 high-caliber candidates through four admissions schemes:

A JUPAS In addition to the University minimum admission requirements, candidates seeking admission on the strength of their HKDSE results are required to fulfill the following program-specific minimum requirements: Specific Requirements JUPAS Code

Program / Stream

Chinese Language

English Language


Liberal Studies

Best Elective Subject #

Additional Requirements / Remarks


Integrated BBA

Level 3

Level 3

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3



Global Business Studies

Level 4

Level 4

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3

TOEFL or IELTS score is required.


Hotel and Tourism Management

Level 3

Level 3

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3



Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis / Quantitative Finance

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3

Level 2

Level 3

Mathematics (Module 1 or 2) with Level 3 is required.


Professional Accountancy

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3

Level 2

Level 3



Interdisciplinary Major Program in Global Economics and Finance

Level 5

Level 5

Level 3

Level 2

Level 3



Interdisciplinary Major Program in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3

Level 2

Level 3

Mathematics (Module 1 or 2) with Level 3 is required.


International Business and Chinese Enterprise

Level 4

Level 4

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3

TOEFL or IELTS score is required.

# Candidates’ performance in extra elective subjects will be considered in the selection process, and bonus points will be awarded to up to two such subjects.

You can also apply through the JUPAS Sub-systems, namely: tSchool Principal’s Nominations Scheme tOther Experiences and Achievements in Competitions / Activities tSports Scholarship Scheme

/PO+61"4 -PDBM 

C International Admissions

This channel is for local students holding qualifications other than HKDSE. Qualifications may include, but are not limited to, GCE A-Level, IB Diploma, and Sub-degree.

International and Mainland applicants not covered by the National Colleges and Universities Enrollment System should apply through the International Admissions Scheme.

B Admissions Scheme


D Mainland Admissions Scheme

Starting from 2005 / 06, Mainland applicants are admitted on the basis of their results in the nation-wide Joint Entrance Examination.

Apply Office of Admissions and Financial Aid:

$ 4DIPMBSTIJQTBOE'JOBODJBM"JE Students who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding performance in other fields such as creativity, community services and leadership can be awarded with scholarships from the Business School. Scholarships and financial aid from the University and the Colleges are also available.

? Enquiry Office of Admissions and Financial Aid:

Scholarships from the Business School include: t),+PDLFZ$MVC4DIPMBSTIJQT t4XJSF4DIPMBSTIJQT t4JS&EXBSE:PVEF.FNPSJBM4DIPMBSTIJQT tAnd many others

The University reserves the right to amend its rules, regulations, and procedures at any time without prior notice. The information presented in this brochure was accurate as of September 10, 2012. Cover printed on Opus 30 – FSCTM Certified paper Inside pages printed on Magno – FSCTM Certified paper

*/%&9 Academic Cup p.07 Admission requirements p.19 Asian Business Studies p.04 Case competitions p.15, 17 College system p.09 Company visits p.11 Corporate Social Responsibility p.17 E-learning p.07 Exchange p.13, 15 Expansion in China p.13 General education p.09 Global Business Studies p.04 Hotel and Tourism Management Program p.04, 10 Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Program p.04, 14 Integrated BBA Program p.04, 08, 16 Interdisciplinary Major Program in Global Economics and Finance p.05 Interdisciplinary Major Program in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science p.05, 18 International Business and Chinese Enterprise p.04 Internship p.11 Mentorship p.11 Professional Accountancy Program p.04, 12 Quantitative Finance Program p.05, 06 Research p.13 Scholarships and financial aid p.19 Study tours p.15 Workshops p.07

Undergraduate Office CUHK Business School Room 616, Cheng Yu Tung Building 12 Chak Cheung Street Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3943 7746 Fax: (852) 2603 5181 Email: program/undergraduate.shtml

Undergraduate Programs 2013 / 14, CUHK Business School  

Brochure of Undergraduate Programs 2013 / 14, offered by CUHK Business School. Discover our undergraduate business programs today.

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