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Kohl’s Corp plans to introduce a cosmetics line by Vera Wang in spring 2012. The line will include makeup and color, skin care, bath and body products, and beauty accessories available only at Kohl’s. Simply Vera by Vera Wang was first licensed by Kohl’s in 2006. This brand offered apparel, intimates, handbags, leather accessories, jewelry, footwear and more. Kohl’s private brands like this once has accounted for 48% of sales in the third quarter of 2010 and have been a rising success within the store. Simply Vera by Vera Wang has been the leading exclusive brand in the women’s contemporary category according to Kohl’s. Vera Wang has really mastered the idea of launching affordable merchandise at affordable department stores. She has been a fashion icon for many years and it looks as though she has many more years still ahead. We will be seeing a lot more from Vera Wang besides glamorous wedding gowns.

Entry #2 The New York Times – December 06, 2010

Aware: Art Fashion Identity is currently on view at London’s Royal Academy. This is an organized exhibition on contemporary culture. Its takes clothing to represent who people are, what tribe they belong to and what they believe in. The exhibition includes a dress from Alexander McQueen’s 1998 autumn/winter collection as well. This proves how much fashion can really be considered a form of art. And these days clothing is not just for warmth or just something to cover you up. Fashion is a form of expression and confidence that is more than just a piece of material to those who are inspired by it.

Entry #3 Vogue – December 1, 2010

New E-commerce Site Latitude is the Global Shopper’s Choice by Chioma Nnadi

Having hunted for hand-spun silk scarves in Bombay, mother-ofpearl minaudières in Manila, and ikat in Istanbul, Alisa Ng knows a thing or two about stylish souvenirs. Her newly launched E-commerce site, L-atitude, finds all those chic travel items into one cyber treasure trove, and not a chintzy tourist trinket in sight. “I used to be chained to my desk,” says the former Morgan Stanley executive. “So I want to give women like me the opportunity to shop the globe.”

Alisa Ng has launched a new E-commerce site called Latitude. It finds all the best and stylish merchandise that you can find while you are traveling. It is all on this one website so that when you are traveling you can find the best places to shop. The website not only showcases amazing merchandise but it shines the spotlight on independent designers like Chako in Hong Kong who crafts rare kimono clutch bags. This website is perfect because many travel sites don’t show where the best places to find great fashion around the world. They

focus on the best places to eat and sleep. If you are into fashion and love to travel, this would be a great website to check out.

As well as artisanal keepsakes, L-atitude throws the spotlight on unsung local heroes, sourcing out independent designers like Chako in Hong Kong, a mother/daughter duo who craft clutch bags from rare kimono fabrics. Ng recruited Garance Doré for her maiden voyage to Turkey earlier this fall, and the French blogger documented their excursion through the boutiques and bazaars of the country’s capital. “We do all the haggling for you,” says Ng, laughing; for the record, the bargain hunter’s rule of thumb is usually a third of the asking price. Doré captured homegrown street-style stars for the site’s blogazine along the way, a sort of inspirational and informational online traveling companion. “So many sites focus on the eating and drinking side of things,” she says. “But getting a comprehensive shopping guide on one site is virtually impossible.” Thankfully, L-atitude has the fashion lay of the land mapped out for each featured destination, including Milan, Bogotá, and Mumbai. And with trips to Sweden and South Africa in the pipeline, there’s easily 80 more shopping days around the world to add to the calendar, whether you’ve got the air miles to go the distance or not.

The current trend for the winter 2010 season is sexy turtle necks, high collard jackets, thigh high boots and military clothing. I have come to this observation by watching the latest fashion runway shows online. A lot of designer like the very much missed Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld have shown sexy turtlenecks unlike ones used to keep us warm. These have shorter sleeves, or thinner fabric. These also have lots of mixed colors and funky designs that make the boring turtle neck into the new winter must have. Also a huge trend is the high collard jackets which are practical and stylish. Designers like Burberry Prorsum have had these high collard jackets on their runway for their winter collection. The look is modern but will also keep you warm for the winter. In addition to high collard jackets is thigh high boots. What was once a Halloween custom for most has now transformed into an extremely popular trend for this season. Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, and Brian Atwood are all designers showcasing their love for the thigh high boots. The look is sexy and comfortable as well because many designers are making them without a heel. The high coverage of your leg is also essential for the winter so you will stay nice and warm for the freezing months ahead. And finally my last fashion observation for the season is the military look. It has been around on and off for a while but it seems to be more so on right now. A lot of designers are coming out with military jackets, and blazers. They are also huge into the military looking boots. These trends are becoming more popular the more people see them in high fashion magazines such as Vogue having Gisele Bundchen wearing military for her photo shoot recently. There is not much to be said that’s practical about this look. But it can be chic, sexy, and sophisticated depending on how you put the look together.

Entry #3 Fashion Observation/winter season – December 09, 2010

Entry #4 Fashion Predictions – December 11, 2010

There are many contributing factors to predicting what the future trend is most likely going to be. Between websites, blogs, and influential people around the world it is easier to see what the newest trends are going to be.

Recently many designers have been into the military look. Based off of this look and with the future spring collections ahead, I believe the biker chic look will be popular trends come this spring and summer. Pair up a great leather jacket with a lace dress and you have a style that is not only classy but edgy as well.

Another fashion prediction is metallic fabrics and designs. It is the perfect way to add flair to an outfit without overdoing it. Also metallics were big in the 70’s and we have recently seen some 80’s remakes, so I am predicting that the 70’s will be next.

Lastly I believe that loud colors are going to be the next big thing. Colors are great for the spring and summer and if the 70’s are coming back, then bold and beautiful colors will be as well.

Entry #6 Current trends for men- December 11, 2010

Men’s Flair GQ Magazine

Entry #7 Past Fashion 2000- December 11, 2010

Entry #8 Fabric swatches – December 11, 2010

Chambray Fiber content: 100% cotton Country of origin: USA

Wool Fiber Content: 75% Wool 25% Polyester Country of Origin: China

Velvet Fiber Content: 88% Cotton/ 12% Rayon Country of Origin: China

Entry #9 Window Displays – December 11, 2010

In these two displays I loved the Christmas spirit. It made me want to go shopping inside their stores because of the Christmas spirit. I believe that goes for all people, we are very visual human beings and when attracted to something, it draws you in. For me it is the Holiday season to where I love shopping the most and these two window display were the only ones I found and the only places I shopped that day.

Entry # 10 Sex and the City fashion influence – December 11, 2010

Sex and the City has been a fashion influence for over a decade. In the movie Sex and the City 2 the clothing is top of line showcasing designers like Chanel, Pucci and Alexander McQueen. They had over a 10 million dollar budget on wardrobe alone. The pictures let everyone see how beautiful the fashion really is. The trend I love is the t-shirt and skirt that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing. It has a casual yet stylish feel that I think many women find inspiring. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can wear a t-shirt that is not by Dior. I think this movie is extreme when it comes to the prices and designer clothing it somewhat advertises. Not everyone has a million dollar fashion budget but on the other hand it does give you options and ideas. You can pair an affordable t-shirt with a skirt and look just as chic. In the other picture there are classy suits and furs being displayed on the actresses. The faux furs are really in this season and are very affordable at most retailers. I believe this movie provides inspiration on what you can do with fashion even if you don’t have the money. I know I have personally seen outfits that I have loved from this movie and without breaking the bank; I have had a trendy outfit that represents the type of style you would find in the Sex and the City Movie.

Entry #11 Tom Fords Spring Collection – December 11, 2010

Tom Ford has come out from hibernation from women’s fashion and has introduced his new Spring/Summer 2011 line for Women. The retailer that would most likely carry Tom Ford’s line would be Saks Fifth Avenue. That is the only retailer that I could find that has merchandise products available. I personally love this dress because it is flashy and stunning and sophisticated. I love clothing that can make a woman look sexy without having to show off a lot of skin. This dress is not too short, does not have cleavage showing and yet it is sexy. The colors, the design and texture all make me wish I knew how to make clothes so I could make this dress because I most likely won’t be able to buy it.

Entry #12 Career Path Options – December 11, 2010

FASHION DESIGNER: Fashion creates ideas for a range of products including coats, suits, dresses, hats, and underwear. Fashion designers design clothing and accessories. Some high-fashion designers are self-employed and design for individual clients. Other highfashion designers cater to specialty stores or high-fashion department stores. These designers create original garments, as well as clothing that follow established fashion trends. Most fashion designers, however, work for apparel manufacturers, creating designs of men's, women's, and children's fashions for the mass market FASHION BUYER: Fashion Merchandise Buyers work for retail fashion and department stores. They visit clothing, shoe and accessory manufacturers and attend trade shows in order to determine what fashion items their stores will carry each season. Because of the need to stay current with trends and offer competitive pricing, the work is generally quick-paced and aggressive. Many Fashion Merchandise Buyers travel internationally on a regular basis to foreign manufacturing sites and glamorous fashion shows. RETAIL MERCHANDISER: Rather than working for one particular retail company, a retail sales merchandiser is employed by a manufacturer of products to interface with a number of different retail outlets that carry the manufacturer’s merchandise. After a sales contract has been created, it is the responsibility of the retail sales merchandiser to provide service and maintain a good working relationship with retailers. FASHION JOURNALIST: Fashion journalism is a wide term which is generally used in direct relation with the fashion media. As the name suggests, this is a concept that includes everything related to publicity of the fashion industry. The primary aim of fashion journalism is to let the common public know about the trends going on in the fashion scene. The many different types of means used in this kind of journalism are fashion magazines and books, newspapers, television, and even the Internet.

Career Paths in the Fashion Industry – December 11, 2010

Entry #13 Fashion Don’ts – December 11, 2010

2 1

3 5

PICTURE 1: Everything is wrong with this outfit, it is too black, it looks like a garbage bag and the hair and makeup is way too extravagant. It looks like she is trying to hard PICTURE 2: You never want to attract attention to too much of one area. In this case all you notice is here chest and that they look like cinnamon rolls. PICTURE 3: Too much of the same color, and you shouldn’t not be wearing winter boots with a dress that you would wear in the summer time. PICTURE 4: This clothing looks ten sizes too big on her and does not represent her age well at all. Also the head band is too big for her little head.

Entry #14 Possible Career interests – December 11, 2010

FASHION BUYER: I would love to be a fashion buyer so I could have a job that gives me the best of both worlds. I get to travel and get to buy fashion merchandise for a retailer. FASHION JOURNALIST: I would love to be a fashion journalist because I enjoy writing, fashion shows, and designers. I would love to write about what I see, what merchandise I do and don’t like DESIGNER: I dream of becoming a designer because I have many ideas of different styles of fashion that I would like to create; the only problem is I am an awful artist and can only draw stick figures.

Fashion Journal  

Fashion Journal