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Your Wedding on a Budget Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding day... an elaborate venue, horse-drawn carriage, designer wedding dress, platinum rings and ice sculptures... Then reality hits home when a quick check of the bank balance brings you down with a bump. But you can have a wedding to remember if you cut a few costs and are willing to forgo a few extravagances. First there's the venue. Some places charge a fee of several thousand pounds just to "open the doors". That's before you even think of the room hire, paying for food, or marquees. If you are trying to save some money here you might want to consider some of the beautiful, independent venues or boutique hotels that charge a great deal less. Then there's the dress. Wedding dress prices can run into the thousands if you don't set yourself a budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on a dress and don't try on any that cost more. That way you won't be tempted! If you want to save even more you could hire one, or buy one second hand. Many charity shops stock donated wedding dresses... if you buy one from there you will also be helping a good cause at the same time. What about invitations? There's no need to pay extortionate prices for bespoke wedding stationary. Anyone with a computer and a bit of creativity can design invitations and other related stationary that not only save you money but add that personal touch. Wedding cakes are big business, especially if you consider how much the ingredients actually cost! Of course you're also paying for the design, decoration and more. What you need to consider is, do you really need more? Your guests probably won't even remember the cake when the day is over. If you decide there is a saving to be had here then how about considering some simply iced cakes from the supermarket? Display them on an elegant tiered cake stand and decorate them with sugar flowers to match your colour scheme. These are just a few ideas, but remember your wedding day is the start of your new life together and doesn't need to land you in debt! Whatever you choose, make sure you have a wonderful day.

Your Wedding On A Budget  

Yourzzzcash Baz Smith says that your wedding day can prove expensive however Your Wedding On A Budget

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