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BAZILESQUE is published four times per year (August, November, February, May) online and in print by Rick De Vries.

BAZILESQUE – Volume One / Issue #1

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Rick De Vries // Publisher Monique LaSalle // Editor David Reese // Assistant Editor

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BAZILESQUE welcomes portfolio and article submissions for possible publication. Article submissions must pertain to the subject of art (sculpting, ironwork, painting, digital animation, etc) and must be accompanied by photography which supports the submitted text. All submissions must respect the publisher’s guidelines – a full list of which are available from the publisher at

QUICKPIX // A collection of the Publisher’s Picks for the first quarter.

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INBRIEF // Alina Moraru Interview by Rick De Vries 21-year-old Alina Moraru, whom used to dream about leaving her home for a Hogwarts of sorts, is a watercolour artist, she says, because of its fascinating ability to flow.

“I think an artist should leave a piece of his or her soul in each of their works,” she says, adding that rather than over-thinking the piece, let your thoughts and ideas flow.

Moraru, from Hamburg, Germany, believes it was her desire to create beauty and to give shape to the pictures in her head that led her down this path of artistic freedom.

Oftentimes, the results can be spectacular.

“Surprisingly I knew almost in a very young age, that I would became an artist, the rest of work was about finding access,” she adds.

“Inferno” © 2012-13 / A. Moraru Inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali and Leonardo Da Vinci at an early age, Moraru admits the times changed and now there are too many talented artists out there to single down whom influences her style more now. “I love watching different art from different people because when you get in touch with something completely different than your own stuff, your sight gets brighter, clearer and you can begin to see how much actually is possible,” she says. “It's nearly the same thing about inspiration – if you let your eyes, ears, mind and heart open, you might catch it from everywhere.” The combination of atmosphere, flow and the fitting of colours, ideas and imparted feelings which she gets by viewing a piece, are what draw Moraru to other people’s art.

“The Beauty” © 2012-13 / A. Moraru Practice makes perfect, as we all know, she says, but there’s more to it than that. Somewhere along the way, we have to find a path that leads us to becoming greater and deeper human beings, she opines. “Have faith in yourself and your ability,” Moraru stresses, pointing out that while not everyone will understand what you are trying to do or say, it doesn’t really matter. “If you love your work, you will find others who will support it because they will be able to see your passion in your craft.”

BAZ-Vol.1 #1  

PREVIEW - The inaugural issue of Bazilesque Magazine; Featuring interviews with artists, sculptors, fractalists and more.

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