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Basil Seed Pearls Yield: approximately 200g 3g basil, picked and washed 25g granulated sugar zest of one lemon 50g water 5g basil seeds 15g basil, picked, washed and blanched 100g water 40g granulated sugar 0.5g ascorbic acid 3 sheets gelatin, bloomed

1. Prepare a syrup by combining the basil, lemon, and first measurements of sugar and water. Bring just to a boil, cover and allow to cool and infuse 30 minutes. 2. Strain the syrup and combine with the basil seeds. Chill and allow at least one hour to hydrate 3. Meanwhile, combine the remaining ingredients, with the exception of the gelatin. Process in a blender. Strain, and heat a small portion of the resulting basil water to dissolve the gelatin. Temper the gelatin back into the remainder. 4. Allow mixture to cool to about 75ยบF/24ยบC. Combine with the strained basil seeds and drop into cold oil (40ยบF/5ยบC). Allow at least ten minutes to set before straining.

Michael Laiskonis Workbook March 2009


67 Michael Laiskonis Workbook March 2009 Yield: approximately 200g