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Want to work in HR? Here are 5 things to consider before choosing this career path Human Resources (HR) is a career path that appeals to many. It’s a fast-growing industry in the UAE region, offering lucrative opportunities for managers and specialists. Career experts predict the growth to continue in the next decades, creating a career path with a nice amount of job security. So, should you jump right into it? Before you start sending applications to HR companies and learning the latest HR software tricks, you should think about a few things. Here are the five important factors to consider before choosing HR as a career path.

1. You need good people skills It’s important to be a people person when considering a career in HR. While you will need to have a range of hard and soft skills to succeed, you won’t make it in this field without good people skills. You need to be able to get along with a range of different personalities, feel empathy for others, and have good communication skills when it comes to listening and explaining issues and concepts. It’s important to spend enough time developing and enhancing these skills because they can help you pass your job interview in style. So, if you aren’t a positive person who genuinely likes working with other people, you probably shouldn’t consider a career in HR.

2. Degrees and certifications will help you with your career progression While you often don’t need HR certifications and higher-education degrees to enter the HR career ladder, both of them will help with the career progression. If you are considering a career in the field and you want to progress further into managerial roles, you will find certifications and degrees beneficial. Depending on your interests, degrees in Management, Law or even IT (due to the high use of HR software) can be worth considering. If you aim to be a leader in HR, you will need to study hard and learn your trade. In fact, you want to continue developing your skills and improving your knowledge when you get your first job – there are always new things to learn in the HR sector! It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to get on the HR career ladder straight out of school. Plenty of people out there have studied a non-HR degree and they have gathered work experience in a different sector before transitioning to HR. So, if you are considering a career change, HR is a welcoming sector for experienced employees who are willing to learn new skills.

3. You should be IT literate Technology is revolutionising the workplace and this is especially true in terms of the HR department. HR software is widely used nowadays to perform all kinds of tasks from recruitment to dealing with payroll information. The modern HR professional must be IT literate. You can succeed if learning the use of the new software isn’t a problem to you and if you enjoy working on the computer. In fact, you might not even meet with many people face-to-face, as virtual communication is becoming a central part of the HR department’s way of operating. If technology causes you to lose sleep, HR might not be the most suitable career path.

4. The days and tasks vary a lot If you like a challenge and you love days that don’t look the same, you’ll fit well in HR. Every day as an HR professional can look different and you will get to experience many different things. Many HR professionals even travel around the world and get to experience different cultures because of their job! The daily tasks can also vary from spending time e-mailing candidates to helping employees sort out their holidays. You will be dealing with a range of things from administration to management. For good and for worse, you can’t often know what the new day will bring. If this kind of ambiguity appeals to you, you will enjoy working in HR.

5. You have to innovate to influence HR is actually going through a period of innovation. As mentioned, new technology is improving HR software and transforming the industry. You have a real chance of influencing the direction of the industry, as well as the way an organisation is run. You should rise to this challenge and be ready to innovate – the eager you are to develop the organisation’s HR practices, the better success you will have in your career. However, you also need to be responsible with this influence. You need to make sure you understand the organisation’s needs and objectives, finding ways to implement its vision and keeping employees happy. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Before you venture into a career in HR, examine the five considerations and how they make you feel. If you feel pumped up about a career in HR after reading them, you will have a great career ahead of you. The industry is booming and the opportunities are out there for the right person to succeed.

Pdf want to work in hr  
Pdf want to work in hr